A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 18

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[This story does include bodily functions and some serious corporal punishment as well as lesbian relationships. If you are not interested in any of the above, you should read no further. All characters are well over 18.]


Eleanor spoke to all her housemates about how things needed to work for them all to feel good about the set-up and to continue to get along. She decided to have the conversations individually with each of them: Annette, Denise, and Jackson.

Everyone accepted that Eleanor would be the head of household. This meant that she was in charge and would make all decisions for the group that needed to be made. She made sure they understood and agreed that she would be in charge of discipline. She told them that she would have Denise administer most discipline, since Denise was now actively engaged as a Training Officer in corrections and most involved in disciplining trainees.

Annette, as a senior correctional officer, was designated as back-up if Denise was unavailable or if Denise herself required disciplining. Jackson, for his part, accepted that he was inferior in rank to the others. He said he understood why the women would not tolerate any structure in which they could be ordered in any way by him.

Eleanor commented in these conversations that she had a special relationship with both Jackson and Annette, in that she was married to one and engaged to the second. Denise was satisfied with that because she was both lesbian and unattached. She had no present plans to change either of those aspects of her life. Eleanor assured her that as with each of the others, each might decide at any time whether to be involved in any group sexual events.

No one was especially concerned about privacy. Even though Denise was a proclaimed lesbian, she said she did not object to using the bathroom when Jackson was there. Nor did Annette, since all were aware of her somewhat unusual sexual identity: she had been born with all female organs but also with a penis instead of a clitoris.

Eleanor found her talk with Jackson to be the most wrenching for her. While she said she would always be in his debt for his providing shelter and protection for her when she had been unjustly punished, and although she remained bi in her sexuality, she said that she found herself increasingly drawn to women. There would be times, she said, when the three women might wish to be together there without his presence.

Jackson responded that he appreciated that women’s desires were paramount now in the Women’s Republic. He said he would always love Eleanor, whether or not she continued to feel as strongly for him. This touched Eleanor and she took him in her arms and kissed him deeply. She said that sex with him remained exciting and she always remembered that he had treated her so gently and so lovingly when she was afraid of resuming normal sex after her sentence of infibulation had ended.

Annette brought a degree of experience and wisdom to the household, as she had risen to a high level in the corrections service. She also held the rank of Major in the service, although as a civilian now, she was technically in the Reserve. While she had long become comfortable with her sexual difference, she was conscious of the real need to keep her particular sexual identity concealed from all except her housemates.

There were those in the Women’s Republic governing matriarchy who did not approve of any women who did not have standard female sexual characteristics, so Annette would likely be compromised in both her status and career if her identity as possessing both male and female genitalia were known.

Life in Eleanor’s expansive apartment had its moments of fun because the three women and one man did not take themselves too seriously and were very open among themselves on matters of sex. One day when Annette was sitting on the toilet and preparing to defecate, Denise came in and said she really needed to pee. She stepped into the tub and spread her legs. When she began to emit a strong pee stream, Annette smiled and applauded.

Soon there was a plop heard beneath Annette and she gave a sigh of relief, which prompted Denise to applaud in return. Then Denise asked Annette if she would like for her to clean Annette’s dirty crack. Annette agreed with alacrity and turned round on the toilet seat, holding her cheeks apart. Denise knelt down in front of the toilet and began to lick the traces of Annette’s movement from her anal area.

Eleanor then arrived and said she too needed to pee. Denise suggested she use the tub, as Denise had. Eleanor was not accustomed to this, probably not having had the quasi-military background of Annette and Denise. She carefully stepped into the tub and soon the others witnessed her starting to pee through the plenteous hair between her legs.

Denise came over to her, and unprompted, bent down and licked her dry. Actually, this unexpected service served to stimulate Eleanor so that she became wet, although not from urine.

Jackson afyonkarahisar escort did not yet feel comfortable intruding, as he saw it, on any of the women in this ostensibly private space. He did often hear laughter from both Eleanor’s bedroom and the master bathroom, but he kept to himself at those times. Eleanor did find herself coming to his bedroom at night for some sex that brought them both back to the time when they first married. She was finding, however, that her growing delight in her relations with women had diminished her satisfaction with Jackson.

