Willing Sacrifice

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We are somewhere in northern Germany or southern Scandinavia in the seventh century. In a century or two the people living here will discover that they are Vikings. Now they are living peacefully as farmers and hunters, prospering in the mild climate. They are already worshiping the gods that the Vikings will later make famous. Of all the gods, they revere the Vanir highest: Freyr and his sister Freyja.

I woke at the sound of the other women stirring, and the sounds of the Summer Market in the background. Then I sat up with a jolt, it was not the Summer Market! Our people was gathering because the Pact was failing and needed to be renewed, so we all gathered in our village and would soon go to the Plain for the rituals.

I looked around. In the tent around me, the unmarried women of our people were waking up and getting dressed. Their voices were subdued, and they looked afraid. Soon, three young men came to help us take down the tent. That ruined the last illusion of normality, they actually helped us and hardly flirted at all. Normally they would have tried to lure a few of us into the forest for some fun, and would probably have succeeded. Once the tent was down, they went back to the other warriors, and sharpened their swords. Let’s hope they will not be needed!

There were a number of logs nearby, most of us sat down on them to wait. Varha came to sit next to me, and put her arm around me for comfort. She was the youngest of the unmarried women, only thirteen, and she was very scared. I tried to comfort her the best I could, and whispered in her ear. “Do not be afraid, you will not be chosen. You are too young.”

She looked at me, “You don’t know that, Sigrun. I have been a woman for three months now. My name will be in the jar with all the other names.”

“Yes it will,” I whispered, “but it is Maia-seh who draws the name. She is very wise and you are too young. Do not be afraid.”

“I hope you are right. But my big sister could still be chosen.”

I did not answer that. Instead I looked at my own younger sister, and understood her unease. Hilda and I are very close. We are both nineteen, she is only three month younger than me, but we are different like night and day. Hilda is quite short, with short dark hair, brown eyes and small tits. I am relatively tall, blonde with blue eyes, and the boys always notice my bust. If I had feared that Hilda would be chosen, then I would be scared too.

Then I saw Maia-seh walk towards us. She hugged Hilda first, and then the rest of us, whispering words of comfort in our ears. To me she simply said, “You are strong, my dear Sigrun. That is good. I can see that you are not afraid.”

“I trust in fate,” I answered. “And in the strength of Freyja, and in your wisdom”.

Maia-seh smiled at my naive words, and walked on. Perhaps because of the serious mood I looked more closely at her than normally. She was old, three scores and five, I knew, two years older than my grandmother had been when she died last winter. But Maia-seh was strong and healthy, and she walked with great dignity as is fitting for a holy woman. Her age was showing, though. Her breasts were sagging, and her skin was beginning to wrinkle, although mainly on her face and breasts. Her hair was turning grey, both on her head and between her legs. But she still looked good, and we all felt better in her company.

Then Asbjorn Freysgodi blew the large bronze horn, signaling our departure. The warriors walked first, all the men of our people who were able to carry a weapon. Today they were all warriors, tomorrow they would again be farmers and hunters.

Behind the warriors walked Asbjorn Freysgodi. He was our godi, our chieftain and priest. He was quite young for a godi, having taken over when his father died. But everyone said he was an excellent leader.

We follow behind him, the unmarried women of the Lake People, all in our finest clothes. And among us walked Maia-seh. Behind us came the rest – married women, widows, children and the few men that were too old to claim that they were warriors.

We walked for a while like this. Then Maia-seh went forward to talk with Asbjorn in low voices. I smiled at the sight of the strange couple. Asbjorn Freysgodi was wearing his finest clothes, today was an important day for our people. Next to him walked Maia-seh, almost twice his age and naked as always.

It was just after noon when we finally arrived at the Plain. The Plain is surrounded by the great forest on all sides, but for some reason only grass grows here. Some say it is because Thor’s goats once rested here, and ate all the trees. Across the plain, the River People had already arrived and were setting up their camp. We had always been enemies, but a holy Pact held the peace. Whenever groups from our two peoples met, harsh words would be spoken, but the anger would never grow to violence. Then three months ago the Pact failed. Now words would quickly lead to violence. If nothing was done, we would soon start Escort bayan killing each other. But tonight the Pact would be remade – or open war break out.

