A Topsy Turvy Day

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As Christine, an 18 year old beauty, reads the note that had been left in her locker, she remembers how she became Margo’s slave. It was 6 months ago; they were at Margo’s house to study when on a whim Christine kissed Margo, who said, “Whoa, I’m not into girls.”

Christine, “I know, I just wanted to kiss you. It doesn’t mean anything.”

Margo, “Is there any where else on me you would like to kiss?”

Christine looked Margo in the eye and said, “Yes, could I lick your pussy. I’ll make you cum.”

Margo was stunned. She and Christine had been friends for years. She just nodded and stood up. Christine got on the floor and reached up and pulled Margo’s panties off. Margo then sat back down and Christine went down on her and made her cum, twice.

Margo then said, “Damn Christine. You can to that anytime.”

Two days later, Christine ate Margo’s pussy again. And the next day too.

Before this third time, Margo looked down at Christine and said, “You really like eating my pussy don’t you?”

Christine, “Yes. Yes I do.”

Margo, “That makes you my Pussy Slave doesn’t it.”

Christine, “Yes.”

Margo, “And you will obey me won’t you.”

Christine, “Yes.”

And so it went. Christine was Margo’s slave and would eat her out when ever Margo ordered her to. But Margo never did Christine, for Christine was the slave.

The note included a photo of Christine eating Margo’s pussy in the gym, in a small storage room.

The note read, “Christine, if you do not want everyone to know about you and Margo you will follow these instructions. First, do not tell Margo. After school is out, go to the south side restroom. Go into the first stall, strip out of your clothes, put on the cloths that are there, put the blindfold on and handcuff your arms behind you. Leave all of your things there. If you do not, everyone will know about you and Margo. Obey.”

Christine read it three times. The gym session had happened 2 weeks ago, it was a spur of the moment.

She thought, “Who is this? I better do it.”

When school is out, she walks to the bathroom.

As she walks, Christine thinks to herself, “I’ll bet it is Margo playing a game. She probably had a camera ready.”

Christine enters the bathroom, sees that it is empty and enters the stall. There are cloths, a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs. Christine takes off her clothes and puts on the clothes left for her. The clothes were a small red halter top, very short red/black checkered skirt and thigh highs. The then put the blindfold on and cuffed her hands behind her. And waited for the note writer.

After a few minutes, Christine heard the stall door open and she felt a collar being placed around her neck. And then a ball gag was put on her. Then she was led out of the stall and told to “Stay.” Then the person put what felt like a long coat on Christine. Then Christine was led out of the bathroom and down the hall. After many steps, Christine heard a door open and felt the wind and knew they were outside.

She thought, “I hope no one sees me.”

The only time the person spoke was went she said, “Stay” and Christine did not recognize it.

“Who is this?” She wondered, “I don’t even know how many are with me. I’m sure it is just one but I don’t know for sure.”

When they reach a vehicle, Christine was put inside. Someone got in and started the car. The drive took about 15 minutes Christine thought. When they had parked, Christine was led inside and up a flight of stairs. The coat and the ball gag were removed and Christine stood there.

A Voice said, “Slave, I am your Mistress now. You will address me as Mistress.”

Christine did not recognize the voice.

The voice, “You will behave or you will be punished. Plus, I will take many photos of you servicing me. Displease me and everyone will see them. Understand Slave.”

Christine, “Yes Mistress.”

Her Mistress said, “I will now lie down and you will eat me to orgasm. Get to your knees.” bursa escort

Christine did and then felt her head forced to the woman’s pussy. The woman came several times.

Then a different voice said, “Oh is this you’re Slave? She’s cute. May I use her to?”

Voice one answered, “Yes. Get on the bed.”

Christine heard someone get on the bed and then her head was pulled to a different pussy.

The second voice said, “Slave, eat my pussy.”

And Christine did and brought the second woman to several orgasms.

The second voice said, “She is good. Let’s take her to Mrs. Roberts. She would love her.”

And the three of them went out to a car and drove about a half hour. Christine was led, still wearing the blindfold and with her hands still cuffed behind her, to a door.

Christine heard the door open and a new voice said, “Well hello Barb, Stephanie, how are you and who is this?”

Christine tried to place the names and couldn’t, she thought, “Who is Barb, Stephanie and Mrs. Roberts? Stephanie is the first voice and Barb is the second but that is all I know.”

Barb answered, “Roberta, this is our new Slave, her name is Christine and she is great at eating pussy. I thought you would to try her.”

Roberta Roberts said, “Oh, how sweet. Yes, please come in.”

The three entered the house and Roberta said, “Make yourselves comfortable. I will take the Slave upstairs.”

And she took the lease and led Christine up some stairs and to her bedroom.

