I Think I Might Be Bi Ch. 01

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“Sooooo, I think I might be bi,” I said blatantly to my long time friend Katie. She was almost a year older than me, but because of when our birthdays fell, we were in the same grade in high school. We were both dating someone then, and while we both thought the other one was sexy and attractive, we unfortunately ended up buying a house in Friend-Ville. That’s not to say that we haven’t taken drunken vacations to CasualSex-Ville, but we never stay long.

Thru the years, we had become each others closest friends, able to talk about literally anything without fear of judgment. We got opposite sex insight and feedback, talked about everything from politics to our deepest, darkest desires and even helped each other get laid.

She almost spit out her drink while we sat at the bar of one of our favorite places. “What? Are you serious?” she asked. I knew I could tell her this for two reasons: she was never judgmental about almost anything, especially sex and I knew the idea of guys kissing and what-not was a huge turn-on for her.

“Yeah, I’m not sure, but I think I am, ” I replied taking a swig from my beer. “I’ve been having more and more dreams, thoughts and fantasies about guys and….”

“And what?” she asked with a gleam in her eyes.

I took another swig of my beer and looked down before saying, “and cocks.”

“Oh my God, that’s so hot,” she said. ” How long have you been having these thoughts?”

“I don’t know, maybe a year,” I said back.

She slapped me on my arm, “and you’re just NOW telling me?”

“Well, I wasn’t really sure myself,” I said, I’ve been trying to figure it out, you know, come to terms with it.”

“Have you done anything with a guy yet?” she asked, her interest level peaking.

“What? No. I wouldn’t even know how to do that and I’d be too chicken to try and go do something like that on my own,” I said.

“So, Mr. Bigshot with the ladies is unsure of how to go about getting a boyfriend,” she teased.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up now, I never said anything about wanting to date a guy, these are sex-u-al thoughts,” I pointed out to her.

“Mmmmm, even more yummy,” she said with a wicked grin. She was a small, petite girl of Italian decent with a healthy sexual appetite and I doubt I’ve had one conversation with her that didn’t touch on sex in one fashion or another.

“Yeah, somehow I knew you’d be excited about this,” I said with a laugh. “It just freaks me out because I don’t want anyone to think I’m gay.”

“Chris, with all the tail you pull, no one is going to think you’re gay, trust me,” she said, “you are a handsome, dominating man that make women weak in the knees and when you get them on your their knees, you give them a treat with that big cock of yours.”

“Yeah, that’s the weird part,” I said, “in these fantasies, I’m not the dominating one.”

“Oh that’s normal Chris. With your job, your sex life, pretty much everything you do, you are a ‘take charge’ kind of guy,” she said, “it’s completely normal to fantasize about not having to control anything and just give up the authority role once in awhile. You hear about that all the time with CEO’s and people like that.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard about that but I never thought it would apply to me,” I said before taking another swig.

“You know what, hold on,” she said and signaled the bartender. “Can we get two shots of Patron, fully dressed?”

“I like them fully dressed,” she said, “because I like getting ’em naked myself before taking a shot in the mouth.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at this. Our shots came and she slid one to me and held up her glass signaling her desire to make a toast. I held up my glass and she said, “here’s to you Chris, for broadening your horizons and coming to the realization I’ve known for awhile now: that cock is great! And here’s to me for I am going to make sure your fantasy comes true….”

She licked the salt off the rim, slammed her shot and then bit into the lime. I followed suit and she slammed her glass down while simultaneously saying, “…TONIGHT!”

I was biting into the lime as she said this and almost choked, coughing from the surprise announcement. “Tonight?”

“Yeah, why not?” she asked.

“Well, I was just now able to come to terms with this enough to tell you, I don’t know if I’m ready to do anything yet,” I replied.

“But Chris, think about it this way,” she started, “you’ve been thinking about this for at least a year and it had to be eating away at you if you brought it up finally. You said you didn’t know how to do this on your own and you KNOW how hot stuff like this gets me. We’re the best of friends who have had some fun, sexy times together so you have that familiarity there and when the time comes, I’ll even be there with you during it, so it’s not a complete jump to the gay side, it will be more of a group thing. I’ll be your wing-woman and make sure you are ok, if that’s what you want.”

“You’d do that for me?” I asked.

