A Kitchen Fit to Party in Ch. 06

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I had told Rosie that Emily was coming at ten, but I hadn’t told her that I was turning up at nine. I was hoping her to catch her undressed and unaware. I did.

I wondered whether she had looked through the ‘door peephole’ before she answered the door. She threw it open wearing a very see-through, shortie nightie that we had bought the day before. Actually I really hoped that she had not looked through the peephole.

‘Good morning wifey. You look delectable this morning.’

She did have the grace to give me a proper kiss this time.

‘Did you look through the peephole before you answered the door to me?’

‘Yes,’ she admitted.

‘I am disappointed. What would you have done if it had been the postman?’

‘I don’t know,’ she answered honestly. She is just so honest it hurts.

‘I would like to think that I would have opened the door to him. That’s what you and Alan want isn’t it? I think I would have opened it but stayed mainly behind it. I would have given him a little tease perhaps as I took the mail in. Anyway maybe we will find out soon. He hasn’t been yet.’

‘Perfect. I turned up early to take a few photos for Alan. I didn’t get any yesterday. He will be having withdrawal symptoms. How about a coffee please?’

She made me a coffee and some toast while we chatted about the weather and how Alan was enjoying himself in Germany.

The doorbell rang.

‘That maybe the postman. Don’t look. Just answer the door and then hide behind it if you need to. Make sure you give him a flash if you have to sign for anything.

I stood in the kitchen doorway and she was as good as gold.

Her little faux blush as she realised it was the postman maybe wasn’t a faux blush. It may have been real. From where I was standing I reckoned he could maybe see her left breast, just. Wonder of wonders, he had a small parcel she had to sign for. She had to almost fully open the front door to reach both arms around to sign and then hold the parcel. Just her right leg was probably hidden.

‘Thank you,’ I heard her say as she closed the door.

‘I hoped he thanked you as well,’ I said.

‘You are naughty, but yes he did. Should I have offered him a cup of coffee?’ She batted her eyelids at me.

‘Now who’s being naughty?’

I took a couple of photographs as she stood there drinking her coffee, looking a million dollars.

‘Okay now remember what is happening in here tomorrow. The workmen are arriving and sooner or later we will be taking some photographs of you in here.

So I am going to start acclimatising you to that. Firstly if I were you I would move all the staples that you will need on a regular basis somewhere handy. Coffee, tea, sugar, cups, biscuits. That sort of thing.’

‘I don’t keep biscuits in the house. We never really snack on them, nor really sugar. I might be able to find some icing sugar.’

‘Well you will need them. All builders take at least two spoonfuls of sugar and at least two biscuits with every cup they have so we will need to get them today. Buy instant coffee and tea bags if all you have is this wonderful Columbian blend coffee and Earl Grey tea. They will prefer to make their own usually and that will be a lot easier on you. What am I saying? Of course with you wandering around in the nude they will much prefer you to be making it. I can see you now, standing close, pushing out your tits and looking into the foreman’s eyes and saying ‘One lump or two? Is this sweet enough for you? More milk?’ He will love that.’

‘Don’t even think about it. I find the whole idea repugnant. We don’t really have to take photos in here do we? Or at least if we do can we not put up a temporary screen? That will be titillating enough won’t it?’

It was interesting that she, in her heart of hearts, had actually accepted that we would be taking photos in here and she would be exposing herself at some stage to the workmen. She had started to move a few mugs from the cupboard over the work surface to the far side of the room.

‘How many men do you think will be here?’

‘It is difficult to say really. Day one, a plasterer and his assistant, an electrician or two, a plumber or two and a couple of general builders perhaps. No more than nine or ten. They will be here probably until Friday maybe Saturday, and then after that there will probably be a few less specialists and a couple more general builders to fit the cupboards and white goods that are due for delivery Monday morning.’

‘That’s a lot of people.’

‘Take your panties off.’


‘You heard.’


‘Are you going to question every order and pose I give you while we are taking these photos?’

She looked sullen. ‘No, but why now? I will feel undressed without them.’

‘That, my dear Rosie, is entirely the point. Did I not say I was acclimatising you to the idea.’

‘No wait,’ I stopped her from actually removing them.

