You Bet! Ch. 02

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In the previous chapter, Thomas the tripe shop owner agreed the bet TC proposed him: to find a virgin prostitute around the red light district of Athens in order to save his business. Since TC was a Tax Collector, and Thomas did not make his tax declaration for the last three years, he would either have to pay 1 million euros, or take the bet. Thomas chose the latter, and he with his friend Michalis split up in search for the virgin prostitute. Michalis did not find any virgin prostitute, however he did find a blonde named Sarah, giving him a very nice blowjob. But the mission to search every possible brother appeared to overwhelm him, so they had to rethink about their course of action.


Deep in his heart, Michalis knew that it would have been pointless to go on asking about the virginity of the girls in every brothel he went. It sounded ridiculous to him and it would take forever. So he decided to return to the city square to discuss a better plan with Thomas.

Speaking of Thomas, he realized that about half an hour had passed from the time they agreed to meet again! “Ooops!” Michalis though and his breathing tempo quickened slightly. “Guess it’s time to head back!” He kept a hasty pace, almost jogging.

Even though Michalis peaked with Sarahs’ blowjob before, he didn’t feel tired at all. Instead, he felt more energized than ever. Perhaps not that gifted in terms of penis size, his physical stamina however more than enough made up for it. Being the closest to what would be multiorgasmic for a guy, he could reach orgasm many times a day and cum a lot, each and every time. If his dick was a weapon, it would have been an uzi submachine gun; not very big but carrying a lot of firepower.

On the city square, Thomas waited impatiently. “What took you so long?” he queried. “I’ve been waiting here for at least 30 minutes!”

“Well, there was a girl on the brothel on the third corner that way,” Michalis replied, “she gave some good head!”

Thomas dropped down his hands forcefully, slamming his thighs. “Man! You think this is the right time to have fun?”

“Relax man. . . I had to check her out myself if she was a virgin, that madam wouldn’t tell me. Find out for yourself, she said.”

“Anyway,” Thomas mellowed out, “did you find anything interesting?”

“Nope, did you?”


“I believe it’s simple,” Michalis explained. “It’s practically impossible to find a virgin sexual worker! Not gonna happen! A virgin can become a prostitute, not the other way around! We will not find the solution in the red light district!”

“I agree with you,” Thomas nodded as he realised that the guy talking on the phone the other day was a nonsensical drunkard. No real virgin prostitute existed. “What can we do now, with the limited amount of time that we have?”

“Hmm, maybe we can deceive TC.”


“The only thing that comes to mind is to find a girl and make her play the role of the prostitute, claiming to be a virgin at the same time!”

“That sounds interesting!” Thomas raved, “I wonder why we didn’t think about that earlier!”

“I guess because we panicked. . . However, there are holes in this plan.”

“Really? Like what?”

“What a naïve idiot!” Michalis thought and then said “First of all, TC will want to check her papers, to see if she really is a prostitute.”

“Aha, you are right!” Thomas exclaimed.

“But, I know how to deal with this,” Michalis reassured him, “I know some people who can pull some strings. They own me a favour and can make a fake prostitute license.”

Michalis pointed his index finger upwards emphasizing his words “The second thing we must strive to achieve is to find a girl that is actually a virgin.”

“Why should we limit our search so much? Ohh! You think that TC will really demand her to show him her virginity!”

“I’m afraid so,” Michalis acknowledged, “TC seemed to be a ruthless hating – to – lose asshole, so I’m positively certain he will not hesitate to ask for something like this!”

“TC hates to lose? I didn’t think about him that way!”

“Naïve,” Michalis muttered, “just naïve.”

“So,” Thomas carried on, “I suppose our third hurdle will be to actually find a girl willing to pull such a stun.”

“Exactly.” Michalis replied, his voice being staccato sharp.

“So maybe we could ask random girls on the streets to join us in our cause?”