“Of course I would, I love you, you know that, and besides izmit escort I can’t deny the obvious enjoyment I’d get out of it by watching two guys together, especially when one of them is you,” she said flashing me a wicked smile.

“I guess that would be better than going at it alone and yeah, I bet that would make you happy too,” I said. “So, how do we do this?”

“Easy, lets get out of here and head downtown to the gayborhood,” she said referencing the part of Dallas known for its gay clubs and bars.

“Ok, let’s do it,” I said.

We got up and I paid for our drinks before heading out to my BMW X5 and started to head downtown. As we drove, she told me how horny all this was making her. “Are you as turned on by all of this as I am?” she asked.

“Actually, I’m kind of nervous,” I said as I drove.

“Well, that just won’t do. We can’t have nerves causing you to chicken out tonight and with that she reached over and started rubbing my cock thru my jeans. When she felt it getting hard, she unbuttoned my jeans and started stroking my cock as I drove.

“Have I ever told you how great your cock is?” she asked as she continued stroking. I’m proud of my cock at almost 8 inches and she’s always been enthralled with it which is why we hook up a lot after going out drinking. I guess you could say we are best friends with benefits.

“Yeah, you might have said something about it once or twice,” I joked, enjoying the feeling of her hand stroking me gently.

“So, what is it you wanna do with a guy?” she asked, “suck his cock, get fucked, what?”

Her stroking was definitely turning me on and freeing my inhibitions so I said, “I don’t know, both maybe.”

“Oh, that’s hot. At the same time?” she asked.

“Whoa, I’ve never done anything with a guy and now your already jumping to me getting tag teamed?” I said jokingly.

“What? Why not jump in with both both feet, or better yet, both ends,” she laughed. “Oh God, that would be so hot seeing you on your hands and knees getting taken from both ends.”

My cock jumped when she said that and she said, “sounds like someone likes that idea too.” she laughed and continued stroking.

We got to one of the clubs and I parked, turned off the car and undid my seatbelt. She undid hers and immediately leaned over and took my cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head and bobbing up and down a few times before sitting back up. “mmmmm, I wanted to do that the whole way down here,” she said smiling and then said, “Well, lets go find some willing studs for you.”

I laughed, shook my head, and we got out and headed to the door, me a 6′ straight guy walking towards my possibly first gay experience and she, a 5’4″ girl ready to act as my gay pimp.

We got to the club, paid our way in and entered into the dark club that was blaring dance music. There were bars on either side with a large dance floor in the middle and cages strung about with either one or more guys, usually shirtless, dancing provocatively inside of them. We headed to the bar, ordered some drinks and sat back to survey the place.

“So, what type of guy are you looking for,” she asked.

“I guess like me,” I replied, “attractive, in their 20’s, not some little twink, but also not some old hairy dude.”

“I like your style,” she said, “so let’s see what we can find. She began looking around and noticed two guys standing at the end of the bar. She grabbed my arm and told me to follow her. I grabbed our drinks and followed her. She walked up to them and said, “hi, can we buy you guys a drink?”

I looked them over and had to admit I liked what I saw. They both were attractive, looked like they lived at the gym and took extremely good care of themselves. They both wore designer jeans with embroidered Celtic style crosses on the butt pockets, tight Affliction t-shirts, one in white, the other in black, leather bracelets, nice watches, boots. All in all, if you saw them out, you probably would not have the slightest inclination that they were gay. The one in black was the shorter of the two, about my height, maybe a little taller and had a short, buzz-cut shaved head. The other one in white had spikey, dirty blonde hair, stood around 6’4″ and had boyish good looks opposed to the stronger features of his friend.

They looked down at her and then at me and smiled and the one in white said, “sure, that’d be nice.”

They ordered two top end beers and then introduced themselves. “I’m Nick,” said the guy in white, “and this is Trevor.”

“I’m Katie and this is Christian,” she said giving my full name. We all shook hands and then Nick asked if we wanted to get a booth.

We all moved to the back of the club and sank into a booth with them in the middle and she and I on either side of them. I was next to Nick and she next to Trevor. No sooner had we sat down when Katie blurted out, “so, are you guys gay?”

Trevor laughed and said, “well, it would be a little strange to be here if we weren’t, why are you all not?”

Katie said, “well I’ve yahya kaptan escort had my lesbian moments, but I prefer the cock.”

Nick said, “well, don’t we all?”