After a while the tents were up, and when the sun was halfway between noon and sunset Asbjorn blew the bronze horn again. We could hear the horn of the River People answering it. Then we all lined up. The warriors formed a long line, facing the enemy. To their right, all the unmarried women formed a somewhat shorter line, and to their left Maia-seh and Asbjorn Freysgodi would stand. The rest – women, children and a few old men, would form a second line behind us. Across the Plain we could see the River People take up the same formation, except that no naked woman stood with their godi. She had died three months ago, causing the Pact to fail.

We stood awhile in silence, then Asbjorn Freysgodi broke formation, and walked out to face us. He raised his right arm, and called upon Tyr, the one-armed god of war. He asked Tyr to guide the hands of our warriors, should they be needed today. Then he invoked Thor, god of thunder and protector of mankind, and asked him to protect us all if it would come to battle. Then our godi lowered his right arm, and raise the left.

He now called upon Freyja, goddess of love and fertility; but also goddess of seidr, the powerful female form of magic. He asked her to bless us all but the chosen one in particular, and to give us peace today. Then he called on her brother, Freyr the most beloved, god of farming and fertility. He asked Freyr to support his sister in granting us peace, and to bless us all. Asbjorn lowered his hand, and stood a while in silence.

Then he spoke again, “Let Maia-seh step forward.”

Maia-seh walked out to stand between us and Asbjorn. He looked at her and said, “Maia-seh, for longer than many of us have lived, your body has preserved the Pact and Freyja’s peace. But now the Pact has failed: the peace of Maia-seh had come to an end.”

Then he held out what looked to me as some folded cloth. Asbjorn spoke again, “Maia-seh, your time has ended! Take this, and become Maia once again.”

She walked forward and received the cloth, as she unfolded it we saw that it was a woman’s dress, beautiful and decorated with many pearls. She turned to face us all, and then put on the dress. But as she was about to walk back to us, Asbjorn stopped her.

“There is an ancient law. If the godi has no wife, he may claim any unmarried woman as his. The law is hardly ever used, of course, but today I invoke it. I claim Maia as my wife!”

A shocked silence spread among us all. This was outrageous, to take a wife without her consent. Maia, too, looked shocked. Then a huge grin spread on her face, she ran to Asbjorn and hugged her young husband and kissed him, before taking the place of the godi’s wife at his side, smiling from ear to ear. At the sight of her joy, we all cheered.

“May all the unmarried women of the Lake People come forth.” Asbjorn sounded even more formal than usual. We walked to the space between Asbjorn and the line of warriors. Then everybody broke the lines, and formed a large circle around us, with us fifteen women in the middle, together with the godi and his new wife. Asbjorn gave a large earthware jar to Maia, and then spoke to us.

“Soon, Maia will pull a name from the jar. I have written all your names with the Runes of Odin. Such runes are not used lightly, and hold great power. So the name binds your fate, if it is chosen.”

He looked at all of us in turn. Then he continued, “We may not need to choose, though. Perhaps one of you will volunteer to sacrifice her body?”

A took a deep breath, and walked forward.

“NO! Sigrun! NOOOOoooooooooooooo!”

I turned at my mothers wail. My father and Snowdis, my bigger sister, were holding her back, otherwise she would have run into the circle. She quickly came to her senses, but I could see the horror on all three faces.

“Why, Sigrun? Why?” It was my other sister asking with tears in her eyes, although she was also relieved that she would not herself be chosen. Around us, everybody were talking at the same time, discussing my act.

Maia had to raise her voice to be heard. “This is a good omen. A great omen, indeed!” People felt silent at her voice.

“Sigrun has volunteered. By doing so she is making the Pact stronger than it could otherwise be. We must all praise her.”

Then our godi took charge of the rituals. “Sigrun, stand before me, and remove your clothes.”

I stepped forward. I have of course been seen naked before, but only by my closest family, or the other girls when we were bathing. And of course by various boyfriends. But now I would have to stand naked before everybody. I removed my clothes slowly, and suppressed my desire to cover myself with my hands. That would be too embarrassing.

“To whom do you give your clothes?” he asked.

“To Hilda, my sister.”

Hilda came forward, and took my clothes.

