Zach Ch. 01: Discovering His Powers

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Thoughts on the vulva and labia and vagina.

I’m introducing my main story character, Zach, and how he got his special abilities with women. But first a few things; I write these sexual FANTASY stories because they pour out of my imagination. I appreciate that various Literotica readers enjoy my stories. But I am not writing to please or satisfy critics.

These stories are sexual FANTASIES! That means don’t expect reality. If I want Zach to impregnate a female twice in the same night off two different eggs using his powers, then get ready for twins. If he makes females start lactating or draw down pussy juices to soak their panties or via his touching cause them to have several orgasms then that’s the fantasy. Yes his techniques may be the same from story to story but what guy doesn’t use “his favorite moves or positions?” But Zach will be sure to utilize his skills to bring each partner through several orgasms. Hay it’s the right thing to do!

YES I love redheads so a female in my stories with have red hair – drapes and carpet. I know that people want to see their own name in the comments exchange. But really if you don’t like my stories just don’t read them. Don’t nit-pick. Don’t seek reality. You can make suggestions but I don’t use editors. Just read the story within the context of that submission. Most of my stories are streams of consciousness and get written in one sitting and with minor changes that is what I submit. If you are gonna take apart a story be brave enough to use your user name to give me the opportunity to read and comment on your stuff. It’s only fair.

One last thing for those that comment wanting reality. When a women first gets naked in front of you, unless you are Clark Kent, you cannot see her vagina. What you see is her vulva. Greek female statutes show the vulva. When you get real close you can even see her wet labia. Your tongue or fingers or penis is what enters her vagina. Just saying. But if authors wanna use poetic license – then vagina it is.

Now regarding the penis. If you line up all those ten inch cocks in all these stories you can wrap those cocks around the Equator three times. See it’s FANTASY!

Thanks for letting me “sound off.”

Zach discovers his powers from a friendly nurse.

WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including incest and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old.


My name is Zach and I am in pre-med in college.

I felt myself in a very dreamlike state for what felt like days. I sensed I was being especially cared for. I could also swear there were several strong sexual dreams while I drifted in a sea of unconsciousness.

I again was getting this strong sexual feeling when I began to drift out of that dream like state. I then heard a very distant sweet voice say, “Well, welcome back Zach, it’s good to have you back with us.”

I opened my eyes and could tell it was late at night. The woman speaking was apparently a nurse who was giving me a bed bath. What must have finally awoke me was that she had my hard cock in her hand and was rubbing my pre-cum all around the crown of my dick and sliding her slick hand up and down my shaft.

While this was going on I felt a very new sensation in my mind as if I was using some mind power to connect with my nightingale and was tapping into her pleasure center. I could read her that she was getting very wet between her legs and felt very content in what she was doing for me.

“You are a very popular patient young man with all the female nurses in this critical care unit,” she said. “You have been in a coma for several days since you hit your head in your bicycle accident.”

All the while she was telling me this she continued to massage my cock, up and down and spinning my helmet in her palm. I remembered the accident in the shopping center parking lot. I swerved out of the way of a toddler that broke away from her mom. I lost control and crashed into a shopping cart collector and went over my handle bars and hit my head against a rail pole. Everything went black until just now.

After looking into my eyes for a few seconds she bent down and slowly swallowed my cock with her mouth. She worked her mouth, tongue and throat all over, around and down my cock. It was the most enjoyable feeling. She slid her mouth off my cock and returned to massaging me with her hand.

Dream like she said, “It seems that every female nurse that touches you comes away with a feeling of euphoria which comes over her body replacing bursa eskort bayan all the exhaustion she had been feeling. It started with the day nurses the first day you were brought in while holding your arms to take your vitals. They were the first to feel your power. Soon each nurse in our ward would sit with you holding your hands and go away very contented. You were also very popular for a special reason as each nurse just had to check out your penis since it was always full and large. One of the younger nurses measured you at eight inches soft and we all speculated and laughed what it must be like to be with you when you got hard.”

“I discovered your very special powers one night when it was my duty to give you your first bed bath,” she whispered. “Your mom and your sister were here on and off while you were in your coma. I came in and told them it was time to go since I had to bathe you. They pleaded with me to stay and with tears in her eyes your mom asked quietly if she could wash you. I said ok but I would stay in the room just in case.”

The nurse went on with her story and told me that my mom started on my upper body and washed me very tenderly. She stopped when she reached your navel then uncovered each of your legs and washed them from foot to upper thigh. She rinsed the cloth then stood there a minute.

I then heard her quietly say, “Well I am his mother and washed him many times as a child so I should be ok with doing his privates.” As she began to slide the sheet off your groin she looked over at your sister and said a little louder, “Samantha if you want you can go wait outside.”

“Mother” your sister said “I am older than Zach and by now have seen a few penises in my time and besides he is my brother and I care about him.”

Your mom then said, “Sam when we get home tonight we will have to discuss just how many penises you have seen ‘in your time’ – as you put it,”

“MOTHER,” Sam bellowed out and looked angry.