Though Eleanor was firm in her asserting her authority as owner of the apartment and head of the household, she found that she received great pleasure from submitting to Annette or Denise. They became aware that she wanted them to take charge in the bedroom and to embarrass and even humiliate her. Annette was a wonderful lover, she found, even though she had limited experience prior to this relationship.

Denise was the best looking of the three and was accustomed to being treated the way beautiful women tend to be treated. There was some prejudice now in the Republic against beautiful women as having been elevated by male worship to a higher status than they deserved, but Denise managed to attract everyone because she was not standoffish or proud. Wearing her correctional officer’s uniform also made people feel she was not showing off her beauty and was indeed a devoted servant of the state.

Eleanor liked having Denise treat her as one of those who received her discipline. Denise would order Eleanor to lift her skirt and lower her panties for spanking. She spanked quite hard but with Eleanor, she interspersed spanks with soft caresses between Eleanor’s spread legs that got Eleanor’s pussy flowing. Eleanor now had come to crave Denise’s talented fingers penetrating her anal ring as well.

Denise, with Eleanor’s full cooperation, set in motion the necessary paperwork to conclude Jackson’s term under supervision at the Training Center where Denise was currently assigned as a Principal Trainer. Eleanor had sent him there when he had been indiscreet in speaking to a reporter about Eleanor’s impending marriage to Annette. She had earlier sent him to a Men’s Re-Education Camp, where Denise, who was assigned there as a drill sergeant.

Denise had been Jackson’s drill sergeant there and had been attracted to his friendly personality despite her status as his drill sergeant and her own preference for women. For his part, Jackson did now like being disciplined by Denise. Her uniform turned him on and now she would let him look up her skirt and laugh at his fascination with what kind of panties she might be wearing.

Even when she used her cane on his bare bottom and had threatened, at the camp, although she never followed through, to punish his penis if he misbehaved seriously, he was excited by her role as his disciplinarian, just as Eleanor was when Denise took charge of her. Annette too enjoyed being punished by Denise, since there was a frisson of excitement in her being taken down a peg by a very junior non-commissioned officer.

As a Senior Correctional Officer, Annette often was called upon to administer discipline to sentenced offenders and to those in correctional facilities, as well as occasionally, to lower-level corrections personnel. Annette respected both Denise’s attractiveness and her strong sense of duty, as well as her overall competence. Since they had no direct relationship, Annette intended to see that Denise was promoted sooner rather than later.

When everyone came home from work one day, Eleanor was the first to the bathroom to pee, followed by Annette. Eleanor was in no way freaked by Annette’s anatomy, so when Annette stood in front of her and peed through Eleanor’s spread legs, Eleanor was just surprised and happy. Denise then arrived and proceeded to join them. She found the two of them sharing the toilet amusing and then had her own surprise to spring when she upped her skirt, yanked down her undies, and proceeded to pull out her tampon, stepped into the tub to pee, and then quickly retrieved a fresh tampon from the common supply Eleanor maintained in the bathroom, unwrapped it, and slipped it into her vagina as she lifted one leg up on the side of the tub.

After all three had performed their ablutions, cleaning up at the two sinks, they moved into Eleanor’s adjoining master bedroom and each helped disrobe the others. All were entirely bare as they clambered into Eleanor’s king-size bed and hugged, with Eleanor in the middle and Annette on one side fingering Eleanor’s pussy while Denise slipped her digit into Eleanor’s puckered anus.

They kissed and licked and fingered, with Eleanor then reciprocating and loving the taste of Denise’s lovely quim.

While Eleanor got her tongue into Denise’s puss, she felt Annette’s hard-on poking at her own labia. “Yes, Annette,” she murmured in a low voice, “put it in, please.”

Then afyonkarahisar escort bayan she felt Annette’s tool slip into her waiting vagina. It was so nice to have Annette’s nice-sized breasts pressing into hers, as she was about the same height. Annette had told her about her own limited experience but Eleanor was very turned on and felt this was exciting sex.

