An Unexpected Turn of Events

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To make you be able to visualize the story better, Emilia is a very light brown and Alexa is white.


Exams were in a few weeks, and tonight was supposed to be study night, but me, Alexa, Jordan, and Mika decided against studying. We unanimously decided that tonight would be a sleep over. I had to convince my parents because we were staying at my house. I told them that spending time with friends would reduce the stress that studying would bring upon us. After much arguing, my parents let me off the hook. Unfortunately, they also called all of the other girls’ parents, who were not happy that their daughters were not going to study… even though we had plenty of time, and plenty more nights to study. And we had all been accepted into colleges anyways, what was the fucking point. We were legal adults too, we didn’t have to deal with this bullshit… well ok, me and Alexa had only turned 18 a couple of months ago, and I’m not sure about the other two, but still, it was demeaning.

The only person who’s parents didn’t make her leave was Alexa. I was glad for that, the four of us had been good friends, but me and Alexa had especially connected, because of our… similar backgrounds. My parents also had to leave. They were doctors, which means that if the hospital calls, and they’re needed, they’re gone. It doesn’t matter what else they’re doing or working on, as soon as that call comes in, everything is dropped. It doesn’t happen very often anymore, the hospital usually has others on hand, but I guess this time was different.

Now it was just me and Alex, I put on a movie, and although it was only 9:00 pm, we had both started to get a bit drowsy.


That was a hell of a boring movie, but I didn’t want to say anything. It’s not that I didn’t feel like I was good enough friends with Emilia to point out I didn’t like the movie, in fact, it was quite the opposite, we were great friends, but for some reason, I felt a bit nervous around her. Just now I realized that this was the same kind of nervousness I felt when I was about to talk to my crush in 7th grade. I wasn’t exactly the best looking girl at that time, and he was pretty damn popular. I brushed this idea out of my head as soon as I realized what it meant. No, I’m not that kind of nervous with Emilia.

As the movie neared it’s end, I was actually falling asleep, my head slowly tilted to the side. I woke up a couple of seconds later, realizing my head was on Emilia’s shoulder. I quickly jerked myself away. UGH, I shouldn’t have jerked my head away, now shit’s gonna get awkward. Why did I do that?! I’ve laid my head on a girl’s shoulder before, I’ve laid my head on a guys shoulder before. I was acting like an anti-social weirdo. For fucks sake. Why did I overreact about laying my head on someones shoulder. To my surprise, she just smiled and focused her eyes back at the TV screen, which was a relief.


Holy shit! Holy shit! HOLY SHIT! I think I was able to play it cool, but still, that was weird. Not because of the fact that Alex pulled her head away, but because of how I felt when her head was on my shoulder. I felt a tingling sensation run through my spine, and then some weird emotions started to peak their way into my mind.

“I’m tired, what time is it?” She asked after the movie was over, sounding tired.

“9:15” I answered.

“Only 9:15?”

“Yeah, but we can go to bed if you want, I’m feeling pretty sleepy too.”

“Ok… oh yeah, I didn’t bring anything to sleep in, so if you have a sleeping bag.”

A thought started to form in my head. An idea.

“Well…” I said, and then paused.

We were planning on sleeping in the living room tonight, but that was because we thought there were going to be four people, now it’s just us two. My bed was big enough for two people.

“We can both fit in my bed, and it’s more comfortable.” It took a lot of fricking courage to say that, it shouldn’t have, that should’ve been a normal thing to ask, but for some reason, it wasn’t.


Emi suggested we could both sleep in her bed. Emi is her nickname by the way. “Why your bed? Are you going to seduce me Emi?” I said jokingly. I could see her face starting to blush so I gave a chuckle which I hoped would eliminate the awkwardness in the situation.


As we opened the door to my room, I was starting to regret more and more the suggestion I had made. But Alexa seemed comfortable, she threw herself on the bed and patted the empty space next to her, signalling me to jump in. We were already in our pajamas, so we were good to go. I was about to turn off the lights when…

“Don’t turn them off” said Alex.

“Why not, you scared of the dark?” I said with a smile.

“No… well ok, I am a little bit but the rea-” she said before I cut her off.

“Wait, your are afraid of the dark?!?”

