A Shared Wet Fetish Ch. 04 – Grandma

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This is a true story in a series of true stories as told to me by my friend Jeff.


I was born in 1946, just after WW2.

Everybody in England had a country to rebuild, especially in London, where I lived.

My parents, as did everyone else, went to work, my mother starting just after I started going to school.

They worked some awkward hours, and weren’t always available to look after me.

It wasn’t a problem though, as my widowed grandma lived just around the corner and on weekdays, I was able to sleep at her house.

She was a nice lady of about 60 years and she looked after me very well during those early school years.

Moving forward a few years, eventually I went to senior school, and college, until I was nearly eighteen.

I visited her regularly, during the early years…my parents pleased that I showed an interest and was able to help her, not that she was in need of much help…on the odd occasion, I used to sleep over.

By the time I’d reached eighteen, she would have been in her mid escort 70’s.

So there I was, at eighteen, and nothing was going to change. I had a love of older women and with a fetish for watersports, both thanks to my grandma, who I’d grown to love very much, over the years.

I’d often seen her sitting on the toilet, she’d never been one to close the toilet door when she had a pee and I’d heard the hiss of her peeing and the splashing sound as it hit the water below. she never seemed bothered, even when I’d seen her in her underwear and occasionally naked.

I started to go to see her far more often and our intimacy grew.

I had one heck of an 18th birthday party at home, with friends and family, got drunk, in a fun way, and with my friends, made complete fools of ourselves, much to the amusement of everyone, including grandma.

Afterwards, very tipsy, I was just about able to walk her home and I saw her into the house and in the hallway she gave me a very intimate kiss and squeezed my cock over my trousers, but the state I was in, I couldn’t have raised a stand if I tried.

“Come around tomorrow and I’ll give you an escort bayan extra little something for your birthday, ” She said, smiling.

I went around the next day and went into her house. I called out, no reply. I called again and she said she was in the toilet.

She’d planned my little treat and hung on till I got there.

As I headed for the toilet, I heard the familiar splashing of pee hitting the water below.

When I reached the doorway there she was, sitting on the toilet, skirt up, wearing stockings and suspenders, but instead of pulling her panties down, she’d left them up and was wetting herself. Her pee flooding through the thick cotton material. She wore old fashioned panties, the type old ladies wore then.

I went over to her and bent down to kiss her, our mouths wide open, tongue kisses, wet, salivary kisses.

As we kissed, I put my hand between her open thighs and squeezed her wet panties while she was still peeing.

“You’re a very naughty grandma,” I said, as we stopped kissing, pissing your panties!”

She didn’t reply and as I stood in front of her, she undone my trousers and released bayan escort my cock.

“Time for that extra birthday treat,” she said and pushed my foreskin back.

I was already hard and the head of my cock was quite sensitive. She began to rub it, back and forth.

I knew I wouldn’t hold out too long and just as I gasped out and it started to throb, she took it in her mouth and there I stood, my legs quivering, my semen, shooting out and she swallowed it all.

Even after the initial orgasm, she continued to draw every last drop as it went soft, flicking her tongue against the sensitive slit.

“Ooh! Gran, careful, you’ll…oops! too late!”

My cock dribbled a small drop of pee, hardly much at all, just a small spurt.

Grandma kept my cock in her mouth and seemed delighted as she swallowed it…”m’mmm.”

She stood up, urine dribbling down from her soaking panties, wetting the thick tops of her stockings.

She clasped her open mouth to mine and I could taste my semen and pee in the saliva that was dribbling into my mouth.

” Why don’t you stop over tonight? I feel so sexy.” She whimpered.

“Ok!.” I replied. I didn’t need to be asked twice.

“You know me and my weak bladder, so I’ve got the waterproof on the bed,” she said.

Oh! Boy it was going to be a good night!!

Look for the next part.

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