A Day of Sex

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My girlfriend and I have been together for many years and enjoy our sex life. Although my wife is not crazy about sex she does enjoy it and is open to a few different things.

We decided to get away for a few days so stopped in a hotel near to the sea. The day after our travelling we decided to walk around and take in the sights. Our walking in the heat made us work up a thirst so we stopped off in a bar for a drink and this is where our fun began.

It was fairly warm so Rachael was wearing a short skirt, flip flops and a loose fitting top. She looked sexy most of the time but today she looked better than ever.

We were sitting opposite each other in a quiet corner of a fairly busy bar. Nobody was facing us and we were fairly secluded so I lent over and kissed her, our mouths met and our tongues intertwined. I slowly teased her mouth and lips with my tongue as she let out a little moan. She always loves a good kiss and it often gets her very horny. I had hoped this wouldn’t be an exception.

‘What was that for?’ Rachael asked with a smile.

‘Just wanted a kiss.’ I replied, not wanting to tell her what I was really trying to do.

I then felt Rachael’s foot slide up the inside of my leg and then back down again. My heart skipped a beat.

‘What was that for?’ I asked repeating her earlier question.

‘You knew kissing me like that would turn me on. Now you’ve started it you have got to finish it.’ She replied.

She then took her foot out of her shoe and slid it up my leg and onto my groin. She began stroking my crotch with her bare foot. Slowly my cock began to grow in my pants.

‘I knew you couldn’t resist my feet.’ She giggled as she started rubbing her foot up and down the length of my cock.

I couldn’t take any more of her foot teasing me so I grabbed it and began to massage it. I knew this would turn her on further.

I rubbed her foot for around five minutes as we finished our drinks.

‘My pussy is soaking. You have made me so wet. You need to take me back to the hotel. You pay for the drinks while I go to the ladies.’

I did as she said, paid the waiter and waited at the table for my girlfriend to return.

A few minutes later Rachael returned with a naughty look in her eye. She walked up to me and handed me her skimpy black see through thong. It felt damp and I lifted it to my face to inhale her scent.

‘I couldn’t walk back with those on they were to wet.’ She said chuckling. I stuffed the panties in my pocket and we left.

We walked back as quickly as we could. Our route back took us through a park. It was beginning to get dark and nobody was around. I swept Rachael off her feet and carried her into the bushes. In the middle of these bushes there was a fairly large area that looked like kids had broken down the branches and leaves to make a little den. I put her down, bent her over and lifted up her skirt.

Her bare ass and pussy were staring back at me. Rachael lent on a tree as I spread her legs. I then spread her ass cheeks and moved my face towards her shaven pussy.

‘Lick my bare pussy, I feel so dirty having my pussy licked outside.’ Rachael gasped.

I pushed my face into her pussy and began licking and sucking at her clit. I licked my tongue from her clit down to her pussy hole. I then began thrusting my tongue into her pussy.

‘Fuck my pussy with your tongue, it feels so good, lick my dirty pussy, I am such a slut, make me cum like a slut.’ Rachael moaned.

She was so horny I knew she wouldn’t last much longer. I continued licking her clit hard and fast. Her pussy was so hot and wet and as she began to push herself back I pushed my mouth harder into her pussy. She then began sliding her pussy up and down my face.

‘I am going to cum, don’t stop licking my pussy. I can’t believe how horny you make me. Lick my fucking clit harder.’ Rachael begged.

I tongued and sucked her clit as I saw her legs begin to shake. Her whole body began to quiver as her orgasm took hold.

‘Oh fuck, oh shit I am cumming.’ She screamed.

She did not care that she was outside now, she just cared about the feeling of her pussy.

She screamed and shook her way through a violent orgasm. As she calmed down I released her clit and pulled her skirt back down. She slowly stood https://bursali.org back up and gave me a hug.

‘You turn me into such a slut when you turn me on.’ She laughed.

‘You seemed to enjoy it.’ I quipped.

‘I did, but I haven’t finished yet.’ She replied.

She then slid her loose white top over her head and hung it over a branch. Then she removed her bra and let her huge breasts fall out. They looked great. Her nipples quickly stiffened due to the cool breeze.

‘Get my fuck toy out.’ She snapped as she hung her bra on a branch.

I pulled my cock out of my fly and Rachael dropped to her knees.

She encapsulated my cock in her hand and licked the precum from my bulbous head. She then engulfed the head of my cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my cock and began pumping her hand up and down the length of my shaft. The sight of my girlfriend in just a short skirt sucking my cock as her tits bounced up and down made my cum boil.

She then let my cock fall from her mouth and kneeled up higher and pushed her tits together.

‘Fuck my big tits stud, fuck them hard.’ Rachael ordered.

First I rubbed my cock on her nipples, feeling the stiffness of her nipples on the underside of my cock was great. Then I slapped my cock on her tits and pushed the head of my cock between her large breasts.

I began to pump my cock between her tits, picking up the pace as I went. Her large firm tits felt great around my dick. I began to pump faster as I felt the need to cum return to my cock.

