Working Hard for Her Job

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Peeta smoothed her skirt down as she sat back at her desk, glancing at the clock in the corner of her monitor. There were only forty-five minutes left until the start of the weekend, and she intended to make the most of it! A chime informing her of a new email interrupted her daydreams about two days off, and she opened outlook to find a message from her boss. It was as short and to-the-point as usual, and asked her to stay behind after work for a quick meeting. It looks like her weekend would have to be postponed slightly!

Peeta spent the next forty minutes wondering what the meeting was about; she was coming to the end of her probationary period at the office, and had been hoping for a smooth transition into a permanent position. It was only secretarial work, but she enjoyed it and was good at it. As an added bonus, the office environment allowed her to show off some great business attire, something she relished every day. Her Indian heritage meant her creamy brown skin looked equally good against a white silk blouse or a pinstripe skirt, both of which she was wearing at the moment.

Five o’clock came and went, and the office quickly emptied until it Peeta was left on her own, accompanied only by the light from her bosses corner office. She gave herself two minutes to steel her nerves, before she made her way over and knocked softly before poking her head around the door

“Hi Mr Johnson; you said you wanted a chat with me?”

He looked up from his large wooden desk, and beckoned her in. Peeta watched his eyes glanced down over her long sleek figure, and felt a tingle in her loins. Since she started, she’d developed quite a crush on her hunky boss. He was about ten years older than her twenty-one years, but he was still in fantastic shape under his tailored suits. And she’d caught his eyes on her body on more than one occasion.

“Yes Peeta; please sit down.” He replied gruffly.

She sat on the chair opposite him, crossing her legs and staring attentively as she waited for her boss to begin. But when he did, the smile dropped from her face.

“I’m really sorry about this Peeta” he began “but I’m going to have to let you go. I don’t think its working out with you here. There’s no need to serve out your notice, you’ll still be paid for it. And I guarantee you’ll get a fantastic reference.”

“But……….but I don’t understand Mr Johnson; is it something I’ve done? Something I haven’t done? I thought I was doing really well? I haven’t had any complaints so far. I’ll do anything to stay here. I love this job……….”

“You have been doing well Peeta; this isn’t about your work. I just don’t think this office suits you, that’s all.” He replied.

She noticed her boss was looking more and more uncomfortable as they progressed, and his answers just infuriated her.

“But that’s no reason at all Mr Johnson” Peeta replied heatedly, her voice slowly rising “there must be something that I’ve done……….did your girlfriend complain about me? Because I wouldn’t interrupt your meeting last week so she could tell you about her trip to the spa? That bitch! I don’t think its fair that I get sacked because of……….”

Her boss quickly interrupted her “No Peeta. No that’s not it at all. If you must know, şişli travesti we broke up that evening. She’s out of the picture.”

Peeta’s face softened instantly “Oh I’m so sorry Mr Johnson. I didn’t know!”

“That’s all right Peeta. I kept it quiet. I don’t need to fuel the office gossip pot.”

“Well I’m sorry I brought it up. But that doesn’t change anything; there must be something I can do? Or not do?”

Mr Johnson looked even more uncomfortable now as he continued:

“Ill be honest with you then Peeta; it was my decision. I can’t get any work done with you around. You seem to enjoy showing off as much skin as you possibly can. And you spend half your time bent over your desk with your arse pointed at me. Do you know how distracting that is? I can’t get any work done!”

She took it all in, shocked at the outburst. She’d hoped that he noticed her, but she never had any idea that she’d had that effect on her boss

“So……….you think I’m pretty then? Is that it Mr Johnson?”

“I think you’re amazing Peeta. You’re like nothing I’ve ever seen!”

Peeta smiled softly at her boss, then stood up and removed her suit jacket. She didn’t bother to smooth her skirt down, and she knew it was giving her boss a tantalising hint of her stocking tops. Her hips swung as she moved around the desk, pushing Mr Johnsons chair back so she could perch on his knees. She smiled sweetly at him as she ran her fingers down his tie.

“Well Mr Johnson” she whispered, “I’ve a confession to make. I was dressing to impress. Dressing to impress you that is. I’ve had the biggest crush on you, but never did anything because of your girlfriend. Now I know she’s out if the picture, well then there’s no need for either of us to feel guilty. Is there?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, but instead leaned in to kiss him softly. There was a moment of resistance as her tongue pressed against his lips, which quickly passed as her boss ran his hands down her back. Peeta pulled herself closer, kissing with more urgency as her fingers slid under his shirt, nails scratching softly down his broad chest.

Pulling away slowly, she started into Mr Johnsons eyes.

“I said I’d do anything Mr Johnson. Anything to keep my job. But there’s one task I really want.”

Her boss moaned softly as she unbuttoned his shirt, her fingers brushing against him.

“What’s that Peeta? And maybe you should call me Steve.”

“I really want to see your cock. Steve.” She whispered in his ear. “I want to get on my knees and take your cock out.”

He moaned again as Peeta bit his ear softly, before dropping to her knees between his spread legs. Her fingers stroked over his bulge as she deftly undid his belt. Peeta pulled his trousers down slowly, relishing the sight of her boss’s bulge straining against his tight boxers. She ran her tongue over the fabric slowly, feeling its impossible hardness as her boss groaned softly.

“Fuck Steve, what have you got in here for me?” she whispered, stroking his legs as she stared up at him. Without waiting for an answer, her fingers reached up and slowly peeled his boxers down. Her eyes widened as his fat veiny shaft came into view. It looked like it was as bakırköy travesti thick as her wrist; and so long too! She’d never seen anything like it!

