You Are My Home Ch. 05

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Author’s Intro.

This is the fifth installment of the continuing story of Michael and Diane’s romance. All characters are over 18 and consenting adults.

As with the last couple of chapters, this may not seem to fit into the Mature category. However, as I have previously explained, I am looking at the thrust of the whole story, instead of each individual chapter. This chapter might fit into the Group category, although it isn’t really a group sex setting, but more of swapping, if it even fits that. Mature seems to be the best, so that is where I have placed it.

In case you have come to this story without reading the previous chapters, you will run into the letters, PTAD. This stands for Pussy, Tits, Ass and Dick.


You Are My Home, discovery and games

Diane and Michael started out to find his family’s land early on Thursday morning. Diane packed a picnic lunch in case they got hungry and decided to spend some time at the land.

Following the directions that Diane had obtained, they found the property after about a forty minute drive. It wasn’t that far as the crow flies, but with all the twisting, winding and rough roads they had to navigate, it took longer than expected.

The dirt road that led to the property came to a dead end on the property, which meant that there weren’t any other houses above them. They also noticed some old, faded signs that you could barely read, “Private Property” and “No Trespassing”. Michael of course said those will need to be replaced.

From the property map, it appeared that the land wrapped around a small finger of the lake in a horseshoe. This finger of the lake obviously used to be a small valley. This was great news, which meant that there wouldn’t be any other homes overlooking their area of the lake. This would afford them a great degree of privacy.

The entrance to the finger from the lake was only about forty yards across. This was a rather small entrance for such a huge lake. Of course, anyone had the right to come into the small finger to fish or swim, but the property surrounding the finger was all his family’s private property.

The couple found an overgrown path, a road of sorts, that ran from the dirt road right down to the water. It could be cut and landscaped so that it would be easily accessible. A gate could also be erected to provided an added measure of security.

They walked down the overgrown path down to the water’s edge. Since the lake was man-made, the beach consisted of small gravel, not sand. It was littered with driftwood and some debris. It appeared that no one had been there in a while or was keeping it maintained.

Just above the beach area, about twenty yards and behind a line of trees and shrubs, was a relatively flat clearing, which seemed perfect for camping. It was also overgrown in areas, but could easily be landscaped.

As Diane had done some research about the property and the rules of the lake, she discovered that the beach area up to the waterline was actually state property. This meant that the graveled beach belonged to the state, but could still be used for recreational purposes by anyone. Past the waterline, they could post private property signs, so that a clear distinction could be made.

They took a couple of hours and walked the rest of the property. They found the old homestead, where his great, great grandfather who fought in the Civil War for the Union, had lived. Of course, the house was long gone, but you could still make out where the buildings used to be. It was a rather nostalgic time for Michael, to see where his ancestors used to live, walk and work. Of course, back then there was no lake. It was a recent creation of the state, built in the mid-sixties.

They decided to go back to the clearing, spread their blanket and have some lunch.

Michael retrieved the lunch basket and blanket from the car, and returned to Diane who was waiting in the clearing.

Michael had the passing thought of christening the land with some nice outdoor sex, but wasn’t so sure. There were too many unknowns and wasn’t sure if Diane would think it was a good idea.

When he got back to the clearing, he found Diane had removed all of her clothes, hung them on the limb of a tree and was calmly walking around nude.

Michael blurted out, “Diane, what the hell! We don’t know who could be around here!”

She calmly walked over to him, took the blanket from him, turned her back to him, bent over exposing her backside and spread the blanket out on an area that she had cleared of any debris, stones and sticks.

Then she said, “Michael, stay calm. The road is close enough that we can hear a car coming down the road. We are close enough to the water, that we can hear any approaching boats. There are no houses around that have a view of this area, so I don’t see the problem. Don’t you want to christen the land with some good, old-fashion outdoor sex?”

“Actually, it had crossed my mind, but I just wasn’t sure how safe it would be.” He porno izle replied.

She reached down for his hand, and placed it between her legs. She was already wet. Michael slipped a finger inside her wet pussy, locked his mouth on hers. She then began to undo his pants and released his growing dick.

Within forty minutes, they had christened the land with their first fuck on it. Afterwards, at Michael’s insistence, they put their clothes back on and ate their lunch.

