Great Loop Ch. 10

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Great Loop – 10

This set of stories are meant to be read as chapters in a book. If you haven’t read the previous chapters of the Great Loop, I recommend you do to better understand the characters.

All characters are fictional. Obviously, many of the place locations are real.

I woke at sunrise. The boat was rocking a little from the wave action, I could hear lines slapping aluminum masts on the sail boats in the marina, and the only other sound was the gulls overhead. Both Tina and Margo were sound asleep so I gently extricated myself, used the head, dressed, made myself some coffee and went out on the deck to enjoy the start of the day. I did briefly think about MJ, but put her out of my mind and started thinking about the planned activities for the day. I pulled out my computer to get directions to Greenfield Village.

As I finished my coffee, Margo came on deck. Her hair was all messed up, she was wearing one of my tee shirts that keep her barely covered, and was yawning and stretching.

“Any more coffee? It’s nice to step on deck and not have to be ‘ON’ right away.” She sat down as I handed her a cup of coffee.

“MMMM, good coffee. I just love the sounds of a marina in the early morning. I also love the smell of the water, especially salt water.” She tucked her legs up under her butt and sipped her coffee as she watched the sun rise and asked,

“How are you this morning? Sleep all right? We still on for Greenfield Village today?”

“I’m really good this morning. Slept great and, yes, we’re still on for Greenfield Village today. How bout you?

“Me too. Tina should be up in a few minutes. She’s not very talkative until she’s had a couple cups of coffee. I was thinking that since we have a room at the marina hotel, we could go and shower there before we leave. It’ll give Tina and I a chance to get some fresh clothes, get our hair fixed, and put some makeup on. You’re welcome to shower in our room if you want.”

About that time, Tina came on deck. She nodded as I handed her a cup of coffee and said, “Good morning Tina. Hope you slept well.” She sat down and began sipping her coffee, but didn’t say anything.

Slowly, the marina started to come alive. People that had spent the night on board their boat started showing on deck, many raising a cup of coffee in salute to us or the morning.

After her second cup of coffee, Tina muttered “Morning.” She brushed the hair out of her eyes, squinted and looked around. “Pretty morning. We still on for today?”

“Yup, we have lots of time if you want to shower. Margo and I were just talking about that.”

“I was telling him he could use our shower if he wants and we could get fresh clothes and do our hair.”

Tina said,”Ok, lets get going.” With that, both went below to get dressed in last nights clothes, I grabbed a bag, put some clothes for the day in it and then we headed for their room.

Once there, both quickly undressed and Margo jumped into a very small shower.
Tina walked around the room naked, getting clothes out of a bag, brushing her hair and then when Margo came out, she got in the shower. Margo said, “Get your clothes off so you can shower when Tina comes out.” She was moving around the room naked and started pulling her clothes out while trying to get her hair dry. Damn, both had great bodies. I got undressed and was hard as stone. Margo took one look, laughed and said, “That looks good, but I want to get going, so we’ll take care of that later.”

Tina came out of the shower and Margo pushed me towards the door. “Make it quick!”

While I was in the shower, I could hear both girls using the mirror to put makeup on. When I pulled open the curtain, both were there in their panties doing their makeup and brushing their hair. Tina tossed me a towel. I said, “I could use some help.”

Tina replied, “You’re a grown man. Do it yourself.” Her eyes were sparkling and she was smiling. Margo laughed.

By the time I got dried off and came back into the room, both girls were half dressed. Both were wearing tight navy blue shorts and had on sexy white lacy bras. Both pulled on a red, white and blue blouse and slipped on sandals. I put on a pair of jeans, and a tee shirt and we were off.

We got to Greenfield Village about 10:30. The museum is divided into 7 areas, Working Farms, Liberty Craftworks, Henry Ford’s Model T, Railroad Junction, Main Street, Edison at Work, Porches & Parlors.

The girls wanted to visit the Liberty Craftworks and Porches & Parlors. I wanted to visit Railroad Junction and Edison at Work. Looking at the map, we plotted out a route so that we could see what we wanted and if time permitted, we could go to another area.

At the Craftworks area, we watched them make a glass flower using glass blowing techniques, we also watched the craftsman making a brass candlestick, a silk mill demonstration, and a gristmill. The girls talked non-stop about how they could decorate with some of these products.

