Wine Country Girl Ch. 02

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Wine Country Girl Ch.02

On the third day, Alex meets a college-bound girl at the inn.


As I pulled my rental car into the parking lot of the B&B, I already knew this was going to be a down day for me. After last night’s beautiful romp with Stacey, I was pleasantly satisfied and exhausted and now on the third day of what was to be my honeymoon, it was time for me to chill and take a day off from drinking wine. But first, I needed something to eat since my only nourishment in the last 24 hours had been, well, Stacey.

I walked up the front steps well aware that my makeup was a mess and my face probably looked like a glazed donut after she had cum all over it a couple of times. I was thankful for my fedora now as I pulled it lower on my head hoping no one would notice me as I went through the front door. Fortunately, there was no one around as I bolted straight for the stairs to head up to my room to clean up.

As I hurriedly turned the blind corner I literally ran into a freakin’ family that was standing at the bottom of the steps. Apparently, they were waiting for a table to open up in the adjacent breakfast room. As my luck of late would have it, I tripped over the Chuck Taylor’s on the feet of the poor unfortunate girl that happened to be sitting on the bottom step, knocking her back as I started to fall on top of her.

Thankfully I caught myself before I crushed her altogether but I was straddling her with my hands and knees on the steps and my face just inches from her own as I looked her into her surprised eyes. Mortified, I pushed myself up as I began to apologize profusely.

“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” I gasped as I stood up trying to straighten my skimpy little skirt in the process, sure I had flashed my ass to the rest of her family.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” the girl replied with an initial look of irritation on her face.

Now I could see that the person I just knocked over on the steps was a cute little teenage girl wearing a short pixie haircut. I quickly reached out to her to help her up and as she took my hand, I saw her eyes give me the once over and I was suddenly conscientious of how I looked (and probably smelled) from yesterday’s fun. Her initial look of shock quickly turned into a smile as I pulled her to her feet.

“I’m so clumsy. Are you sure you’re all right?” I asked again.

“Oh yeah, I’m just fine,” she repeated with that grin on her face.

I wasn’t sure what she found so amusing as I turned to her parents and sister that were standing next to the bannister. The other girl just glared at me as she shook her head and then turned away.

“I’m really very sorry. I guess I was in a hurry and wasn’t looking. I’m so embarrassed,” I said, sure my face had turned a crimson red.

I expected to get the evil eye from her mother but she just smiled and assured me everything was okay.

With that I gave them a demure nod and thanked them as I turned and went up the stairs to my room. As I hit the landing halfway up, I turned and looked back down and the girl was just standing there staring up at me with that curious smile on her face. I turned away and bounded up the final steps and down the hallway.

Dropping my clothes to the floor, I pulled my hair back into a pony tail and cleaned up as best I could without taking a shower. I fully intended to go for a run sometime this morning but first I needed something in my stomach. I pulled on my running tights and sports bra and then satisfied I wouldn’t scare anyone, I headed back down to the dining room.

I walked in and sat down at a small table across the room from where the girl and her family sat having their breakfast. I quickly ordered some hot tea from the server and as I waited, I looked around the cute dining room at all the wine-themed art and other tasteful decorations and furniture. As my gaze went to the area around the family of four, I suddenly caught the girl looking at me intently. When she saw that I had caught her looking at me, she quickly averted her eyes and went back to eating.

I looked the family over and the parents looked fairly young, probably in their early 40’s, a good-looking couple and obviously quite fit. The girl I almost flattened was a cute little brunette. I guessed she was probably in high school and maybe 16 or 17 years old at most. Her sister had red hair with freckles and looked maybe a year older. All in all, they seemed like the prototypical family of four.

As I ate my own breakfast, I scanned several apps on my phone to catch up on the latest news and events back in Kansas City where I live. I looked up briefly and there she was staring at me again, her head cocked as if she was contemplating something. When she saw me looking back at her, she lowered her head and looked away again.

Hmm, shy little thing isn’t she, I thought to myself. I went back to eating my breakfast and reading the news. When I finished, I got up and headed towards the door. As I approached their table, the girl looked up bursa escort bayan and stared at me again, her eyes dropping to stare at my chest and my very visible party caps for a long moment.