They then began to make plans on how to landscape the road leading to the water and the clearing. These would be the two main areas they would concentrate on first.

Diane said that she knew of a really good landscaping company they could hire to do all the work. They were elated about the prospects of the land and the fun they could have out there.

It was getting close to one in the afternoon, so Diane suggested they make their way back to town. She had some things at the office to take care of.

So with a plan for the land, they returned to town, and began to put their plan into motion.


Saturday Evening

The time of the anticipated get together of the whole PTAD club had arrived.

It was almost five in the afternoon, and Michael was on the deck tending the burgers. Diane was busy in the kitchen with last minute preparations.

Sandy arrived first, and rang the door bell. Diane dried her hands, and quickly made her way to the front door.

Sandy walked through the door, hugged and kissed Diane, then remarked, “I have been waiting for this evening all week. I am so glad it’s finally here!”

Diane replied, “I am too! I think that we are going to have some fun tonight!”

Diane noticed that Sandy was wearing a short jean skirt, with a t-shirt that had the word, ‘Hottie’ spelled out in different colored sequins. It was also obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. Sandy’s nipples were about to cut through the thin t-shirt material.

Diane commented on her attire, saying, “Wow! You do look like a hottie!”

Sandy remarked as she lifted the front of her skirt, “Thanks, and look ma, no panties!” She continued and explained, “I didn’t want to have to deal with wet panties, and I didn’t know how long I would have to have them on, so I just opted for none. You don’t mind, do you?”

With her right hand, Diane reached down under Sandy’s skirt, and ran a finger along the folds of Sandy’s labia. She then remarked, “You are already pretty moist.” Then removing her hand, she placed her finger in her mouth, and added, “We are going to have some PTAD fun tonight, girl!”

Sandy replied, “We damn sure better, cause I need it!”

Diane looked outside and saw Christy pulling up in the drive. “Good! The gangs all here now! You greet Christy and I’ll see where we are on the burgers.”

Sandy stepped outside to greet Christy and became a little wetter. Christy was wearing some tight fitting jean shorts, and an old-fashion 70’s style halter-top. Christy’s huge tits were obvious straining the halter, and Sandy remarked, “Damn, girl, it wouldn’t take much to bust the girls out, would it?”

Christy replied, “That’s what I’m counting on.”

They hugged and kissed each other for an extended period, like reunited lovers. It had been a while since they had been able to be together and hoped to make up for lost time tonight.

As they embraced each other, Christy ran a hand under Sandy’s skirt, feeling her bare ass. Without breaking their kiss, she moved her hand to the front of her skirt, and felt her bare pussy lips. Christy then broke their kiss and said, “Well, looks like you’ve dressed ready for action, girl!”

Sandy smiled and replied, “Indeed I have. I plan on fucking as many of you tonight as I can.”

Christy whispered, “Me too. I am going to try to get Michael to fuck me in the ass tonight if I can, and if Diane will go for it.”

Sandy whispered back, “You are a nasty little bitch, and that is one of your most endearing qualities.”

Christy simply replied, “Thanks, and I feel the same way about you. Now let’s go in and see what they have planned.”

So Sandy and Christy made their way into the house and found Diane in the kitchen.

Diane looked up and smiled, saying, “Hi Christy, glad you could make it, and my don’t you look delicious! Come give me hug.”

“Thanks Diane,” Christy responded, “I’m glad to be here!” “So what are we doing, can I help?”

Diane replied, “No, I think we are just about ready. Sandy, would you go out and see if Michael needs any help? And take your time.”

“Sure, be glad to!”


Once Sandy was gone out, Diane said, “Christy, come with me back here for a minute, I wanted to ask you something.”

“Okay, am I in trouble or something?” Christy asked.

“Oh no, girl, it’s just that Michael told me that you said you wanted him to do you in the ass and soon, which by the way he can do tonight if you want.” Diane informed her.

“Sure, amatör porno I was hoping to be able to do that, thanks.” Christy replied with a smile.

Diane continued, “What I really wanted to talk with you about is I have never allowed a man to do that to me. I have always heard that it hurt like hell, but you obviously don’t feel that way, so what is the story with it?”

