Witch’s Moon

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Chloe was proud of her GPA that fall. It was one less thing to worry about as Halloween approached. It was her sophomore year of college and she was already on the verge of burnout. Her sisters helped her into advanced biochem placement and she was already regretting it.

Chloe is a coven sister to a small clan of modern witches that live in the Deep South. Chloe was on course to become a True Witch. She had just turned nineteen and had recently completed all the requirements. It was time for her sacred Halloween initiation. She expected everything to change after Halloween. She would have a stronger body, a stronger mind, and stronger magic.

Chloe’s friends and coven sisters Samantha and Becky were preparing her for the Halloween ritual. Samantha was the daughter of the coven matriarch. Chloe had watched her grow from an awkward little redheaded girl into a charming young woman. She was the head of Chloe’s sorority by age twenty one. Only True Witches, and potential True Witches, lived in their sorority house.

Samantha and Becky visited Chloe in her room that Friday before Halloween. Chloe smiled when she heard them knocking.

“Come in!” she called.

“Good evening, Chloe. Are you ready for some real magic?” Samantha asked with a huge grin as she and Becky came into the room and plopped down on Chloe’s bed. Chloe was sitting at her desk feverishly typing up the last paragraph of a research paper due before midnight.

“God am I ever, Sam. I hope my life is as fun and charming as yours after tomorrow night,” she sighed in frustration as she tried to think of a clever closing statement.

“That’s assuming you meet all the initiation requirements,” Becky added with a grin as she watched her frustrated sister.

Chloe looked tired as she sat leaning over her laptop. Her long blond hair was pulled up in a bun with pencils and she was already wearing her favorite pajamas. It was only six o’clock.

“I’m good at being overly prepared,” Chloe said as she glanced at Samantha and Becky.

She paused for a moment to admire her beautiful coven sisters. Samantha was wearing a tight fitted sweater dress. It was made of brilliant red wool cut low in the front and back. It made her pale skin and strawberry red hair almost glow in the light of the window. Becky was dressed in a little black dress that matched her long black hair. They both looked ready for a night on the town.

“Oh shit,” Chloe said in sudden realization. “Are we supposed to go out tonight?”

“Yes,” Samantha said with a huge smile. “You have an important selection to make,” she whispered.

“I cannot believe I forgot that so easily,” Chloe groaned as her stomach flooded with butterflies. She hated socializing because she didn’t have anything to talk about with strangers. Her sisters and school work were her life. She was forbidden to talk about her coven to non-witches, and her research could bore a person to death.

“Poor little sister,” Samantha sighed as she stood and wrapped her arms around Chloe from behind. Chloe felt her muscles relax as she leaned into her warm hug. “Make a good choice tonight so your initiation will be blissful. This Halloween will be life changing for you. I promise,” she whispered and kissed her cheek. “Meet us downstairs in twenty,” she ordered before she and Becky left the room.

Chloe gulped and scrambled to finish her paper so she could get dressed. Twenty minutes later, she was wearing her tight white dress and rushing downstairs to meet her sisters in the foyer. Samantha and Becky looked up and smiled as they admired her. Chloe was stunning when she put a little effort into her outfit.

“There’s our innocent sister. You look like a naughty angel if I ever saw one,” Samantha announced as she held Chloe’s flowing white shawl out to her.

Chloe blushed and rolled her eyes. Samantha always pointed out embarrassing personal things to her. Chloe was required to keep her purity in tact to be eligible for the True Witch initiation. That wasn’t a problem for her considering how antisocial she was.

“Innocent?” Becky scoffed. “Have you seen the power tools in her nightstand?” she asked as she typed away on her smart phone.

Chloe looked at Becky in slight mortification as she retrieved her shawl. Samantha burst out laughing.

“Place holders for the real thing do not damage her virtue,” Samantha said with a smirk as she pulled the pencils out of Chloe’s hair letting her blond locks tumble over her shoulders. “Very beautiful. Your eyes are sparkling. I can feel your magic growing already,” she whispered before she kissed her blushing cheek and handed her a Halloween mask. It was covered in white peacock feathers to match her dress.

The sisters were a spectacular sight leaving the sorority house that evening. Each witch wearing her chosen color. Anyone that saw them was slightly spellbound by their beauty. They walked a few blocks down the avenue to a non-magical sorority house where the biggest Halloween party in town was in full swing. Everyone stared at the beautiful sisters escort izmit when they walked in. The house was tastefully decorated like a haunted mansion. Cobwebs, candles, jack-o-lanterns, and creepy paintings were the main decor.

