A Victorian Sex Fantasy Pt. 05

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Author’s Foreword: This is the fifth part of much longer story, if you haven’t read the previous parts, the story will make much more sense if you go back and start from the beginning. The first part is mostly background so its probably a bit boring, the sex gets started in the second part.

This story is in the form of a memoir written later in life by a man looking back on his sexual adventures. As such he has the advantage of being able to use knowledge acquired over time to describe things that at the time he probably didn’t have words for.

Warning, this part and future parts will be filled with explicit incestuous activity between participants who were initially reluctant but then became willing, all over 18 years of age. If fictional incest offends you, please don’t read this story. It is my intention to try and make this story romantic, I like romance in my sexual stories, where people care about each other rather than people who just use others to get off. I have set this story in a historical setting rather than the present for a couple of reasons: 1) I like historical novels; 2) It makes it more believable that people in their late teens and early twenties would be sexually innocent and that even older women who have been married and had children could be unaware of the rich variety that sex has to offer willing participants.

I will be interested in hearing from readers what you think about the story. Constructive criticism is fine but please no feedback about how terrible incest stories are, if it offends you, please don’t read this story. I do want to say this: this story deals with two very taboo subjects, initially participants forced into sexual activity but not someone forcing themselves on other people, and incest. Neither of these things are okay in real life, when they do occur they cause immense pain and suffering. So do not take this fantasy as something that would work in real life.

I want to thank dezurtdawg for the inspiration for this story. I found his story ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’, very hot, but from my personal prejudices, I didn’t totally like the fact the view point character initiated the forced sexual contact with his family and shared his family with his friends (they then had to share theirs in return). I decided I would sakarya escort try to come up with a story where the ‘hero’ is truly forced into sexual activity with his family but doesn’t have to share them with any other males.

Chapter Six: Mamma and Gail

‘Move to the chair at the foot of the bed.’ the woman instructed Gail.

My sister Gail eagerly complied and put her arms and legs where she thought they needed to be to be strapped to the chair. Instead, the woman asked ‘Do I need to restrain you? Would you prefer to be free and will you be good and do everything I tell you?

It seemed like Gail couldn’t take her eyes off of Mamma’s pussy ‘I’ll be good, please, I’d like to be able to use my hands.’

‘All right. Now, lean forward and kiss your mother’s pussy.’

My sister quickly obeyed, planting a long slow kiss on the outside of our mother’s pussy.

‘Now, use your tongue and lick up your mother’s slit from bottom to top, push it in between her lips so you get lots of her juices.’

I saw my sister’s tongue come out and drag slowly but forcefully up our mother’s slit, the tip disappearing between her folds. Our mother moaned and her breathe came more harshly. When my sisters tongue reached the top of our mother’s slit, our mother jerked and moaned again and I assumed Gail tongue must have come in contact with Mamma’s clit. Gail’s tongue retreated to her mouth and I guess she liked what she tasted as she made a loud hum of approval.

‘Very good, such a good daughter licking her naughty mommy’s pussy clean of her juices. Did you like the taste?’

‘Yes. And it is such an intimate thing to do, it makes my pussy tingle knowing that I’m tasting both my mother’s juices and my brother’s at the same time.’

Do you see how wet her thighs and lower belly are? I want you to lick up all of your naughty mommy’s juices that she sprayed all over herself and your brother.’

Gail diligently applied herself to do as asked, taking several minutes to lick all over our mother’s upper thighs and lower belly humming appreciatively pretty much the whole time. It was interesting, the seam where Mamma’s thighs joined her hips, seemed especially sensitive, causing our mother to thrust her hips up and exclaim ‘No!, Please, that tickles escort sakarya too much!’

That seemed to delight my sister, she grasped our mother’s hips at the side and continued licking the seam on both sides of our mother’s groin, driving our mother around the bend, thrusting her hips up repeatedly and crying out in a strangled voice.