“Well, it’s nothing that you’d just jump into and expect to be good. It is kind of an acquired taste.”

“Is this something you can help me acquire the taste for? I guess what I mean is if Michael really likes it, then I want to be able to satisfy him in that way. He has never asked to do it, so I don’t know if he even likes it or not. But if he does, I want to be able to please him. Am I making any sense?”

Christy replied, “Most certainly. I tell you what, if Michael is game for doing me tonight, and then later you can ask him if he enjoyed it. If he says no, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if he says yes, then call me and we can arrange a time for us to get together and I can help you. I have some toys that are just the right size for anal training. I promise.”

Diane replied, “You are such a dear, and thanks. Okay, now let’s get the evening started.”


While Diane and Christy were having their conversation, Sandy and Michael were having their own.

Sandy walked out onto the deck and said, “Well, hello mister!”

“Hi Sandy, don’t you look like a hottie tonight. I don’t know how I’m going to survive tonight surrounded by all the PTA that’s here.” Michael jested.

Sandy laughed, and said, “Oh, I think you’ll do just fine. Look here, I have a surprise for you.” She then took his hand and folded all of his fingers back except for his index finger, then guided it under her skirt where she traced the folds of her pussy lips with his finger. She asked, “So, what do you think?”

He smiled and replied, “I think you came ready to play.”

Diane then walked out noticing his hand under her skirt, and shouted, “Hey you two, let’s save that for after dinner. Are we about ready, Michael?”

“Yes we are! I was about to bring them in when Sandy came out to say hi.”

“All right, bring them in and let’s eat!” Diane proclaimed.

During the meal, Diane and Michael informed the two girls about the land. They discussed how they were planning to have parts of it landscaped and maintained so it could be used whenever they liked.

Everyone agreed that the potential of such a place was intriguing. When asked about when it might be ready for use, Diane said probably not until the end of summer or beginning of fall. Either way, she noted, they would be able to use it this year at some point.


Within about twenty minutes, they had all finished their meals.

After everything was cleared and cleaned from dinner, Diane asked Michael, “Well, I think we are ready for a game! How about you girls?”

They both agreed, saying they had been waiting all week for this moment.

Michael then instructed, “All right then, I’ll grab the cards, and I want all of you to take your shoes off if you haven’t already.”

All three of the ladies took their shoes off, and Michael returned with the deck of cards.

“Okay girls, here is what we are going to play. It is a game called, Hi-Lo, Strip or Dare.”

Christy commented, “Oooh, sounds like fun!”

Michael continued his instruction, “Everybody sit down at the table, and this is how we play. Everybody gets one card face down, high card wins, low card loses, of course. If you lose, you can choose to either remove an article of clothing or take a dare which the person with the high card will determine.”

“Now, here’s the thing about the dare, it must involve someone at the table, and it must be of a sexual or intimate nature. Since we all have been intimate to one degree or another before, there is probably not much of a dare to anything you are asked to do. So it will be up to the high card person to try to make it interesting. The dares will also have a time limit on them, just so a dare doesn’t wind up taking all night. Any questions?”

Diane looked at the others, and said, “I don’t think so, you’ve explained it very well. However, is there a winner to this game?”

Michael smiled replying, “That is the ingenious part of this game, because in the end, we all win!”

Sandy spoke up, “Great! I love winning, so let the games begin!”

Michael began shuffling the cards, then dealt a card to each person face down. “All right, turn them over.”

Christy was high, Sandy was low. “What will it be, Sandy?” Christy asked.

“Strip!” Sandy stood up and removed her short skirt, revealing to everyone her freshly shaved vagina. She ran a finger in between the folds of her labia, saying, “I figured since everyone already knew I wasn’t wearing any panties, I might as well lose it first.”

Michael handed the cards anal porno to Christy for her to deal. Christy shuffled and dealt.

Christy was high again, Michael was low. Michael chose a dare. Christy thought for a moment, then said, “Michael, I dare you to suck on Sandy’s clit while fingering her pussy for two minutes.”

Michael stood up and moved around to Sandy, who was directly across from him, knelt down on the floor in front of her. She turned herself so that she was sitting on the edge of her chair with her legs spread.

