A Summer Seduction Ch. 02

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At this point, Sadie and I had been meeting up regularly. She lived about an hour away, so we made the effort to see each other about twice a week. On weekends, I would usually drive to her place, while she would drive to my apartment once or twice during the week while my roommate was gone. After a short time, we grew to have something more than a sexual relationship; we watched movies, had dinner together, and talked about our lives. We didn’t go out much because we didn’t think it was necessary to be seen, but we often spent time together that didn’t necessarily end up in sex.

After our first experience together, I found out the basics about Sadie that I didn’t ask before. She was 43 years old, had a daughter from a previous marriage, but discovered she was a lesbian soon after. By late July we had been pretty steady, seeing each other for over a month and a half at this point.

One evening when we were hanging out on my couch, Sadie asked me, “when am I gonna meet your family?”

I looked at her, confused. “Really? Do we really need to do that?” My dad lives all the way in Texas, but my mom lives half an hour away. But, I don’t see any reason to tell her… but I guess it might be an inevitability.

“You’ll have to do it eventually, sweetie,” she said. “It can’t be that big of a deal!” She smiled after saying this, and I couldn’t help but think it was cute.

“Oh, I know Sadie… but you’re about as old as my mom, and she doesn’t even know I’m into women.”

“Age is just a number,” she said, her face close to mine, kissing my cheek.

“Oh, I guess,” I said with a smile, and reciprocated with a kiss.

The kissing slowly became sex, but all I could think about during it was the fact that I’d either have to hide this relationship forever, end it, or introduce her to the people I know, my family and friends. I was really growing to like Sadie a lot, and felt a connection with her that I never felt with anyone else before.

A couple weeks went by where I didn’t talk to Sadie, as I told her I needed some alone time to catch up on other things, but that was a little white lie. She made me realize that this might not be the best thing. I liked her and enjoyed the time I spent with her and all, but I simply couldn’t imagine this being a stable relationship. It would be one thing to tell my mom that I was now into girls, let alone that I’m currently with an older woman her own age!

One Saturday evening, I was incredibly bored, and unusually horny. Usually, I would be at Sadie’s house fulfilling my desires. Since my first experience, she has shown me so many new things to try, so much that I could do a pretty good job at pleasuring another girl and having fun with it. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any lesbian bars, and wasn’t looking to hook up with a random woman in the first place.

As much as I tried to fight it, I couldn’t stop thinking about Sadie. My pussy became wet simply thinking about her beautiful breasts bouncing up and down as we grind our pussies together. At this point, I didn’t care about whether I had to introduce her to my mom someday, or whether I had to have a full relationship with Sadie; it completely escaped my mind, and all I wanted was her.

I got bursa evi olan escort into my car and began driving. I didn’t bother to text her, I bet the surprise will make it a fun time for both of us. This was by the far the longest streak we’ve gone not having seen each other, but it was more than long enough; as much as I didn’t want to admit it, I have wanted to see Sadie again for the longest time. I was worried about my driving, my mind focused on Sadie, rubbing my pussy when I could. Definitely irresponsible.

By the time I arrived at her house, it was about a quarter after eight. It was August by then, the sky dark and the crickets chirping. Wet with anticipation, I could not wait to unleash all of my energy on Sadie. I knocked, and Sadie opened with initial excitement, followed by a sudden normalcy of emotions, as if she was let down. “Hey, Brooke,” she said, “what are you doing here?”

She didn’t seem that excited to see me. I strolled in the door, saying “well, I know we haven’t hung out in a while, but I was thinking about you and wanted to spend some time together,” trying to be flirtatious.

“You should’ve called me first,” she said, “I’m getting the house ready for my daughter’s visit tomorrow.”

I looked around the living room, and everything looked normal, maybe even a little bit messier than usual. “I’ll help you out! But right now it’s early…” I said as I moved toward her, hugged her from behind, and kissed her neck, “and I think we should fool around.”

