A Girl Called Sami Ch. 07

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The summer semester was moving towards finals week and at the end of it, Sami would be ‘officially a sophomore in college, and yes, she felt an immense amount of pride for that personal achievement.

Sami traveled back home to Jackson for the July fourth weekend, catching a ride and sharing the gas costs with another coed from Jackson, Melissa. Sami loved the Student Newspaper for its humor and sarcastic digs it took at the ‘Establishment’, as well as the student ads.

She had seen the ad, looking for someone to share gas costs to Jackson for that glorious American holiday and contacted Melissa, securing a ride home.

“Sami?” Melissa questioned when approaching the table at the square’s coffee kiosk.

“Hi, you’re Melissa?” Sami replied.

“Yes, glad to meet you,” Melissa said as she accepted Sami’s invite to sit down.

Melissa Green was a rather diminutive young woman, probably no more than 5’3″ on tip-toes, Sami thought. She was slight in build, with a short hairstyle, her red hair framing her face nicely.

She was a senior, majoring in upper elementary education and lived near Oxford, Mississippi, the home of Ol’ Miss, the state’s pride and joy when it came to higher education.

They had coffee together while discussing the trip home for the holiday weekend. Arrangements were made for Melissa to pick Sami up right after classes, next week, and sealing the deal with a handshake, they each went on with their respective plans for that day.

Slinging her camera over her shoulder, Sami went in search of photo opportunities.

Since she had received Bev’s camera as a birthday gift, Sami had been a shooting fool around the campus. She was particularly fond of shooting the old and majestic Live Oak trees that were all over the campus.

Sami loved the massive, gnarled limbs, as they snaked from the trunk of these gorgeous trees, bending and dipping towards the ground before rising again to reach for the sky. At one time in New Orleans, most of these oaks were festooned with beautiful Spanish Moss dripping from its limbs, but for myriad reasons throughout the south, the Spanish Moss was a disappearing phenomenon.

Walking the campus with her camera, Sami felt a sense of serenity for whatever reason. She would get into a ‘zone’, her eyes searching for the perfect shot, the perfect angle, for her lenses to capture and freeze in time.

As an Art major, she had access to the Art department’s darkroom facilities, the charge to students to use them, being very reasonable. For this reason, but not entirely, Sami shot Black & White film, easier and cheaper to develop than color film. Sami also liked the drama that she could create with B&W film, using shadow and detail to accentuate the shot. She also liked the graininess of the high-contrast film that she favored.

All in all, Sami thought, as she approached the fall semester, a few weeks off yet, she thought her first year of college to be a monumental success.


For Bonnie Sue, it was a summer of discovery.

Since that first kiss with Sami, Bonnie’s world was a hodge-podge of emotions to say the least.

She and Roy had gone of a few dates since breaking their engagement which, by the way, was still a point of contention between them and their families. Their parents, totally clueless, still pushed hard at them to ‘get back together’; Bonnie Sue and Roy both knew, in their hearts, that wasn’t going to happen.

Within the first week of that magic night with Sami, Bonnie initiated sex with Roy on their date; Roy thought it was because that Bonnie still thought him sexually virile, but for Bonnie, it was nothing more than a check of her own libido to gauge the pleasure she had enjoyed with Sami.

Roy didn’t know that, of course, nor would Bonnie say so. Of course, Roy got his rocks off, but for Bonnie, it was more of the same, her own climax having to wait until she was alone in her bed at the dorm, her hands providing the relief that her body needed.

Before making out with Sami, Bonnie often masturbated after a date with Roy, after they had sex, and fantasized about fucking and sucking other cocks in order for her to get off. Since that night with Sami, her fantasies when masturbating were of the scent and softness of Sami’s lips and kisses, and the feelings that Sami’s hands provided. When Bonnie masturbated after watching lesbian porn on her laptop, her mind-movie was of her and Sami orally pleasuring each other.

That hadn’t happened yet, of course, but Bonnie desperately wanted it to, she knew that with certainty, and whenever she could garner to courage yalova escort bayan to take that next step with Sami, she knew she would.

She was getting closer to ‘crossing the line’ when she and Sami had their make-out sessions, but she wasn’t there yet, not quite yet, but soon, she was sure.


