A Happy Birthday

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Last night I thought of you- but you knew this because that’s why you put those naughty visions in my head. You wanted me to dwell on what you plan to do to me when you get me alone, on your terms. You even know I won’t fight it because deep down I want it too- the anticipation is the killer though. That and the imagination…mine.

It starts with a knock on the door. You won’t ask who it is. You know it’s me because you’ve been planning this day almost as long as we’ve been seeing each other. Besides, you gave me a specific time to be here and you know how I hate to keep you waiting. You open the door and pull me inside. Tangling my hair in your hands, you bring my head towards you and kiss me lightly.

When the kiss is done, you whisper to me all the things that you have planned to do to me. My response is to wet your lips with my tongue. You quickly suck my tongue in and instantly I feel myself getting wet. Our tongues dance for what seems like an eternity and when you slowly move away from me, I moan from the intense want of you.

You tell me to prove how much I want you. As I start to undress you, the radio that I just realized was on plays “Secret Lovers.” How appropriate. I now start at the top of you by taking off your shirt. With that out of the way, I proceed to lick and suck your nipples and run my fingers through the hair on your chest. As I alternate between almanbahis nipples, you moan my name and press my head deeper to you. When I tire of teasing you this way, I work my way down to your waist with my tongue. Once there, you help me undo your pants, which I eagerly pull down, so that I can devour my prize.

Starting at the head, I lick and kiss every solid inch of you. I tease you until you purr for me and at that point, I put all of you into my hot, eager mouth. You love watching me down on my knees making your dick wet with my mouth and the hotter you get, the wetter I become until I can feel my own juices pouring down my legs. When you are at that precise moment of cumming, you gently push me away and pull me up. Now we kiss and I share with you the precum that I have managed to erupt from your hard dick.

As we kiss, you edge me closer and closer to the bed. When I’ve backed up into it, you gently sit me down and before you can push me away, I hungrily take you into my mouth again. Moaning, you push me away and tell me to lie back on the bed with my feet up. While I’m in this position you get down on your knees and begin your hungry assault on my soaking pussy. Using your tongue as only a skillful lover can, you lick and suck my clit making me moan in ecstasy.

Next, you have me move to the center of the bed and gently roll me over onto my stomach. almanbahis yeni giriş With me in this position, you use your hands and lips to tempt and tease me. You tenderly massage my body taking care to play with my ass and pussy with your fingers. When I am totally relaxed, you tell me get up on my knees. Taking your dick in hand, you place it just at the entrance to my pussy to get the head wet and to tease me. Instinctively I push back onto you but you gently stop me and begin rubbing your hard dick back and forth over my pussy and ass. When you’ve teased yourself unmercifully, you put your dick into my pussy in one long stroke. Once inside me, you begin to take long, slow strokes which intensify with deepness each time. With each thrust of your dick, you lightly flick my clit with your fingers until you feel me tense as though I want to cum.

At the brink yourself, you pull out of my pussy and place the head of your dick at my ass but don’t enter. You want to see how long I can hold out before I start begging you to continue. I surprise you though when I roll onto my back and begin to play with myself for your viewing pleasure. Although I’m not supposed to ask any questions, I boldly ask you to help me play and to let me watch you play with yourself. You have no problem obliging me and quickly put one finger into my pussy and one into my ass while you use your almanbahis giriş free hand to stroke your wet dick.

My time of being in charge is over when you hear me moan your name. Now you roll me onto my stomach, lift my ass in the air and place the head of your beautiful, hard dick onto my ass. Being the gentle man that you are, you slowly enter my ass in short strokes so I can adjust to you without pain. Once you are in to the hilt, you take pleasure in hearing my sighs of passion as you stroke my ass hard and deep. While stroking in and out of my ass, you reach around me to play with my nipples. You surprise me in this because you haven’t given them attention since we’ve been together today. You more than make up for this though, by the gentle tweaking that you are giving them now. As you reach the brink of cumming, you stroke my ass harder and faster and our moans together seem to get louder and louder in the quiet of the room.

When you feel I’ve reached the point of no return, you take one final thrust and explode inside me filling me with your hot, sweet sex. Pulling out of me slowly, you kiss me on the back and ass and get up, pulling me to my feet, so that we can shower together. While inside the shower we playfully soap each other up and kiss fervently then allow the warm water to rinse us clean. When we get out of the shower you towel dry me and I eagerly return the favor. Once dry, we stroll hand in hand back to the bed, lie down and cradle ourselves in each others arms. As I drift to sleep the last thing I hear you say is “happy birthday, Jello” and I think to myself what a happy birthday it was indeed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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