Denise was quite experienced sexually, almost entirely with women, and she chuckled at Eleanor’s excitement. She encouraged Eleanor to explore her lovely quim. Annette was feeling very satisfied by her calm slow thrusting in and out of Eleanor’s tight hole. Denise was enjoying Eleanor’s attentions to her gorgeous cunt. As if it had been predestined, all three reached nirvana by way of orgasm together and then just clung together in each other’s arms.

Denise loved being in bed with two women whom she respected and also liked. She reached for a soft towel and proceeded to wipe Eleanor and Annette down between their legs. Then she applied the towel to her own private parts. All three exchanged kisses and stayed together for a brief rest before rising to re-dress.

Denise’s experience led her to conclude that she would eventually bring out Eleanor’s lesbian tendencies into full flower. She admired Annette but though she did regard her as a woman, she soon recognized that Annette’s need to be terribly discreet in her relationships had limited her sexual capabilities. From her teen years growing up in the country, Denise had known she loved women not men and had been attractive enough to be able to pick and choose. She was so desirable that she could insist upon and obtain discretion on the part of her female partners in a milieu where lesbians were not understood, much less accepted.


When Denise arrived at the Training Center the next day, she was surprised to find her old friend from the Men’s Re-Education Camp, Sgt. Linda, sitting in the waiting area.

“Linda, darling,” she exuded, “are you here for something special or what?”

The dark-haired, attractive sergeant replied that she had been assigned to join the staff at the Training Center as part of normal rotation.

Denise smiled with obvious glee. “It will be so wonderful having you here,” she said with affection. “You’ll like it, too. Capt. Susan is a very fair, considerate commander here.” Then she filled Linda in on her own status.

“I had my own quarters, but I happened to be assigned to some re-training of a man we had had at the camp,” she said. “You may recall the husband of the woman who was unjustly punished?”

“Oh, yes,” Linda answered with a smile. “I recall we managed to have that lady’s tormentor put into the Commandant’s privy for a while.”

“Yes, that’s right,” Denis replied. “Well, it turns out that the lady has kept her husband but is now also marrying a reserve officer, Maj. Annette. She arranged for me to have lunch with Eleanor, who is the lady in question. She took me to a fabulous place where the women who run things go. I’ll get her to take you there soon.

“But more important,” Denise went on as Linda listened carefully. “She invited me to move into her very spacious apartment, where she lives with Maj. Annette and Eleanor’s husband. I have my own room and bath and it’s been very, very pleasant.

“But let me let you get oriented,” Denise concluded. “But please meet me when we get off and I’d like so much to bring you there for dinner tonight. You’ll like them—I’m sure you will.”

Linda took all of Denise’s excitement in and remembered that she had enjoyed what chance the two of them had had to explore each other’s intimate charms when they were non-coms at the camp.

“Sure, Denise,” she said softly. “I was pleased to be assigned here, first, because I knew you were here, and second, because I went to university in this city, so I feel I do know it. Were you referring to The Lounge as you were taken to lunch?”

Slightly surprised by her friend’s familiarity with what Denise had been describing, Denise could only murmur, “Yes, that was the name of the place.”

Linda smiled and told Denise that her mother was the manageress of the restaurant.

“You have to be kidding,” Denise answered, and Linda smiled some more.

“Yes,” she responded, “she is. And she’s shown me some amazing scenes in the ladies’ room. I assume you got to go in there?”

Denise did another double-take and described for her what she had both seen and participated in.

“So, this lady, Eleanor, wanted you to discipline her?” Linda asked.

“Yes indeedy,” Denise laughed. “It’s amazing how some people do react to our uniform.”

“Oh, don’t underestimate yourself, sweetie,” Linda said gently. “You’re such a charming person that I’m sure she was overwhelmed by you.”

“Don’t think so,” Denise said assuredly. “She’s a very sharp article, this Eleanor. Have you heard of Goose Cookers, the women’s fashion company?”

Linda escort afyonkarahisar nodded in the affirmative. “Of course, they’re based here. They are quite well-known and highly regarded.”

“Well, Eleanor is a major creative person for them,” Denise informed her. “She’s thought up some of their latest successful products. That’s likely how she affords this apartment. She’s obviously quite clever and awfully nice.”