They all laughed and then she said, “well, to be honest, Christian here has never been with a guy and he informed me tonight that he had been having fantasies a lot recently and being a good friend and fuck buddy of his, I felt it was my duty to find him some hot guys to dominate him and introduce him to the gloriousness that is the male body.”

They laughed and Nick said to me, “man, she doesn’t beat around the bush, does she?”

“No, tact has never been her strong suit,” I laughed.

“So, is that all true,” he asked.

“Yeah, pretty much,” I said.

“And you just saw us and decided we were the ones to make that come true,” he said to Katie.

“Hell yeah,” she said, “only thing is I have to be there. For moral support and for my own selfish purposes cause hot guys doing it is so sexy. Lets do a shot!”

She flagged down a waiter, ordered four shots of tequila and then said, “so, would you all wanna do my friend, you know, tag team him?”

“So, you just assume that because we are gay, we will just do any guy that comes around,” asked Trevor.

“Oh, come on, guys are always ready to do it if given the chance, and I’m giving you the chance to break in a hot stud here,” she said. “Don’t you all think he’s hot? I mean who wouldn’t want a piece of that? Besides, you all could show him the ropes and be the first set of cocks to enter that yummy body and if he can suck cock nearly as good as he eats pussy, then, boys you are in for a treat.”

“Well, we do come here to find a guy we can tag team, but I don’t know if we’d be a good fit for his first time,” Nick said.

“And why is that,” she asked.

“Well, we get pretty wild and kinky and I don’t know if you could handle it,” he said looking at me and rubbing my leg.

“Oh, he’s a big boy, he can handle it,” Katie said. “So, how ’bout it? Wanna fuck him?”

Nick looked at Trevor and he just smiled so then Nick said, “sure, we’ll break him in,” and he squeezed my leg.

“Oh my God, that’s awesome,” Katie said as our shots were delivered. “Bottoms up,” and she raised her glass and we all clinked them and before we took the shots, Trevor said, “his will be!”

We all took our shots and Nick suggested we leave and go to their place since it was just around the corner. They gave us the address and we got in my BMW to meet them over there. Katie spoke first, “oh man, this is so exciting, are you nervous? I’m so wet, oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening.”

“I’m a little nervous, yeah, but its kind of exciting,” I replied.

“Oh man, pull your cock out, I wanna suck it,” she said. I did as she asked and she leaned over and started giving me head. She pulled off to say, “I can’t believe in a few minutes, I’m going to see you doing this,” before sinking back down.

They were right that they lived close and we arrived, meeting them in the parking garage of their complex. Nick walked up and said hi and then he said, “so, we need some proof that you want to really do this. Grab our cocks and give us each a kiss.”

They were standing in front of me so with each hand, I reached out and grabbed each of their crotches, rubbing obviously large bulges and leaned in to kiss Nick. He full on kissed me, open mouth, his tongue in my mouth and I heard Katie gasp. I stopped and leaned over to Trevor who was more aggressive with his kissing. I could feel their already large bulges growing bigger. They might be bigger than me.

“If you come upstairs, remember we can be dominating and we’re not going to hold back for you. We will be degrading and we are going to use you how we want, are you ok with that?” asked Nick.

“Yes,” I said.

He nodded and told us to follow them. We got into the elevator and headed up. Trevor started groping and squeezing my ass. “Oh yeah, that’s a nice ass, this is going to do just fine.” Nick reached over and grabbed my ass too and agreed. Katie was just looking at me with a mischievous smile. She mouthed the words “I love you.”

We got to their floor and followed them into their apartment. They led us to the bedroom which was exquisitely decorated with a large king size bed, 55″ flat screen, couch, nice furniture. It was one of the nicest rooms I had ever been in.

Katie went to the couch and sat down, “you boys do your thing. I’ll just watch. Do you all mind if I take pictures with my phone to capture the moment?”

“Not at all,” said Nick, “as long as you share them with us. Now, I think its time for your friend to get naked.”

They looked at me and I just decided to go with it. I pulled off my shirt revealing my sculpted chest and abs. I’m no stranger to the gym myself and since I’ve been doing so well there, I had graduated to shaving my body hair. I kicked off my shoes and my socks and started unbuckling my jeans. I pulled them off and followed suit gebze escort with my boxers. My cock was semi-hard, weighted, but not fully hard.

