A Conversation with Janie Ch. 01

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Hi Sarah,

I adore your stories, Sarah, and being a lady in her 40’s with a nice slim figure, I’d love to share my bi-experiences with you. At the moment I have a niece who is always flirting with me and it’s taking me all my time to resist her, despite her being half my age. She never wears a bra and whenever we’re alone together she sits there playing with her nipples!

Janie xxx

Hi Janie.

You don’t seem to need any help from me! Your niece looks to be there for the taking, so what’s holding you back? Take her in you arms and kiss her, whilst rubbing her bottom. feeling her little nipples stiffen. Ask her if she fancies you? You can unbutton your top and offer her your boobs to see how she responds. You are lucky to have someone so young wanting to explore you, offering herself. Go for it Janie! Tell me how you get on.


Hi Sarah.

I’m so pleased you replied, and very flattered by your words and advice over my niece. You are right, of course, saying I’m lucky to have someone as young and sexy as Lynn to flirt with me. I must confess, I love the way her eyes undress me, and to see her playing with her nipples at the same time is sooo erotic. I suppose what holds me back is us being related, but I promise to make a more determined effort to encourage her the next time we meet which is on Monday when Lynn calls in on her lunch-break.

Meanwhile, I would love to be closer to you and swap pics, if that’s okay? I read about your friend, the vicar’s wife, yesterday, and you made everything so real. Are your sexual adventures true? I really hope so because you make me feel so wet and horny. I wonder if Lynn would read one with me!

Please write soon. Kisses xxx


Hi Janie.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on Monday. You must let me know how things develop. Don’t rush it though – let things develop in their own way. Just a little encouragement with kisses and light fondles.

As far as my stories go, the conversations are all real, with a little editing, but the Vicar’s wife stories are fantasies, based maybe on a small episode, but nothing like the stories themselves. Try telling Lynn about them – maybe she’ll enjoy them.

Sarah xxx

Sarah darling,

I know it’s early but I just had to send you a lingering kiss for your lovely pic and message. You’re such a sensual and desirable lady, and my pussy is all tingly already, so goodness knows how I’d feel seeing the hot pics your girlfriend has taken of you. I would love nothing more than to see them Sarah, but I’m not one for keeping pics of myself because of my hubby’s prying eyes.

I must say, I was feeling nervous about seeing Lynn today, but the advice you’ve given me about taking things slowly is keeping me calm. I only hope I don’t chicken out when the time comes. I only wish you were here with me, as I’m sure Lynn would love you being close to her too! She has a boyfriend, yet it seems to me that she prefers other females. Anyway, as soon as she’s gone I promise to reveal all!

Janie xxxx

Hi Janie,

I’d really enjoy trailing my finger tips up and down your inner thighs, hearing you gasp and murmur, willing my fingers to explore your pussy. Slowly, I get nearer the center of your universe – your gorgeous vagina and clitoris. My fingers are now worming their way into the edge of your knickers, searching for the hidden beauty. I pause and hold my breath in excitement, as I reach my goal. Mm … yes! There is the wonderful feel of soft fleshy bursa escort labia under my finger pads. So warm and moist. It’s always a great privilege to feel another lady’s pussy for the first time. Such a wonderful, magical piece of her body, giving hours of delight and delicious sensations. After toying with the fleshy lips for a while, I finally explore a little further, until I can feel the wetness of your vagina. Wow! A fantastic hot place, surrounded by little petals of delicious flesh. I can slip my fingers into the opening, pushing further and further, your thighs flexing, your gasping for breath. Soon, I shall drag the knickers from your body before pushing my head between the thighs, to inhale your sweet aroma, tasting the delights of your pussy juices. Leaking just for me. All mine.

Get Lynn horny and wet. Then let her fondle your boobs. You can slowly lift her skirt to rub the cheeks of her bottom as you kiss deep and passionately.

Let me know how you get on please. Can’t wait!!

Sarah xxxxxx

Wow Sarah,

You are amazing! Reading the erotic way your fingers caressed my pussy made me feel incredibly wet and horny. In fact, I was playing with my pussy the whole time, pretending they were your fingers driving me wild with desire for you and Lynn.

