Workplace Love Ch. 01

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A note from Christina.

This is an unusual story. It needs time and space to be told so it will be in several parts. I am publishing the first two parts simultaneously and will gauge the response as to when and if further parts will be published. So your participation by sending comments and giving scores will be greatly appreciated.



Two co-workers fall hopelessly in love.


It had taken me some time to work it out. To get my feelings and emotions sorted. To understand myself and realise what was happening.

It had started when I went back to work on the local newspaper as an advertising assistant, basically taking orders for ads over the phone. We shared a work station. We got on well. We started having lunch together, chatting after work, having a drink at the local pub and finding reasons to be with each other. We found that we had a lot in common, shared interests and common standards. As the weeks and months passed we became closer and spent even more time together. We joined the same gym, went shopping together at lunchtimes now and then and started having dinner about once every fortnight. That was the catalyst. Most of our association was job related, dinner wasn’t. Most of our chat at work was about work, at dinner it was about us and our non-work lives. We found ourselves wanting to be with each other and when we couldn’t we phoned, text or emailed. It was like a drug to both of us, we just could not get enough of each other. It was when I was on holiday that it hit home, that I realised and acknowledged it. I was falling in love. Being married that in itself was a problem, but as I had fallen for another woman that was multiplied a thousand times.

I had not had any sort of bisexual or lesbian experience in my life. As Sarah and I got to know each other better and as we confided in each other, so I found out that she hadn’t either. We were just two ordinary, women in their early forties who had led, what nowadays is known as, vanilla sex lives. And we fall in love. There was nothing sexual about it not even in our minds, well not at first. But inevitably as our feelings for each other grew and blossomed into love so both of had lurid thoughts and so those lurid thoughts expressed themselves mainly when we masturbated, although I did not know that about Sarah until much later

However, at first I found it very difficult having sexual thoughts about her. Difficult because she is a woman and I had never harboured desires in that direction, but also exciting. At first my imagination focused on us kissing and holding each other, but as time went on so the focus changed. We undressed each other, we licked and kissed each other, we sucked each other’s nipples and breasts and then went down on the other. As my fingers probed and stroked myself so, in my mind it was Sarah’s stomach, clitoris and pussy lips I was touching and the fingers that were touching me in those places were hers not mine.

My marriage was in good shape. I loved Paul and had never been unfaithful to him. I had no desire for anyone else and so as my mind had me having sex with Sarah I felt ashamed of myself and guilty. Paul and my sex life were good. We made love three or four times a week and although we were not madly adventurous or creative I was as satisfied with it as he seemed to be. We never thought of swinging or partner swapping and neither of us had a yen to find out if the grass really was greener elsewhere.

Sarah was divorced. She told me that it had been a messy break up brought about largely by him having a couple of affairs although fortunately, him being a high earner, she and her son who was at uni. were financially ok.

“But in any case love,” she had said resting her fingers on the back of my hand when she told me about it as we sat at the juice bar at the gym. “It was fucked in any case.”

Paul and she also got to know and like each other. I persuaded Sarah to join our tennis club and she, being quite a good player became his partner in the mixed doubles table. Paul would occasionally join us at the gym and now and then Sarah would come to dinner or the three of us would eat out together.

So as Sarah and I spent more and more time together we became closer, far more so than I had with any other girlfriend and, in fact, also more so than I had with any man apart from, perhaps, Paul, but that was arguable, I realised.

Through playing tennis together and working out at the gym. We also became more ‘touchy feely.’ We would help each other with exercises perhaps holding the other’s ankles as one did sit ups or linking arms as we stood back to back pulling against each other. Also after a tennis match there would be kisses on the cheeks and affectionate, though not necessarily with sexual undertones, caresses of the other’s arm or hip. As we walked we would link arms and sometimes hold hands. Without thinking we would touch each, perhaps on the back of the hand or wrist and now and then one or the other would, almost unconsciously, slip an arm round the other’s shoulders or waist.

Six or seven months sex izle into my relationship with Sarah, Paul and I had just had sex. I felt good, warm and mellow and sexually satisfied. He had given me two orgasms, one as we had kissed and I stroked his lovely cock as he fingered me and the other with him in me as we fucked. As usual he climaxed with lots of grunts and moans. It was a typical mid-week sex session for us. We had drunk quite a lot of wine at dinner so we had few inhibitions. As usual it was fairly, but not overly energetic with limited foreplay and a satisfying finish so that it was over in half hour or so, after all during the week we both had to get up reasonably early!