“I don’t like that idea,” Michalis disagreed, “asking random strangers to take part in an act like this. There are not many Kartal Escort girls above 18 that are still virgins, and if they are virgins, chances are that they would not like to oppose the law or risk ruining their reputation, even if there is a big reward.”

“Sounds reasonable,” Thomas nodded and added “moreover, time is of the essence here and that could take a considerable amount of time.”

“So, the only solution left is to ask girls that we already know. . .”

“I guess so. . .”

They wrote down a list of the names of the girls above 18 from their closest social circles. About 30 names were gathered and they started counting off those that they knew had been laid. None of them fulfilled the requirements, apart from one girl. Sofia.

“Hmm. . . Sofi is very beautiful but at the same time extremely shy.” Michalis stated. “She’s 19. There is a good chance she hasn’t been with a man before.”

“At least that’s how it looks.” Thomas noted.

“Well – well!” Michalis gushed. “Look who’s starting to wake up!”

“Who?” Thomas asked perplexed, looking around him.

“Never mind . . .”


Morning, around 11am. A young woman, probably in her teens stood outside the door of her apartment. Long light brown hair below the shoulders, almost covering her cute brown eyes and a face with signs of freckles. A bit short in height, almost 1.60m, her long, below the knee skirt covered her lines of femininity, giving the impression nevertheless of a very slim figure. Sofi the name given to her, she waited for Michalis patiently to come.

“What could Michalis want from me?” she wondered. “He has never asked me to go out tete a tete before. Strange!”

After they separated last night with Thomas, Michalis called her to go for a coffee the following morning, as he hadn’t seen her for a while. And to find out if she kept her virginity intact, of course.

Approaching with a hasty pace from the distance, Michalis waved a salutation to Sofi.

“Well, there he is!” Sofi thought and waved back.

“Sofi is the calm type,” Michalis contemplated. “A calm girl and also very beautiful. Despite her beauty however, she does not emit any sexuality.”

On top of that, Michalis recalled that whenever any reference was made on sex when they went out with friends in the past, she used to blush. Additionally, she never mentioned and even avoided conversations that had to do with sex.

“Today I’m afraid I’ll have to see her reactions to such topics,” Michalis thought gravely and without wording anything, his expression lightened up, “because I’m going to bring them up! But, ahem, strictly from a scientific point of view!”

“How are you Michali?” Sofi asked Michalis.

“I’m fine,” he shrugged looking to the sky and with a sudden turn of his head, his eyes were fixed at Sofi “However, a friend of mine isn’t!”

“Why, what has happened?”

Taking a walk around the area with its many parks and fountains, Michalis narrated to Sofi the danger Thomas put himself in.

“Oh my god!” Sofi said concerned. “And what did Thomas do next?”

Michalis narrated to Sofi the latest events; about the bet that Thomas and TC agreed to. He hoped that she would not faint.

She didn’t. Instead, she cut to the chase “And how can I help?”

“Sofi,” Michalis worded carefully, “you don’t have to agree in doing this, but could you present yourself to TC playing the role of a prostitute, until he is convinced that you are?”

Showing signs of panic, Sofi stammered “And how will he be convinced that I am a prostitute? What do you believe he’ll ask me to do?”

“I don’t believe he’ll ask you to have sex with him or anything other nasty,” Michalis reassured her hoping it would be so, “but even if he does, you don’t have to comply. I believe that if you show him the license that you are a prostitute he will be convinced. . .”

“But I don’t have a prostitute license you dummy,” Sofi shot back slightly offended and then with eyes widened from horror, she dared to admit “speaking of such, love is something completely unknown to me!!”

Michalis became surprised by Sofi’s confession. He didn’t expect her to do so and almost couldn’t hide his smile, as Sofi ended up to be the perfect candidate. The only thing she needed now was a little push. “Seriously?” he said. “How did that happen? I thought you were a lot more experienced with men! You are very attractive and beautiful you know!”

“Thank you,” Sofi smiled softly regaining control. “I will help Yakacık Escort you two, even though I’m not so sure I’ll be good enough.”

“Believe me, you are!”