‘Cum for me baby, cum all over you little sluts face. I want it in my mouth, I want to taste your hot salty load.’

With a few final thrusts I announced I was going to cum. She quickly opened her mouth and tilted her head back and lowered her face to my cock, releasing it from her now precum covered tits.

I rested my cock on her chin and my knob end on her bottom lip and began to jerk my cock.

‘That’s it stud, shoot your load all over your sluts pretty little face. Cover me in your cum.’ Rachael ordered spurring me on.

With a few final jerks I felt my cock begin to spasm. My first two jets of cum shot onto her face, covering her eyes and nose. My next few spurted into her mouth as Rachael began to moan. Rach then took my dick into her mouth to milk the remainder of cum out of me. She then licked me clean and swallowed my load.

‘You taste good today baby.’ She stated.

She then fed herself with the cum off her face using her fingers. She then pulled her panties out of my pocket and wiped her face. She then threw the panties on the floor put her top back on and left her bra hanging up. ‘What about your bra and pants?’ I asked.

‘Leave them for some horny kid to find.’ She giggled. ‘Come on lets get back I am not finished with you yet.’ She said.

As we walked back I noticed her nipples were clearly visible through her white top, this and the thought of her having no panties covering her wet pussy caused my erection to return.

As we reached the hotel the guy on reception nearly had a heart attack when he saw my girlfriend. Her nipples were rock hard from the cool breeze and easily visible through he white top. Rachael flicked the man a smile as we walked past him towards the elevators.

As the elevator was empty and we were a few floors up we decided to have a quick grope before our floor. I pulled Rach’s top up and began sucking on her nipples and my hand found its way to her pussy. I slipped two fingers into her soaking pussy and began teasing her nipple with my teeth. She began thrusting her pussy into my hand just ad the elevator dinged and the doors opened. Luckily there was no one waiting for the elevator as they would have had a big shock.

We let each other go and pretty much ran to our room. As we walked through the door I shut and locked it and threw her against the door. I dropped my trousers and lifted my girlfriend against the door. I then easily slid my cock into her wet hole and began to fuck her against the door. I pulled her top off and began ravaging her large breasts. Rachael was loving it, screaming for me to fuck her harder. As I banged my cock in and out of her pussy she wrapped her sexy legs around me to pull me in as deep as I could go.

She was now bursa escort kız pinned between me and the door and holding her self in position with her legs so I no longer needed to hold her with my arms. I grabbed her tits hard and began sucking her nipples in my mouth.

‘I am going to cum, your cock feels so big in my pussy, please fuck me harder. Bite me, bite my nipples.’ Rach begged.

I began biting her nipples. Softly at first then harder and harder all the time pumping my thick cock in and out of her tight hole.

‘I am cumming.’ I announced.

‘Me too, please spurt your hot cum into my pussy, keep fucking me, I am going to cum, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck me please… argh.’ Rachael babbled as she began to shake with her second orgasm of the day.

As she began to shake I pushed my cock into her for the final time, my cock exploded shootings spurt after spurt of hot cum into her already soaking pussy.

‘I can feel your hot cum, my pussy feels so good.’ Rachael screamed as her orgasm ripped through her body. After my cock finished spurting cum into her pussy I lowered Rachael to the floor and slid out of her. My cum began dribbling out of her pussy and down her legs. I stood back and looked at her, her hair was a mess, her pussy was red and oozing cum which was dribbling down her legs, her tits were covered in saliva and she was panting like a dog.

‘You fucked the shit out of me, and later I want you to literally fuck the shit out of me.’ She smiled as she headed for the shower.

Only when she was really horny would she let me fuck her ass. I couldn’t wait. When Rachael returned from the shower she ordered me to go and have a shower and make sure I was clean. I knew what this meant, she wanted to play with my ass, which I loved. This was going to bed a good night.

As I came out of the shower I was greeted with Rachael kneeling on the bed with her ass hanging over the edge. She had three fingers in her pussy and one in her asshole.

I got down on my knees and spread her ass cheeks. Rach then removed her finger from her ass. I flicked my tongue around her rosebud and she began to moan. Her three fingers still pushing in and out of her pussy. I continued licking her asshole for a few minutes until I decided to stick my tongue up her ass. I tensed my tongue and forced it into her asshole.

‘Oh shit that feels good, tongue fuck my ass.’ Rachael gasped.

I began forcing my tongue into her tight ass, then removing it, licking all around her puckered asshole then forcing it back in again.

‘Finger my ass.’ She barked.

I pulled my tongue from her ass, spat on it, then forced two fingers past her tight ring. She began to pant and moan as I thrust my two fingers in and out of her hot little asshole. I then forced a third finger into her ass, she now had three fingers in each hole.

‘Oh god I feel so full. ‘ She whimpered.

After a few minutes of fingering her ass I asked her if she was ready for my cock.

