A Bet’s A Bet Ch. 03

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The clock on Jamie’s dash showed 6:23 pm…roughly an hour and 20 minutes since she’d left home, headed for the Halloween party at her husband, Tom’s, place of work.

She fiddled lightly with the chain around her waist. Through a crazy series of circumstances in the last hour and twenty-some minutes…instead of arriving at her husband’s place of work…she now sat in the driver’s seat as a uniformed police officer stared down at her through his darkened shades.

On any other day, Jamie wouldn’t have been so anxious.

After all, the cop had pulled her over for erratic driving…she’d been laughing so hard that she’d nearly lost control of the car.

Glancing in the rearview, Jamie spotted the second officer standing with his arms folded across his broad chest several feet behind and to the right of her vehicle.

Still fiddling with the chain around her waist, she hesitated.

“Maam?” The officer repeated. “I need you to step out of the car.”

Jamie eyed the cop.

He was serious.

All around her, the sounds of the waning day filled her senses. The traffic passed behind the officer on the road as curious lookers slowed momentarily to pass what might have been an otherwise routine traffic stop.

But for Jamie, this was anything but routine.

As the office stared down at her…she was suddenly, acutely aware that she was totally nude.

She could feel the officer’s eyes on her bare breasts behind his glasses, making her feel even more naked. She rubbed her bare feet on the carpet beneath the pedals…making herself of aware that even her feet were bare.

Jamie sat a moment longer, imagining what it would be like to open the door and step out in the middle of traffic.

At once, her mind was filled with the image of her standing naked in the parking lot, eyes closed, rubbing her pussy furiously as traffic passed all around her…something she’d done not so very long ago.

As the officer continued to wait, Jamie also became conscious of her swollen aureole. Her nipples were hard, excited nubs.

They pulled at her.

Despite her feelings of embarrassment and shame at being caught naked by the police officer…she was incredibly turned on. Her breasts rose and fell faster with her excitement. It was becoming more difficult to breathe.

Jamie squeezed her thighs together involuntarily in the seat, making her clitoris jump. Electric jolts of excitement raced through her nerves. Her nipples ached. Jamie felt the wetness on the seat between her trembling legs.

“Miss,” the officer said patiently, yet with a slight rise in voice as if he was not going to wait forever, “I need to you step out…please.”

Taking a step back, the officer waited.

Another stolen glance in the rearview revealed the second officer staring expectantly in her direction.

Before her eyes left the mirror, Jamie noticed that her face was flushed red, as was her neck, down to the tops of her breasts.

She was mortified, embarrassed, scared to death, and very sexually excited all at the same time.

The prospect of once more standing totally nude and exposed to everyone and anyone right out in the open made her dizzy.

It was now 6:32 pm, she observed.

She was late for her meeting with her husband at his place of work but that was least of her worries as Jamie pushed the driver’s door open and stepped out of the car.

As she placed first one bare foot and then the other on the still warm pavement of the Southern California highway…it was a hard reminder that she was totally and completely naked. There was nowhere to hide.

Standing, revealing herself to the officer and the traffic behind him, Jamie felt dizzy again.

She felt as if she was in a dream.

Her pussy gushed…slickening her thighs with excitement. Her nipples pulled, begging for attention.

She could bursa escort barely breathe.

Looking up at the officer, Jamie saw that he was unmoved, save for the unmistakable lump at the zipper of his slacks. He was obviously either very well hung…or…he was erect.

That thought set tingles through Jamie’s own crotch, and she shook if off. At least, she tried.

Glancing in the direction of the second officer, Jamie saw that he was busy directing traffic around the scene. Still, she noticed people slowing their cars as they passed to gawk and leer at the naked woman on the side of the road.

Jamie again felt very, very naked…more exposed than she’d ever felt. It was scary and…somehow…delicious.

Masturbating in the parking lot had been one of the most exciting things she’d ever done…but this was different. Standing naked in the parking lot had been voluntary…she’d chosen to do it.

Now, standing naked in front everyone in the world on the side of the road was actually involuntary.

She was being forced to stand naked in public.

It was the single-most exciting thing she’d ever felt in her entire life. With no choice and no way to hide her nakedness, Jamie stood…her breath coming in short gasps.

Just as involuntarily, she reached for her mound.

“Miss,” the officer interjected, “please step to the rear of the vehicle.”