“No no no, Kadıköy Escort I said… I meant when I was little… not as much-“

I cut her off again.

“Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me” I said with a smile.

I lay next to her in bed, and used her fear of the darkness to start a conversation, we talked and talked like we usually did, and I was relieved that I had finally managed to cut through the slight awkwardness that had happened moments before and talk with her normally. After about 30 minutes, talk about boys and relationships came up, and out of nowhere Alex asked “Have you ever kissed a girl before?” we both laughed, I answered no and asked her the same, which to my surprise the response was

“Well, there was one time, and I was playing truth or dare with some friends, and it got a bit out of hand.”

“Seriously?!” I asked.

“Well we didn’t make out, it was just a quick tap of the lips.”

“Ah, well that’s boring” I responded.

“Boring? Well, I’d like to see if you could do it?”

“Are you daring me to kiss you Alex?”

“Am I?” She responded.

She put her forehead against mine, and smiled at me. I guess she was serious about the dare, without a second thought I went in for the kiss, it was a quick tap, our lips probably didn’t even touch, but I regretted the decision I had made very quickly. While Alex was laughing, I was frozen in place, though I managed to crack a smile. That did not hide the fact that I felt weird about what just happened, and Alex picked up on that.


I didn’t think she would actually go for it, but I’m not complaining. As we were talking that night, before the kiss, I kept noticing the features of her face in detail, I don’t think I quite admitted to myself that there were certain emotions I had towards her, but I did know it in the back of my mind.

After she kissed me, she was blushing like crazy. I laughed it off and to make her feel less awkward I jokingly asked “So did you enjoy it?” which might have not been the best thing to say. She gave a small chuckle and said “It wasn’t bad.” And I smiled back.

After some more talking, she turned off the lights, taking the opportunity to joke about my fear of the darkness again. I couldn’t sleep that night, and no, I wasn’t afraid of the dark. My mind just kept coming back to the memory of the kiss. After not being able to sleep for thirty minutes or so, I was bored, so I looked over to Emi and she was awake too. She could sense my glare so she looked at me, I responded with a smile.

“You’re having a trouble falling asleep too?” She asked.

“Yeah…” I replied.

There was a moment of silence.

I was done with this nonsense, I was just going to be straight forward.

“You want to kiss me again?” I asked, regretting the words I just spoke right after.

“What?” Asked Emi, thinking that I was joking.

I wanted to say I wasn’t, but I could not move my mouth.


Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy fucking shit!! She must have been joking right? Am I just overreacting? I couldn’t be. Her face had a slight smile on it, but not the kind of smile she has after making a joke, and her face was turning slightly red. I moved my face closer to hers, but did not lean in for a kiss. There was still a half a feet of space between me and her, but I guess she took that as a yes, and she leaned in. Her lips touched mine, stayed their for multiple seconds, and then came off with a very slight smooching sound. My body started to feel numb, but not in a bad way. I’m not sure how to describe it. It felt warm and relaxed, I guess maybe somewhat like when you step into a warm bathtub.

Soon after her lips parted mine, she started apologizing. “Shit… I didn’t… I’m sorry Emi… I… it was… I didn’t… I thought…” She stepped out of the bed, and started heading towards the door. I wanted so badly to tell her to stop, to tell her I didn’t dislike the kiss, to tell her to come back, but again like that time earlier tonight, I was frozen. She walked out of the room.


For fucks sake, why did I do that? I went into the bathroom, I needed some time to think about everything that had happened that night. I washed my face with cold water, and sat down on the toilet seat, to completely comprehend what had just happened and decide how to deal with it. It was just a sudden impulse. I couldn’t control it. What did Emilia think? What should I say? My mind was running with these thoughts for quite a while. After some time, I managed to calm my nerves, I realized I was overreacting, and all I needed to do was go in that room and apologize. Just a straight forward apology, nothing more, nothing less.

I stepped out of the bathroom and back into the room, where Emi was sitting at the edge of the bed. She looked at me as I entered the room. She stood Kadıköy Escort Bayan up, I moved closer to her.


I needed a lot of courage for what I was about to do at that moment. Alex moved closer to me, she was about to apologize. “I’m so-“. I cut her off and quickly eliminated the distance between our bodies.