Sadie walked away from my grasp, leaving me empty-handed. “Brooke…” she said with a pause, “I think you should go.”

“Shhh…” I said, attempting to remedy the situation and flirt my way through it, although I detected something was wrong, “let’s just have a good time for a little bit, and right after I can help-”

Before I could finish my sentence, there was a knock on the door. Sadie’s look on her face indicated she was nervous. She hesitated for a moment, but then proceeded to open the door. There was standing a women, probably in her late-forties, with brown, slightly grayed hair. Her skin was tan, definitely tanner than Sadie’s and mine. She was much skinnier than Sadie as well, and a little bit shorter.

“Brooke, this is Mary,” said Sadie, as the two walked toward me.

“Hi, Brooke,” said Mary, extending her hand. I faked a smile and shook it.

“Nice to meet you, ma’am, how do you know Sadie?” I asked.

“We’re just old friends,” Mary said. Pretty basic answer. Now that I could get a better look from her, I could see that Mary was a decently pretty woman. Her breasts were small, but she was in good shape, much better shape than Sadie. She was tan, very well could be hispanic, or part-hispanic. Oddly, she was dressed in a slim fitting dress, pronouncing the curves of her ass, and she was wearing sensuous red lipstick, prepared as if she were looking to impress. She also was not wearing a wedding ring; could she be another one of Sadie’s girlfriends?

The thought of this possibility made me jealous, I didn’t want this older woman taking Sadie, who I was craving that very night. I quickly thought of a plan to claim Sadie as mine.

“Well, I guess I’ll let you catch up,” I said, “Nice to meet you, Mary.” With that, I approached Sadie, hugged her, and gave her a long kiss on the altıparmak escort lips, “see you soon, Sadie.”

“Wait,” Mary interjected, “who are you?”

“I’m Sadie’s girlfriend,” I confidently said. “If you’re just old friends, this shouldn’t bother you.”

Mary approached Sadie, yelling, “you’ve been with this young little bitch and you didn’t tell me?”

Sadie turned to me, saying “Brooke, I wanted to tell you before but we stopped talking. If you don’t want to talk to me or make me a part of your life, I’ll find someone else. I’ve been with Mary the past week or so.”

As disappointed as I was in Sadie for throwing me aside, I was more livid with Mary for calling me a bitch. “Hey, I don’t know you, but watch what you call me,” I said to her.

Mary walked up to me, speaking directly to my face, her mouth almost touching mine, “I don’t care how tough you are. How old are you, eighteen? You don’t know anything, and you aren’t mature enough for a woman like Sadie.”

I stood there, defeated. I didn’t know how to retaliate. After a few moments of silence, she caressed my hair, and said with a toothy grin, “though I definitely see what Sadie sees in you.” She lunged forward with a kiss. Not knowing what to do, I allowed it all to happen, joining Mary in her kissing and getting into it as well. Considering Sadie had done things with both of us, she couldn’t have possibly minded the sight in front of her. Besides, I was so horny that I didn’t care, and Mary seducing me with her prowess turned me on and attracted me to her.

Mary pushed me onto the couch, and met my fall quickly with a kiss. While kissing, she removed my jeans and began rubbing my pussy. She pushed me to lay down on the couch while she quickly made her way to take my panties off. She gazed upon my pussy, as if she was basking in its glory with a smile, and put her mouth right there.

“Oh my God,” I sighed while breathing heavily. The things she were doing with her tongue were glorious, my body gyrating at the intense pleasure. I pushed her head closer to my pussy, and Mary and I made eye contact. I couldn’t believe such a spontaneous yet amazing thing was happening right now.

Sadie, standing at the sidelines, made her way over to me. We kissed, though I had to stop often in order to catch my breath from Mary’s tongue working on me. Sadie quickly removed my shirt and my bra, and before I knew it I was getting pleasured by two women at once, from the top and the bottom. The pleasure was intense, my body wet all over with sweat.

