Witchy Woman

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Public Sex

I will start by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Donna. I am a 37 year old widow and mother. As for my appearance…I guess the easiest way to describe myself is I look like Morgan Fairchild. Alright, not that good, but not far off. My face is very similar, but my body is fuller, with much bigger breasts. (38 C) My husband died when I was only 29. Since he dies so young, we only had one child, my 18 year old son Jason.

Jason was a bit of a gawky boy in his early teens, he grew about a foot in the summer of his 16th year. But over the next few years, he really started to fill out to have the body of a man. I guess I first noticed at Christmas when all the clothes I bought him were too tight and small. Startled I looked to see that he was no longer a skinny boy but a fuller, muscular man. His ass really caught my eye. I have always admired a nice shaped firm ass on a man and consider myself an expert in judging a fine one when I see it, and I saw one.

Wait, I am getting ahead of myself here. Now, looking as I did, I didn’t have a shortage of male admirers who tried to take me out and …well, a lot more. There was a problem though. I didn’t want my son to think of me as the kind of woman who brought home strange men. I never found anyone but his father that I thought I could stay with, so I never really dated much. That being said, I did have a very healthy sex drive. I tend to be horny when I first wake up, and stay that way until I go to sleep. Looking at Jason’s ass now, I felt that burning going through me and new I needed relief.

I took a shower after the presents were opened. I love my removable shower head. I pointed that at my clit and would massage myself to orgasm after orgasm. The cumming was fine, as always, but it wasn’t great. Then, fueled by that morning, I started thinking about my son. Thinking about pulling him into me while my hands squeezed that ass. I came in no time. It was a powerful knees weak feeling. I liked it, and wanted more of it.

I myself am not one to be stopped by any social taboo. The more I thought about seducing my son and making him my new man, the more I knew that is what I wanted. But the trick was, I didn’t want him as merely a fuck toy, I wanted him as my new husband. I wanted him everyday for life.

I started trying my feminine wiles. The usual things that I have used before and seen work many, many times. Things like playing with my long blond hair, leaving the top buttons of my blouse open, things like that…nothing. I figured I had two problems. The first, he was seeing me as his mother, not as a sexual object, and second, I was an older woman, and maybe he wasn’t into that…yet.

I went downtown to one of my favorite specialty shops. Now, please do not judge me, but it is an occult shop. I am a believer in the powers of which craft and have used it before. It is what I credit my financial stability on. I used it for predicting and influencing stocks. I never tried it to cast spells on people, but I though desperate times…

I found a book that was perfect for what I was looking for. The name is, “Influencing Men”. I took it home and started reading. Then I found it, the perfect spell. It was to make a man who didn’t know you were alive desire you. I read the steps one had to follow. Things that would be hard to do, unless of course you were already tempobet giriş involved in this person’s life, as I was in my son’s.

The first step was an easy one to do. I waited until my son was asleep, and came into his room. Without waking him, I stood beside him watching him sleep. I reached a hand into my robe and started fingering myself. In no time I was coming, After I had finished, I reached my still wet fingers towards his lips, eased them open and let my fingers wait inside. IN not time, my son started sucking on me, it was an incredible feeling. Without knowing it, my son was sucking my cunt juice off my fingers. This made me so hot that when he finished, I ran back to my room and masturbated myself raw until I feel asleep. I did this 3 nights in a row. According to the book, he would grow hornier and hornier each day. The next step was going to be trickier to pull off. He had to smell me while he was awake. Not my perfume you understand, but my personal smell, the one he had been enjoying the last few nights.

I solved this in an ingenious way I thought. As it was summer, I put on a bikini, and masturbated myself silly one afternoon. I then went to the TV room where my son was watching some movie I never heard of. I sat right beside him and waited. After a while, I grew impatient and started a tickle fight with him. During the fight, I wrestled him on to the floor and positioned myself so I was sitting on his chest. In no time the smell hit him. I could immediately see my son’s cock grow hard. It was a very good size and made me wetter, which made the smell more intense, which got him more excited which turned me on more. It was a terrific cycle.

Now my flirtatious hints were not being ignored as once before. He even started playing with me hair while talked. I would leave my buttons undone at the top, and would catch him staring. He even started massaging my neck often. He would sit me down and sit behind me. I could feel his eyes burning down my breasts, and his dick stiffen and press into me.

I also started to notice cum stains in my panties. My son was jacking off thinking about me into my panties. Smelling me as he got himself off. I was in heaven. I would leave fresh panties full of my smell in easy to find places for him. And he didn’t leave them there long.

The next and final step was very particular in its timing, It had to be a week after the last step had been taken, and it had to be on a night when he would see no one but me. It also involved something I had never thought I would do. I had to cook him a special soup. What made it special is that the broth was made of my piss. Well, not just that, but even a little is enough to say that. I thought about calling it off for a minute, but it had come too far, and I was too close to stop now. So, one afternoon, pissed into a cup, and made the soup. The soup was made in such a way that it hid the taste and is supposedly quite good.

The evening came and I was getting nervous as hell. I put on a thigh pair of jean shorts and a white blouse. I didn’t button it at all, but instead, just tied it in front of my chest. It was clear that I wasn’t wearing a bra. Of course, I don’t think my son minded. I knew that I had him looking at me, but I needed him wanting me, forgetting himself and what society says is right and wrong, and tempobet yeni giriş I was ready to do anything As Jason worked his way through the soup, he started getting tired, this was supposed to happen. He said he had finished, but there was still a lot of juice left in his bowl. He had to finish it. I walked over to him and sat on the table in front of him. I took the bowl, looked him in the eye and brought it to his lips. I was going so wild, I was feeding my son my own piss… This was much more of a turn on than I ever thought it could be. Once it had been finished off, I lead my son to his bed. He didn’t fall asleep, just into a daze.