After we had both cum I lay in his arms. That was lovely. I was comfortable and relaxed and I felt loved. Nothing was further from my mind than having sex with Sarah for at that moment I felt very hetero and there was not a lesbian thought or feeling in me. I was surprised then when out of the blue Paul starting talking about Sarah and after a few minutes said.

“You see more of her than you do of me.”

“Don’t be silly,” I replied pulling the duvet away from him and pointedly looking down at his cock that I was stroking. “I never see this much.”


“No of course not, don’t be silly.”

“Would you like to?” he shocked me by asking. Guiltily, for as he said that a vision of my full, breasted, dark haired friend filled my mind; she was naked I replied. “I’m not into that you know that.”

“Into what?”

“Other women, nor men come to that.”

“Men is different.”


“That would be unfaithful and we have both agreed we will never do that.”

“So wouldn’t another woman?”

“Actually,” he replied as I felt a twinge in his cock. “I don’t think it would be.”

“Really?” I asked gripping his swelling cock probably a little too tightly.

“No not if I agreed to it?”

“How come?”

“Well it would be a bisexual lover wouldn’t it?”

“So would that apply to you to?”

“Yes why not if you wanted to see me?”

“So you would want to see Sarah and me?”

“Yes love, yes I would.”

“Do you fancy her then?”

“Not in the sense of wanting to have er, um clandestine sex with her, no.”

“How than?”

“Well she is gorgeous looking and she has a fantastic figure, attributes you know that I love.”

Feeling his cock growing I replied. “You mean she has big tits.”

“Well that too of course,” he said smiling as he cupped one of my B cup boobs. “But then you do as well.”

“Not her size though are they?”

“No but you know I love your tits Chrissy.”

“But you would love seeing hers too would you?”

“Yes of course I would, especially if you were touching them.”

Hearing my husband saying all this as I held his cock got to me and I found myself getting aroused.

“Would you like me too?”

“Not if you didn’t, but if you want to Chris I would like it yes.”

That discussion stayed with me for the next few days. Each time I was with Sarah I wanted to tell her, but I couldn’t pluck up the courage to admit to her that not only was I very fond, and maybe falling in love with her, but that also I was increasingly sexually attracted to her.

Then something else happened that eased the way for the conversation that ‘could never happen.’

I was in the staff room at work where we could have tea or coffee or eat our lunch. It’s an L shaped room and I was by myself around the corner as it were eating a yoghurt when a few of the young guys from telesales came in talking loudly and laughing. I couldn’t tell how many there were, but I recognised the voices of a couple of them Dean and Gary. I was surprised to hear them saying things that were obviously about Sarah and me and the more they said the more mortified I became.

“Yeah the two older birds in advertising.”

“What the blonde and big tits?”

“The blonde hasn’t got big tits.”

“No, I meant the mate.”

“Oh, she has, but the blondes are alright and she’s got a great arse.”

“Yes in those tight trousers she wears it looks fucking awesome.”

“Like to get my hands on it.”

“No chance there mate.”

“Why ‘cos she’s married.”

“No because of big tits.”

“They a number are they?”

“Too fucking right they are.”

“A right pair of old dykes are they?”

I didn’t dare move or make any noise for I would have died of embarrassment had I been forced to confront them, but fortunately one of them, Dean I think said.

“Come on let’s go and have a fag.”

I didn’t know what to think or say. I was amazed that anyone would think that way about us and as young, uncouth and crude as they were it did mean something that they had formed that opinion and, of course, there is always the no smoke without fire syndrome. Also, it made me wonder what others, particularly the girls we worked with thought of our friendship? And on top of that, I didn’t know what to do about Sarah. I argued with myself. Should I tell her? Should I ignore alt yazılı porno it? Did she have a right to know? Might she think I was exaggerating and of course it would bring up the whole lesbian thing, something I dreaded. Oh fuck I thought several times during the afternoon as we sat close together working.

“Bit quiet aren’t you love?” she asked around four o’clock as it got towards finishing time. “Anything wrong?”