Suddenly a look of surprise came over her face as she jerked her head slightly, her eyebrows shot up and her mouth dropped open slightly. I smiled at her as I swept past them. As I turned to go up the steps I looked back and saw her leaning in and whispering excitedly to her sister as she nodded her head in my direction.

Back in my room I kicked back and did a little reading to kill some time while my stomach settled. Tired, I was tempted to crawl into bed and get some sleep but I knew if I did that I’d probably blow off my run, something I felt I desperately needed considering the amount of wine I’d consumed yesterday. So after a bit, I headed back out for another trip through the vines. This time I found a bike path that kept me off the streets and away from the traffic.

While I was running, I kept thinking about Monday night at The Creekside and how Maggie had made some winery recommendations and how she had specifically recommended Privatino and Stacey for a tasting (no pun intended). I know we didn’t discuss that part of my personal life, but was I sending out some sort of lesbian vibe or something?

I’m beginning to wonder if maybe this whole introduction wasn’t a complete set-up orchestrated by Maggie and Stacey. Don’t get me wrong, Stacey is beautiful and hot as hell and I enjoyed every moment of our time together. Hell, I hadn’t climaxed like that in years…not since Elyse anyway, and it gave me some much-needed release from all the pent-up stress and frustration I’ve been under the past few weeks.

But I’m pretty sure Stacey correctly sensed that I’m at a sort of crossroads in my life — I was definitely guarded and maybe a little unwilling to let anyone get too close right now in matters of the heart. Lord knows I’ve been paying the price for that one.

My approach to love is the same as my approach to life. I don’t just tip my toe in, I’m all the way in. I can’t help but think that’s probably what caused Hunter to hit the brakes in wanting to follow through with marrying me. When we were dating, I told him everything about my past and I didn’t hold back any details. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have told him my entire history but then, I’m pretty transparent with people…what you see is what you get.

He used to constantly tell me how horny it made him to think about me with other women and how he would love to do a three-way, something that didn’t appeal to me at all. But it got really tiresome when we would be out having drinks or dinner and he would see some random girl and point her out to me, usually accompanied with some sophomoric comment like, “She’s so hot…would you do her?” or “I’ll bet her pussy tastes good,” then nudge me on the arm. What a jerk.

He didn’t leave his frat boy behavior behind once he graduated and it should have raised a red flag but I ignored it all. I guess I’d become so enamored with the idea of becoming Hunter’s wife that I’d lost sight of what was really important in my life. I think I’m coming around to the conclusion that he did both of us a huge favor by calling things off. In any case, fuck him…his loss.

As my run wound down, I did a cool-down, walking the last couple of blocks back to the B&B knowing I was going to hit the inn’s hot tub next. As I stretched my legs on the front steps, the front door suddenly flew open and out came that same girl from breakfast. She looked a little boyish with her hair style and was wearing black leggings and a loose sweatshirt and at first glance, looked a little flat-chested.

Looking up, I smiled back at her and said, “Careful, don’t want to trip over me like I did to you earlier.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” she said with a giggle.

What she said next surprised and momentarily stunned me.

“You’re Alex O’Neil, aren’t you?”

“Uh yeah, but do I know you?” I said after a short pause.

“No, but I recognize you from seeing you on the news. We’re from Kansas City and I watch you all the time Miss O’Neil!” she said excitedly.

“Well thanks,” I replied, “but please, just call me Alex.”

“Sure thing, uh, Alex. You now, I’m obsessed with, with, your um…your, your weather reporting,” she stammered, her face turning slightly red with embarrassment at her own phraseology but she quickly recovered.

“In fact,” she continued, “you’re the reason I’m going to major in journalism when I start college at Kansas next month!”

That one dumbfounded me. This cute little thing is old enough to be going to college and here I thought she wasn’t even driving age yet.

“Wow, that’s great!”

“Yeah, you inspired me to want to do the same thing as you,” she said excitedly.

“That’s nice to hear, uh…what’s your name anyway?”

“My name’s Megan, like, as in Megan Rapinoe the soccer player.”

“Well nice to meet you Megan, bursa anal yapan escort like, as in Megan Rapinoe,” I parroted back with a smile as I stuck my hand out to shake hers.