I had to stay there. I had to be the first woman he saw when he came to. After a half hour, I got impatient and started reading some of his magazines. That’s when I heard him stir. I lowered what I was reading and saw him looking at me. He was breathing heavy, and I saw that tent in his pants. I knew I had him…but I wanted to do this right. The spells effectiveness relied on him cumming into me before an hour had past from him waking up. We just stared in each other’s eyes for a minute, then I saw his stare shift to my breasts. I was so aroused that my nipples were sticking out and my son was very grateful.

“Does my son like what he sees?” I asked. Jason got embarrassed and looked away. This was not acceptable. I couldn’t have him avoiding me now…not now!!! I sat on the bed beside him and put my hands on his face, turning his eyes back to mine. I then leaned over and put my lips to his. He was quick to respond and eager to not let the kiss be broken. Our tongues were all over each others as I felt his hands start to drift to my shoulders and back. I broke our kiss and looked at him again. He was breathing heavier still and I almost felt bad for breaking him the way I did. I let my hand slide down my body and untie the knot holding my shirt together. It slipped apart and my breasts came into full view. I lifted my sons head and fed him my tits. As he sucked, I started talking to him.

“mmm, yeah baby, suck your mother’s tits.” “Oh, you feel so good doing that” “Mommy’s going to make you her own.”

I pulled his head back and laid him back down. I then undid his jeans and released his beautiful cock. I lowered my head to it. I started by sucking one of his balls at a time into my mouth. Letting my tongue play with each, then letting my lips slide up and down the side of his rigid monster. Then, looking up at his face, watching him watching me, I opened my mouth and let him inside. I sucked very slowly, not wanting him to come…not yet. I slide my hands under him, finally getting them on that ass I had been staring at, that ass that started this whole thing. After a few minutes of gentle sucking, I could tell he wasn’t far. I stopped, the look on his face was as if he had been shot. I kissed him again. Once I broke the kiss, I laid down. He took the hint and kissed his way down my body. I helped him getting my shorts off. For a moment, he did nothing, just stared at my pussy, then he leaned into me and started licking. God, it was heaven, he was better at this than I ever could have hoped for. I knew then that this is something I would be making him do over and over and over. It didn’t take long for me to come and come hard. I felt my juices erupt from inside me, tempobet güvenilirmi and my son licked them all up. He crawled up the bed a laid beside me, looking at me. I knew what he was thinking…and I knew that he was going to get it.

I sat up, and swung a leg over top of him. I was now positioned with my cunt just above his dick. I reached a hand down and grabbed him. I brought him to my opening, and slowly started to jack him off while rubbing him against my warm wet pussy. The look on his face was priceless. He was almost crying. I stopped and made him look deep into my eyes again. .

“Do not break this stare”, I ordered. “I want you to know who it is that you are inside, I want you to know who it is you are cumming for.” “Now tell me you want to fuck you mother”

“Mom”, he answered,” I have never wanted anything more in my life than I want to be inside you right now.” I believed him. So with a movement, I lowered myself to him, feeling him fill me. I started rocking up and down. Slowly, very slowly, making sure not to break our eye contact. I could tell he wasn’t going to last much longer. That was fine, as I didn’t think I could last either. I had waited too long for this and wanted to feel him inside me for so long and now I was riding him, and know I would have him forever. Forever. That is what I wanted to hear to make this perfect.

“You are fucking you mother you dirty dirty boy. You are inside your own mother.”

“Yes mom, I am in you, I am fucking my mother”

“Does that make you hotter, to know that you are fucking the person who gave you life, to know that you are fucking you mom.”

“Yes, fucking yes. This is the hottest thing I could ever have imagined”

“Good, because you are not just fucking you mother anymore, you are fucking your new woman…You are fucking you new wife!!!”

“My what?” No, no, I can’t marry my mother…ahhhh…fuck, that feels so good, please don’t stop.”

“Say it. Say you are fucking you new wife. You want me, I know you do, you always will. Once you come in me, you will be mine for life, you will not be able to stop desiring me…you will become my husband. We will fuck and suck daily and live in sin for the rest of our lives.”

“Mom, what are you saying, what are you doing to me. Why can’t I stop this. Mom, I am getting close to coming….Mom…what is happening to me.”

“My which craft boy. I have made this happen. I have made you want me. Once you cum in me, you will be mine for life, whether you like it or not. I have made you suck my cum off my fingers in your sleep, I have made you smell me….and that’s not all. Tonight, you drank my piss.”

“Ahhhhhhhh. God, mom. I am going to shoot soon, please stop…please.”

“FUCK YOU”. I took his hands and placed them on my hips. I rode harder and harder. “ That’s right. You drank my piss tonight. You are going to become my man…I AM YOUR WIFE….FUCK YOU NEW WIFE!!!”

“FUUCCKK!!!” my son shouted as he could hold back no more. He shot load after load of his hot come into me. I could feel him bounce of my cunt walls and start to drip out of me. This was too much for me and started to shudder and scream as a wave of orgasm passed through me.

Once I had finished, I laid on top of him, still with him inside of me. I kissed him. At first he did nothing, but then, as if he lost control, he started kissing back, and kissing hard. He sat up and threw me on my back and entered me again.

“You wanted this, well you’ve got it Mom. You’ve got your way. You are now my wife. I am going to make you fuck me every day from now until forever. “

“I know son…I know.”

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