The trip home for the holiday weekend turned out to be fortuitous for Sami, in a couple of ways.

Conversation with Melissa on the drive was relaxed, and free-flowing; they both liked Delta Blues music, the earthiness of the genre reaching deep within their souls; they were both ‘runners’, running every day and decided that upon return to campus, that they would coordinate timing to be able to run together whenever possible. When T was on campus, she ran with Sami but only once or twice a week. With Melissa a daily runner, like Sami, she would now have company on her runs and Sami liked running with a partner.

But, the crowning jewel of their discoveries of each other was the fact that Melissa was trying to sell her used, Honda 250cc motor scooter. Melissa loved the scooter but at 5’3” and barely a hundred pounds, balancing and riding at slow speeds was a challenge, to say the least, for Melissa. Because of that, the scooter stayed parked and was used once a week to keep the batteries and fluids viable.

Simply said, she no longer had use for her ‘scoot’, as she called it.

Sami had been driving tractors and farm equipment from the time she was ten years old, which included an ATV for going out into the fields to bring feed and such. With her 5’10” height, Sami’s ability to balance would be of little consequence.

They struck a deal on the drive back to campus and for the relatively cheap price of fifteen hundred bucks; Sami now possessed wheels, which in turn, gave her even more freedom to get about the City for photo shoots, and photography opportunities.


Hearing her cell’s ring-tone, Bonnie answered it, a bit resentful of being interrupted in the middle of her masturbation.

“Bonnie, get your fine ass downstairs, I’ve got something to show you,” Bonnie heard Sami say when she answered the cell.

“Give me five minutes to get dressed and I’ll be right down,” Bonnie lied. She was already dressed, though her shorts and panties were around her knees as she lay on her bed. Hanging up, Bonnie finished her masturbation, fueled now by fresh visions brought on by Sami’s voice.

That’s why she wanted the five minutes, to get off, which she did within two minutes of the call.

“Sweet!” Bonnie exclaimed when she viewed Sami sitting on her new wheels, well, new to Sami at any rate, “where’d you get that?”

Sami gave Bonnie a shortened version of how she came to be the owner, third hand, of the ‘scoot’. With a 250cc engine, she’d be able to keep up with traffic easily, and the size of the Honda, with the rear seat, would easily accommodate two people. There was even a storage bin behind the passenger seat for storage. Melissa had included two helmets with the deal and tossing one to Bonnie, which she almost dropped, Sami told Bonnie to strap on the helmet and they’d take a ride.

It was a fucking blast, to say the least.

They stayed close to campus, venturing through Audubon Park, which was nearby, enjoying the wind in their faces, and drove around the area of the City known, locally, as the ‘Garden District’; old multi-storied mini-mansions on large grounds, most over a hundred years old. Huge, old trees dotted the Garden District, which was the home for the ‘old money’ of the City.

“Damn, that was fun,” Bonnie exclaimed when Sami returned them to their dorm; locking the wheels of the scooter with the thick, heavy chain, they ran upstairs to their room, both still exhilarated from the hour-long tour.

“Yeah, it was,” Sami exclaimed, her adrenalin still pumping from the ride, “and now, room 204 has wheels,” she proudly proclaimed.

“Good for you,” Bonnie said.

“No, good for us; we now have wheels to get around on when we need to go somewhere, and we don’t have to rely on buses and street cars for transportation.”

Bonnie smiled when she heard Sami use the term ‘us’; it pleased her for some unknown reason.

Their chit-chatting was interrupted by Sami’s cell going off.

“Sami, its Marcia, have you a minute or two?”

“Sure, how are you?”

“Oh, just as horny as ever but I don’t need to tell you that, now, do I?” Marcia replied bluntly, and with a bit of a laugh.

“No, no, Marcia, you certainly don’t,” Sami joked yalova escort back with her.

“Well, the reason for the call is to ask you if you were free any night this week, so that we can start the new project.”

The second project piece, the one of Sami in a short kimono, had been finished the week before the July fourth weekend, and over that weekend when Marcia displayed it on the Square, it had sold.