Chloe’s stomach was fluttering as she looked around the room at the handsome frat boys in their Halloween costumes. Samantha and Becky immediately began working the room. They introduced Chloe to droves of young men, but none of them sparked her curiosity. Chloe was such a wallflower Samantha had to practice extra patients when dealing with her.

“Hmm, it’s a bit stuffy in here,” Samantha announced to her sisters. “Let’s explore the patio by the pool. I heard they have a small bar with a professional bartender.”

Chloe was happy to be out of the house and under the stars again. She smiled at the floating jack-o-lanterns in the swimming pool. There was a fog machine on the patio making the backyard rather enchanting. The night air spoke to Chloe’s senses and her sisters could feel it. They knew someone special was close by.

They stepped over to the bar in the corner where a handsome vampire in a tuxedo was mixing drinks. Chloe’s mouth dropped when she saw him.

“Caleb?” she announced catching his attention. He looked in her direction and his eyes grew wide for a moment.

“Oh my God, Chloe?” he laughed in disbelief. “You look fantastic,” he said shaking his head.

“So do you! What are you doing here? I thought you were working full time for my brother,” she said with a smile as she approached him.

Samantha and Becky exchanged knowing smiles.

“I guess that’s him. Chloe has impeccable taste,” Becky whispered as she admired Caleb.

“She’s had many impure thoughts about him,” Samantha said with a smirk.

It was an understatement to say Caleb was simply handsome. He was outright charming. He had dark brown hair and big hazel eyes under brooding eyebrows. His smile could change the atmosphere of a room. He was the kind of person that could actually make Chloe laugh at a party.

“I’m doing a favor for my cousin tonight,” Caleb said with a smile flashing his prosthetic fangs. “These events pay pretty good so I can’t complain. Not to mention it’s a treat seeing you here,” he admitted.

“If she’s the treat,” Becky whispered.

“That makes us the trick,” Samantha replied as she and Becky stepped behind the bar surrounding Caleb.

He looked very confused as the beautiful women leaned in and planted kisses on his cheeks. Chloe was watching with her mouth open as Caleb’s eyes closed for a moment. She felt magic stirring between him and her sisters. She gulped as she watched Samantha whispering something into Caleb’s ear.

“Of course,” he whispered.

Becky and Samantha exchanged deviant smiles before they walked back over to Chloe. Samantha snapped her fingers and Caleb brightened up again.

“So, would you ladies like a drink?” he asked as if nothing had happened.

Chloe chatted with Caleb while he worked. He made everyone delicious drinks. Becky and Samantha were ready to head home by ten. Chloe was confused as to why they were leaving so early. Even someone as boring as herself knew college parties didn’t end that early.

“Why are we leaving so soon? What did you two do to Caleb earlier?” Chloe asked as they walked back to their own house.

“We need to begin preparing for the Halloween ritual tomorrow night,” Becky said as she smiled at Chloe.

“We’ll be leaving for my family’s private farm at 8pm sharp,” Samantha began.

“We gave Caleb his instructions for his part in the ritual. He’ll be there waiting for you when the moon reaches its apex just before 10pm. You’ll drink the sacred wine together in the abandoned cemetery at the edge of the woods. Then you’ll have passionate sex with him on a bed of clovers under the witch’s moon.”

“WHAT?” Chloe asked in astonishment as she stopped on the sidewalk.

Samantha was smiling as she turned and approached her.

“This is how you become a True Witch, Chloe. You desire Caleb. He is your muse. He will excite your magic and open up your body to the shared pleasures of the flesh. It’s symbolic of how the earth invades our bodies and fills us with its elements every waking second of our lives. It also represents passion, fertility, and the giving of yourself to another. You have to lose control to awaken your strongest magic. Caleb will help you accomplish that,” she explained as she held Chloe’s trembling hands. Chloe gulped and nodded before they continued home.

Chloe barely slept that night as she thought about what Samantha told her. She had no idea the initiation was a sex ritual. Now she understood why they made such a big deal about her purity.

Chloe was given a simple white dress to wear for the ritual. The full moon was rising as they drove out to Samantha’s family farm. They drove to the edge of the property and left Becky’s car in the driveway.