Next we visited Railroad Junction. We rode on a steam powered train and watched an engine being moved into a round house Antep Bayan Escort repair shop using a turntable powered by human power. That was pretty amazing.

We then moved on to the Edison at Work area. The village has the Menlo Park Laboratory that Thomas Edison was working in when he invented the incandescent lightbulb. The area also includes the first building to be illuminated by a light bulb.

By this time we were hungry, so we found a place to get some lunch before going to the Porches & Parlors area.

We finished the day visiting the homes of ordinary people that had an impact on our history. The 1760 Dagger Farmhouse, the 1800 McGuffey Birthplace, the 1860 Susquehanna Plantation, and the 1930 Mattox House are all in the Village. Noah Webster’s home is there as well as other significant homes. Again, the girls were talking about decorating ideas.

By the time we finished with what we wanted to see, it was closing time and we headed for the car. Traffic was typical of any large city during rush hour and it took us a while to get back to the marina. Again, I was glad I no longer lived in a large city. All the sights, shopping, dining, etc. is fun, but I really enjoy my little boat and the slower way of life I had adapted.

We walked along the water and had dinner at a different restaurant before going back to the boat. We each had a drink, people watched, watched the sunset, and talked about the day. The girls seemed very relaxed.

Tina said, “Today was fun. I really enjoyed myself and I learned a few things. It’s also great to just be able to sit on a boat and relax.”

Margo added, “Today was cool. I didn’t think I’d like the railroad exhibit, but it was great. I agree with Tina, it’s nice to not have to be “ON” when on a boat.

About that time, she raised her leg and let her foot rest on my cock. She then stood up, grabbed mine and Tina’s hand and we went below. Both girls started undressing me and then pushed me down on the bed. Then they embraced each other and started kissing each other with much passion. I immediately got harder. They seemed to forget I was there as they continued to kiss and slowly undress each other. This was better than any porn movie I had ever seen. After undressing, Tina reached into her purse and pulled out a vibrator and dildo, passed the dildo to Margo and they slowly teased each others body with the toys and their tongues. They licked and sucked each others boobs while using the toys on each others pussy. They appeared to be taking great pleasure from each others actions. After about 10 minutes, they got into a 69 position and then went to work with the toys. There were many moans of pleasure as the dildo was pumped into Tina’s pussy and from Margo with the vibrator pressed to her clit. Between lips, tongues, fingers and toys, both girls started to climb aboard the orgasm express until first Margo and then Tina went to the stars. It was a very impressive show.

As the girls were coming down from their high, I was gently stroking my cock. Margo looked over, smiled and said, “Did you enjoy that? It’s a show we put on for men on the boats from time to time. It always leads to great tips. Now, as much as I enjoy Tina and toys, I really prefer a nice hard cock, and you have a very nice cock!”

She reached over and devoured my cock. Tina said, “and I enjoy a mans tongue.” With that, she straddled my face and let my tongue lick her pussy from top to bottom. With both girls riding me, I focused on giving both the best sex I knew how. I went into Tantric sex mode and focused on Tina and Margo’s pleasure. I felt Margo slide my cock into her pussy as she emitted a “MMMMMMMMM”. Tina was starting to groan with pleasure and pressing herself harder on my face. As Margo slid down my cock, I arched up into her as deep as I could go. With a quiet “fuck” she started bouncing on my cock. I think both girls were playing with each others tits as well. With my licking and sucking on Tina’s clit, it wasn’t long before she started her ride to the stars. With a long drawn out groan that sounded like “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she came and drenched my face with her juices before falling to the side. Now I focused on Margo. I lifted her off me, rolled her onto her hands and knees and entered her from behind. A few light smacks on her ass elicited some ‘MMMMMMMMM’ from her as I continued to slowly stroke in and out of her pussy. I slowly increased the speed of my stroke until she groaned an “Oh fuck” and came. As she slid off my cock, I rolled her over and re-entered her and sent her to the stars again.

Moving over to Tina, I raised her legs to my shoulders and entered her with a hard thrust and pumped her as fast as I could. As she started her climb to the stars, I started coming with a huge grunt. I flooded her pussy just as she reached her high with a screamed ‘YES’.