‘After all that prevarication. I am going to make it a bit harder for you so that kuşadası escort next time you will do things immediately please. Help me move this table in front of the window.’

‘Why? What are …. Sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.’

We moved the table.

‘Right now stand on the table and take your panties down. No crouching. Standing upright and straight legged. There is probably only me around but we can but hope someone will come past the kitchen window.’

She slowly started to ease the gauzy panties that matched her nightie off her backside.

‘Wait,’ she said. ‘I know it is not yet ten o’clock but pour me a glass of wine from the fridge. There is a glass there on the draining board.’

I did so and passed it up. She drank it one go. What a waste of a good Chablis. A Picpoul maybe but Chablis should be savoured. I refilled it and passed the second glass up. She took just a little longer with this one. ‘Put the radio on. It will be on a 70’s music channel.’

Abba rang out through the kitchen. I knew what she wanted to do. She was going to dance for me. I poised the camera ready.

We both knew what she was going to do,

‘Do you have to take photos?’

Knowing that there were already security cameras probably on her I mimed the word ‘camera’ and looked around.

She shrugged and started dancing.

She didn’t actually take off her panties until halfway through the second song which appropriately enough was Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls. I was loathe to draw the simile.

I got some lovely photographs as the light through the window made her nightie even more translucent than before.

At the end of the song she curtsied. I wondered whether she realised how much that actually had revealed while standing on the kitchen table.

I shooed her back on to the stage.

‘Well finish it off then. At least do a full striptease. You can’t wind me up and just stop there.’

I heard a sharp intake of breath but as Michael Jackson started to belt out BillyJean she rose to her feet and started dancing again.

She teased me with the hem until eventually she pulled it completely off as the record was ending. She bowed and, as she started to move down from the table, the front doorbell rang.

‘Stay standing there.’ I said in a firm tone. ‘Do not cover yourself up. It is probably only Emily and we will give her a surprise. Even if it is not Emily I still do not want to see you cover up.’

Her bottom lip began to quiver. This was a big test. How the hell do you explain away that you are standing naked on a kitchen table in front of the windows.

I looked through the peephole. It was Emily. I quickly opened the door and put my fingers over her lips to indicate that I did not want her to speak.

‘Hello George,’ I said. ‘I was not expecting you until tomorrow.’

‘Oh really. Of course, just a few measurements. Yes why not. Can we get you a cup of coffee while you do it. It will give you a chance to meet the lady of the house, Mrs Taylor. We will both be around while you are working.’

I turned into the kitchen door with Emily behind me. I paused meaning that she had to pause still just out of sight.

‘Oh, Mrs Taylor, PLEASE DON’T MOVE. Can I introduce to you….’

Rosie looked horrorstruck , but at least she hadn’t moved. She had no idea what to do. I wondered whether she would faint.

‘….Emily Thompson.’

Emily came round the corner and burst out laughing.

‘You absolute bastard. I cannot believe you would do that.’

‘I am so sorry my dear, I would never have stayed quiet if I had known the situation you were in. You bastard. I will never trust you again,’Emily said.

I could see the glint in her eye. She thought it was as funny as I did.

Rosie had slumped to the table, her heart was pounding. I wondered whether she was going to start hyper-ventilating. She lay on her back, knees up taking deep breaths trying to bring herself under control.

I poured her another glass of wine and gave Emily one as well.

‘Are you alright. I am sorry about my little trick, but you were so good not to move.’

She was almost back to normal now. She sat on the table eyeing me in a fashion that had she been a Rottweiler would have made me want to run.

‘What would I have told him that I was doing up there? Cleaning the windows, in the nude perhaps? Measuring for new curtains in the nude or the truth, that I was doing a striptease for a perverted sex maniac with a sense of humour that will come back to haunt him one day.’

I could offer no easy words to make her feel better, so I just suggested that she go and have her shower and that by the time she came out Emily would have found some clothes for her to wear as we were going shopping again.

She just shook her head sorrowfully as she passed me. I suspected that it was going to be a while before she recovered.

Emily waited until she thought Rosie was out of earshot before starting to giggle.

Oh Tom, that really was dreadful. How on earth did you get her up there in the first place? Did you just ask her for a striptease?’