“I’ll definitely have to accept your kind invite, Denny,” Linda grinned. “Meet me in the changing room when we get off today.”

“No,” Denise instructed, “we’ll keep our uniforms on. She is obviously taken by them and that’s pretty amazing since many people don’t have that much respect for those of us wearing them. I’m also delighted since as you can guess, she has a fine fashion sense.”

“Great to have joined you here,” Linda said, “I better go in to report to Capt. Susan. See you later, love.”

Denise decided after Linda left that life was proceeding just fine. She was one happy camper.


Denise telephoned Eleanor at Goose Cookers to let her know she would like to bring her friend Sgt. Linda to dinner. Eleanor agreed immediately and said she would be delighted to meet her. Then she called Jackson and sweetly asked him if he might be willing to make dinner for the four women and himself.

She did not know that Jackson knew Sgt. Linda from his time at the camp but she detected a change in his tone after she mentioned her name. He did say he’d be very happy to do the cooking and asked when he should aim for. Eleanor set the hour and thanked him profusely.

“I do love you, darling, even if sometimes I don’t show it,” she confessed to him.

He thanked her and said he would manage to get off early so he could shop as well as prepare dinner.

When Sgts. Denise and Linda left the Training Center and were walking to Eleanor’s apartment, Linda returned to the topic of their companions at the upcoming dinner.

“Her husband was at the camp, wasn’t he, Denise, when that guy got put in the Commandant’s toilet, right?” Linda asked.

“Yes, he was in my platoon,” Denise answered. “He was actually quite nice, even though I remember that I thought when he arrived, he might be a wise guy. But he wasn’t at all. Let me brief you on my housemates.

“Eleanor is the head of household,” Denise began. “She is a very nice and pleasant, and yes, good-looking but not terribly striking lady. Maj. Annette is a bit older than her, and of course, older than you and I. She is also very friendly and doesn’t put it on at all, even though she is now Senior Correctional Officer at the Supreme Court, no less.

“Eleanor’s husband’s name is Jackson,” she went on. “He married her after she was convicted and punished so unfairly. She still really obviously treasures that relationship but is taking Annette soon to be her wife. I think he will stay on. Eleanor and Annette are bi, and yes, knowing you should know everything, the three of us have been in bed together. And no, I don’t get it on with Jackson, but he has been absolutely fine as a housemate.”

“Sounds like you’ve found yourself a nice little abode,” Linda commented. “I’m really happy for you, Denise.”

“Don’t worry,” Denise advised. “I think they will all like you and then we can take things from there. This could turn out to be quite a nice situation. Given that we all will likely be rotated around to various assignments, this could turn out to be a great place to put down what roots we can.”

“Do you mean you might be able to include me in the ménage?” Linda said with a big smile.

“Of course, sweetie,” Denise said. “I always look out for my buddies.”


When they arrived at the apartment and Denise used her key fob to let them in, Linda was amazed at how charming the apartment was. She also figured that Eleanor and Annette had dressed for the occasion, but no one seemed surprised to see Denise and her in their uniforms.

Eleanor immediately offered her a drink and as all the others were already supplied with filled glasses, Linda opted for a gin-and-tonic. Eleanor quickly mixed it while they stood chatting and then introduced her to Annette.

“Delighted to meet you, Major,” Linda said respectfully.

Annette smiled and quietly said that Linda needn’t use her title when they were not at work or in public. She added that she had heard so much about Linda from Denise and added, “Don’t worry, it is all good!”

Jackson soon appeared and told them that dinner was ready and that they might follow him into the dining room. He served the first course, which was a nice seasonal salad with some exotic things like watermelon rind and icicle radishes.

Then he put out serving dishes on the sideboard so that everyone could serve themselves. Linda was able to discern that he had made some kind of veal with mushrooms and probably a marsala sauce with lovely green vegetables, including baby bok choy and cold asparagus. There was also some couscous as an accompaniment.

The conversation was easy and unforced. Linda found Denise’s housemates charming and very outgoing and friendly. They really seemed interested in hearing about her experiences and were pleased to hear that she had been at university in the city. Jackson had joined them and seemed welcome to all of them.

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