Slowly, we all came down from our individual highs. I got us each some water before we curled up with each other and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning was the same as the previous days. Waking up at dawn, coffee, showers and then off to the Henry Ford Museum. The museum is next to Greenfield Village, so I already knew the way and we made better time getting there. The museum was fascinating with exhibits that included railroad engines, farm equipment, air planes, cars, racing cars, Presidential Limos, houses, jewelry, and other displays. There was much more than we could take in in a single day. We ended up splitting up with me going to see farm equipment, airplanes, racing cars and the girls going to houses and jewelry. We caught up with each other at lunch and the three of us talked about what we had seen and then we split up again. We met back at the car at closing time. The drive back to the marina was slow, but the conversation was non-stop. Again, we walked the water front and found a restaurant to have dinner and drinks and then walked back to the boat to watch the sunset. All of us were tired.

As we sat there having a drink, both girls phones beeped indicating a text message. Margo checked hers. “Shit, the boat’s repaired and the Captain wants us back on board by noon tomorrow to help get the boat ready. The owner will be here the next day and wants to get going as soon as possible.”

Tina said, “Well Jim, it’s been fun but I think we best spend the night in our room and get ourselves organized so we can go back to work tomorrow.”

I said,”You could spend the night here, and then get up tomorrow and still make the boat by noon.”

“We could, but I’m tired after today and the last few days, so, at least for me, I’m going back to the room and start to pull my stuff together and get a good long nights sleep. Margo?”

“Sorry Jim, but I agree with Tina. I’ve had a ball the last few days and am so glad that we met. I will follow your adventures on your blog and we can stay in touch via Facebook and texting, but now we have to be ready to work and that is something we both take a great deal of pride in. It keeps us employed and in demand.”

We all stood, hugged and kissed and they headed up the dock together. Once again I was alone. I realized that I enjoyed having company on the boat and was not the loner I pretended to be. I had fun with the girls. I should find someone to join me on the boat, but who. I remembered having that thought before. MJ maybe? I’d need to think on this for a while.

I didn’t sleep well that night. I kept thinking about what MJ had said and my response to it. Could we really be in love? I didn’t think so. Damn!

I spent the next day doing maintenance on the boat. I changed the oil, fuel conditioning filters, tightened some fittings, cleaned up some leaks. By the time I was done, it was dinner time. I cleaned up, changed my clothes and just as I was getting off the boat, I heard, “Hey Jim, how ya doing? Did you enjoy Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford Museum?” It was Sally and Charlie

“Hi, I did enjoy the museums. Good to see you two again. What’s new with you?”

“Nothing, just enjoying the weather and decided to spend the night on the boat. We’re getting ready to go to dinner. Would you like to join us?”

“Sounds good to me.”

We had a good time at dinner. I learned more about them and they learned more about me. I learned they were big fans of the Red Wings and had season tickets to their games. I told them I was an Islander fan and had season tickets as well.

Charlie asked, “How much longer are you here for?”

“Probably a couple more days. I spent today doing maintenance and tomorrow, I plan to clean up topside, polish the brass and stainless and enjoy the weather. I have a reservation at Mackinac Island for Labor Day weekend, and some friends are coming in from Long Island to join me for a few days. Then I plan to work my way to Chicago where I’ll be putting the boat in storage before heading back to Long Island for the winter.”

“Oh good. Perhaps you’d like to join us tomorrow evening on our boat. We’re having some friends over for drinks and then we’ll be going to dinner. I think they’d all like to hear some of your stories.”

“Sounds like fun, what time?”

“Come over around 6:00. Everyone should be there by 6:15 or so.”

They headed for their boat, I had another drink and read for a while as the sun set and then headed to bed. The next day was a spit and shine day. Comes with owning a boat, unless it is a work boat I suppose. About 4:00, I wrapped everything up, showered and shaved, dressed casually and walked over to Charlie and Sally’s boat. It was about the same size as mine, but the deck was more open and the cabin area smaller. A nice boat. Sally saw me approaching and yelled, “Come aboard, I want to introduce you to some people.”

I was handed a bourbon, and introduced to two other couples. All were older than me by 10 or more years, but all were attractive. They all worked in the automotive supply business and the talk focused around business and things that I didn’t know much about. Another couple joined us and I was introduced to them. That was everyone that was coming. It was evident I was the kid. One of the ladies, Karen I think, latched on to me and asked me to tell her about my travels. I kept the discussion to places I had been and the sights I had seen. I did talk about a few of the people I had met, but judiciously omitted others and certain adventures. As we were talking, the other ladies joined our group and listened to my tale. When I finished, one of them said,”Now tell us the good stuff, the stuff that went on below deck, you know what I mean!”