And then a change of tack. ‘You’ve shagged her now haven’t you. I can see it in your face. And she wouldn’t have done that for you yesterday either. Was it good? Of course it was good. It always is with you. She will forgive you. Eventually. Just don’t ask too much too soon.’

Another change of tack. ‘So what’s the plan for today?’

I explained that I wanted to spend the day flashing men somewhere. I guessed in a mall, or maybe we could go to the beach. She did need to buy some shoes. We did buy a couple of pair yesterday but it was a lady shop-assistant and even though Rosie had no knickers on she managed to discretely hide herself. So we need a couple of shoe and maybe clothes shops with male assistants. We need lunch somewhere that you can both show a lot of leg. What about the King’s Mall in Watford, that will have everything we need and it is not too far either?

Go and find her a nice short soft skirt, not leather, too firm, too easy to flash as it would stay straight and flat over her knees as she separates them. I want the material to fall between her legs and cover her. That way it is so much harder and more intense to flash. She will have to pull the skirt right up her thighs, to stop it falling between her knees. A blouse, with a bustier pushing her tits out perhaps, or a loose tanktop, or again perhaps one of those camisoles. Anything that shows her tits off. We bought some lovely undies yesterday. Ask her for a quick fashion show if you like while you choose. And ask her to wear her pearls.’

She looked at me a little puzzled.

‘She’ll show you.’

I thought that after my little jape I should give them some girly time, It seemed to work, By eleven we were ready to go and the girls were buzzing.

‘I loved those pearls Tom. Will you buy me some?’

What could I say. No, I only buy these for the girls I really fancy.

Woah. That was unfair. I still did fancy Emily but she couldn’t hold a candle to Rosie. Was I falling a bit? I brought myself back to the question I was asked. There was only really one answer. If I said No Rosie would have felt uncomfortable. When I say yes she just feels I will buy them for anyone I have shagged perhaps. That reminds me maybe I should but some for Sophie in the dress shop next week. Perhaps I ought to go and buy a job lot.

‘Yes I will. They may have a shop here in Watford that sells them. I will look.’

I hadn’t been driving long before I could sense that Rosie was fidgeting beside me.

‘Are you okay, do you need the toilet?’

‘No I’m fine.’

Until eventually, ‘No I’m not fine. Finger me please Tom. These pearls are driving me mad, rubbing up and down against my clit and I am not even walking at the moment.’

I laughed. ‘Yes I have been told that is one of the perks.’

Bad choice of phrase Tom. Made it sound like I have bought many of them over the years.

I was not slow to accede to her request to finger her however. I gave her a small ‘O’ just as we arrived at the mall car park.

‘Let’s go and get a coffee first while we plan the shopping,’ I suggested.

‘So far I have been pretty bad at telling you in advance what I want you to do and what the aim of the day was. For example when we went shopping for undies it wasn’t just to get the undies it was to shock you a little with Sophie. Wasn’t Terence a bonus. It also showed you how a lot people live out their fantasies in the real world. In your case Rosie our problem is that you don’t have the fantasies to enact, so first we have to show you what you have been missing. The main aim is to get Rosie to actually enjoy flashing people. We will start off after coffee with a couple of shoe shops, because you do need some sexy four or five inch heels Rosie. If it is okay with you Emily I will use you as the example to show Rosie the sort of things she might like to try.’

‘Delighted,’ said Emily. ‘I was looking forward to the day anyway and you just made it better.’

‘Okay let’s start with a nice easy one. Emily while we are sipping our coffees here why don’t you go up that escalator and see if you can pick up a watcher or two to follow you up the stairs. Then come back and finish your coffee.’

She grinned and was straight up on her feet. ‘I am sorry Sir, I have already made a big mistake. I put panties on this morning. At least, not full panties but a little g-string. Would you like me to remove it?’

‘No I don’t think so.’ I said slowly. Both girls looked at me as if I had two heads. ‘I hope it wasn’t a favourite as it might be ruined by the time I have finished with it. Here are a pair of nail scissors. I would like you to cut one side strap so that if you do not hold them tight they will fall off you. Then I want you to lose them halfway up the escalator with your watchers still behind you. I am sure that the amount of noise you will make when it happens will alert anyone around you as to the problem. And of course when you pick them off the floor you will naturally stay stiff legged. Oh and don’t forget to bring them back, we might need them to do the same again a little later.’