Once there, Roberta said, “If you’re as good as Barb says, maybe I’ll will keep you. I like Slave Girls.”

Roberta then got on the bed and pulled Christine to her and forced her head to her pussy. Christine brought Roberta to several orgasms.

After she was satisfied, Roberta brought her back down to the living room and said, “You were right Barb, she is great. How much for her?”

Barb, “Oh, I don’t know. She really just became our Slave.”

Roberta, “Well, think about it.”

She goes on, “Bring her back on the 15th for a party. She can be the entertainment. I’ll buy her then.”

Barb, “Ok. I come up with a price and we’ll bring her.”

Christine thought, “On my god. They’re going to sell me!” And she said, “You cannot sell me. I am not your Slave.”

One of the women grabbed her and spanked her hard. As she was being spanked the other’s said, “You are nothing but a Slave now. You do not have a choice. We own you.”

Roberta says, “Now, who are you?”

Christine, “I am your Slave.”

Barb says, “We will take her back now. Goodbye Roberta.”

They drove Christine back to her car, took off the handcuffs, made her strip right there in her car and then Stephanie says, “Slave, we are leaving now. Wait one minute, then you may remove the blindfold and get dressed. We will be in touch. Remember, tell know one about this and remember you are now our Slave.”

Christine waits the minute and then removes the blindfold and gets dressed. She then drives home to find Margo waiting for her, who asks her, “Where have you been?”

Christine walks inside and starts to cry. Margo takes her into her arms and soon Christine says, “It was awful.”

She shows Margo the note and tells her everything. “They’re going to sell me! Sell me,” she says.

Margo hugs her and says, “No, I won’t let that happen.”

She then says, “If you receives another note, come get me. They’re going to take you back to this Roberta Roberts on the 15th. We’ll have a plan. Who are they? I don’t recall a Stephanie, a Barb or a Mrs. Roberta.”

No note appeared until the 15th. The note directed Christine to the same bathroom and the same instructions as before. Margo told Christine to follow the note, but not to cuff your arms, just hold your hands behind your back, and then she went into the bathroom a half hour before and hid. Margo watches Christine enter and change her clothes, put on the blindfold and hold her arms behind her.

A few escort bayan minutes later, Stephanie entered the bathroom and walked to Christine saying, “Slave Christine, come here. Time for the party.”

Margo then rushed her and with Christine’s help, cuffed her hands behind her back and placed a shock collar on her.

Margo then said, “Bitch that is a shock collar.”

And she pressed a button and jolted Stephanie who jumped.

Margo, “That was on low for one second. You are now my slave. You well be punished for trying to steal Christine.”

Stephanie, “I have photos of you both. Everyone will know.”

Margo, “Would you like to be sold to someone. I will if you do anything. Where are you photos?”

And shocked her for longer and stronger.

Stephanie, “On my phone.”

Margo, “Is everything on your phone?”

Stephanie, “Yes, everything.”

Margo, “You better on be lying to me bitch. Does your mom, Barb, have any?”

Stephanie, “No, I have everything.”

Margo picked up Stephanie’s phone and deleted all photos of Christine.

She then said, “So, you were going to take Christine to Mrs. Roberts house for a party and then you were going to sell her.”

Stephanie, “Yes, I’m sorry.”

Margo puts a collar and leash on both Christine and Stephanie, and each collar has a tiny camera.

Margo drives both Slaves to Mrs. Roberts’s house and when Roberta opens the door, Margo tells her, “My name is Margo, and these are my Slaves. There has been a change in plans. Use both of my Slaves for one hour. I will wait in the foyer.”

Roberta looks at Margo for several moment, then at Christine and finally at Stephanie, and then says, “Very well. I agree.”

Margo stays in the foyer as Roberta leads the two Slaves into the living room. Roberta says to the 8 women present, “Surprise. We have two Slaves to play with. This is Slave Christine and this is Slave Stephanie. Enjoy.”

Barb becomes upset seeing her daughter but Roberta says, “Shut up Barb. She is a Slave now.”

She turns to Stephanie and says, “Slave Stephanie, eat your mother pussy first. And make her cum.”

Stephanie walks to her mother and says, “It’s ok mom.”

While she eats her mother’s pussy, Roberta takes a number of photos. The two Slaves service each woman present twice and bring each to several orgasms. Margo watches from the foyer but does not interfere, she had told Christine the plan, and she was recording the action from the cameras.

At one point, Roberta takes Barb into the kitchen and says, “I have photos of Stephanie eating your pussy. You will become my Slave or everyone will know about you and your daughter.”

Barb, “Very well.”

After an hour, the seven other women left the house.

Roberta said to Margo, “Barb is now my Slave. May I have Stephanie as well?”