They entered the abandoned cemetery and approached the edge of the woods. They stopped under an izmit escort ancient oak tree. An old hanging lamp was burning bright from a low tree branch next to a small patio table for two. A dusty wine bottle sat on the table with two crystal wine glasses next to it. Between the glasses sat a plate filled with delicious looking chocolates and fruit. The ground around the table was decorated with glowing jack-o-lanterns and half melted candles. Chloe breathed in the pleasant scent of candle scorched pumpkins. That made it feel like Halloween for her.

“The table is set,” Samantha said in approval.

Chloe suddenly heard footsteps and twirled around to see Caleb approaching them. He was wearing a simple white linen shirt and black trousers. He looked princely in the moonlight as he approached Chloe and gave her a breathtaking smile. Her stomach was doing nervous flips as she studied his eyes.

“Hello, Caleb… um, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” she stammered.

“Why would I not want to do it?” he asked in disbelief. Then he leaned forward and gently kissed her mouth.

Chloe’s body went tingly all over as she tasted his lips and smelled his sweet breath. There was warmth resonating inside her chest that she had never felt before.

“She is more than ready,” Samantha said in approval. “She has rested and matured her magic by depriving herself of touch for too long. You both deserve the pleasure of this night,” she said as she took their hands prompting them to break off the kiss.

They stared at each other in a daze as Samantha led them over to the table and sat them down. Becky stepped over to the table and picked up Chloe’s hand. She quickly pricked her finger with a needle before she realized what was happening.

“Owe!” Chloe said in surprise as she snapped out of her daze.

Becky smiled as she pulled Chloe’s bleeding finger over Caleb’s wine glass. She squeezed it until a drop of blood fell into the glass. Chloe crinkled her nose in revulsion as Becky stabbed Caleb’s finger next and put a drop of his blood in her glass. Then she opened the wine and whispered something into the bottle. Chloe could smell the fragrant Cabernet as her sister filled their glasses with the dark red liquid.

“There, everything is ready. Drink your wine and let it awaken your lust,” Becky whispered with a smile before she walked over to Samantha and took her hand.

Chloe watched her sisters as they disappeared together into the dark shadows of the woods. She wondered what they planned to do for the rest of Halloween night. It was the one night of the year when their magic was exceptionally strong, and it tended to make them very amorous.

“This place is creepy and beautiful,” Caleb whispered as he picked up a piece of chocolate and bit into it. “Mmm… that’s really good,” he whispered in amazement.

“I’m glad you like it. Becky made them,” Chloe said as she looked at him for a moment. He was staring at her thoughtfully as he ate his chocolate. “Are you all right, Caleb? You seem a bit dazed. You didn’t even flinch when Becky stabbed your finger.”

“I barely felt it. My focus is more on you than anything,” he admitted.

“Why did you come out here tonight? Is it because my sisters told you to?” she asked. Her heart was still pounding after he kissed her. She could still taste him on her lips.

“They did, but that’s not why I came. I’ve always admired you, Chloe, and I find you intimidating. You have an insane work ethic, you’re incredibly beautiful, and hilariously forgetful sometimes. My heart almost stopped when I saw you at the party. You looked magical. I was thrilled that you wanted to talk to me. I came because I felt something wrong would happen if I didn’t. You might choose someone else to be with you instead of me. I couldn’t stand the thought of it. I wanted you,” he whispered as he searched her eyes.

The desire in his voice made Chloe’s insides feel excited. It was a wonderful nervous feeling.

“I want you too, Caleb. Seeing you at the party was shockingly pleasant,” she admitted as she picked up her wine glass. She stared at it for a moment with her heart beginning to pound.

“Will drinking the wine officially start the ritual?” Caleb asked as he picked up his glass and sniffed it.

“Yes. It’s supposed to make us more attuned to each other,” she said with an embarrassed smile.

“Oh good,” he said with a nod and took a curious sip. “Mmm, it tastes like you,” he said in surprise before he turned it up and drained it in a few gulps.

Chloe watched him in surprise as he set the empty glass down and licked his lips. Then he shuddered all over.

“Wow, that’s different. It makes me feel hot,” he breathed as he looked at Chloe in bewilderment.

She laughed at him and smiled.

“Now you have me curious,” she said and took a cautious sip. “Oh my God,” she whispered at the feeling the wine left on her lips and tongue.

It tasted like Caleb’s mouth mixed with chocolate and wine. She quickly turned up her glass and drained izmit kendi evi olan escort every delicious drop.