“There is no need to apologize” My voice came off almost as if it was seductive, which was not part of my plan, but there was no turning back now. She had a confused look on her face, with a slight hint of lust.

“Alexa…” I said, using her full first name instead of Alex, to indicate that I was serious about whatever I was going to say next. Now here comes the hardest part of my plan, perhaps the hardest 5 words that I have said in my life. “Did you enjoy the kiss?”

She was taken aback. With a confused look she asked “Does that mean…”. I smiled, and then, as if we had telepathically had a mutual understanding of the situation I leaned in for a kiss. No I did not lean, I went in for that kiss. The distance between our lips closed in a matter of milliseconds. Our mouths were intertwined with each other. I could really pay attention to the feeling of her lips now. They were so soft, unlike a guys. Her lips moved around taking in as much pleasure as they possibly could.


That moment in the room, Emilia was a different person, not in a bad way though, in fact I believe that she was more like herself then she even realized. The seductiveness in her voice sent shivers down my spine. I don’t think I have ever kissed someone with so much love and passion, I even dare say I have never done anything in my life with that much love and passion. I could feel every intricate detail of her lips, her tongue, her skin. I pushed her unto the bed. She lay there, I lay on top of her with my lips still touching hers. I pulled my head back and took a moment to stare at her beautiful eyes. It seemed that the confidence Emilia had just a moment ago was gone, but that made her more attractive. She had so much innocence in her eyes, but at the same time, so much lust.

I went back in for a kiss. This time, my mouth moved slowly off her lips, off her face, and down her neck. Her head leaned back and she seemed to be enjoying it. I made a risky move then. “Take my shirt off.” I said, or rather commanded. It may have been a horrible idea to say that, but what I had learned so far was that tonight was a good night to take risks. Nervously, she laid her hands on my back, her hands slowly slid down to the bottom of my shirt, and she pulled it up and off of my body. I sat up for a moment, giving her a chance to look. I then got closer to her and whispered “And my bra?” This time making sure that it was a question and not a command. Her hand moved towards my bra, tremulously, and then her hands slid back down.

“I can’t do this” She said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“I just can’t, it’s moving too fast.”

“Is it that you don’t want to do it, or is something holding you back?” I replied.

“What’s holding me back Alex, is that we’re friends. I don’t want to ruin this friendship.”

“You aren’t going to ruin anything Emi.”

“You don’t understand, we can’t just come back from this. Once this happens, there is no going back.”



Emi was lying on her side facing away from me, I guess it was my turn to be the seducer.

“You know I wouldn’t do anything if you didn’t want to do it.”

“Yes, I know” Responded Emi.

“Then don’t let anything hold you back from what you want to do.”


Alex came closer to me as she undid her bra. Her breasts pushed against my back. I was still looking the other way. She slowly rubbed against me. “Do you want me to stop?” She asked. I did not answer, I could not bring myself to answer, but she knew what the answer was. Her right hand moved on to my shirt, and down to my pajamas. Her hands slid inside my panties. I gasped slightly, as I felt the coldness of her hands touch the warmness of my vagina.

She pleasured me, with an up and down motion. I was breathing a bit more heavily now. I put my hand on hers, which she took as me trying to tell her to stop, but as she tried to pull her hands out, I pushed them back in. I had forgotten what I had said just minutes ago, the feeling of Alexa’s hand was to pleasurable for me to care about the consequences of these actions towards our friendship. She’s touching me… ah fuck… I let out a quite moan. I don’t want her to stop. I want her hands to keep feeling my warmth. My pussy is getting wet, her hands are getting wet. The thoughts I was having were the kind that I had never had before. I let out a slightly louder moan, and as if that was her signal, she stopped. “Wait… no, don’t stop” I said pleading.


An idea came to me. A Escort Kadıköy slightly evil one.

“You don’t want me to stop?” I asked Emi.

“No… don’t stop” She replied.

“Alright I won’t… but you’ll have to keep me motivated while I touch you.”

“The fuck Alex?”

I started pleasuring her again, and said “Do you like that Emi?” I asked. After I got no answer but a small moan, I started slowing down again. Emi got the hint. Nervously she replied “Yes… Alex, I love it, don’t stop” She let out a much louder moan.