I just laughed a little and that seemed to break the tension. Your mom then slid the sheet off your lap and both your mom and your sister caught their breath when they saw your fat eight inch penis lying on your thigh. Your mom tenderly began to wash between your legs, first your inner thighs then raised your legs and washed your butt. She rinsed again then started to wash your balls. That was when your dick started to get hard (all the time she was telling me this story the nurse’s hand was working up and down on my hard dick). Your mom then started to run the wash cloth up and down your dick when I saw a far away look come over her and she had to lean against the bed for support. The wash cloth slid off and your mom gripped your dick with her own hand and slid up and down your hardening cock.

She circled the head of your cock with her palm a few times then looked at her hand to see it coated with your pre-come. She began to shiver and moan a bit.

“Mom are you ok,” Samantha asked concerned.

“Sammy I am feeling a bit faint can you please take over?” she asked quietly.

“Mom are you serious?” Sam asked.

“Yes he is your brother and needs your help right now,” she said as she gave your dick one more tug then sat down in the chair. Out of the corner of my eye I saw your mom bring her hand up to her face and after a bit her tongue slid out and she cleaned off your pre-cum.

Sam stood up and picked up the wash cloth and took over for your mom. (At this point the nurse telling me the story leaned over and took my dick into her mouth and slid my dick to the back of her throat then pumped her lips up and down a few times). She continued her story –

Sam then did her best to clean your dick but I also saw her drop the cloth and slowly pump your cock with her bare hand. After a few pumps I saw the same dream like look come over her as it had with your mom. Your dick was now rock hard and dripping pre-cum and soaking your sister’s hand. She started to tremble next to the bed and she bit her lower lip and let go of your dick. Without any shame she sucked your pre-cum off her hand then also sat back down.

“Nurse Jones we can’t leave Zach like that in that hard state, it would be too painful for him, could you do something for him?” your mom whispered.

I looked at them both and said I could bring you to a climax manually if they gave me their permission. They both agreed so I moved to your bedside and gripped your cock with my hand. When I slid my hand up and down your cock a few times I was zapped right between my legs and my pussy juice began to flow out of me. I got soaking wet bursa merkez escort the more I stroked your penis. I hope you are not angry with me but that first night I stroked your cock till you shot seven or eight ropes of your cum all over my hand and onto your tummy. I licked your cum clean from my hand and the head of your cock.

Your mom and sister just watched me clean your dick then I saw each of them reach a hand to your tummy and swipe up some of your cum and lick it off their fingers. They did that several times till all your cum was gone from your tummy. I then had to clean you up again and tuck you in for the night. Your mom and sister then quietly left. I walked around the rest of my shift with my panties soaking wet.

During her telling me that part she still was working my cock with her hand getting me more and more horny. – “The next time I washed you I was alone and I again got zapped between my legs when I gripped your cock, only this time I bathed your cock with my mouth and swallowed all of your cream when you shot your rope after hot thick rope of cum. Also that time your special feeling centered right on my clit and worked me to the most intense orgasm I have ever felt in my entire life. I shook and moaned for several minutes.”

Nurse Jones went on – “Tonight Zach I want to repay you for all your kindness you sent out to our ward nurses even if you didn’t know you were doing it.”

She then let go of my cock and walked to the door to flip the lock. A really nice ass was trying its best to stay confined in her uniform skirt. When she turned back I could now see she was a little older but well maintained. She had a nice length of red hair, pretty face and deep green eyes. Her breasts looked firm under her uniform. She came back to the edge of my bed and lowered it all the way. She then began to unbutton her uniform top. Before I could guess their size she popped the front clasp of her lacy see-through bra and two beautiful firm breasts came into view with two rock hard nipples centered in a dark rose circle.

“I can’t imagine what this will do to me but nurse on my nipples Zach,” she said and lowered her tits to my mouth. I latched onto one of her large firm nipples straight away.

I felt my power flow out of me directly to her breasts. Her knees buckled and she sucked in a deep breath between her teeth. I don’t’ know if they did it before tonight but I began to suck milk out of the nipple I was attacking.

“Oh gosh Zach where is that milk coming from?” she moaned.

I slid my tongue over to the other nipple and again milk began to flow from her other breast. Nurse Jones had her eyes closed and a very dreamlike contented look covered her face. “Get all my milk Zach, drink it all, let me feed you back to strength, suck me, pull my breast, bite my nipple,” Nurse Jones moaned.

After that breast went dry I bit down on her nipple and pulled it an inch away from her breast. “Oh dam, fucking yes,” she moaned. I let the nipple pop out of my mouth and she opened her eyes. “Watch me,” she whispered.

Nurse Jones then reached down to the bottom of her uniform and began to slide it upwards to her waist. A very pretty red-hair covered pussy came into view. “I didn’t wear any panties tonight because I was gonna ride your cock even if you didn’t wake up,” she hissed.

She crawled up on the bed and positioned her pussy along my cock. She slid back and forth along my length soaking my cock in her pussy juice. “See how wet you made me?” she moaned.