“Oh, you want to hear about the sex and the parties?”

“Ya, come on, let’s hear all the juicy details.” All the ladies laughed.

I was saved by Charlie announcing it was time to leave for dinner. Our reservation was for 7:30 and it would take us a few minutes to walk to the restaurant.

At dinner, I had a lady on each side of me and the conversation became more general. One of the ladies leaned over and whispered, “You’re not off the hook. We still want to hear the rest of the story!” I just smiled. Dinner was excellent, the wine outstanding and the conversation was enjoyable. One of the men seemed to be drinking quite heavily and started getting louder as the evening progressed. His wife was obviously pissed at him and as we headed back to Charlie and Sue’s boat, she quietly steered him to their car and they left.

Back at the boat, the men gathered for drinks and cigars and a couple of ladies surrounded me and one said, “Now young man, we expect to hear the rest of the story. Don’t be shy, you won’t be telling us anything we haven’t experienced ourselves!”

I started with Debbie, then Amy and Julie, I skipped the adventures in Toronto, and described the photography session in Rochester. The ladies wanted me to get my computer and show them the photos, but I said no. I then told them about MJ as well as Margo and Tina. When I had finished, they all looked flushed. One asked, “Does a finger up your ass really intensify your orgasm? I’ve never tried that. I’ll have to keep that in mind in case Dan gets it up again.” The other ladies laughed. Another one said, “I’ve never been with another woman and you had two different ladies on several occasions. Your quite the young man!”

About the time I finished, the party began breaking up, with the men collecting their wives and heading for home. One lady walked past me, handed me a piece of paper and whispered, “My phone number. Please call me.” As I prepared to leave, Charlie came over and asked if I had had a good time. Sally said, “Oh of course he did. Sitting with 3 horny women telling them about his sexual conquest, how could he not?” Charlie just arched an eye brow, shook my hand and left. Sally said, “Well Jim, that was quiet the story. You really had Barb turned on. She is the most, huh, adventurous of our group. If we were 10 years younger, you may have had an orgy on your hands tonight, although, the marina is a little too public for something like that. Maybe I’ll see you in the morning. Good night.”

“Good night Sally. I had a great time.”

She gave me a little hug and a peck on the cheek and I left.

The next morning, I was on the deck having coffee when Charlie walked up.

“I don’t know what you told the wives last night, but Sally attacked me before we could even get into bed. Best sex we’ve had in years. You should bottle that. You’d make a billion dollars in a heart beat.”

Just then, Sally walked up behind him, took his arm and said, “Let’s go.” Then she mouthed to me, “Thank you!”

As they left, they wished me a good trip.

I got back to cleaning up the boat. I planned to head north tomorrow. I had time to kill, so planned to stay a couple of days at various stops up the east coast of Michigan and experience people from small towns and villages.

Later that afternoon, I got a text from Helen. It said that she, Lori, and Susan had rented a cottage on an island in Georgian Bay and they wanted me to visit them for a few days. I sent a text back confirming the dates and said I would let them know in a few days. That brought back a text telling me everything they would do for me. Definitely an X rated text. I laughed and said I would let them know.

As I was cleaning up and putting my rags, polish and brushes away, I thought about calling Barb, but decided not to. I wasn’t too keen on getting involved with a married woman if her husband wasn’t supportive of her desires. I moved the boat over to the fuel dock and topped off the fuel tanks, the fresh water tank, and pumped out the waste tanks. I had a quiet meal at one of the restaurants and went to bed early.

The next morning, I slipped the lines and left the dock just as the sun was rising above the horizon. It was another beautiful day. I continued north thru Lake St. Clair and up the St. Clair River to Lake Huron. I intended to stop around Port Huron for the night. The St. Clair River is bordered on the west by Michigan and on the east by Ontario, Canada. It has a shipping channel for Great Lake Freighters and other commercial traffic so it was a busy day. I found a restaurant with a transient dock and stopped for a nice easy lunch. The people were friendly and stopped to talk about Second Chance and my trip. Since the river is only about 40 miles long, I reached Port Huron in early afternoon, found a slip and settled in for a couple of days of general relaxation.

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