As if in a dream, Jamie placed one bare foot in front of the other…moving at what seemed like slow motion alongside of her car. In a kind of stupor, she looked into each car as it slowly passed her, watching the occupants faces register shock, surprise, anger…whatever it was…as they passed the sight of a nude woman rubbing herself slightly on the side of the road as she walked.

The officer waited until she reached the rear of her vehicle.

Looking down at herself, Jamie saw her largish bare breasts.

She noticed the way her nipples jutted out in front of her with excitement. Below her breasts, the rest of her was also completely bare. Her pussy lips were swollen and sensitive. Her mind raced. Every single breath that she took reminded her that she was completely nude in a very public place.

“Miss, please spread your legs and place your hands on the truck of the vehicle,” the officer commanded a few feet from her. She hadn’t noticed him approach.

Obeying, Jamie spread her legs and bent over and placed her hands on the trunk.

The car felt warm and hard under her skin as the sounds of traffic filled her ears.

The weight of her breasts hanging in front of her felt dirty somehow.

Despite what she saw and felt, her brain struggled to comprehend her situation.

And yet, her pussy gushed.

“Are you carrying any drugs or illegal weapons Miss?” the officer inquired matter-of-factly, stepping behind her.

Jamie shook her head.

It was all she could do to think straight.

“Was that a yes or a no?” the officer pressed.

Jamie swallowed hard.

All around her the sounds of the traffic made her dizzy with sexual excitement. Vaguely, she could hear people catcalling, whistling and making comments about the naked woman. But it was almost as if she was listening to them under water.

“you Miss…” was all she heard the officer say.

Jamie looked back over her bare shoulder at him. Despite his shades, she felt his eyes on her body.

“I said,” the office repeated, “do I have your permission to search you Miss?”

Jamie swallowed hard and nodded dumbly. It was all she could do.

Stepping closer, the office stood behind her. Suddenly, she felt his hands on her. They were warm and surprisingly soft.

Running his fingers down her back, the officer stopped at the small of her waist, before encircling it…holding her fast.

Jamie breathed hard.

Few men had every touched her body before bursa üniversiteli escort her husband Tom…especially not right out in public.

Continuing the search, the officer ran his hands lightly over her bare butt cheeks. Jamie shivered involuntarily.

Crouching slightly behind her, the officer patted her down…gently…slowly, running his fingers from the underside of her left butt cheek, down the backside of her left leg to her ankle. Then, starting at her right ankle, he gently patted her bare leg upwards, moving slowly towards her inner thigh, until his fingers were barely six inches from her dripping snatch.

Jamie shook with excitement.

The officer was so close to her that she could feel his breath on her butt cheeks. Her excitement trailed along her inner thighs. Her heart thudded in her ears. The office had to know she thought, he had to see her excitement.

Jamie was afraid that she would orgasm on the spot.

Without warning, the officer stood.

Oddly, she felt him behind her.

She felt the material of his slacks against her bare skin. Grasping her shoulder, the officer pushed her gently forwards, bending her over the trunk of the car until her nipples touched the metal of the trunk.

Pushing himself closer, Jamie suddenly felt the length of his erection in his slacks against her. She felt his hands circle her waist again and she moaned loudly, this time, unable to stop herself. Snaking a hand again between her legs, she rubbed her clitoris in small circles…openly masturbating as she unconsciously pushed back against the officer’s erection.

“Oh god…yes,” she grunted, fingering herself and pushing back against the erection behind her as warm hands momentarily cupped her breasts before trailing down her each side of her and coming to rest on her butt cheeks.

All thoughts of meeting her husband disappeared as Jamie stood naked, bent over her car, fingering herself while pressing back against the erection behind her.

The officer held her waist as she ground into his erect cock.

“Oh jeezus god, jeezus, god,” Jamie breathed hard, moaning louder with each thrust back.

Turning her head on the trunk of the car, Jamie stared out at the traffic. Her hair lay across her eyes, obscuring much of her view. Still she saw enough to know that a couple in black SUV were staring at her wide-mouthed in disbelief.

Jamie only moaned. Rubbing herself harder and faster, she neared orgasm, thrusting her hips back and grinding into the officer’s erection through his slacks.

“God yah…fuck me…” she breathed loud, on the edge…she was going to cum. She could not stop herself at that point.

She wanted to cum.