The guys walked over and started inspecting my body with their hands, grabbing my chest, my ass, my cock, rubbing my shoulders and back and abs. I knew I had a good body and they apparently appreciated it. Trevor spent a lot of time grabbing, squeezing and pulling apart my ass. He gave it a smack before they told me to get on my knees. I looked at Katie and she had her phone pointed at us, no doubt taking photos. Maybe more. Her phone could take video and snap pictures at the same time.

I knelt down in front of them and they stepped up telling me to undo their pants. As I did, they took off their shirts and I realized that they were very hot, well sculpted like me and also hairless. That was good for me as I am not a fan of hair.

I started unbuckling Trevor’s pants first and as the zipper came down, I realized he was going commando. I reached in and made skin-to-skin contact with the first cock besides my own. I pulled it out and it was a beautiful, yet angry looking cock. It looked to be about 8 inches, but not fully hard. It was tan like him with large, bulging veins running along the shaft. I stroked it a little before he told me to open up and moved closer. He moved the head past my lips and I instinctively started swirling my tongue around the head. Katie got off the couch and moved the phone closer. “Oh my God,” she whispered, “this is so fuckin’ hot.”

Trevor started pumping in and out of my mouth, slowly, going a little deeper each time. He reached my throat and I gagged slightly. “When it gets to your throat, breath thru your nose and try and swallow. A gag reflex is not going to suit you well tonight, buddy.” He started pumping more and this time, I tried his suggestion and was able to get more in my mouth. I only had about half in when Nick walked away and came back. He handed me a medium size bottle and told me to inhale. I held the bottle up to my nose and with his instruction, closed off one nostril and held the bottle up, inhaled, then switched nostrils.

A strong, warm feeling ran thru my body and I felt my body relax and I got even more horny than I had been. My mouth started producing more saliva. I had no idea what I just took, but I loved it. Trevor moved his cock back to my mouth and this time it felt even better, I could feel sensations I didn’t the first time. It was like my senses were increased. He started going in and out of my mouth and started going deeper and deeper. He then pulled out and said, “here we go,” and then slowly started pushing into my throat, sliding it all the way in. He held it there, I was getting no air, but my nose was touching his stomach.

He pulled back out and told Katie, “ok, grab the top of his head and put your hand on his throat, lightly, don’t squeeze.”

Nick said he would take her phone while she did this. He took it and said, “oh, she doesn’t just want pictures, this crazy girl is videotaping this.”

He pointed the phone at us and Katie grabbed my head and throat. Trevor brought his cock back and did the same thing, slowly sliding his cock into my mouth and down my throat. Katie could feel as my throat expanded from the large cock that was filling it.

“OH MY GOD, is that your cock?” she asked with giddy delight.

“Yep, pretty boy here is a natural,” Trevor said.

“Man, I don’t think I could even do that, and I love a good throat fucking,” she said.

“Here, give it a shot,” he said removing the cock from my throat.

“You don’t mind? It doesn’t freak you out that in a girl? Wow, there’s something I’ve never said on my knees before a naked cock,” she said laughing.

“Nah, a mouth is a mouth,” Trevor said.

“Well then, ok,” she said. He positioned his cock at her mouth and said, “first, a warm up.” and then he started pumping in and out going slow and digging deeper with each stroke. I realized I had seen Katie sucking my cock before, but never one from this angle. It was my favorite angle in a porno. She looked so hot with the big cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

He pulled out and said, “ok, here we go.” She opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and tilted her head so that it was more of a straight shot down her throat. He pushed forward and slowly shoved his big cock down her throat, going and going, her choking and gagging, saliva coughing out around the shaft as it disappeared in her mouth and down her throat. I could see her throat expanding from the cock that was residing in it. He held it there for a moment before pulling it out, long strings of saliva connecting her lips to his cock.

“Again,” he asked and she enthusiastically nodded and opened her mouth again. He plunged in faster than before and buried his cock till her nose touched his pelvis and he grabbed the back of her head and pushed harder, smashing her face into his body, shoving his cock probably another half inch or so into her mouth and down her throat. He held it there and her hands went to his thighs, but she didn’t push back.

He finally pulled out and she gasped for air. “Fuck, we got two awesome cock-suckers. You all should get married and be the cock-sucking couple. Ok, now put your heads together, cheek to cheek.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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