She blushed again and I thought it interesting how she’d used a gay soccer player to compare her name with. Was she trying to send me a not-so subliminal message or something?

“So, what are you doing out here in wine country Megan?”

“Well my parents are out here on business so they thought it would be a good idea to drag me along, you know, as a last little mini-vacation before school starts.”

“That’s nice,” I mused.

“Not really. I’ve been bored as hell but at least I got to bring my best friend Bree along with me. And besides, it just got a whole lot better meeting you in person Alex. I can’t wait to tell my parents!” she said excitedly, her smile brightening.

“Thanks Megan but it’s not like I’m some sort of celebrity or something,” I replied, trying to downplay things.

“You are in my eyes…and to my friends back home. Everyone I know talks about you.”

“Well, hopefully all good things,” I replied jokingly as I leaned down to stretch some more.

I could feel Megan’s eyes fixed on me as I continued stretching my legs. When I stood fully erect and stretched my back, I saw her eyes drop to my chest again. My sports bra was wet with perspiration and my areolas and hard nipples were quite visible through the material from the wetness and the cool morning air.

When she saw them, her lips parted almost unperceptively and I could have sworn I heard a slight gasp from her mouth as her eyebrows raised slightly. Then she suddenly straightened her head so she was now looking me in the eye and she blushed again. Truth be told, I love that my tits have that effect on people.

“You’re so beautiful Alex…much more in person than you are on television,” she sputtered.

I had to laugh at that. “Well thanks, I guess,” I said, chuckling at her clumsy attempt at a compliment.

“Um, I meant, you know, with all the studio makeup and all, it’s just more refreshing to see you live and in person is what I meant to say.”

“Hey, no worries. I know what you meant and for the record I’m not real fond of the makeup they plaster on us before we go on-air either.”

Megan snickered and then changed the subject.

“So Alex, since I’m starting school next month, I’d love to pick your brain about what to expect and about the profession in general if you have some time. I mean, if you don’t mind.”

“I wouldn’t mind at all. I’m around until Sunday so any time between now and then is fine. I mean it,” I replied sincerely.

Megan was silent for a moment.

“Um, we leave tomorrow morning. Would it be possible to chat about it today? I mean I hate to intrude and all…”

I thought it about for a second before replying.

“Uh, yeah, sure. I’m actually headed to the hot tub in a little while if you’d care to join me there and we can discuss what’s on your mind.”

“That would be awesome Miss- um, I mean Alex.”

I gave her a smile and nod of my head.

“Well alrighty then, I guess I’ll see you down there Megan.”

With that I went up the steps and past her into the inn and upstairs to my room to change into my swimsuit. As I peeled off my running tights I couldn’t help but think of quirky little Megan and the way she kept smiling at me. And how was it that she came out the front door at the exact same moment I was coming in from my run? Was she stalking me? Oh well, she is kind of cute and at the very least I’d get to see what she looked like in the hot tub.

I rinsed the sweat off my body in the shower and as I was drying myself off, I noticed for the first time that I had some scratches on my back from last night. That Stacey was a wild woman in bed. I touched my breasts and my nipples were still a little tender from her incessant tweaking and sucking. The thought of how she made me feel sent a shudder through my body and I felt a familiar tingle between my legs.

Digging through the swim suits I’d packed for my trip, I was tempted to go for one of the racier and more risqué thong-types I had bought for the honeymoon. But since this B&B seems a bit more family-friendly than I expected, I thought it’d best to avoid shocking the guests so I put on a modest white one-piece with a French cut and a deep-plunge neckline. It was sexy enough and came with removeable cups that I tossed back in the drawer. Little did I know it wasn’t going to be me that would be doing the shocking anyway. I put on one of the plush robes the inn provides their guests and headed downstairs to find the hot tub.

The back yard of the B&B was beautifully landscaped and well-maintained. There’s no swimming pool but I did find the spectacular hot tub, or spa rather, set peacefully amongst a small grove of trees and wisteria that offered good shade from the noon-time sun. It was an in-ground, kidney-shaped model bursa rus escort that you had to step down into and had big boulders around the perimeter that offered a little privacy from other guests that might be strolling by in the garden. A gentle waterfall came off a higher ledge and tumbled into the pool below.