“No, no, I’m fine.”

“Yes darling,” she smiled I know you are fine. “But is something wrong?”

“Just feel a bit down that’s all,” I said as I picked up a call for an ad enquiry.

As I was chatting to the potential advertiser Sarah leaned towards me and whispered.

“I have a short meeting with Adrian now so how about a quickie in the Royal?”

“Would you hold on one moment please?” I said to the prospect turning towards Sarah whose face was close to mine. The way she was bending to whisper into my ear had caused her white, button up blouse to gape a little and I could see right down it including the swells of her breasts above her bra. I realised with a start that I thought they looked lovely, which clearly was something a straight woman shouldn’t think!

“Yes lovely,” I told her as she straightened up with a knowing smile on her face as clearly she had seen the direction of my gaze.

“I think you need a pick me up.”

“Yes probably I do, but it will have to be fairly quick as we have guests for dinner and Paul is picking me up as my car is in the dealers for a service.”

“Lucky man,” she smiled as she wafted away from me towards Adrian’s office her hips swaying most seductively I noted.

I had a glass of Pino waiting for her when she arrived a few minutes after me in the pub.

“Thanks love,” she said patting my hand. “I need this.”

“Why what’s the matter?”

“Oh just that shit Adrian as usual.”


“The way he letches at you.”

“Yes he is a bit isn’t he?”

“Yeah the slime ball as good as told me if I went with him I would make a hundred percent on the commission every month.”

“The shit hasn’t offered that to me.”

“You’re not single are you?”

“No that’s true.”

“Time for another?” she asked not waiting for a reply and picking up the glasses and sidling over to the bar.

“God, she has got a gorgeous bum,” I thought staring at its perfect roundness in her pencil skirt and smiling as once more lesbian biased thoughts came into my mind.

I still hadn’t decided whether I should say anything about the telesales guys, well kids really when my mobile rang.

“They’re not coming,” Paul told me explaining that something had come up. “So if you don’t mind I’ll stay longer at work to get the Morrisey presentation together. You don’t mind getting cab do you darling?”

“No of course not. Actually, Sarah and I are in the pub now so we can take our time.”

“Always a good idea.”

“What is?”

“Taking your time,” he said sounding naughty.

“Now now.”

“Just a joke Chrissy.”

“It didn’t sound like one to me,” I replied as Sarah returned and put the glasses down.

“Hold on Paul.”

“My dinner is off Sarah.”

“Oh dear that’s a shame.”

“Tell you what,” Paul went on. “Why doesn’t Sarah come to dinner and eat the stuff you have bought on my expense account.”

“I’ll ask Sarah.”

“Ask Sarah what?” Sarah asked.

“Whether she would like to have dinner with us.”

“You know me Chrissy, never turn down a free meal.”

Paul suggested he pick me up at seven, over an hour’s time. I responded that would too long and that Sarah and I would be too pissed by then.

“And remember I would still have a dinner to cook.”


“Tell you what,” Sarah suggested. “Why don’t we leave now, and I’ll take you home and we can prepare dinner together?”

“Good idea as I have something to tell you.”


“Wait ’til we get home. It is quite serious.”

“Ooooo I can’t wait.”

That was a pretty good suggestion as she had been on a couple of cordon bleu courses and was a really good cook with a strong interest in cooking, which was something that had passed me by.

We got home fairly quickly with me mulling over in my mind just what I should tell her about what both the tele-sales guys and Paul had said. Once in the house with the Pinot poured and us in the kitchen discussing the beef stroganoff I had planned to prepare for Paul’s business guest and his wife, Sarah took over.

“Easy peasy, just take forty-five minutes or so to prepare, what time is Paul coming home?” she asked in a slightly proprietorial way making me wonder if both of them of them had been telling me the whole truth. ‘Could they have fucked?’ I wondered hoping against hope they hadn’t but thinking how exciting it might be when they did. Had I really thought that? I asked myself as Sarah removed the jacket of the pin stripe suit she was wearing. The newspaper was a little old fashioned with the dress code and we had to wear altyazılı sex izle suits and button up blouses. Sarah’s was charcoal grey pin stripe with trousers, mine was navy blue with a tight pencil skirt.

“He said he would pick me up from the pub around seven, but he is not good on time so that probably meant seven thirty.”

