Yvonne, My Mature Curvy Fantasy

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It was the mid eighties and I had been married and divorced and went out with a number of women my age and younger in my bid to find a new partner, but my fantasy for older women was still strong. I met a lady whose name is Yvonne and who worked for me. I was a retail operations manager for a chain of retail outlets in the south of England. Yvonne worked in one of the stores, part-time, lived locally and I got to know her at work. She was divorced and lived with her son who was in his twenties. We chatted socially and she knew I was divorced. I was in my early thirties and I think she was in her mid fifties. She was interested in me and my life style and often asked me about my social and love life. We became quite friendly and had a common bond in that her manager was failing which she knew it as did I.

She was quite tall maybe 5 foot 7 or 8 and probably weighed about 180 to 190 pounds. She was heavily built – with wide bottom, large breasts big enough for me to have to use two hands to hold one. Her legs were stocky and her thighs quite thick to match her hips and bottom. Her hair was grey and quite straight, down to her shoulders. She was pretty and full of face and always looked and smelt lovely. She was always presentable, despite being on a low income. She was not a grandma but would pass as one.

When at her work she was often bending and crouching as she replenished the shelves and when carrying out her duties of administration. I often noticed her deep cleavage and more as she leaned forward and as she sat at her desk and often peeked up her skirt as she climbed ladders and crouched during her work. I always left that store with an erection.

Just in conversation one day I suggested that we go out one evening for a drink as we were both single and got on well and to my surprise she agreed. I had been having fantasies about her with her being big breasted and mature. As I said earlier I have a thing about older ladies.

I masturbated during the days leading up to our meeting and imagined her big bra and her breasts spilling out of it, her wide bottom and her large thighs. I wondered what her knickers were like. The culmination of my fantasy was her sitting on my erect penis facing me, with her grey tight skirt around her waist displaying her light tan stockings and white suspenders and her thick thighs, her breasts were naked as her bra had been discarded earlier, and they hung down swaying as she moved. This was all in my imagination as I had not been with a large mature lady before.

The day arrived and I waited in my car near to the store until she finished work at 9 pm on that Sunday night. We had to be discreet as we did not wish for our colleagues to know about our date.

I saw her leave the store and walk across the road towards my car casting a look over her shoulder to see if she was being watched. She looked good, her hair was tidy and she wore a tight grey skirt just below her knees, as usual, it was spring time and quite warm so she wore just a white buttoned blouse and a grey jacket on top. Her breasts stood out firmly as I viewed her profile and her bottom looked wide inside her tight skirt. Her legs looked like those of a younger woman. Was she wearing any leg wear? Maybe, I couldn’t be sure, but I did like her red high heels.

I opened the car door from inside and she quickly got in. We exchanged greetings and I asked her what she wanted to do. “Let’s go for a drink” she replied and I asked her if there was any where in particular she liked.

“Let’s go out of town as we don’t want to be seen by anyone who knows us, do we?” she suggested.

I looked at her and she smiled, her makeup was perfect, lovely red lipstick, she had made an effort to look good and she did. I glanced at her knees which were revealed as her tight skirt rode above them. She was wearing leg wear, light tan and shiny. I wondered if they were stockings or tights. Her blouse was buttoned up but revealing a hint of her lovely deep cleavage. We drove to a village pub where we got drinks and sat and chatted about our lives and work. She had a gin and tonic and I had a beer. After a while I asked what she wanted to do next and she said, “I would like to go to your place for a coffee.” My heart beat rose and my mouth went dry, my mind was racing. She wants to come back to my apartment. That means she wants to be intimate with me. My word, I was so excited.

We left the pub and walked to my car, she smelt good as I held the car door open for her and I watched as she got into her seat. Her legs looked sexy as she swung them into the seat revealing a little thigh but in a lady-like fashion.