“To Bayan escort whom do you give the rest of your belongings?”

“Also to Hilda.”

Then he paused again, before asking, “Who are you?”

We had all been taught the ritual answer, in case we were chosen, so I answered, “I am Sigrun of the Lake People. I own nothing, not even my own body.”

Then Asbjorn Freysgodi spoke for all the people, and everyone repeated his words.

“We are the Lake People. We belong to Sigrun.”


And he continued speaking, and everybody repeated it.

“And Sigrun belongs to us. We own her body, her soul, and her mind.”

“Her mind and soul we keep. Her body we give to the River People.”

“May Freyja bless her!”

“May Freyja protect her, and preserve her!”

“May Freyja let her live through the night, and return tomorrow with peace!”

Then the circle of people opened. Asbjorn put his hand on my shoulder, and sent me off. “May Freyja be with you, my dear Sigrun.”

I began walking across the plain, to the other side where the River People were waiting. I walked through the knee-high grass as in a trance, the humming of insect and the chirping of birds in my ears. I could see the sun approach the horizon, although it would be a while before it would set. Another woman was crossing the plain, walking in the opposite direction. She was naked, too, and her skin was pale. Her red hair was curly, and fell over her shoulders. It was well known that the River People had Celtic blood in their veins.

When she was closer, I looked at her face. She was scared, that much was obvious, but I also saw determination and pride in her face. In that moment I knew almost for sure that she, too, had volunteered. We did not speak as we crossed.

Why was I not afraid? I knew I was walking to a fate most women would find horrible. I was hoping I would find pleasure in it, but I knew full well that I was more likely to find great pain, and perhaps even death. Yet I was not afraid. Nor had I been afraid last year, when I had unexpectedly been facing a bear in the forest, although I had known that I had been extremely lucky that it did not attack. When I had boasted about my courage, my mother had scolded me. “Courage is not to feel no fear. Courage is to face your fear, and act in spite of it. To feel no fear is just being stupid.” Yet I felt no fear now, only a slight unease. It had to be Freyja protecting me.

I had arrived, and stood facing the River People. I had not been instructed what to say, so I just said what came to my mind, “I am Sigrun of the Lake People. My people has given my body to your people.”

Their godi looked at me. “We thank you for your sacrifice, Sigrun of the Lake People.” Then he looked at the lined-up men and grinned. “Lads, you know what to do…”

Fifty men of all ages walked towards me, many of them trying to remove their clothes at the same time. Very soon a young man without trousers stood before me, his dick already rising. I fell to my knees, took his balls in my hand and his dick in my mouth. He gave a shout of pleasure. Then I felt hands on my ass, carefully lifting it up. A moment later another dick entered my pussy from behind. This was amazing, I was being fucked in both ends. Suddenly, they both came, almost at the same time filling my pussy and my mouth. New men were ready to take their place, but I dropped onto my back and spread my legs. “Please, take me from the front!”

A man immediately jumped in between my legs, and promptly entered me. I came almost instantaneously. Then I felt hands on my breasts, on my arms and on my legs. When I turned my head, my faced touched an erect cock. I took it in my mouth, and sucked. Soon one dick replaced another, and after eight or nine men had fucked me, I turned around so they could again take me from behind.

The sun had set, but the full moon gave enough light to clearly see what was going on. I had to pee, and said so. Immediately, the men let me go. I squatted in the moonlight, and pissed while fifty men looked at me. Then a woman – almost the only dressed person around – came with a bowl with some liquid. It was beer, a bit bitter for my taste, but I drank it eagerly. Then I got down in the grass again, and a young man began licking my cunt. When I had come, he began fucking me for real with his stiff cock. I tried to suck two cocks at the same time, turning my head left and right to satisfy them both. Soon, all three men came, and new men moved in to fuck me.

During the night I had several breaks where a woman would give me more beer. Once, when the moon was highest, she also came with some food – bread and some fried meat. I ate it with great hunger.

Eventually all the men had come in my pussy, and most of them in my mouth, too. But that did not stop the younger ones from taking a second turn, or even a third. As the moon approached the horizon, I began Escort feeling very tired, and my pussy was sore. It was beginning to hurt when the men entered me, but the pleasure was still greater. As the sky slowly turned lighter, the first doubts came. How much longer could I continue this?

