Wrestling and being fucked

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*English is not my native language*

It is a real story, not a fiction.

I am a 26 yo guy. I rent an apartment with an other guy who is 27 yo. The interesting thing is that he is gay. I never thought about myself as a bisexual before, but sometimes even the male body and genitals can make me horny. I love wrestling and soft bondage porn, and my roommate caught me once when I watched it. He told, he loves wrestling and bondage too. He asked me do I watch wrestling between two males. I told I watch gay wrestling but rarely.

This story happened last summer.

Its the continuation of the first “chapter” (My First Gay Wrestling Experience)


On an evening I saw something on the ground next to the couch in the living room. I picked it up and it was a vibrating penis ring. I knocked on my flatmate’s room door and showed what did I found.

“I could not find it anywhere.” He told, while he laughed.

I never knew that he has a toy like this.

“I never tried things like this.” I told him, while threw the ring onto his bed.

When we went to sleep, he came to my room:

“You should try the cock ring. Try to sleep with the turned on ring on your cock.”. And he warned me: “If yo do this, you have to wash your bedding.” We laughed.

He gave it to me and left the room.

I got my penis into the ring, pushed it to the shaft and turned it on. I removed my boxers and my t-shirt, and lied on the bed fully naked. The ring was not so intense, but as it never stopped, my penis started to grow. It was a really pleasant feeling.

I fell asleep. I slept for an hour or for two hours, -I dont know properly- then I woke up. I had an orgasm in my dream, but as I woke up I realised I did not cum yet. I could feel the vibrations stronger in my penis and and in my balls. I was so aroused, that I could feel the vibrations even in my butthole and tights. I pushed the quilt from me, looked at my pulsating cock and the orgasm struck in that moment. I did not touch my cock but the buzzing ring did its job. I cummed really hard. My hands constricted the bed sheet so intensively, I almost torn it. I turned off the ring, but did not remove it. I cleaned up the semen from my stomach and fell asleep.

I bursa escort woke up in the morning, and the cock ring was turned on somehow. I had another orgasm(s) while I was asleep, because the bed sheet and the blanket were totally soaked and I felt the scent of semen. But I was really close to an orgasm again. My flatmate opened my door he wanted to ask about the ring. As he stepped in to my room, I cummed. He watched my whole orgasm. He stood there naked:

“It was extremely cute. I can see that the ring worked well.” He smiled.

I was a little confused about how the ring was turned on while I was asleep..

“I wanted to check you in the night, and saw as you slept naked and the ring was on your cock., but did not hear the buzzing sound, so I turned it on.”

“Then, you have to wash my bedding.” I replied while he laughed.

This happened on the other day: I came home, went to take a shower, then hopped on to the couch in the living room (naked). I was really horny from the idea of the wrestling, so I wanted to masturbate, but somehow I fell asleep. Of course, my flatmate was home when I woke up:

“I stared at every corner of your nude body for minutes as you were asleep.”

He was naked too (he did not take on clothes after the shower), his penis was so fucking sexy.

“You have try to fuck me in the next match.” I told this, but I hardly believed that I told something like this. He laughed.

I think he was in the gym because the shapes of his muscles and abs were visible even stronger.

“I want to wrestle now.” I yelled at him.

He wanted to play an other type of strip wrestling. We start in boxers, t-shirt, and we have to strip the opponent while wrestling, then drive to orgasm. Who comes first, loses. We put on the clothes, and started to fight.

He immediately grabbed my legs and I fell onto my back. He tried to pull down my boxers, but in the meantime I stretched my right leg and hooked my toes into his boxers, and started to pull them down. It was not so hard with my bare foot. His dick dangled out, when he realised, that I want to remove his boxers, he grabbed mine and pulled it down, so I was exposed again. He started to massage (or I dont know the proper word for bursa escort it) my cock, but I could grab his hands and pushed him to the left. We stood up, but I totally forget that my underwear was on me below my knees, so I could not move my legs and I fell. He laughed hard, and of course, he did not let me to try to stand up again. He grabbed my cock and held it really hard. I could not free my penis. He started to pinch it.

“I give up, I give up!”

“It is not enough if you just give up. Who cums first, looses, so you have to cum!”

He replied. “Take off your t-shirt, lie down to the ground and put your hands behind your back!”

I did as he said, and lied on my arms.

“I know you have a foot fetish, so you have to cum by my feet.”

Yes I have, but for the feet of girls.. He “stepped” gently onto my cock and started to move his feet. It was a little disgusting. But I came. Then he sat on my chest, and his penis touched my lips. The scent of his genitals drove me crazy. It was a mixture of the scent of a natural, clean penis, and the scent of the shower gel. I started to lick the head of his cock, and then I took the his penis into my mouth and started to blow him. I could feel his precum in my mouth.

As he won two times, he wanted to tie me up again. He brought duct tape and told me to lie on his bed on my stomach. He pulled back my arms and legs. He taped my right wrist to my right ankle, and my left wrist to my left ankle behind my back. Very tight. I was hogtied. He pushed my boxers into my mouth, and then taped it to my mouth, so I was gagged. Then he turned me on my back. It was very uncomfortable. My wrists and ankles were taped to each other , so I lied on my arms and my bended legs. He flicked my testicles a few times.

“If you can escape, you can tie me up but If you cant escape I will fuck you.”

I was little shocked as the word “fuck” left his mouth. I wanted to tell him that maybe next time but I could only moan as my mouth was gagged. I really wanted to escape. I started to squirm. I turned on to my left side, then on to my right side. Then I managed to turn on my stomach. But it was a bad idea with a hard cock. It stuck between my stomach and the bed sheet. escort bayan As I tried to get in a comfortable position my cock was rubbed by the bed and it drove me close to an orgasm. When I almost came, I managed to turn on my back, but I could not stop and turned on my left side, and I fell from the bed.

“Lol its very cute as you struggle naked with that hard cock” He laughed.

He flicked my testicles and my cock again a few times. The head of my penis was soaked in precum again. He pushed his finger “into” my precum, and removed my boxers from my mouth then placed his finger into my mouth. I licked it clean. I could feel that mildly salt taste.I realised in that moment, that I struggle on the floor, tied and naked as my roommate plays with me and I am licking my own precum from his finger. This situation drove me crazy and I cummed, my roommate moaned as he saw this. He taped the boxers into my mouth again. I lied there move-less for a while. Then I tried to pull my arms, but my legs came to, as my ankles and wrists were tied together. I tried to move my legs but as I tried this I pulled my arms with my legs.

It was a total insane feeling being so helpless. When you are tied, your first tough is that you can escape from everything somehow. But after a while you realise, you can’t do anything, so you are naked, tied, helpless, and your partner can play with your body.

I gave up. My roommate untied my legs but not my wrists. He brought lubricant, removed his boxers, applied the lubricant onto his cock. He turned me onto my side, lied behind me and started to insert his penis into my hole.. I could feel his pulsating penis very strongly. It was very strange to feel a penis in my anus. The first few pushes hurt a little. Yes he fucked me on the floor. We moaned together. I could feel as he came. His penis became even harder for a few seconds. After a few mins he stopped untied me and we just lied on the floor for a few minutes. It was a fantastic experience.


On an other day my flatmate told he has a friend (a girl) who is still a virgin. (She is 25 years old) and she’s birthday will be on the next week. He showed her facebook picture. She is a little over-weighted and not so pretty, but her face is really cute. He told her about our wrestling matches, and she told, she really wants to see one. We decided to invite her. She wanted to invite her girlfriends but we told it is just for her.

I will write about that evening (and night) in the next “chapter”.

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