Carefully laying my robe on one of the boulders, I kicked off my sandals and stepped down into the water and settled into a place next to the waterfall and was quickly enveloped in a cocoon of relaxing warmth. I leaned my head back against a rock and between the warm water, the soothing sound of the waterfall and good thoughts about last night, I think I might have even dozed off for a few minutes.

Sensing someone moving, my eyes popped open and lo and behold, there was Megan standing by the side of the spa with her back to me and stripping off her robe. She wore a tiny pale purple suit, almost lavender in color and as she bent over to kick off her flip flops, her bikini thong rode clear up her butt crack and showed off her little dimpled cheeks. Her frame was small and tight and I could tell she must work out by the muscle definition in her back and arms. Even her legs were powerfully built like she must be a gymnast or something.

Megan turned around and saw me looking at her and smiled. “Hi Alex!” she said excitedly as she dipped her toes in the water to test the temperature.

“Well hello again Megan,” I responded as I ogled her from behind my sunglasses.

She was a stunner standing there in her next-to-nothing swimsuit. She was as ripped in front as she was in back. Her bikini top didn’t have much to hold back as she was definitely out of the tiny tit department. But her nipples were as pointed as the nose cone on a guided missile and looked like they were ready to pierce the fabric of her bra. There was that tingle again.

She had strong shoulders and well-defined abs that gave way to her very flat stomach and a cute little navel. From her navel I could see a slight trail of soft, wispy hair that disappeared into her low-cut thong and I could see the very visible outline of her labia lips through the thin fabric of her suit. With the material conveniently pushing up into the slit of her vagina, I marveled at her little camel toe as she stepped down into the water and I watched it vanish beneath the surface. I found her very erotic and any thought of her stalking me suddenly melted away.

“I appreciate your willingness to talk about your career and all,” she said as she took a seat across from me.

“No problem at all Megan.”

“I know, but I just want to be respectful of your private time,” she replied, not convincing me she really meant it.

“So, what would the soon-to-be college coed like to know?” I asked cheerfully.

Megan suddenly beamed and became very animated.

“Well, first, I want to hear about your experience at J-School and why you chose KU. Then how you made your decision to go into TV, and then all about working at…”

“Whoa, slow down…so many questions,” I said smiling as I gently interrupted her. “That’s a lot of ground to cover. I may need a glass of wine or something to get through all that,” I replied half-jokingly.

Suddenly Megan jumped up. “Well I’m sure I can take care of that!” she said as she turned to get out of the water.

My eyes instinctively dropped back down to her tight little bottom as she stepped up out of the hot tub. I might even have unconsciously licked my lips as I thought about running my tongue up her crack.

As she slipped her robe back on, she turned her head around so suddenly I was certain she had caught me looking at her ass.

“Red, white or bubbles?”

“Huh?” I replied, slightly red-faced.

“The wine silly…would you like red or white wine or champagne?” Megan repeated.

“Your choice!” I responded and then she smiled and quickly turned and disappeared through the gardens.

When she was gone, I leaned my head back again and closed my eyes and imagined what it would be like to be with someone so young and luscious again. Although it had been since my freshman year that I had last had a torrid love affair with a girl, just the mere thought of that year sent a hot wave of emotion searing through my body. Despite the 100-degree water, I felt my nipples get hard again and my sex stir with desire.

What’s wrong with you Alex, I admonished myself. She’s barely out of high school for chrissakes.

Megan returned after a few minutes carrying a small cooler and a couple of champagne flutes. She set it by the edge of the spa, took off her robe and stepped back into the water.

“I thought since it wasn’t quite noon we should start with some sparkling wine.”

I marveled as she pulled a nice bottle of California Brut from the cooler.

“Where in the heck did you get this so quickly?”

“I told you, my Dad’s out here on business. Well, actually he owns a wine distribution business and our rooms are full of free stuff the wineries give him.”

“Is he okay with you drinking underage?”

“Oh, hell yeah. I was practically raised on wine. Besides, he thinks the drinking age being 21 is complete bullshit. It doesn’t hurt that he was born and raised across the pond and could drink when he was, like 10 years old,” she said with a laugh.

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