‘Naturally,’ gulped Emily. ‘I am glad we are starting out easy. I would hate to be trying something difficult.’

She discretely sat down and snipped through the right side of the g –string’s waistband.

‘Oh wow, I am not sure I am even going to make the escalator.’

‘Try holding your purse against the cut strap over your skirt,’ suggested Rosie.

Emily stood up. ‘Yes that’s better.’

We watched as she apparently aimlessly ambled towards a shop window near the escalator. We watched a couple of workmen come out of the games-shop and head towards her. She bent over to apparently rub her heel to give the guys an idea of what she might do before stepping out directly towards the escalator. They stepped on about five steps behind her and two single men appeared as if from nowhere and also stood a step or two below that.

A small shriek rent the air. ‘Oh my god, my panties,’ as we watched them flutter to her feet. She dramatically looked around to make sure that no-one was watching as she bent from the waist to collect them, ensuring that all four of the guys following her had a wonderful view of everything she had to offer.

She stood to one side at the top of the escalator and fanned herself with her hand as if hot.

We saw the two workmen and the first of the single men walk by without pausing or making eye contact. The second however, an older gentleman stopped to talk to her. Perhaps to see if she was alright. Whatever it was that he said to her we obviously couldn’t tell. They conversed for a few minutes before she gave him a small peck on the cheek and then stood still as he slipped his hand under her skirt and played with her bottom for a moment or two. Then with a cheery little wave she took the down escalator back to us.

She sipped her coffee. ‘Oh my, that was so much fun. The two young men did not know where to look. But that last chap was best. He congratulated me on a wonderful and most convincing show, and suggested that if we went to the toilets together he might be able to mend them, or at least put them back in place, if I wanted to lose them again. I thanked him for his kindness but said that I did not need them for the time being. If he wanted to feel my bottom he had to do it here and now. So he did.’

We all laughed. ‘Your turn Rosie.’

‘Oh I don’t know. I cannot match that and anyway you know I haven’t got any panties on anyway.’

‘Which reminds me,’ I said. ‘I have to make you unlearn everything about the way nice girls sit, especially if they are not wearing panties. Slip your dress up a bit so that your bottom is on the chair. That’s better, and never, never, have your knees less than nine inches apart. That’s better. Now what I would like you to do is use the washrooms here behind the café but when you come out you will leave the back of your skirt tucked under the waistband. As if you had made a mistake in dressing after sitting on the toilet. On your way back you could go and look in one or two of the windows, just so that we can get a view of how it looks. Then just come back and join us.’

‘Oh no, I can’t do that. I have just told you that I have no panties on, just these pearls.’

‘Okay I will make it easier for you. Once you have left the washrooms, if any kind person tells you what you have done then you can pull it down and thank them as if it really had been a mistake. It would be difficult to say, thank you I know.’

I seemed to have talked her into it and off she went, it must be said, a little nervously.

She was soon back and she cannot have been told because she was wandering off towards the shop windows.

‘Perfect,’ I said, even though only Emily could hear me.

Her skirt was only just caught up but even so a good half of one buttock was showing. I noticed that she had managed to keep her butt-crack covered. I would make her change that if we did it again.

She came back to her coffee and was about to flip the skirt down again just before I stopped her.

‘You haven’t quite finished yet,’ I said. ‘In fact, not nearly finished. Take your time with your coffee, we are not in a rush and then go up the escalator and see if there are any shoe shops up on the floor above that you fancy. Then we will go shopping. If anyone mentions it all then of course you can pull it down. Otherwise you are stuck with it.’

I got one of those looks that could kill but she quickly drained her coffee and set off for the escalator. I probably had not been explicit enough about waiting for watchers because she walked very quickly onto it. She was good enough not to try and walk up it however so she did pick up one watcher. He had started at least half way behind her but managed to walk quite quickly upwards, getting nearer with every step. He eventually stopped about six steps back, where his eyes would have been on a level with her hem, just a few seconds before she walked off.

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