During the short drive I was conscious of her breasts right next me and the cleavage in view between the lapels of her porno blouse. She had undone one button when I wasn’t looking and so I could see the beautiful soft curves of her breasts. We arrived at my apartment and I walked ahead of her to the bottom of the steps and then followed her upwards. I looked at her swaying bottom and we ascended to my fount door. I was wondering what type of knickers she was wearing.

I opened the door and she entered first. She removed her jacket and I placed it on a chair. She looked amazing in her tight skirt and tight white blouse. Her breasts were causing it to wrinkle it was so tight around her upper body. The buttons were straining to keep together and I could see a little of her bra which was pale grey in colour.

She sat on my sofa and I made us coffee. I asked if she wanted a drink but she did not. I placed the coffees on a table near to the sofa and sat next to her keeping my distance. Her skirt had risen well above her knees revealing her wonderful thick thighs and her blouse was bursting with her huge breasts sticking straight out in front of her. Her bra was doing its job well but the outline of her nipples was visible and they looked large and erect from where I was sitting. My cock, which was already firm and hardened and I had to adjust its position but discreetly.

I was nervous and so was she. As we chatted she licked her lips and I detected a quiver in her voice and there were some gaps in the conversation. What should I do?

I decided to go for it, so I moved closer to her and put my arm around her shoulders; she stiffened a little and took my hand as it rested on her right shoulder. I leaned in to her and kissed her on her bright red lips. There was no reaction so I kissed her again and lingered for longer this time. This time she turned towards me kissed back and squeezed my hand. I looked her in the eye and asked her if this was alright with her and she smiled and nodded “Yes, of course but don’t expect too much.”

I kissed her again and my lips parted and I pushed my tongue gently past her lips. She responded and opened her mouth. Our tongues met and caressed slowly and softly. She pushed back hard and so did I. She turned her body towards me and I felt her huge breasts against my chest. They were so firm inside her bra. We continued this embrace and the passionate kissing for a while until she pulled away and looked at me. Her face was glowing and so was her neck and chest. “Are you Ok John” she whispered huskily. “I haven’t kissed a man like that for ten years. You are a great kisser”.

I started again and while doing so knelt up on the sofa and embraced her and she followed my example by caressing my back and shoulders. Our bodies were pressed hard together as I felt all over her back. I could feel the middle age spread around her shoulders and her waist and the magnificence of her huge bra. The back band was at least three inches deep and there were five clips. She wanted to stand and so I let her and when she was up right we continued our embrace which became more passionate. I felt all over her upper body from her ear lobes over her wide fleshy back and down to her broad hips. I had never caressed a woman this size before or of this age. Her under wear fascinated me. I wanted to see her substantial bra and she appeared to be wearing some sort of corset and what about knickers, what would they be like?

My cock was bursting as it pressed against her belly. She pushed back which was the signal for me. She wanted it and I wanted her. My hands slipped to her large bottom. Her skirt was so tight across her bottom. I pulled her against me and then caressed all over the soft fleshy mounds, then to her hips and upper thighs. She was passionate; her tongue was feasting on mine. I went for her neck and her ear lobes and she threw her head back and I kissed and licked all over her neck and upper chest and as far down to her cleavage as I could. Her face and neck were flushed and she was panting.

I pulled away and started to undo the buttons on her blouse and she whispered into my ear “are you after my boobies?”

“Yes please, may I see them and touch them Yvonne, please. I am desperate to touch and caress and kiss and lick your wonderful breasts.”

“I know you are and I am equally anxious to feel your young fingers and lips all over them,” she replied.

The blouse was open to the waist band of her skirt and I tried to pull it out from inside her skirt and she helped me. I could see the massive grey half cup bra and the substantial shoulder straps. The blouse was fully open and now I pushed it slowly off her shoulders to reveal her fleshy upper body. Her upper arms; her whole upper chest was flushed with desire, her blouse fell onto the sofa anime porno and now to begin with, I felt her breasts through her bra. The material was quite course and firm but it would have to be to hold up those massive breasts. I squeezed her taught nipples and caressed the area which was exposed above her half bra cups.

