A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

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This is my next story how my g/f helped her friend Dolly to get her desires fulfilled.


My g/f Chitra whom I was fucking regularly, had a fast friend Dolly with whom she shared her each and everything including her sexual life with me. On hearing Chitra’s sexual life she was also feeling horny to get her cherry lost to some one though she was having a steady boy friend with whom she was hanging around but her boy friend was no so aggressive as me. And he didn’t chatted on sex with Dolly even and Dolly being an Indian girl also was conservative to chat sex with her b/f as in India it is mostly guys who start conversation on sex rather than gals. And by listening to Chitra’s sex sessions regularly she was feeling so horny that she was ready to loose her cherry pussy immediately.

One day while Chitra and me were talking on phone about her fuck and planning for that day for a fuck session, I noticed that some other one was listening to our talk. I asked Chitra if any one also on the phone hearing our chat and she said it is her friend Dolly who listening and enjoying our conversation (On a parallel phone). I asked if she also like hot chat. Which Chitra said she loves to hear our fuck sessions with gr8 interest and some times she fingers her pussy also.

I asked Chitra if Dolly is interested in hot chat now with me on phone and Chitra asked Dolly if she like to chat on sex with me and she shyly accepted (as she was listening this also). I started talking to Dolly if she have any b/f which she accepted. I asked her whether her b/f kisses her or fondled her boobs which she denied. I further asked her if she wish to be fondled her boobs she accepted shyly. In order to make sex izle her feel hot I asked her boobs size and she said its 34 B. When asked for whether she shaves her pussy she said she had shaved it only last night. And fingered her pussy before sleep (as Chitra had told her yesterday that today she will be getting her pussy eaten by me and me likes shaved pussy). By talking like this with her for some time she become so hot that her pussy was wet by her juices. Maine usko kaha ki kya tum aaj mere se apni chhot parwani chahti ho to woh ek dum haan bol di haan(When me asked if she want to get her cherry busted by me today she immediately accepted).

Then I asked Chitra to bring Dolly along with her to one of my friend’s house so that her pussy would be deflowered by today itself only.

Then after about 15 minutes they both reached my friend’s house. After some initial chat I pulled her towards my side and starting kissing her lips and she also started kissing me. I slowly started pressing her boobs over the shirt which was she wearing she started moaning with pleasure and started murmuring. Hi PrInce jor se dabao inko bahut maja aa raha hai. Maine kaha ki thumare boobs to Chitra se chote hain to who boli inko choos choos kar bade kar do, mera bahut dil karta hai inko chuswane ko, khol lo inko azad kar do meri choochain ko aur poori tarah se chooso. (hi Prince, press my boobs hardly I am enjoying it. I said your boobs are smaller than Chitra’s. She replied suck them and make them big by sucking. Let them free and suck them). While doing so she was caressing my hard cock over the pants.

Then I took Dolly to the bedroom and undid her shirt and jeans, as was so hot by then she didn’t resisted a little bit even alt yazılı porno to get undressed. She was in black bra and panty only. Then I asked her to undress me. Which she obliged. When she removed my underwear my erect cock saluted her and she was frightened to see my huge 7 inches cock. I then removed her bra and panty and she was standing stark naked in front of me. Then I made her lie on bed and started sucking her erect nipples and put her hand on my erect cock after some time I asked to suck my cock, and she placed her lips on my cock and started licking my cock. I asked her whether she enjoying it she nodded yes. And started giving blow job to me. As she was not experienced to it I guided her how to suck the cock and she did as me said.

After some time she was so hot that she started saying chodo na mujhe ab, ab raha nahin ja raha. Mere choot ki pyaas bhee bujha aaj phar do is ko is ke tukde tukde kar do dal do apna lund ismein bahut taraf rahi hai lund ke liya. dal do ab please. Maine kaha jab ander jayega aur thumhari kori choot phategi to dard hogi, who kehne lagi koi baat nahin maja lene ke liye thodi si dard bhee seh loongi, Please dalo bhee aab.

She started saying fuck me now I cant live now tear my pussy and tore it into pieces. Put you cock in my pussy. My pussy is begging for your cock please push your cock inside my pussy. I said when my cock break your hymn there will be pain in your pussy. She said no matter I will bear it for the sake of pleasure. Please fuck me now.

Then I asked her to open her legs wide and she spread her legs wide on the bed. Then I placed the tip of my cock on her virgin pussy and made a hard stroke resulting in my cock was half the way altyazılı sex izle inside her pussy in the very first stroke as it was very much slippery with her juices of pre sex stimulation. Then on second stroke I broke her hymn. When her hymn was broken she cried in full voice hai main mar gayee bahut dard ho raha hai nikal lo apna lund meri choot se, (she screamed in a loud voice begging for withdrawing my cock form her pussy as it was paining her),.I put my lips on her lips and started sucking her lips while my hands were on her boobs pressing and caressing them roughly.

After then I started stroking her pussy, first slowly then I speeded up my strokes in a rhythm and after 10 to 15 strokes her pain subsidized and she started enjoying the strokes. After about 15 minutes of hard pumping her pussy she climaxed and after three or four more strokes I also climaxed, spraying all my semen on her belly, tits and face. She was lying state on bed fully exhausted and her pussy was filled with my cum along with her blood which oozed out from her pussy when her hymn was broken. Then I kissed her and asked if she enjoyed her first fuck, she replied that it was painful first but later she enjoyed. She wiped up her pussy and started to wear clothes but me asked not to wear clothes as more sessions had to be done today itself.

Later I fucked her once more and then my friend joined and he also fucked Dolly twice. Before leaving to her house she was not able to walk properly as she was fucked very hard on her first time. However she left for her house. Next day when I called Chitra and enquired about Dolly she said that she is with her now and now she is feeling easy as of yesterday but her pussy is still aching with the heavy workout with her yesterday. I talked to dolly that if she wanted more today she said not today but some other day she will do more as she had enjoyed it.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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