“Good, huh?” he asked with a huge grin.

“Yeah,” she said as she looked at him in amazement. Her body suddenly felt hot and excited.

“I’m really glad I came out here tonight,” he whispered as he admired her. “Let’s walk for a bit. I’m suddenly too excited to sit here anymore,” he said as he quickly stood.

Chloe grabbed a handful of chocolates and grapes for them to enjoy as they strolled along the edge of the woods. The moonlight and wispy fog made everything look enchanting.

“What’s something hilarious you forgot so far this semester?” Caleb asked before he finished off the last grape.

“Oh God, I forgot a basket of laundry on top of Becky’s car last week. The next morning I found my underwear scattered all down the driveway and laying in the road next to the bus stop. Becky didn’t see the neon pink basket before she drove off. Many people got to watch me pick up underwear out of the road that morning,” she sighed shaking her head.

Caleb was laughing so hard he had to wipe a tear from his eye as they strolled into a small clearing. They were completely surrounded by ancient oaks. The ground was covered in clovers that looked silver in the moonlight. There was magic about the area that sent tingly warmth up Chloe’s legs and into her chest. She turned to find Caleb standing very close to her.

He was staring at her almost longingly. His face was beautiful in the moonlight. The shadows around his large eyes made him look mysterious.

“Chloe, do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” he whispered as he searched her eyes.

“I could say the same to you,” she whispered. Her whole body was suddenly aching for him.

“Do you want me to touch you?” he whispered as if he were struggling not to do it. She could feel heat rolling off his skin.

“Please touch me,” she whispered with her heart racing.

He quickly wrapped his fingers around her neck and pulled their lips together. He kissed her needfully as she ran her fingers into his hair and pulled him closer. The heat and want that was aching inside of Chloe at that point was making her dizzy. It was like an overly erotic dream burning into reality.

Caleb ran his hands down Chloe’s soft body enjoying her tempting curves against his palms. She groaned against his mouth when he squeezed her ass pulling her forward. She could feel a hard bulge against her thigh and it sent excited tingles all over her body.

Suddenly, Caleb pulled away from her breathing hard. She could feel him trembling.

“Chloe, you should take your dress off before I tear it off,” he whispered with his heart pounding. He had never felt so wild with desire towards anyone before.

His words sent wonderful heat creeping all over her skin.

“I want you to tear it off,” she whispered against his lips before she kissed him again.

He groaned against her kiss before he reached behind her and took hold of the top of her dress. He yank it aggressively busting the delicate zipper wide open. She gasped to feel the cool night air on her back as he began pulling her dress down. He leaned away as he pushed it off her arms revealing her breasts to the moonlight.

An ache of pure lust pulsed through him as he stripped her beautiful body of her dress and underwear. Chloe was trembling as he lowered himself to his knees in front of her and squeezed her thighs with his warm hands. Then he suddenly lapped his hot tongue over her clit. She gasped at the shock of tingles his touch sent racing through her crotch.

“Oh god…” she groaned as she ran her fingers into his hair and held onto him for support. She was jumping and trembling with little stings of pleasure as he teased her clit.

Caleb moaned softly as he slid his tongue between her lips and found her growing wetness. Her sweet taste made him ache all over. He worked his tongue deeper lapping up the hot moisture. She was pulling his hair harder with every maddening lick. He kept pushing his tongue further inside her making her eyes roll back.

“You’re going to make me fall,” she panted.

“Then come down here,” he said as he pulled her down to her knees.

He quickly kissed her again before he pushed her back onto the bed of clovers and climbed over her. Chloe could taste her sweetness on his mouth as he worked his lips and tongue against hers. She was breathing hard as he pulled away and began kissing over her breasts. He massaged them aggressively as he sucked on her right nipple.

The heat that was coursing through her body as Caleb kissed down her stomach was making her brain fuzzy. The warmth that was resonating in her chest was suddenly pulsing with her heart beat. She stretched out her arms to let the cool blanket of clovers caress her hot skin. She looked up at the moon with her body on fire.

When Caleb’s tongue found her clit again she closed her eyes and groaned. His hot licking was sending powerful shudders up the center of her body. She gulped and dug her fingernails into the ground as delicious pleasure threatened to push her out of control. When his tongue slid inside her and began working against her inner muscles she gasped and pulled handfuls of clovers out of the ground.

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