“So, if we work on eight for dinner?” she asked.


“So, what was it you needed to tell me?” Sarah asked when we sat across from each other at the kitchen table large glasses of white wine in their hands.

I had rehearsed in my mind what I was going to say to her about what I had heard the telesales guys say and in there it was measured and logical. What came out though as I sat across from the woman I was falling, or maybe had fallen, in love with was anything but that. It was rushed a bit garbled and very much to the point. I was relieved then when Sarah as cool as she nearly always is simply said.

“Fucking cheek old, we’re not that are we?”

I couldn’t help giggling, which of course may well have been partly due to the wine.

“No love, but.”

“But what?” she said rather sharply.

“It’s what else they said and obviously think.”

“What being dykes?”


“Well I’m not are you?” she asked as our gazes locked.


“In fact, I have had no experience in that way with women have you?” she asked rather pointedly.

“No none at all, but…….”

“But what Chrissy, what?”

“Oh fuck Sarah.”

“Fuck what?”

Then I opened my heart up and told her about my post sex chat with Paul.

“He said he wouldn’t mind you going with another woman if he knew and if he watched?”


“And what did you feel about that.”

“I didn’t really?”

“So what did you feel? Anything?”

“Oh Christ Chrissy I don’t know.”

“You must have had some reaction.”

“Of course I did.”

“And what was that?”

I couldn’t speak for a moment or two and I was very near to crying and, in fact a tear or two ran down my cheeks.

“Oh Sarah do you have to ask, do you really?” I asked grabbing her hands and squeezing them.

We stared into each other’s eyes and said nothing for a few moments.

“What Chrissy, what don’t I have to ask?” she said her lovely deep blue, almond shaped eyes boring into mine.

“I don’t know darling, I just don’t know,” I stammered. Adding. “Do you?”

Again, we hesitated. Again, neither of us knew what to say so again both of us were silent as we weighed up the enormity of the situation confronting us and then as cool as a cucumber Sarah said.

“Yes darling I do know,” she said softly squeezing my hands. “But I have been scared to say anything.”


“Because I was not sure what you would think.”

“About what?”

“About us of course silly,” she said rubbing her fingers up and down my lower arm and the back of my hand.

“Us Sarah do you really mean there is an us in all of this?”

“Yes darling, yes, yes yes, there is an us and that is what I have been scared to mention in case you didn’t feel the same.”

“But I do Sar, I do feel there’s an us there is isn’t there?”

“Yes, yes, Chrissy there is,” she said standing up and leaning across the table. I half stood as well as she put her arm round my shoulders. “Oh Chrissy, Chrissy my darling,” she sighed as our lips brushed. “May I kiss you?”

“Oh fuck what are we doing?” I gasped as we broke the long, tentative kiss.

“I don’t know Chrissy and I daren’t even wonder.”

“But we have to wonder Sarah, we have to find out what’s happening to us, do you have any idea?”

“No, none at all, but I love it.”


“The feelings the sensations when I am with you and the desolation when we are apart.”

“You feel like that too do you?”

“Yes of course,” Sarah said moving round the table so that we stood facing each just inches apart. “Don’t you?”

“Yes all the time.”

Then we kissed. Properly, fully, intimately and sexually.

“What does it all mean Sarah?”

“I don’t know, do you?”


We kissed again as we hung onto each other so tightly.

“And what about Paul?” She asked.

“I don’t know, do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Know what he thinks?”

“You told me he wouldn’t mind us er um.”

“He said he wouldn’t but what about you and him.”

“There is no he and me Chrissy?”

“Good, but could there be?”

“If we were not friends and he approached me then yes there could be a him and me.”

“Would you like it?”

“What with Paul?”


“Probably yes, he is a handsome and charismatic man.”

Still in her arms, our faces pressed together her larger breasts engulfing mine, I asked the question that hardly any wife ever asks another woman about her husband. “So would you like to fuck him Sarah?”

Smiling, she replied. “Look love in my position, no husband, no lover and no sex at times I could fuck almost anyone I get hugely frustrated at times.”

“Yes I guess you must so you would like to have sex with Paul?”

“Taking you and our relationship out of the equation then yes I would.”

“What is our relationship Sar?” I asked moving out of her embrace to pick up both glasses of wine.

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