Michael then placed his mouth on her mound and began to lick in between her labia. Then moved his mouth up to her clit and inserted a finger into her wet pussy. Sandy closed her eyes, began to moan, and whispered, “I love this game!”

After a couple of minutes, Christy proclaimed, “Stop! Two minutes are up.”

Sandy said with frustration, “Damn it, I was just starting to really get wound up!”

Michael stood up and returned to his chair. Christy dealt another round of the cards.

Diane high, Christy low. Without saying a word, Christy removed her halter releasing her large breasts.

Diane dealt the next hand. Sandy high, Diane low. Also without a word, Diane removed her shirt, revealing her bare breasts.

We now have two topless ladies, and one bottomless. Things are going just as Michael had hoped.

Sandy dealt the cards. Christy high, Michael low. Michael stood up and removed his jogging pants, revealing his erect cock to all the girls.

Christy deals the cards. Diane high, Michael low again. Michael looked at Diane and said, “How about a dare?”

Diane thought for a moment, then said, “I dare you to titty-fuck Christy for three minutes.”

Michael stood up and moved in front of Christy who was on his right. She turned in her chair to face him. She then said, “I need to get it wet so that it will slide between my tits.” She then grabbed his hard cock and engulfed it with her mouth. She sucked it in and out of her mouth for about a minute until she got it nice and wet.

Christy then released his cock from her mouth, grabbed her tits in her hands, pressing them together, and said, “All right, big boy, slide that dick in here and fuck my tits.”

Michael grabbed his cock and slid it in between Christy’s large, fleshy melons. He then began to move his hips so that he was sliding his cock up and down the cleavage of her breasts. As he would thrust upwards, it would bring the head of his cock up toward Christy’s mouth. As the head would thrust up, she would lick it.

At one point, he thrust his dick between her tits as far up as he could, then placed his hand on the back of Christy’s head, bringing her mouth down on his cock, allowing her to suck his dick head.

Michael was moaning and thinking that he could do this all night. Then those terrible words filled the air, “Stop! Time’s up.”

Michael pulled his cock out from the loving folds of her huge tits, and said, “Thanks, Christy, that was wonderful!”

Christy replied, “It was my pleasure, Michael!”

Diane dealt the next hand. Michael high, Diane low.

“Well, my dear, what will it be?” Michael inquired.

“Dare!” Diane replied.

Michael then instructed, “Okay, I dare you to eat Christy’s pussy while she lays on the table, until she has an orgasm, using only your mouth, no fingers.”

Diane stood up saying, “With pleasure.”

Christy stood up, removed her shorts and climbed onto the table with her pussy sitting on the edge. Diane moved in front of her, sat in Christy’s chair, having her pussy now directly in front of her face.

Diane looked up at Michael, saying, “I am really loving this game, Michael!”

She then leaned into Christy’s vagina and began to suck her labia into her mouth.

Michael was thinking what a beautiful sight, seeing Christy’s lovely nude body laid out on the table, while his future wife was pleasuring her wet, blonde pussy.

He then looked over at Sandy and said, “Sandy, I see a couple of nice big tits that need sucking, don’t you?”

“Indeed I do!”

So Michael leaned down over Christy and began licking and sucking on her right tit, while Sandy joined him on her left tit.

Christy began moaning louder now, with Diane driving her tongue into the depths of her wet hole, while having both of her tits sucked. She would be having an orgasm very soon.

When Diane moved her mouth up to Christy’s clitoris and forcefully sucking it into her mouth, she began moaning and bucking her hips up into Diane’s face. She grabbed the heads of the two who were sucking her large tits, when the first flutters of her orgasm began to flow through her.

Christy then began moaning quite loudly, then gritting her teeth, and screaming, “Oh yes, shit, suck me Diane, everybody suck me! Oooh fuck, oh fuck, shit.” She then let out a scream, bucking her hips and tearing at the hair of the two heads she held in her hands to her breasts.

After a minute, she released the hair she had gripped in her hands, as Diane sat back in the chair with Christy’s pussy juices visibly smeared on her face. Christy just laid there on the table motionless for a minute. Diane stood up, walked over to Michael, and said, “Kiss me so you can taste Christy’s pussy.”

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