Then a bronze horn was blown. The sun was free of the horizon, and the night was over. The man who was fucking me pulled out, although he had not yet climaxed. Two women came to me, they sat next to me in the grass, and gave me more beer, and bread. I could not eat the bread, and only drank a little of the beer, my body was aching and exhausted. Then one of them spoke. “You were amazing, my dear. I could not have done what you just did, not even when I was younger. You have brought honor to your people.”

The other woman smiled, and kindly asked me, “Can you stand? We should return you to your own people now.”

I tried to stand, but my legs were so tired, and my pussy was hurting. I tried again, but only got halfway up before I collapsed. Then the women gently took me by the arms, and helped me up. It felt like blood was flowing down my legs, but when I looked down I was relieved to see that it was milky-white and slimy. I placed my arms over their shoulders, and found that when they carried most of my weight, I could walk slowly. Every step hurt. My legs hurt. My arms were hurting. But mainly my pussy was hurting. And yet I felt happy as never before. I had done something great, and survived it.

We walked slowly across the plain. Against us, the red-haired woman came, supported by two Lake-women. She looked awful. Blood was trickling from her pussy down her legs. Her breasts were heavily bruised. Her whole body was bruised, but not as badly as her breast. I looked down my own body, I was not bleeding but otherwise I looked just as bad. Then I looked at her face. It was clear that every step she took was painful. But the pain could not quench her joy, and the pride of what she had done. We both stopped, and smiled. I let go of the women supporting me, and managed to take a step forward to embrace the woman. She answered by kissing me on my mouth, and I felt her tongue enter my mouth. We kissed deeply for a while, then we resumed our slow limp across the plain.

Eventually, we were back at our camp. Everybody were standing to receive me. One of the River-women spoke first. “We return Sigrun to the Lake people. She has done you great honor tonight!”

Everybody raised their left hand, and shouted: “SIGRUN-SEH! SIGRUN-SEH! SIGRUN-SEH!”

I managed not to collapse, as people rushed forward to congratulate me. My mother and father were the first to hug me, tears of relief in their eyes. Then my legs gave out, somebody caught me and helped me down.

Asbjorn Freysgodi came to me, and sat before me in the grass. “We will now go back to our village, and tomorrow most will continue to the four other villages. I don’t suppose you can walk yourself.”

He did not wait for my answer. Two young men came with a kind of portable bed. They had cut down two young trees, and tied leather between them. They placed in on the ground, and placed soft lamb-skins on top of it. Then they helped me onto it. Soon, I was being carried in the midst of our people.

We had not walked far when a young man came up to me. He reached down and carefully touched one of my breasts, caressing the nipple lightly. He did it so carefully that I did not feel the bruises, just his light touch. Then he reached out and touched my pussy in the same way. I felt a tickle between my legs. He looked at me, and spoke my new name, “Sigrun-seh.”

An older man followed him. Again he touched my breast ever so lightly, and then my pussy. I spread my legs as far as my bed would allow. “Sigrun-seh,” he said, and then a woman replaced him. She touched me the same way. Then my big sister Snowdis came and touched me. Then her handsome husband did the same. Then two young men from my own village. I looked at my father and my mother, they walked beside me and beamed with pride.

Then my mother reached down, caressed a breast and my pussy, and my father did the same. “Well done, my dear. We are so proud of you.”

Men and women followed, one after another. At some point I must have dozed off, when I woke up everybody had paid their respect, and Maia-seh was walking silently beside me. No, not Maia-seh, she was just Maia now; and I was Sigrun-seh.

Maia saw that I was awake. “I should tell you about your new life.”

“I think I know most of it already.”

“I am sure you do. But I must tell you anyway, that is how it is.”

Maia was silent for a while, then she began, “You are important now, Sigrun-seh. Freyja maintains the Pact and the peace, but your body is part of the seidr that binds the Pact. You must remain naked for as long as the Pact lasts. It may last for five years, or fifty. But you volunteered, that is important. And I think you enjoyed the experience, that helps as well. If Wylla-seh of the River People also volunteered, and I suspect she did, then the Pact will be very strong indeed, and will probably last until one of you dies. It is likely that you will never wear clothes again, my dear.”

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