Finally, the woman called a halt to that to my mother’s relief. ‘Abigail you’ve tortured your mother enough, it time to go back to licking your mothers pussy slit. I’ll bet all that thrashing about has pushed out more juices for you to lick up. Use your fingers on each side of your mothers slit and spread her open so you can have a good look.’

Gail eagerly complied, seemingly fascinated with what she saw. She spent some time gazing at our mother’s open pussy.

‘See that bump at the top of the slit, that’s your mother’s clit, it is very sensitive and can bring a woman great pleasure but it is usually best to avoid it at first as until a woman is warmed up with other play, it can be too sensitive. Below that you will see the small hole that is her pee hole, below that is the important one, the entrance to her vagina. That is where she put your brother’s cock when she took his virginity. You can see his cum oozing out. I want you to lick up what is flowing down and then I want you to stick your tongue into her there as far as you can. Then put your mouth over the hole and suck as much of your brother’s cum from her as you can.’

The first couple of licks made Mamma moan, then when Gail’s tongue went inside and she started sucking she thrust up her hips again and exclaimed ‘Oh my, that is so naughty and feels so good.’ She must have been releasing quite a bit of fluid because I could hear slurping noises from my sister.

‘Is naughty mommy enjoying having her naughty daughter suck her son’s cum from her pussy.’

I watched as our mother shuddered again ‘Oh god, I’m cumming!’

This time I got to see it, as a stream of fluid shoot up into the air from my mother’s pussy. The first pulse of my mother’s squirting cum caught my sister’s face before she could pull back. The second pulse falling back onto her stomach and thighs. Gail immediately put her head back down and began licking it up. ‘Oh mommy, that tastes so good. Does sakarya escort bayan that mean I made you cum?’

She didn’t get an answer, it seemed our mother was so overwhelmed she couldn’t respond. Gail turned to the woman ‘Can I put a finger inside her to see what my brother felt when he was inside her?’

‘Let me see your fingernails.’ Gail put out her hand.. ‘Yes, go ahead, you wouldn’t want to hurt her with a sharp or broken fingernail but yours look fine.’

Gail slid a finger slowly into our mother’s vagina, it seemed to slide in easily so she must have still been well lubricated with our juices. ‘She’s so hot and wet inside and it seems like she’s sucking on my finger.’

Our mother roused a bit a this point, her eyes still closed ‘Daniel?’ I was flattered that her first thought of when rousing and feeling something in her pussy was of me, although my sisters finger didn’t come close to the dimensions of my cock.

‘No mommy, its your naughty daughter Gail. I’ve got my finger in you. Naughty mommy you just squirted all over my face and your stomach. Your juices taste really delicious. Just wait mommy, I’m going to go and give Beth and Cathy a taste of your juices.’ And she got to her feet and went to Beth who was closest. Her face dripping with her mother’s juices, she sank to her knees in front of Beth and pointing to the right side of her face said ‘Taste mommy’s juices, she tastes sooo good.’

Beth put out her tongue and eagerly licked the right side of Gail’s face ‘mmm, I like that. I can’t wait to have my mouth and tongue in her pussy like you did! Go give Cathy a taste.’

And Gail obediently got up and moved over to Cathy where she again sank to her knees. She didn’t even have to tell Cathy what to do, she immediately began licking the left side of Gail’s face, repeating Beth’s appreciative ‘mmmm’. Then to my delight, Gail turned her head and gave Cathy a full on open mouthed kiss, which made both of them moan.

All of this erotic activity was beginning to have its affect on me, my cock was beginning to fill again and rise from between my thighs. Watching my mother and Gail and then Gail with Beth and Cathy was just the most beautiful and exciting thing imaginable.

While activity between my sisters was going on, the woman had gone over to my mother and had released her from her restraints, helping her up (it looked like she needed the help) and then seating her in mother’s abandoned chair (after turning it to face us) where she slumped, for the moment exhausted, although I did see that her eyes were watching what her daughters were doing.

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