After several minutes, I sat up straight and kissed Mary, while un-zippering her dress from behind. My next goal was her pussy, and I welcomed the challenge to do an even better job than she did to me. Once her dress was removed, I said to Mary, “you don’t think I’m mature enough for Sadie?” I kissed her neck intensely, and then followed, “I’ll show you what I got.” I pushed her onto the couch, took her panties off with my mouth, and began to eat her out.

She tasted so amazing, so sour yet sweet, and I was loving every second of it. I wanted to make her feel better than she made me feel. My tongue was doing things I didn’t even know it could do, going inside so deeply while remaining strong and stiff, going in all sorts of directions. Her pussy grew wetter and wetter as her body began to shake; I stuck my right-hand pointer and middle finger inside of her, while my left hand grabbed her breast. Mary was shaking and moaning at the amazing job I was doing.

Sadie was kneeling beside me as I ate Mary out. “I’m proud of you, Brooke,” she said, holding me close and licking the side of my face, “you’ve learned a lot from me.” Sadie took off her shirt and bra and held me close from behind, kissing my neck and groping my breasts as I pleasured Mary. Her large breasts and stomach comforted me from behind.

Mary’s pussy grew wider and wider, and I had to come up for a breath of air. My mouth was chapped from being down there for so long, though I continued to pleasure her with my fingers. “You like that?” I stated in a demanding tone.

“Yes! Oh my God, it’s fucking great!” Mary exclaimed, gasping for air.

I eventually was able to fit all four of my fingers inside of her growing, wet pussy, as she screamed louder and louder from the intense pleasure. Sadie went on to kiss Mary while watching me pleasure her so. It all exploded with a waterfall when she orgasmed, getting the couch and my fingers soaked. She let out a great sigh of relief and pleasure as it happened.

I crawled on top of Mary to kiss her as I grind my pussy on her leg, and Sadie joined us while remaining on the side of the couch, all of exchanging saliva from kissing each other. “I hate to impose, but I want some of what you gave Mary,” flirtatiously asked Sadie with a smile.

We all chuckled, Mary saying, “you did an amazing job,” with a smile. I chuckled and we kissed. My mouth and tongue were extremely worn out after what I had done to Mary, but I was on a roll and wanted to impress Sadie. After all, she was the reason I came here.

We all readjusted, with Sadie now lying down on the couch and me at the foot. I began to chow down on her vagina while Mary groped Sadie’s breasts and licked her all over. Once I got into the rhythm of it, Sadie seemed to be enjoying it more than usual, “Brooke, this is so good!” she exclaimed, short of breath. “So much better!” I was glad to see I have improved, even after a couple weeks off.

After a while, Mary interjected, saying “I want to taste your sweet pussy again, Brooke,” as she kissed me and observed me giving Sadie head. However, I wasn’t done with Sadie; without my my tongue disconnecting with her pussy, I laid down on the couch as Sadie crouched above me. I continued doing amazing, unheard of things with my tongue on Sadie, going deep inside and playing with her clitoris, as Mary slithered down to mine and began to eat me again.

Sadie got more and more into it as she swayed her hips back and forth, allowing me to get deeper and deeper into her pussy. Not having much room, I grabbed her fat ass with my hands, her body growing drenched with sweat from the pleasure and exertion. Mary continued to be amazing as usual, my body shaking all over the couch, Mary’s mouth on my clitoris as she fingered me intensely.

When Sadie orgasmed, she collapsed on the couch. I joined her by crawling on top of her, kissing and holding her. Mary squeezed in on the couch, joining in on the kissing.

“I’m glad we solved all of this without a fight,” Sadie said, and the three of us laughed.

Mary looked at me, smiled, saying, “I underestimated you, I’m sorry.”

I looked back, saying, “and I proved you wrong!” We all laughed, as Mary and I kissed.

We held our naked, sweaty bodies close for comfort as we kissed, absorbing and acknowledging the amazing experience the three of us just had.

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