“Thank you. But what about the license? I suppose you’re going to play your part in this?”

Michalis closed his eye in conspiracy “Don’t worry about the license! I know a few people who can help!”

Michalis agreed to contact Sofi to tell her the time and place that he, Thomas, TC and she would meet. Since he was experienced with prostitutes, he gave her advice regarding her attitude and dressing style, so that she would be more convincing. To help her even more, he recited the definition of what a prostitute is, one he once found in the encyclopedia.

“A prostitute is a woman willing to give her body in exchange for something of non – sexual nature, whether that something is material or not.”

Saying a warm farewell to Sofi, Michalis headed to meet an old female friend, one that had the power to forge ID documents!


After going to the public administration, and after becoming himself a prostitute, shagging a mature and a bit overripe lady that once did him favours in exchange for sex, Michalis got the license.

“Damn,” he reflected, “I knew what I was doing when I stopped getting laid with Gilfs*! They are completely insatiable! I wanted to pull some strings, but got my dick pulled instead!”

* Gilf = Granny I’d Like to Fuck.

The appointment was set for 17:30 on that afternoon and the time was 16:00. Michalis headed towards their appointment, thinking about his recent misadventure with that madam. “I don’t like old ladies. I want sweet young pussy. Like Sofi. Why wouldn’t something happen between us? And now, making her play the prostitute, I think I might have influenced her in a bad way.”

“All that makes me upset,” he mumbled and became sad and horny simultaneously. Taking a glimpse at his watch, he realized “I still have some time. Why not visit that girl Sarah? I have some unfinished business with her. She treated me with her mouth, now time to try something else!”

He made his way to the brothel he knew Sarah worked. Walking up the stairs and up to the first floor of the old building, he entered the guest room where visitors expected to see the girl working there.

Michalis sat on the couch and inspected the room. His eyes fell on the man sitting on the chair opposite to him.

Tall, thin and with long dark hair, that fellows’ eyes pierced through anything they looked at. His eyes met with Michalis. “What’s up bro?” he said. “Are you on the hunt?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Michalis shrugged. “Everybody comes here for the same reason, and that is to have sex, isn’t it?”

“Well, no. Everybody comes here to have sex, but not all men have the same motivation.”

“Oh, I see your point.” Michalis languidly replied. “So what is your reason for coming here?”

“Just to have fun.” the tall man bluntly stated. “What’s yours?”

“Just to have fun.” Michalis uncomfortably duplicated. However, an inner voice suggested “Or maybe because you keep thinking of Sofi!”

The long haired man smiled and leaned back.

The madam of the brothel entered. Walking with small steps strategically, as if both her legs had a mind of their own, the cunning woman entered the guest room. “Today we have Suzy working here.”

“Why, what happened to Sarah?” Michalis inquired.

“She is not working here anymore!” the madam responded raising her eyebrows and giving a believe me look.

“Do you know where she works now?”

“Not telling!” she abruptly replied. “I’m not obligated to tell you her occupation address! Why not take Suz. . .”

“She’s at the one that’s five blocks to your right!” the long haired dude intervened. “I saw her before I got here.”

“You asshole!” the madam screeched. “Why do you interfere?”

“Not telling!” the tall man mimicked the madam, his lip forming a hard to hide smile. Guess he had similar encounters with her in the past.

“Thanks!” Michalis exclaimed and then thought “Nice fellow, I wonder what his story is.” He left the brothel and went to the one the mysterious guy pointed him to.

Since he hurried to get to his appointment, Michalis paid and went to the bedroom directly. He took his clothes off and waited.

The door opened and Sarah got in. “Well, look who’s here!” she noticed, looking happy to see him. Or at least she seemed happier than when she saw other men.

Michalis however didn’t Kadıköy Escort feel that excited to see her. Guess his turn came to be sour and grumpy.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah inquired. “Having troubles with your girlfriend?”

“I don’t have a girlfriend!” Michalis hesitantly admitted. “Not for a long time!”