‘Oh yes, split me open with your huge cock.’ She gasped in reply

I slowly slid my fingers from her asshole and as I did her asshole gaped slightly. As it closed I licked it, it felt also looser than earlier. Rach took her fingers from her pussy and licked them clean in front of me.

I grabbed the lube from my case and applied a generous amount to my cock as Rachael toyed with her clit. Her asshole was already wet from saliva and I knew it wouldn’t need lubricating.

I placed the throbbing head of my cock on her puckered rosebud and began to push. My cock head pushed past her tight ring as her ass opened to accommodate my huge cock. As I forced my cock into her ass Rachael began moaning louder and rubbing her clit faster. Her ass eventually took my 8 inches and I began to withdraw my cock. I pulled back until just the head of my dick was left inside her stretched sphincter. I then pushed my entire cock back into her ass. I continued doing this, each time completing it slightly faster than the last. Eventually I was fucking her ass with relative speed and force.

Her ass was extremely tight and it was hard to fight off the urge to cum. I then felt Rachael slide three fingers into her pussy. I could feel her fingering her pussy through her ass wall. She was moaning bursa anal yapan escort and screaming as both of her holes were stretched.

‘Fuck my dirty slutty little asshole. Stretch my ass. Make me fucking cum.’ Rachael yelled.

As I began fucking her ass harder I felt Rachael ass another finger to her pussy. She was now fucking her pussy with all four fingered and rubbing her clit with the palm of her hand. Only when she was extremely horny and wet did she fuck herself with four fingers. I knew she was ready to explode.

I grabbed her hips and rammed my cock in and out of her ass fucking her as hard as I could. I knew she was going to cum soon so I just let go as I needed to cum so badly.

‘Fuck me, fuck me harder. You’re making you dirty little butt slut cum for you.’ Rachael moaned as her body began to shake.

I could feel her frantically frigging her pussy and I slammed in and out of her little asshole. Her asshole tightened on my cock as her powerful orgasm took control. My cock sliding in and out of her asshole began to spurt hot sticky cum into her sphincter, coating the inside of her asshole. Rachael was bucking underneath me as my cock spewed a river of hot cum into her asshole.

Rachael calmed down from her orgasm as my cock emptied the last drops of cum into her. I felt her slide her fingers from her pussy as I collapsed on top of her.

‘How much have you cum? Feels like you filled my ass with your cum.’ Rachael laughed.

I slid my spent cock from her asshole to see how much I had cum. Her used asshole was red and gaping. Cum began to dribble from her asshole. Rachael reached back and wiped cum from her asshole and brought it to her mouth. She then licked the thick salty sperm from her hand. Once she hand cleaned the cum from around her ass she then slid two fingers into her ass and scooped out a massive wod of cum. She then dribbled in off her fingers into her mouth and swallowed. She then licked the remains of the cum from her fingers. She did this a few times until she had eaten all of the cum from her asshole.

‘Your cum from my ass tastes so good, I wish there was more.’ She said that as if she was actually sad there was non left.

She then got up to turn round n noticed my cum covered cock. My cock was now semi hard from watching her eat my cum from her asshole

‘mmmmmmmmm there is some more.’ She grinned and dropped to her knees. She engulfed the whole of my semi erect cock into her mouth and sucked and licked all the cum from my cock.

My cock returned to full hardness but it felt painful. My cock was aching but Rachael still wanted to taste my cum.

‘You think you got any left in the tank?’ She asked.

‘I doubt it.’ I replied.

‘I really want some cum though. Ah I know.’ Kneel on the bed.’ She ordered.

I knew what was coming. When ever she fingered my ass I always came quicker and harder. This was the only was I was going to cum again tonight.

She spread my ass cheeks and extended her tongue until she licked my asshole. She was wanking my cock between my legs with her hand as she rammed her tongue up my asshole.

I began to moan as the aching feeling from my cock stopped. She licked my asshole until it was soaked in her saliva and the she pushed her two fingers into my tight ass.

She finger fucked my ass until I was ready for three fingers. As she inserted the third she put her head between my legs and opened her mouth.

She began sucking the end of my dick as she furiously jerked it with her hand. All the time massaging my prostate with her delicate fingers.

‘I am going to cum all over your face you dirty cum slut.’ I announced

‘Cum for me, Cum all over my face and all in my mouth, I want to taste you, make me your cum slut, spunk your big hot load on my face.’ She replied.

She thrust her fourth finger into my ass and licked the underside of my cock. I could take no more, my balls emptied what was left in them all over her face. Some in her mouth, some on her lips and on her chin. She slid her fingers from my ass as the last few drops landed on her chin.

She then sat next to me, showed me the cum in her mouth and swallowed it down. She then scooped the cum from her chin and offered me her finger. I sucked it in my mouth and kept the glob of cum in my mouth.

We then began a passionate kiss swapping cum between our mouths. I licked the cum from her face and gave it to her in our kiss. Finally she broke the kiss and swallowed the rest of my cum.

We then embraced on the bed and drifted off to sleep covered in sweat and cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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