Margo walks up to her and says, “No, you are all my Slaves.”

And to Roberta she says, “I have you on video having sex with two underage girls and every woman here.”

She then grabs Roberta and with Christine helping, spins her around and cuffs her arms behind her back. They then cuff Barb and Stephanie.

Margo then says, “Slaves. There is a Slave Grading tomorrow. We are all staying here tonight and tomorrow, you are all going to Slave Graded.”

Roberta, “You cannot do that.”

Margo, “Why not? You were going to “buy” Christine. So I am getting three more Slaves for free. And after you are my legal Slaves, you are all going to sign everything you own to me. Or, I will ruin you.”

Margo sat down and said to Roberta, “Now Slave come here and kneel.”

Christine forced Roberta to walk over to Margo and made her kneel, and Margo forced her to her pussy. As Roberta ate Margo’s pussy, Christine was taking photos. The rest of the night Margo and Christine used and abused the three Slaves. Each was fitted with a shock collar and by the morning, all three were subdued. In the afternoon, all drove to the Slave bursa escort Grading.

Each Slave went through the Slave Grading process. Every part of their bodies were measured, recorded and photographed. Each was given a Slave Number which was tattooed to their scalp, just above the hair line. Each is branded with a small Slave mark on their left buttocks. The entire process is caught on video and when all the information is uploaded onto the data base, all three are now legally Margo’s Slaves. All have been Registered and Certified and Margo is given digital copies of the Slave Grading process and each Slave’s paper work.

When they returned to Roberta’s house, Margo said, “Slave Roberta, I will keep your new status our secret as long as you obey me. Otherwise, I will release your Slave Grading and your Registration and Certification. Now, have a complete Power of Attorney made out granting to me the power. Understand Slave Roberta.”

Roberta was so beaten down she said, “Yes Mistress Margo.”

Margo, “Call your lawyer now.”

Roberta, “Yes Mistress.”

And she went to the phone and called her lawyer. While Roberta was on the phone, Margo listened to her on an extension.

Christine said to Barb, “Slave Barb, you will also have a Power of Attorney made up granting Margo the power. Understand?”

Barb, “Yes.”

Christine, “Your new status will be kept between us unless you displease us. Understand Slave?”

Barb, “Yes Mistress.”

Then to Stephanie, Christine said, “And you will be on call always. You will be ready to serve us at any time. Understand Slave?”

Stephanie, “Yes Mistress.”

Soon Margo and Slave Roberta walked back into the living room.

Margo said, “Roberta’s lawyer is preparing a Power of Attorney. You all have two Mistresses now and you must obey us both. Mistress Christine and I will be moving in here, in Margo’s bedroom, she will move to a small room. Slave Barb, as Christine has told you, you will have a Power of Attorney. I expect it done by tomorrow, understand?”

Barb, “Yes Mistress.”

Margo, “Do not get any ideas of gaining your freedom, any of you. You are all legal Slaves. I could sell each one of you and if any of you break a rule or displease me, I will sell all three of you. You are dependent on each other. Understand you situation Slaves?”

She then says, “Slave Margo?”

“Yes Mistress, I will obey you and will be a good Slave.”

“Very good. Barb?”

“Yes Mistress, I will be a good slave and service you well.”

“Good, and Stephanie?”

“I will be your Slave and will be good.”

“Very good. If you are bad, I will punish you. You are all wearing shock collars. We will also spank you or whip you. Now is the start of the rest of your lives.”

Just as she said, Margo and Christine moved into Roberta’s house. They took the large bedroom and Roberta was moved to a small downstairs room. With the Power of Attorney, Margo had control of all. After a year, Roberta signed over all her real estate to Margo and all her possessions. Margo and Christine were now very wealthy. Six months later, Margo sold Roberta at a Slave Auction.

As far as Barb and Stephanie, they were used as Pussy Slaves every day. At school, Stephanie was made to service Margo and Christine several times a day. Each night, the two Slaves came to their house and serviced their Mistresses. After two years, Margo sells Barb at a Slave Auction and Slave Stephanie barely reacted. When they all graduated, Margo and Christine went to the local college.

Slave Barb and Slave Stephanie moved into Roberta’s house. Slave Stephanie did not go to college but kept house. Slave Stephanie was loaned out to friends of Margo and Christine, sometimes for pay. Slave Barb was taken to an Adult Bookstore and made to service the customers, both men and women. Also, for pay.

After two years, Mistress Margo and Mistress Christine only had one Slave, Slave Stephanie. Since Slave Roberta and Slave Barb were both sold at Auction. Slave Stephanie served for many years faithfully. After they graduated from college both Margo and Christine got good paying jobs locally. The three people of the household stayed together for many years. All were content with their life.

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