Wrestler Fucks for Dorm Rent Pt. 01

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The office of college housing. Susan Asherman (32 yrs.) handles student athlete financial payments. She is single and a former athlete (32-24-32) who keeps in great physical shape. Gossip from the college wrestlers say that she has a clean and shaved-pussy. Her black hair reaches both shoulders and it’s always tied into a pony-tail.

Susan sits at her desk inside of the campus office and near the large window. She’s been watching Virgil Lopez (19 yrs.) outside who paces back and forth. He’s a hot Latino who is a freshman wrestler. He stands at 5’8″ and weighs 149 lbs. He has short black hair, thick eye-brows and a neatly trimmed mustache. He’s wearing a college t-shirt which shows off his “maze” tattoo over the left shoulder.

Virgil finally walks toward the office door and steps inside. He looks around and finds Susan. He moves toward her desk. Her eyes glance down at the bulge in his tight jeans.

She looks up, “Can I help you?”

Virgil nervously smiles, “Uh, yeah… I’m a new student wrestler and received an athletic scholarship. But…,”

Susan asks, “But what? The scholarship doesn’t cover room and board?”

He answers, “Well, it does… But, not all of it.”

She asks, “How short are you?”

He answers nervously, “My scholarship covers my first year and I accidentally spent part of it. I’m short in the last semester.”

Susan says, “I got a dorm room open. eryaman escort Give me all your money and you can pay me in another way… If you know what I mean?”

Virgil laughs and looks around. He leans forward and whispers, “Yeah sure, I know what you mean.”

They both smile at each other as he pulls out his wallet.

The ceiling light brightens up the empty dorm room. The twin beds with the bare mattresses sit against opposite walls. They’re both under a long window. A small desk and chair separate’s those beds. Clothes, socks and shoes leave a trail on the floor.

The naked bodies of Virgil and Susan are on top of the left twin bed. They’re both in the missionary position. She lays on her back with both legs spread open and the knees are bent. He leans over her with his hands placed on the mattress on both sides of her tits.

Virgil looks down at his thick 6 and 1/4-inch cock which is buried inside of Susan’s shaved pussy. Several veins bulge from his fat schlong. Her hands grip both of his arms as her head leans to the right. His powerful thrusts make her tits jiggle wildly. His eyes never leave her pussy.

She responds, “Ohh.. Gawd..!! My-Gawd..!! Gawd..!! You’re-So.. B-Big..!! Big.. Virgil.!!”

He grunts, “Payin-The-Rent-Baby… My-Big-Fuckin-Rent.!!”

He watches his thick shaft thrusting inside again and again. Her tits keep jiggling.

She esat escort replies, “My.. Gawd.!! Pay-That-Rent.!! Ohhh.. Gawd.!! That-Big-Fuckin-Rent.!!”

He’s thrusting deep as his black crotch hits her bare pussy.

Virgil says, “F-Fucking-Hot.!! Shaved-Pussy.!!”

He thrusts a few more times and then pulls out, but leaves his cock-tip inside of her.

Susan breathes hard, “Huh.. Huhh.. Why-Did-You… Stop…? I’m close.!”

His shaft pushes in slowly as he holds it inside.

She explodes and screeches, “Uh-Uhhh-Uhhhhhhhh.!! Uhhhhhh.!! Gawd-Gawd.. Uhhhhhh.!!”

Virgil looks down at his thickness and begins thrusting fast.

He grunts, “Here’s-The-Rent.. The-Rent.. It’s-Cumming.!!”


Virgil stops and explodes, “Uh-Ahhhhhhhh.! Ahhhhhh.! Uhh-Uh-Fuuuckk.!!”

30 minutes later. Virgil stands on the carpet in between the twin beds. His head is thrown back with his eyes closed and mouth dropped open. He has a body tan except for the swimsuit shape around his light buttocks and crotch. His left hand is placed on Susan’s head and his other hand rests on his right butt-cheek.

Susan is on her knees with both hands wrapped around his thick shaft. Her lips cover his engorged cock-tip as the tongue licks hard and furious.

He responds, “Ahhhh…Uh-Ahhhhh… Ahhhh.. Oh-My… Gawd.. Uh-Uhh.. Ahhhhh.!!”

Both ankara escort of her hands grip around his thickness a little tighter.

Her tongue keeps attacking his cock-tip with fast licks.

Virgil jerks his head, “Uhh-Uhhh.. Gawd-Susan… Squeezze it… Uhh-And Lick it… Lick-ittt.!!”

Susan holds his shaft tight and moves her tongue onto the left side of his cock-tip. She begins licking up and down forcefully.

He flinches and jerks his hips, but she keeps her hands gripped around his cock.

He reacts, “Ohhh.!! F-Fuckk..!! Fucking-Gawd.!! Right-There..!!”

Virgil looks down at her as she keeps licking hard on the left side of his cock-tip.

He replies, “S-Susan.! You’re-Making-Me-So-Close.!! Soooo-Close.!!”

She grips her hands even tighter and moves her tongue onto the ride side of his cock-tip. She licks just as hard.

Virgil flinches again, “F-Fuck.! Susan.!! It’s Cumming.!!”

She doesn’t stop licking.

He explodes and his hips jerk, “Uuuuuuuuuhhh.! Uuuuuuuuuuuhh.! Uuuuuuhh..!! F-Fuck.. Fuuuuckk.!!”

His load squirts and Susan keep’s licking his cock-tip. Both of her hands hold their grip while his hips keep jerking.

He grunts, “Ohh-Ohhh.. F-Fuckk.. Fuckk.. S-Susan.!!”

She licks up the rest of his load. Then, both of her hands let go of his shaft as it drops heavily.

They both smile at each other.

Virgil falls back and his left hand grips the dorm chair.

He asks, “Did I pay the rent good?”

Susan stands up and climbs onto the left mattress bed. She lays on her back and spreads open her legs.

She answers with a smile, “You’re halfway there. We got all night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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