You Enchant Me

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Hello! This is my second story, the title is inspired by the song “Latch” by Disclosure (it’s a good song, check it out!) I tried and tried to find an editor (emailed about four people from the volunteer list with no reply) so please excuse the technical problems, along with me being an amateur writer. With that being said, if anyone is game, I am looking for an editor for a possible part two of this story depending on what people think. Comments and constructive criticism are much appreciated, and I really hope you enjoy the story!


The thumping of the night club’s music reverberated throughout my ears, as well as throughout my body. Flashing colored lights and masses of bodies on the dance floor, writhing around, permeated my vision. It smelt of sweat, liquor, perfume, and sex. My body was warm, maybe from the shots I had downed in our “Thank god it’s Friday” moments, or from…

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I had had been stealing glances at this woman for the past ten minutes, off and on. And, she had finally caught me red-handed… hand in the cookie jar? Eyes in the cookie jar? They need a description for this! I mean, obviously people stare at each other at clubs, but it’s been a while since anyone has caught my attention like this. Instead of looking away immediately though, I caught a smile playing on her lips.

Her lips, god damn, those beautiful lips.

They were light pink, wet, and perfect for kissing: perfect for my kisses. I wanted to kiss, bite, and nibble those lips, for hours. The goddess had mocha colored skin, a face framed by dark curls, not too tight, but definitely not wavy, that found its way just past her shoulders, and dark eyes. Her breasts looked like they were poured into the top half of her dress and her legs took my eyes a few days to travel over. She was fucking gorgeous.

“Earth to Arie? Hello?” My friend had to shout in my ear. Clubs are so loud, but I had to admit that the blood rushing from my head to much lower down, was definitely the real distraction.

“Yes, yes, that’s fine…” I muttered, waving my hand distractedly.

Gina, one of my closest hintli porno friends, with great powers of observation: looked at me with annoyance and then in amusement.

“Now I see where you’re going with this Arie. Damn… tall, dark, and gorgeous. Dibs!” Gina happily exclaimed.

I sputtered, “G! What the hell- you KNEW I was looking at…”

And my dear friend interrupted me mid sentence with a devilish smile…

“Well then Arie, if you’re so interested in her, I’ll let go of my dibs IF you make your way over there and then make your way under her. Or, at least go talk to her,” she giggled.

Ladies and gentleman, my diabolical genius of a friend. She knows my weak points. After not having been with a women for six months, I was a little more cautious about relationships. A two year relationship down the drain, and now being single and ready to mingle was scarier than ever. But hey, when you’re twenty three that’s a natural state of being. And though six months may seem like a while to some, when you’re a nostalgic individual, memories have a way of bubbling up like a shaken soda can. Though, as a good friend, Gina had basically pushed me into a corner: either talk to the gorgeous lady or risk letting someone else stealing her attention and whisking her away.

I looked over at the tall, curly headed goddess again. She was laughing with three friends at one end of the bar. One was a not quite as tall, slim, red headed girl. The other two were a couple of guys, arms around each other. It was intimidating to talk to at least one person, but her friends seeing my attempt?

While I had been deep in my thoughts, Gina and my other friend Kat had ordered two rounds of shots for our standing table. The rest of our friends were on the dance floor, so it was a two a piece. Gina grinned at me,

“Tranquila, tequila, lady! Some liquid courage to speed your over-thinking along… Or rather, stop it!”

G really knows me too damn well. Or just enough, for moments like this. We clinked shot glasses, a little of my courage spilling out of the glasses.

Lick the salt, hizmetçi porno take the shot, suck the lime. Repeat. I shivered after the two shots, my body was even hotter than before from the combination of all the other bodies, the liquor, and that damn woman… who I just noticed, had been looking at me while I had been taking the shots. This time though, she turned her head quickly to avoid meeting my eyes.

Interesting. My confidence spiked up at the thought of her getting nervous about ME instead. Not to mention the fact that the two shots had sent me a few steps past tipsy. With Gina’s hand on my back, she nudged me forward to go talk to the gorgeous girl.

“Just a quick nip into the bathroom G!” I yelled out to her over the music. Gina just shook her head and grinned knowingly at me. She is, one of my closest friends for a reason.

I slipped through the crowd easily enough, and while there was a short line for the bathroom, I made it in easily enough. The bright fluorescent lights were a bit sobering and the music’s thumps were muted. Luckily, the extra shots kept me on the right track.

I stepped into one of the stalls. And now, for one of my infamous pregame warm-ups. It’s a trick that many professionals use to do the work that they need to do.

Leaning back against the door of the stall, my skin gave away signs of the cool metal door in goose bumps. But that didn’t matter, My chest was warm, my cheeks were flushed, and I was definitely heated up enough to get right into it. I bit my lip, masturbating loudly wasn’t really a concern. Now if it was sex, that was a completely different story. I looked down at my top, my nipples were visible from the blue halter top I had on, one of my hands caressed the tangible evidence of my arousal. With the other, I hiked up my high-waisted, skin tight skirt a tad and reached under to brush over my black panties.

I could feel the fabric of my wet panties against my light pink lips. I pushed them aside feverishly and slid two of my fingers down, dabbing my wetness. My eyes closed and a few beads of perspiration collected around ifşa porno my collarbone. I was on fire.

That woman, with those long brown legs, her mouthwatering cleavage. I bit my lip to quiet myself down. Fingers sliding up to rub my clit, one on each side, letting my juices glide over. Images flashing under my eyelids of all the things I want to do with her, all the ways I want to be with her. My other hand pinched my nipple, switching back and forth so my other one didn’t feel left out. As the tension built between my legs, I slipped my fingers that had been rubbing my clit and pressed them into me. I had to swallow a moan. Her smooth muscled legs, wrapped around my waist, with my fingers between her legs, mouth on her breasts. My walls were tight against my fingers, and I arched my hips into them, fucking myself. Her straddling my lap, pushing my hands over my head. My hips instinctively started to roll to meet my fingers, but I had to stop myself to try and stay quiet. My fingers inside of me moving faster, not my fingers- her fingers. Her teeth on my neck, biting it. Her fingers twisting, pinching, and pulling on my nipples.

I came with my head tilted up towards the ceiling, legs wide, leaning back against the cold metal, the hair around the nape of my neck slightly damp, my inner thighs sticky, and my fingers wet with the same stickiness. I took a gulp of air and grinned, shaking my head. Flicking my tongue over my fingers to hide the evidence of what I had done, before I stepped out the stall.

There was a few people in line, but out of the five stalls there, I didn’t feel too bad. When I looked into the mirror, my light colored cheeks were tinged with pink and my eyes were a bit glassy. A perfect afterglow, easily mistaken for having a few drinks. Smirking in the mirror, I washed my hands and then put my long chestnut hair up in a messy ponytail, loose tendrils falling around my face. I reapplied some of my lipstick and looked at my smoky eye make up. G’s a pro with her makeup skills, the makeup contrasted with my green eyes perfectly. Feeling refreshed, relaxed, and a couple steps past tipsy, I walked back into the club with a sway in my hips.

What had felt like an hour of fun, had only taken fifteen minutes. Moving through the crowd, I caught G’s eye at our table and she winked. I blew her a kiss. With the gorgeous woman in my sight again, I had everything I needed to make my move.

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