She gave a final tug, and moaned in appreciation as Steve’s cock sprung up proudly for her; it was nearly nine inches long, and his shiny purple bellend was already oozing precum. Still staring up at her boss, she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and stroked him softly, relishing the weight and heat of his throbbing prick.

“Fuck Steve. Nobody told me about this. You’ve kept this a secret haven’t you?”

“I try, but it’s hard to keep it hidden with you around; look what you do to me.”

“This is my fault then is it?” she giggled. “I guess I’d better take care of it then.”

Both her hands were wrapped around his dick now; she was wanking him slowly as she moved her head over his huge cock. Steve stroked her long dark hair back from her face, watching in ecstasy as her tongue flicked out over his throbbing wet bellend. She swirled her long pink tongue around his big prick, before she slowly traced the tip of her tongue down his shaft and over his swollen balls. Each one was sucked in turn before she slowly worked her way back up, licking and kissing his long cock. Between kisses, she looked up at him, whispering softly:

“I’ve a couple of secrets too……….boss……….one of them……….is that I love……….big cocks……….fat, throbbing……….dicks……….this Indian slut……….loves cock……….huge white cock”

Steve moaned louder as she wrapped her lips around his dick and began sucking hard. Her tongue still flicked over his bellend as she took him inside her wet mouth. Her fingers dropped to his balls and teased him as she worked down, taking more and more dick into her mouth.

“Fuck Peeta that’s it. Suck my cock. Suck it good baby.”

Hus hands were entwined in her long black hair as she bobbed on his dick.

“Don’t stop Peeta. Jesus. Don’t stop. I’ve wanted this for so long. I’ve wanted you since the moment I interviewed you”

She pulled away from his cock with a grin.”Mmmmm I didn’t know I had such a naughty boss. Tell me what you wanted Steve?”

He lifted her up onto the edge of his desk and kissed her furiously, plunging his tongue into her mouth before pulling back with a grin of his own. Peeta nuzzled his neck softly as he whispered in her ear:

“I wanted you Peeta. All of you. You walked into the interview with a skirt up around your arse. I could barely take my eyes off your legs the whole time. I wanted to run my hands up your long slim legs and under your skirt. I wanted to feel you on me……….kissing me……….fucking me.”

Peeta was panting slightly as she felt his hands above her stockings, pushing her skirt up over her hips.

“God boss……….Steve……….that sounds amazing……….just what I want……….but……….I need to tell you first……….my other secret……….”

“Is it that you’ve got a cock in your knickers Peeta? Because I know and I don’t care; I’ve known for a while that you were a sexy little tranny.”

For now, Peeta didn’t care how he knew; she squealed in delight as Steve’s hand slid between istanbul travestileri her legs, cupping her through her tiny lacy thong. She wrapped her long legs around him, pulling him close as he ripped her blouse open, sucking on her stiff nipples through her tiny black bra.

“Dirty boss………bad boss……….could’ve been fucking me weeks ago……….could’ve had me all the time……….big dick boss……….needed this……….need it now……….need fucking………fuck me now……….use your slut……….pleeeeeaaaasssee”

Steve pushed his tongue back in her mouth again, savouring the taste of her as he lifted Peeta off the desk. She pulled away with a moan and dropped the remains of her outfit on the floor. Her hair was tousled and her cheeks were flushed. She moaned softly as he bent over the desk for her boss, feeling like a total whore and loving every second.

Steve stood over her; his throbbing cock was pressed against her arse as he ran his hands down her back. His big white prick looked perfect between her brown cheeks, and he savoured the view before pulling her thong to one side. Her puckered hole looked impossibly tight. She continued to moan softly as she reached back to spread her cheeks wide for him.

“Need it……….please Steve……….boss……….fuck me……….give me that dick”

She groaned loudly in anticipation as he pressed his bellend against her hole. His fat cock was dripping wet with her spit and his precum, but he added to it as he began pushing inside her. He eased in so slowly, watching as her brown ring stretched to take him all.

“Jesus. Fuck. So good Peeta. You’re so fucking tight.”

“God Steve……….fuuuuuuuuccccckkk……….you feel amazing……….so fuuuuuuuuccccckkking big……….filling me up……….love it……….”

She groaned hard as Steve bottomed out inside her. He could feel his balls pressed against hers, still nestled in her tiny panties. He moaned softly as they began to fuck; he started with long slow strokes, feeling the heat already beginning to build in his balls as her asshole squeezed him tight.

“Love your ass baby. I love your ass around my dick. It feels perfect. So perfect”

“Perfect……….so fucking perfect Steve……….its made for you……….it’s yours now……….I’m yours……….your Indian fuck-toy……….just never stop……….never stop……….fucking me……….using me……….fuuuuuuuuccccckkking meeeeeeeeee……….”

Steve sped up, both of them moaning hard as they fucked harder and faster; Peeta threw her head back and screamed his name as his cock pounded inside her


He felt her asshole squeeze even tighter around him as she screamed in pleasure, and couldn’t hold back. With a final thrust, he buried his dick inside her and filled her full of hot cum, moaning her name as he collapsed on top of her.

“God. Fuck. Jesus Peeta. That was the best. That was amazing.”

They stayed that way for some time, Steve kissing her neck as they both revelled in their mutual orgasms. As Steve’s softening dick finally slid out of her, Peeta lifted her head to his with a soft smile playing on her lips. “So does this me that I can keep my job……….boss?”

“No Peeta; not your current one anyway. But I am looking for a new Personal Assistant though. It’d mean more money, but a whole new set of responsibilities. How does that sound to you?”

Peeta pulled Steve close to her again and kissed him softly.

“When do I start?”

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