The nurse raised herself and centered my cock head at the entrance to her sex. She slowly lowered herself until I was fully embedded in her pussy. “Now you just lay there Zach, I’m gonna do the fucking for the both of us,” she said. True to her word she began ridding me like a Texas cow-girl bringing in the herd.

Each time I would hit the top of her love channel she would groan out, “fuck.” Soon she was pounding on my cock so fast it became one long string of “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck”… When I sensed she was very close I slid one hand down between us and centered my thumb directly on her clit and rubbed it hard each time she slid fully down on my dick.

“Oh Zach I’m close, I’m close, oh dam there it is, fuck me, oh fuck me,” she moaned and she slammed into her own very intense orgasm. Pussy juice began to pour out all over my balls. Her pussy clenched my dick so hard that I felt myself cum and shot rope after rope up her pussy and bathed her womb with my spunk.

She opened her eyes but they were rolled back in their sockets. “Ooh fuck, oh bursa sınırsız escort bayan fuck, ooohhh fuck,” she moaned then shook herself into the last of her string of mini orgasms and leaned forward and crushed her breasts onto my chest. “Oh Zach thank you for coming in me it is my most fertile time and I hope you are not mad if you gave me your baby,” she whispered into my ear.

I petted her long red hair as a sign I was actually ok with the idea. She hugged me very tightly and my power could sense my cum juice had accomplished their task.

I stayed rock hard within her pussy and flexed my cock a few times to let her know that. I then reached out to her body and placed an itch right centered on her back door rosebud. She sat up slightly and cupped my face with her hands and kissed me deeply.

“Yes Zach, for you, yes, yes, yes, you can have my ass,” she moaned. Nurse Jones rocked towards the top of the bed and began to slide me out of her pussy. Both our love juices poured out onto my balls and soaked the sheets. She slid her hand down between us and began to rub the helmet of my cock over and slightly into her anus. Flexing my new power I sent a pleasure signal to her rosebud so we would both enjoy what was coming next.

Nurse Jones centered my dick at the entrance to her back love canal and slowly pushed back. My cockhead slowly began to push the door open then she pushed back again and my cockhead popped in.

My nurse moaned, “Yes, yes, your cock in my ass,” and shuddered. My helmet was fully captured by her warm tight anal ring and it squeezed me several times as it spasmed. She took a few deep breaths and slowly slid back on me until my full cock was buried up her ass. “Oh dam Zach I’ve never felt anything so nasty and so good at the same time,” she moaned, “Let me do this.”

She began to fuck her ass on my cock, pulling out to the head then sliding fully back down to grab my balls with her ass. She kept her own pace which soon became faster and faster. It was a tight fit but I got one hand between us and found her clit again. By now it was fully engorged to the size of a peanut. I captured it between my thumb and pointer and began to roll her clit between them. She moaned loudly and her body shuddered. When she slid to the top of my cock I would pinch and pull on her clit. I would feel her ass chute grab my cock each time I did that.

Again I heard her moan loudly, “Oh Zach I’m close, I’m close again, oh dam there it is, fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck my ass,” she moaned and she slammed into her second very intense orgasm and her pussy sprayed my stomach with sweet pussy honey.

As she came through her several orgasms her pussy and ass were pulsing which I could feel strongly against my cock. That was enough to get me over the edge and I shot five or six ropes of my cum straight up her ass. She again crushed her breasts against my chest and this time I could feel her milk leaking out onto me. She laid on me for quite a while breathing deeply as I stroked her back sending her feelings of total fulfillment and contentment. I slowly softened and finally slid out of her ass. I could feel my hot juice running out of her rosebud and sliding down my balls.

She finally pushed herself up and said she had better clean me up and remake the bed. She placed a washcloth between her legs and slid off me and stood on the floor. She said she would start by cleaning me up. She raised the bed then leaned over and like a cat began to lick my balls and cock clean of all our love juices. My cock is still the eight inches even when soft so Nurse Jones had a mouth full as she cleaned me up. She raised my knees up and cleaned under my balls and licked my anus a few times to be sure everything was clean. She smiled broadly at me after cleaning my back door. “All clean,” she laughed.

Since I was fully awake she led me into the bathroom while she went about removing any evidence of our love making by replacing the bedding and sheets. She made me get back into bed and tucked me in. She opened the door and walked to the nurse’s station. I heard her say, “Ladies, our special guest is awake and I am sure he would love some special attention and maybe you can share some of your dinner – he needs to get his strength back!” There was a sound of movement and laughing and the night nurses all came in to introduce themselves.

I tested my new powers on each nurse leaving them with a sense of welling being and just a little pussy wetness to seep onto their panties. I left their femaleness with a touch of hunger and hoped their boyfriends or husbands got the benefit.

It was very pleasant there interacting with the nurses until I was released. One thing I did discover is that I had no special connective powers with the male population of doctors or orderlies who worked with me until I was released. It seems that my power was for females only and that was just fine with me.

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