“Stand up Miss,” the officer said, out of the blue, removing his hands from her.

Jamie stopped as if ripped from a dream, her fingers still inside of herself.

The officer waited.

Like a punished child, Jamie straightened, facing him…her clitoris throbbed hard.

“Okay Miss,” the officer said with a smile. “I will let you off with a warning this time.” With that, he turned and paced to his cruiser. Opening the door, he stopped once more and smiled at her again. The other officer stood smiling as well and waived in her direction.

With that, both officers got in. Jamie stood nude and shocked behind her car as the cruiser roared to life, pulled away and was gone.

Traffic slowed to a crawl as people gawked at the nude woman on the road next to her car.

“HEY BABY!” someone yelled.

Ripped again from her state of mind-numb, Jamie ran to her car and jumped in. Starting the engine, she waited to pull out into traffic. With one hand, she drove. She jammed the other quickly in and out of her sopping, enflamed cunt, fucking herself hard and fast.

She’d never been so turned on before.

She karacabey escort came instantly with another orgasm right behind it.

Pointing her car finally towards Tom’s place of work, she drove and fucked herself in a sexual frenzy.

Over and over again, she replayed what had just happened, each time, the fantasy culminating with the officer fucking her right there in front of everyone.

She knew somewhere inside that she should feel guilty. After all, she’d practically fucked the officer right in the middle of the street…and secretly, she knew…she would have.

But all she could think about…care about…was her pussy and her need to cum hard, again and again.

Besides, Tom was the one who’d wanted her to drive totally naked all the way across town in the first place. She couldn’t help that the police officers had made her get out of the car and stand naked in right on the road in front of traffic.

Again, the realization of her situation washed over her like a fresh hit: She was naked in public, masturbating like a fiend. She had no way to cover herself. She’d been seen by more people than she could count and it turned her on like nothing ever had before.

She could not stop making herself cum.

Each orgasm came on the front side of the one behind it as she drove and diddled herself.

Pulling up to a light, she looked directly into the eyes of the young male driver next to her. Inserting her fingers into her mouth, she slowly sucked them, watching his stunned reaction, before returning to her masturbation.

She humped the palm of her hand and slapped at her pussy as she drove. She was late as hell but there was nothing she could do about it as another orgasm rocked her.

Finally, at a quarter past seven, Jamie pulled into the parking lot of her husband’s building. Shutting of the engine, she sat a moment catching her breath. Before she lost her resolve, she pushed the driver’s door open and stepped out.

The parking lot was full.

The sun was going down. It was getting darker and would soon be night. The air was somewhat chillier than it had been when she left.

She’d lost times of how many times she’d cum.

Her juices were dried on her inner thighs and she smelled of sex. And yet, the thought of what she was about to do…walk naked and barefooted across the parking lot right up into her husband’s building made her clitoris swell and throb yet again.

Standing next to the car, she leaned on it.

Spreading her legs wider, she spit on her fingers and inserted them into herself again. Her pussy was wet, hot and tight around them. Jamie closed her eyes and fucked herself slowly…imaging the cop fucking her again.

She’d also lost count of the times she’d masturbated right out in public, totally naked for anyone to see since leaving home.

Now, as she rubbed her pussy hard fast, she realized that masturbating in front of people in public, without a stitch of clothing turned her on harder than anything she’d ever imagined…she wondered if she could ever go back to being the way she was before.

She knew the answer to that as she rubbed herself faster, nearing orgasm again.

Across the parking lot, a car pulled in, its headlights bathing her momentarily as Jamie’s orgasm started.

Biting her lip, she moaned loudly, and rubbed her clit…sending her into wave after wave of bliss as orgasm rocked her back on her heels.

“Hey slut…” she heard a male voice to her left.

Jamie’s eyes flew open as her second orgasm started.

A young man, slightly younger than her…somewhat rough looking, stood a few feet away from her. His dirty jeans were undone and in his hand, he slowly stroked his erect cock.

It was enormous.

Jamie couldn’t have stopped slapping her horny, wet cunt if she’d wanted to.

She came again, hard…slapping at her pussy in front of the young man. She moaned loud and long as another orgasm coursed through her…shaking her tits and rocking her body.

The young man stroked his cock faster.

Jamie wondered where this was headed. She needed to get up to Tom’s work for the party…but…she was going to cum again.

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