I kissed her tits through the material and sucked the proud nipples through the bra. I felt around her back and caressed the fleshy area under her arms and then to the back band of her bra and began to undo the five clips. I was having trouble so she helped. At last they were undone and her bra slipped a little to reveal more of those soft mounds. She went to remove it but I stopped her. “Let me please” I asked and she left it to me to slowly let the garment drop to reveal more and more of the objects of my desire. I was overcome with passion when they were at last revealed. Her huge bra hit the carpet.

They were pear shaped very full and hanging down over her midriff and almost to the waistband of her skirt. I looked on in awe and reached out to touch them with both hands. She just looked down and smiled as I lifted them one in each hand then one in two hands as I examined them. I had never seen large breasts like these before. They were heavy and soft and the upper areas were flushed. Her nipples pointed down and were quite large, partially erect and she had large aureolas, at least an inch in diameter. I leaned forward and licked her nipple as I held her left breast on two hands. She sighed and I worked on it with my lips and my tongue. I squeezed it gently with both hands and my thumbs squeezed around her nipple as I my tongue caressed it. The sensation on my tongue of an erect nipple, that size was amazing.

I now went to the other breast and did the same but now took more of her flesh into my moth and sucked on her whole areola and nipple. I let it hang alongside its twin and felt around her large bottom squeezing and caressing the soft fleshy mounds and running my fingers up and down her crack. I knelt before her and I lowered my hands to her calves and felt the sheer nylon encasing her legs. My tongue was still working on her breasts taking in large amounts of flesh from alternate tits and licking and sucking.

My hands caressed up to her knees and then under her skirt, it was tight so that was difficult. I could feel the back of her thick thighs and she opened her legs a little so I could caress the inside. I finally reached my goal the top of her stockings and felt the soft flesh between the stocking tops and her panties. I spent some moments caressing that wonderful soft, silky fleshy part of her upper thighs. I managed to feel her fine panties and just rub my forefinger along the gusset where I could feel the warmth and the dampness of her pussy. I was aware that they were quite tight around her bottom and stomach as they had some form of elasticated panel to keep her in.

She said, “stop please” and reached down and removed my hand from up her skirt. She said “take off your trousers and underpants and lay on the floor.”

I did this and watched her as she hoisted up her skirt so it was around her waist. I lay there with my cock rock hard standing up in front of me with semen oozing from the tip. I watched her wriggle her skirt up to reveal stocking clad legs and white large silk knickers. Her tits swung with her movements and wobbled and jiggled as she leaned forward and back. Her belly was covered by the silky panel. She crouched down over me. I could smell her pussy scent, it was gorgeous. She got on her knees as she straddled my thighs. I felt the warmth of her hairy pussy against my skin and she took my tool in both hands and caressed it. She cupped my young balls and slowly and very gently stroked my stiff member. I shot my load all over her hands and my belly. A long stream of semen was ejected into the air as I groaned and then apologized for my premature ejaculation. She said “That’s OK, I was expecting that, but now I will make you hard again.”

She sat back on my thighs and pulled her panties to one side so that I could feel her hot wet hairy pussy on one leg. She leaned down and her tits swung onto my upper thighs and then she licked my cock clean of semen and sucked gently.

She now rose to her feet and removed her skirt and then her knickers so that she was completely naked. Her midriff and belly fell and for the first time I could see how a large mature lady looked naked. It was so sensual to see her hanging tits her rolls of fatty belly and her thick thighs. It all looked fantastic and made me swoon with erotic pleasure.

She now returned to her position straddling my legs. I was hard again now and as I did she adjusted her position arap porno so she was up near my upstanding cock. Yvonne reached down to her vulva through the mass of mixed grey and dark hair and gently opened her pussy lips to reveal a blood red sopping wet interior. She looked huge. She lifted herself on to one knee and the slipped my hard cock between her wet pussy lips sliding it up and down her labia till it ventured deep inside until it could go no further.