I made sure I was dressed sexily for her visit, wearing a low-cut top and tight black skirt over stockings and suspenders. Needless to say, Lynn’s eyes were all over me, but this time I encouraged her by not pulling away from the kiss she greeted me with. You had already aroused my sexual feelings, so I think responding to Lynn came as a surprise. She looked taken aback at first, but then told me how hot I looked. “So, is uncle coming home early today, then?” she said, cheekily.

I took her hand and led her to the kitchen where I’d prepared a light lunch, and I sort of turned the tables on Lynn by crossing my legs and smiling at her as my skirt rode up just enough for her to see my suspenders. Then she reached out and gently touched my knee, looking deep into my eyes and saying. “You have gorgeous legs, Aunt Janie.” I thanked her, saying it was a pity her uncle never noticed me like that lately.

Lynn wore a trouser suit, but had taken her jacket off, and now it was me gazing at her breasts. She wore a bra, but her blouse was undone low enough for me to see her cleavage. Lynn smiled when she saw me, and accidentally on a purpose began touching them as we talked. Then as I collected our plates and put then in the sink, I felt her hands come around my waist giving me a hug. I turned to face her, and the next thing we were kissing. A gentle peck on the lips from Lynn, followed by her body pressing into mine. My legs felt like jelly, but I couldn’t help but respond, parting my lips as she teased me with her tongue and thrusting my pussy against her thigh as I sucked on her sweet tongue.

OMG Sarah, it was wonderful to feel her so close and both her hands now caressing my tits. My inhibitions vanished in a flash as Lynn became just another woman I wanted to fuck me. But remembering your words about taking it easy brought me back to earth, and I suggested we go into the lounge. I knew she didn’t have much time, but I did want her to know that I was now more than interested in her. So there I was on the sofa letting my gorgeous niece put her hand inside my bra as we shared some very passionate kisses. My nipples were rock-hard and my panties soaking wet when she had to go, but at least – and thanks to you – the ice was bursa escort bayan broken and Lynn knows how much I want her.

We had a lovely long kiss by the door with both of us holding and caressing each others bums. I must admit, I sat on the sofa after Lynn had gone and made myself cum over and over again. I know it doesn’t sound like much, Sarah but I felt so much pleasure. I really loved it!

I only hope I did the right thing in not going all the way with Lynn. Do you think she’ll want me again?

Love and kisses,

Janie xxxxxxxxxxx

That sounds great Janie.

Oh yes! Lynn will want you again – and again! You just need a bit more time together, rather than a lunch hour, which, of course, was just for exploring the possibilities. Can you fix more time with her? Perhaps overnight!!


Hi Sarah,

I’m so pleased you like the way I responded to Lynn at last. It was all thanks to you arousing me so much beforehand. Lynn will be here earlier tomorrow as it’s her day off. So although she’s going elsewhere too, I’m hoping she can stay for two or three hours.

Janie xx

(The next day)

Good morning Sarah,

I know it’s rather early, but Lynn will be here at 10-30 and I was hoping you might be able to get me all turned on with some of your sensual words of advice before she arrives. Last time, you really turned me on which gave me that extra confidence to respond to her. I realize you must be busy, but it would mean a lot to my ‘performance’ if you replied.

Love, Janie xxx


Too late!! But tell me how you went on. I hope you read my previous email again to give you courage!!

Sarah xxx

Hi Sarah,

It’s lovely to see your message. I’ve only just read it because Lynn left just after 2pm. I did actually read your previous email, and it again your words put me in the right frame of mind for when Lynn arrives.

I was still rather nervous, but as soon as she greeted me with her first kiss I found myself melting. I didn’t wear a bra this time under my top, but knowing Lynn liked my stockings and suspenders made me wear them again. Anyway, while I made some coffee, Lynn sat in the lounge, her eyes once more caressing my body as I joined her on the sofa. We chatted over coffee, and then the sexual chemistry between us began to bubble, starting with Lynn’s hand on my leg as we laughed over something.. She left it there and I smiled as her fingers began to stroke their way up to my suspender.

Lynn had dropped the ‘aunty’ bit and said: “I find you so attractive and desirable Janie, even though we’re related. Do you mind?”