For Marcia, not only was Sami a delicious young piece of twat, she was also damned near a guaranteed sale.

Checking her schedule, Sami said that the only night free this week was tomorrow night, Tuesday; she was working at the Grille the rest of the week, and into the weekend.

“Well, then, is it a date?” Marcia asked.

“Yep, what time do you want to start?”

“If you could be here around 5,” Marcia said further, “I’d love for you to have dinner with us before we start the new work.”


Explaining herself, Marcia said that a ‘dear’ friend was in town for a visit for a couple of weeks, and Marcia would love for Sami to meet her, since she was also an artist, but living in “La-La Land”, Marcia jokingly said, referring, of course, to Los Angeles.

Sami said, “Sure, that’d be great; I’ll you at 5,” declining Marcia’s offer to come and pick her up at the dorm.

“No need, I have transportation now,” and quickly, Sami told Marcia of her purchase of the Honda.

Marcia laughed, and complimented Sami on have the ‘cajones’ to drive around the City on two wheels, ringing off afterwards.

“Sitting for Marcia again?” Bonnie asked after Sami had hung up. Bonnie knew she sat for Marcia as a model; Bonnie didn’t know of the sexual side of that relationship, though.

“Yeah, that’s good, though; Momma’s got to pay for insurance,” Sami laughingly said.

“You’re working the rest of this week, too?” Bonnie questioned further.

“Well, I sorta’ lied about that,” Sami admitted, “I’m off Friday night, but I thought that you and I could maybe go out to eat or catch a movie, if you don’t have a date with Roy, that is.”

“Nope, I’m all yours,” Bonnie replied, happy inside that she and Sami had a ‘date’.


“Sami, I’d like you to meet a dear friend, my roommate from college, Miriam,” Marcia said by way of introduction.

Miriam was a couple of years younger than Marcia, and taller, though shorter than Sami. She had a short hair-style, not quite like a boy’s cut, but close; her figure was attractive, not outstanding, but it suited her height. Like Marcia, her wit was quick and irreverent.

They shared a light supper of grilled shrimp and a salad, along with a wonderful bottle of wine that Miriam had brought along with her, from a small, privately-owned winery in Temecula, California.

Dinner over, Miriam produced a fat doobie as an aperitif for their meal.

“My travel kit of paints and thinners provide a wonderful mask of odor for a small amount of herb,” Miriam explained.

“Back in the day,” Marcia offered, “we were known around campus as the M&M girls,” Marcia laughingly said, “rarely did you see one without the other.”

“Yeah, that and the fact that we always had the munchies from the weed we smoked,” Miriam contributed.

After they finished the joint, Marcia suggested that they get started with the night’s work of starting the new project.

Would you mind if I tagged along, Sami?” Miriam asked, “And if you didn’t mind, I’d like to do some pencil sketches while you and Marcia worked, if that’s okay with you; I promise that I won’t deny you compensation, should I ever sell them.”

“Sure, I’m okay with that,” Sami said, feeling the buzz as she said it.

This project would be of Sami standing, leaning against a faux-marble stone column, it actually being made of paper mache; Sami would be facing away from Marcia, just the posterior view as a subject.

With Sami’s firm ass and legs, she was almost goddess-like when she assumed the pose. Marcia draped a gauze-type material from Sami’s shoulder, running across and partially hiding her ass, and wrapping around her right thigh which was held a bit apart from her body’s standing position, finally dropping to the floor, gathered at her right foot.

The sitting went well for all; Marcia focused on the canvas in front of her, while Miriam sketched quickly and freely with pencil on a tablet, capturing the entire scene, and individual sketches of both Marcia working and Sami in pose.

“Would you like to shower, Sami?” Marcia asked as she wiped off her brushes and putting them, afterwards, escort yalova to soak in her cleaning jar.

“I can shower back at the dorm, but thanks for the offer,” Sami replied.

“Aren’t you planning on staying for a while, like usual?” Marcia asked, with a questioning look on her face.

“Well, with your company and all, I figured it wouldn’t be ‘as usual’, Sami offered in explanation.

“Miriam wouldn’t be in the way at all, sweetie,” Marcia said as if Miriam wasn’t in the room, “in fact, she’d be very agreeable to joining us, wouldn’t you, Miriam?”