She rose and fell slowly at first and my cock could feel the soft velvety wetness of her big old pussy. Her tits bounced and flopped as she moved. I heard them slapping against her midriff. Her belly rippled and I felt her hips and her ass and fondled and squeezed her. Her face was a picture as she closed her eyes and took great gulps of air. She groaned and licked her lips as she built up her pace. Next she laid on me her huge tits and soft belly crushed against my body and her ass just rose and fell as she took control of her mounting orgasm. Now she sat up straight and put her hands back on my thighs and really went wild. Her tits were everywhere her belly wobbled and her thighs gripped me as she erupted into a loud and very wet climax. I then held her hips and pushed back to climax again.

She asked me to hold on to her breasts firmly and suck on both her nipples gently as we recovered.

I was spent but she seemed still to be aroused. Her breasts were rosy and so were her cheeks. She stood over me and the semen dribbled from her pussy on to my soft cock. “I wanted so much to see you naked,” I announced.

“You wanted to see my old fat body?” was the reply

“You are not fat, Yvonne, your body is voluptuous and beautiful,” I assured her.

“I adore your womanly figure and could eat you up.” I confessed.

“Then why don’t you eat me John? I would love that. It’s been so many years since I felt a tongue in my old pussy.” She was pleading with me. She went to the bathroom and wiped my cum from her cunt with my flannel and cleaned her fat pussy lips and her bottom.

She was brazen now, desperate to get my tongue into and around her most sensitive areas. She came to where I was laying on the carpet, stood over me and lowered herself over my face. Her huge thighs were tense as they took her weight. Her soft belly hanging down to her pubic area and those gorgeous tits swaying as she moved. Her nipples were still erect and her upper chest and neck were rosy with excitement.

She held her pussy open and aimed at my mouth. I could smell the soap and her juices mixed together, I could see the blood red moist inner labia and then I felt the velvet softness of those hairy lips on my lips. My tongue licked all around her vulva and she gave out a loud sight. I held her bottom which was so soft and smooth. I then found her clit and pushed the head away with my tongue, my hands slipped to the crack of her bottom and she just moaned and sighed and I caressed her bottom and her clit.

“Please push your tongue deep inside me now John.” She pleaded.

I did just that and swirled it around as deep inside her as I could go. She pushed down on me to get deeper penetration and then started to rub her clit on my nose. I could hardly breathe as her vulva enveloped my face. I took a chance and pushed my fingers inside her bottom crack till I felt her tight puckered hole. I caressed around it and she loved it. I pushed a finger gently just inside and she pushed down forcing my finger in.

She cried out as she pushed back and forward. She was soaking me. My tongue went to her clit and she sat on me quite hard now so she could work her clit. My finger was in her ass and now she shuddered and groaned a guttural sound. This went on for many seconds and left my face covered in her juices.

She nearly suffocated me as she opened her pussy lips as far as they would go and covered my face. I pushed her up in order to breath and looked up at her body straight above me. I could see her blood red vagina gaping open, her clit, all hard and scarlet, her pubic hair, her soft ample belly and midriff and those beautiful pear shaped hanging tits and nipples.

I was hard again and wanted to be satisfied for one more time.

I asked her to get on her hands and knees and she did presenting her massive bottom to me. Her legs were opened as knelt behind her. She reached behind with one hand and pulled her arse cheeks apart and I rubbed my erect cock against her arse crack and reached under her to squeeze her hanging tits and belly. She again reached behind and took my cock to the entrance of her big wet pussy. I entered her again and continued to fondle those massive tits and belly. It was a wonderful feeling. She pushed back so I was as deep inside her as I could go. I felt her lovely hard clit and rubbed it vigorously till we orgasmed together, both moaning and making unrestrained guttural sounds. I let her have what was left of my semen but she continued to produce copious amounts of vaginal fluid.

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