Sarahs’ eyes opened wide in surprise “What?? You don’t have a girlfriend? Why?”

“I’m out of luck.” he said his mind revolving around Sofi. He also wondered if that was really the same Sarah he saw the previous time. The first time he tried her, she acted like a hysteric brat. “Could she have been in a bad mood that day, just as I am now?”

Sarah smiled and grabbed his cock “Well, today your luck is going to change! Put your mind at ease and let me take your burdens away!” She immediately shoved his dick in her mouth, all of it to its base.

That made Michalis snap out of his melancholy and he felt more alive. “Hey, that’s good!” he realized.

After a while going back and forth in her mouth, Sarah paused to breathe and placed his dick between her tits. She pushed her round tits with her palms to apply pressure, and began to move them up and down his shaft.

Due to the blowjob she did before, there was no need for more lubrication, and her boobs glided nicely around his cock. But she did spit on the cock anyway, just to make it a little more slippery. She then increased the pace of the titjob, licking his reddened tip and sucking it with her mouth from time to time.

Michalis almost reached the point of ejaculation, and then Sarah abruptly stopped. “No, I don’t want it over yet!” She then fell on the bed and opened her legs wide, exposing completely her nicely formed and shaved vulva. “Do you want to lick me?”

“No, it’s fine.” Michalis said thinking of all the dicks that were inside her before him. “I think I’ll pass.”

“Don’t worry,” Sarah reassured, “I received my medical exam today, I’ m clean.”

“But you’ve had sex with other guys today, haven’t you?”

“No, you’re my first client for today!”

“Well, if that’s the case. . .”

Michalis went on to lick her pussy. He placed his face near her pubic area. It did look clean and smelled nice. The girl must have bathed only a few minutes ago. So, getting over the preoccupation he had before, he began to lick her clit and she moaned with pleasure.

After continuous sucking, kissing and licking of her whole pubic area, Sarahs’ pussy overflowed with her love juices.

He moved up to get his dick inside her “I think she’s ready.” He grabbed the condom next to the pillow, the one that Sarah brought with her.

“No, you can fuck me without one! I won’t get pregnant!”

Michalis raised an eyebrow in suspicion “Are you sure?”

“Yes! I’m on birth control!”

“Alright then.”

Moving slowly, Michalis pushed his cock inside Sarahs’ dripping pussy. Her vagina twitched as he got in, giving signs she had micro – orgasms in the process.

She exhaled softly “Don’t rush!”

Michalis moved back and forth slowly and Sarah hugged him while he did that, cuddling his back and kissing him.

The pace started to become faster and both felt a sweetness rushing through their bodies. Sarah wrapped her legs around Michalis’ waist, allowing him to get deeper.

Reaching her innermost depths, Michalis stayed a bit there, making massaging movements with his pubic area and hers. She caressed the back of his head and he kissed the area between her ear and her neck.

And then, the intensity grew wilder, as both began to move faster and faster, until they couldn’t hold it anymore. Michalis came inside her groaning, and she made lustful moans as his cum began to fill her up. Her vagina made spasms and convulsions as she also climaxed, only moments later.

A calmness permeated the whole room. Sarah got up from bed, fresh as if she just woke up. “Thank you baby, that wasn’t my first time, but it reminded me of it. Come see me again, okay?”

Michalis stood and watched her, smiling. He felt a lot better. “Of course I will!” he agreed.

On the way to the appointment, Michalis thought that maybe he shouldn’t worry that much about Sofi. Probably it wasn’t their destiny to be together and maybe he overrated her a little bit as well.

But, he underestimated his minds’ ability to lose track of time. Looking at his watch, he screamed “OH NO!! I’m late!!” and began running. The physical effort pumped the blood through his veins, allowing for his dick to remain erect while he ran, moving up and down similarly to a springboard in use. “Will I get the license to Sofi before TC arrives?” he wondered, and sprinted like a lecherous demon suddenly fuelled by an anxiety disorder.

End of Chapter 2

To be continued . . .

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