“Do you like it when I rub your pussy Emi?”

“Yeah Alex… it feels… so good when you touch me…” She managed to reply while moaning.

“Ah fuck, my pussy is so moist, fuck me harder Alex, I want to feel your hands move up and down, inside and out, all over my pussy… OH fuck yes, keep doing it like that, don’t stop Alex. Keep going”

That was a bit unexpected. I knew we were in a state of pure lust, but those were words I thought I would never hear out of Emilia’s mouth, though I can’t say I did not enjoy hearing them. And then to my surprise, Emi turned around, started taking her shirt off. She then quickly undid her bra. I was now laying on the bed, with Emi on top of me. We were kissing once again with that same passion, with that same love, and now there was an added layer of lust.

I felt like both of our minds were filled with some kind of natural human instinct and desire. The feeling of lust had engorged both of us. Her hands slid down into my pajamas, and now she was the one touching me. I didn’t think it was possible for the lust in me to increase in any way, but when she started touching me the way I had done to her, chills went down my spine. It felt amazing, I started to kiss her more passionately. I turned our body’s around so that she was now the one laying down, and I was the one on top once again.


For the past couple of minutes, I had shut down all parts of my brain that would stop me from doing what I wanted. I shut down the parts that considered the consequences of my actions. I shut down the parts that had to do with making rational decisions. All that was left was lust, and love. I was laying on the bed now. Alexa did not waste time taking my pajamas off, and then my panties. Then she stood on the bed on took off her own and lay back on top of me.

We took a moment to look at each other, both of us completely naked, head to toe. First my eyes met hers, and then my eyes moved down to her neck, her breasts, further down her perfectly shaped body, and unto her vagina, down her legs, all the way to her feet. And then she pushed her body against mine once more. Our breasts pushed against each other, our lips intertwined, our legs intertwine, and we were rubbing against each other. She put her hands on my vagina, and I put mine on hers.

“Fuck Emi… That feels so good…” Said Alex.

Alexa’s pussy was more wet than mine, it was soaking, and now so were my hands.

“Holy shit Alex, your pussy’s so wet” I said. “Mine is wet too… don’t stop, go faster”

Alexa started rubbing faster.

“Oh fuck yes, keep going” I let out a loud moan, to which Alexa replied with her own sounds of pleasure.

“Emi… do you like it when I rub your pussy, do you like it when I rub your hot, moist fucking pussy”

“Yes Alex” More moans from both of us.

“Don’t stop Alex, I think I might cum.”

“Rub harder Alex, faster!!”

“Oh shit I’m gonna cum too” Replied Alex.

My fingers started going inside of her now, she did the same to me. I let out a moan with which Alex replied, “Do like it Emi? Do you like it when I’m inside you…”

“Yes” I replied, “I want to feel your fingers more.” I let out an almost screaming moan.

“Your so hot!!” Exclaimed Alexa, “Your body is amazing, I want to feel all of it, feel all of your body.”

“Oh my god Alexa, I’m gonna CUM!” I exclaimed.

“Fuck! Me too!” We both let out a moan at the same time.

I felt a tingling sensation in my body, one that I had felt many times that night, except this time it was filled with much more lust.

“I’m cumming Alex! I’m cumming”

“Fuck, I’m cumming too… It feels so good.”


The next 10 seconds were a blur, filled with phrases such as

“Rub me faster!”

“I’m cumming so hard!”

“I love you so much!”

“I want to feel your skin against mine!”

“I want to feel your pussy against mine!”

“I’m so wet!”

“I can feel your fingers moving all around my pussy!”

“I’m Cumming!”

Those 10 seconds were also filled with many moans. I don’t think I have ever orgasmed like that, and I don’t know if I ever will again, so I took in that moment the best I could.

And then we both lay there, next to each other, breathing heavily. I gave a little chuckle and said “Well that was an unexpected turn of events.”


Author’s Notes:

Thanks for reading, if you have any criticisms of this piece, please tell me. You can be as mean as you want. If you enjoyed the piece I would also like to know what you liked about it. Thank you for reading.

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