A Wet Afternoon

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He was coming over in a few hours. I instructed him not to shower at all that day, even after working out. I wanted him raw. I wanted to smell just him without soaps or any other artificial smells. Just him in his natural state.

I started preparing myself by drinking a lot of water. He had told me he wanted me to pee on him but I had never done that before and wasn’t sure I wanted to. But this time I was angry with him. I can’t remember what it was exactly but surely another instance where he made me feel secondary. He had given me the tip to drink lots of water before attempting to do it. So I started early. I put on my highest stilettos and a mini skirt but no underwear. I didn’t want to be encumbered and I wasn’t going to let him touch me. I put on a push up bra that made me feel sexy and powerful. And a tank top over that. I was going to reveal everything, but slowly.

Finally he arrived. He came in and I told him to take off his clothes. I stood behind him while he took off his shirt then shorts. In my stilettos, I was slightly taller than him. It was perfect for taking control. He turned around and I noticed he was already getting hard. I grabbed artvin escort his cock and started walking, pulling him behind me by his hard dick. I could feel him getting harder in my hand with every step. I walked slowly, deliberately. He was silent.

We got to the bedroom and I ordered him to lay on the bed. I stepped on the bed, still in my high stilettos and slowly walked towards his head to stand above his face. Now he could see I was naked under my skirt. And I was in control. I tried to relax and release my bladder but it wasn’t happening. I squatted over his face, leaned towards his ear and whispered “I really need to pee”. I knew that would turn him on. I concentrated very hard and after what seemed like an eternity a small stream finally hit him.

He instantly reacted. He loved it. Soon, I was releasing all the pressure inside me more easily and I kept going for a long time. I peed in his mouth. He gargled it and swallowed it. I peed on his chest, his hair getting wet. I peed on his hard cock. Then back to his mouth where he swallowed it again. He was in ecstasy, thanking me over and over. I had finally released artvin escort bayan all the pressure inside me and it was almost orgasmic. I sat on his mouth so he could clean me up with his tongue and instantly started coming, quivering along my entire body. But soon I wanted more so I moved down to put his raging hard cock inside me. I started coming harder, screaming with my orgasms. I considered that it may have been better to tie him but I liked that he had to use his own will power to restrain himself. He was not allowed to touch me.

I had taken off my stilettos by this time so that I could move along his body more easily. I was getting hot so I took off my shirt and felt powerful in my sexy push up bra.

After going back and forth between his mouth and his cock, I needed even more. I started putting his cock in my ass. He moved his hips up just a bit to help me along but I almost screamed “Don’t move!” in a harsh tone. I was not ready to give up any control and he obeyed immediately. I slowly sat all the way down on his cock until he was deep inside my ass. His eyes were closed and I could tell he was concentrating escort artvin to not move a muscle. My orgasms became even more intense. I was squirting, my pussy drenching him even more. He put his hands to his face and started cursing. It was almost too much to take.

I was starting to get tired. My ninja moves up and down his body were taking a toll on my muscles. He sensed it, he always sensed how I was feeling, and slowly got up, pushing me on my back, his cock never leaving my ass. I couldn’t fight back. I was too exhausted. Now that he had me on my back, he put his fingers inside my pussy but instead of massaging forward, he massaged back, towards his cock. Against all odds my orgasms became even more intense. I was no longer in control of my body so I gave up all resistance and let the full body contractions take over. Eventually my body calmed.

He left me on the cold wet bed for some moments and returned from the bathroom ready to take me again. He easily pushed inside my pussy and my orgasms started anew the instant his cock touched my soaked pussy. With every thrust his cock hit the spot he had just massaged with his fingers and it made me scream with pleasure every time. I don’t know how many more orgasms I must’ve had. Then his thrusts came faster, his breathing heavier, his voice louder and finally he released his hot cum inside me. For once, he didn’t need a made up story in order to come. The present was just perfect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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