I told her I was very flattered, and No, I didn’t mind.. With this, she leaned forward and kissed me, and I responded by gently sucking her sweet tongue, sighing with pleasure as her hand moved from my leg up to my breast. I eased my top out of my skirt as we kissed and Lynn’s hand soon found my naked breast, tweaking my nipples which were already hard and erect. Lynn smiled as she lay me back on the sofa, and I lifted my top eagerly thrusting out my tits to her descending mouth.

Oooh Sarah, I thought I was going to cum when she sucked my nipple. It felt incredible, especially as Lynn’s hand returned to my legs, slowly sliding under my skirt. Instinctively, I opened my legs letting her fingers venture upwards to my waiting pussy. My tight skirt made it awkward, so I eased my bum up from the sofa and hitched it up for her. My pussy was aching bursa sınırsız escort for her to finger me, and I moaned with pleasure when she began to work her fingers up me, rubbing her thumb on my clit at the same time.

I couldn’t believe Lynn was actually fucking me, and that I was loving every moment of my naked tits being licked and sucked by my own niece! She kissed me again with increasing passion, and I was moving my hips now in a fucking motion against her fingers. before I realized, I was into the most amazing orgasm which went on and on, much to the delight of Lynn.

Oh, Sarah, I’m so wet and horny just telling you this, but there’s lots more to cum if you want to hear about it?

Kisses XXXX Janie

Wow Janie

That’s great! You were right all along when you suspected Lynn was lusting after you. But do tell me what you did to her as well!! And what an extraordinary orgasm for you. Long and powerful. Mmmm. What about her orgasm??

Sarah xx

Oh Sarah,

I was hoping you would reply and it makes me feel so horny to know that you enjoyed my orgasm. Well, the first one at least! I knew as Lynn kissed me afterwards that I was ready for more, and I was surprised by how incredibly exciting it was to feel Lynn responding to ME.

It was me kissing her now, and my hands unbuttoning her blouse. I was dying to see her naked breasts, and she obliged by removing her blouse and unhooking her bra.. I gazed at her beauty, gently kissing her breast and sucking her nipple into my mouth. Lynn moaned as I nibbled it, and spread her lovely legs to welcome my hand. Her skirt was flared, so her G-string was easy to access. Oooh, she was so wet Sarah, and cried out with delight as I slid my fingers inside. I was kissing her deeply with one hand caressing and gently pinching her big nipple, while my other hand caressed her juicy clit. and making her cum like crazy!

For a while we snuggled up in each others arms, kissing and caressing each other. Then Lynn stood up, holding her hand out to me, and I gladly went to her. We stood there undressing each other between kisses she whispered. “I’ve wanted you for such a long time Janie. Can we go upstairs?” I couldn’t wait! In minutes we were both naked on my bed, and I just can’t describe the pleasure I felt as our naked bodies entwined, and with our right legs pressing into our pussies, we slowly fucked on each others thighs. We cum together, kissing and moaning loudly as our bodies writhed with intense pleasure.

I realized then, how powerful my feelings were for Lynn, and I lay in her arms thinking how wonderful it would be to watch you fuck her too, Sarah.

I haven’t mentioned you to her, but I’m sure Lynn would love to say ‘hello’ to you sometime. Would you like her to with me?

Love and kisses all over, just for you.

Janie xxxx

So thrilled for you Janie.

What a difference a week makes. Your life will never be the same again.

And if I helped in my small way to bring it about, I’m delighted. Give Lynn’s pussy a kiss for me. I certainly wish I could share you both. What a string of fantastic orgasms.

You described your session so vividly! I’m wet already!

Sarah xx

I do hope you’re still there, Sarah,

because I would love to kiss you and caress your wet pussy. I’m thrilled that my time with Lynn turned you on, as I have you to thank for the whole wonderful experience., I would love to tell Lynn about you next time she’s here and let her see your pics, but only if it’s okay with you. I can imagine how they would arouse her, especially if you could send her a little message too.

I’m here alone today if you can spare a little time, and I’d love to hear more about your lady friend!

Lots of love XXX


(Circumstances prevented me continuing this conversation for some time.)

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