“Indeed,” Miriam answered as she put up her drawing pencils and pad.

“You won’t be disappointed, Sami-girl, I promise you,” Marcia added, “and after we’ve all showered, we’ll relax for a bit with some ganja, okay?”

They were asking Sami to do a threesome, Sami quickly realized, and just as quickly, Sami thought it to be a grand idea.

“Anyone for a shower?” Sami asked in answer to the unspoken question.

“Miriam, why don’t you and Sami shower up while I roll us a little something for later,” Marcia said as she walked from the studio, leaving the two of them behind.

While Sami and Miriam touched, teased and soaped each other, there were no climaxes reached by either, but there was plenty of horny for them both as a result, which was the plan.

Sami enjoyed Miriam’s knowledgeable touches, especially her kisses. For her part, Miriam had to fight off the urge to drop to her knees to pleasure this good-looking nineteen year-old. But, fight it, she did.

They joined Marcia in the parlor of the main apartment, Marcia having rolled the doobie, showering afterwards in the bedroom’s attached bathroom. Sami used the wraparound that she normally used and the M&M girls had thrown on wraps of their own.

Firing up, they shared the herb, and conducted banal and meaningless conversation. Sami had been positioned to sit between M&M, and the nearness of the older women, along with the knowledge that she was going to ‘do’ them, kicked Sami’s horny-motor into gear.

When Miriam leaned in to kiss the side of Sami’s face with light, butterfly kisses, her hand dropped to Sami’s exposed thigh, slowly and sensually rubbing her fingertips from her knees to a few inches below Sami’s crotch.

Sami closed her eyes, moving her head in concert with Miriam’s kisses. Marcia mirrored Miriam’s kisses to Sami’s face, but her hand was softly fondling Sami’s breasts as she did so.

Sami’s hands were rubbing between the thighs of both women as they kissed her, her fingers moving ever so surely towards their respective snatches. When Marcia leaned in and began kissing Sami’s mouth, Miriam moved to the floor in front of Sami, loosening the tie-wrap of Sami’s wraparound, pulling it aside, exposing Sami’s young, firm body.

Moving Sami’s legs apart with her hands, Miriam lowered her head and started kissing and licking Sami-girl’s pussy, teasingly, but expertly. Marcia was now sucking Sami’s breasts with increasing lust, biting and nibbling on Sami’s rock-hard nipples.

For her part, Sami was dizzy with lust, the touches from these two forty-somethings driving her mad with wanton desire. While one of her hands was caressing and rubbing through Miriam’s hair as she performed cunnilingus on Sami, her other hand was feeling and fondling Marcia’s snatch.

Sami fought off climaxing with all her might but in the hands of these two women, it wasn’t enough and she lost that battle, damned near passing out from the rush of blood to her magic spot.

“Shall we go upstairs, darlings?” Marcia asked as she and Miriam kept Sami’s motor running with post-coitus nibbles and kisses.

“Oh yeah, but before we do, I should call my roomie so she doesn’t worry if I’m a bit late,” Sami said, her breathing coming heavily to her from her arousal.

“Or, if you don’t come home at all?” Miriam asked, hopefully.

“Or, if I don’t come home at all,” Sami replied, accepting Miriam’s tongue into her mouth afterwards, relishing the taste of her own pussy on Miriam’s tongue.

Not only did Sami not go home, she also got very damned little sleep.

Once upstairs, Sami found the M&M girls insatiable, both keeping Sami-girl busy between their legs, and Sami-girl wasn’t complaining. Sami had never had as much sex in one night as she had that night, both giving and receiving.

It wasn’t until 1 or so in the morning, that the three of them fell into a restful, sex-fatigued slumber.

As Sami drove back to campus on her scooter early the next morning, her pussy was a bit ‘tender’ as each bump on the street reminded her. Still, she had decided, it was a subtle reminder of how much she had enjoyed her romp with the M&M girls, a night in which Sami-girl learned the value of having sex with older, experienced lovers.

All in all, Sami conceded as she parked and locked her ‘scoot’, not a bad night for Ms. Puss, no, not in the least.

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