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They say “it’s the quiet ones who will always fool you.” Maricel was a quiet one. She was a petite 5’3″ tall with beautiful thick, dark hair and eyes, full sensual lips, and the delicate but unmistakable womanly curves of a 27 year old Latina. Her hips were full and round and her breast still high and firm even though they were full of milk for her 2 month old baby boy Carlito. She had blossomed into a full DD cup from a neat but seductive C, since she had become pregnant and then a nursing mother. She leaked constantly. The baby had a healthy appetite but so did her husband Carlos. The effect of having the two insatiable men in her life made nature produce more and more milk for her to accommodate them.

Carlos was fascinated by her new tits. He sucked them fucked them and fondled them at any opportunity. But most of all he loved to milk them. Just days after the baby came; he would sneak up behind her and press his ever ready cock firmly into the crack of her behind, to hump her slow and deep. Then he would reach under her shirt, through her sleeves, or down her neckline and begin to hungrily massage her heavily laden breast. Maricel always cried out and begged him to stop because they were so tender, but he knew all he had to do was to move one of his thick hands down into her panties, then massage her fat clit to quiet her. Unlike many new mothers Maricel was usually wet and willing in spite of being tired.

After he had thoroughly massaged each breast he would hold the plump, mocha colored nipples between his fingers then pinch and pull just to see them squirt and get even longer. Then he would turn her around and wrap his hot tongue around each, and suck until his mouth was full of his son’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It was selfish he knew but he thought that this was the one sacrifice his son could make for him, to make up for his years of sacrifice to come. As he sucked Maricel felt a pulling deep in her belly that seemed directly linked to her clit. Her pussy would get warm and start to contract.

“Fuck me Papi”. She would hiss.

It was like clock work, her tits were his magic wands. Whenever he needed to get her in the mood fast, all he had to do was suck them. He loved the fact that he could make her come just from sucking the luscious tits. They’d had sex almost until the bitter end of her pregnancy. It was in her 7 month that he first felt her pussy clench on his cock and saw her tits spray at the same time. He was hooked. After that it became a game for him he didn’t win all the time, but damn! He loved trying.

Maricel adored Carlos and loved being loved by him. He was her first lover and even she had been surprised to learn how much she enjoyed sex. Though she was devoted to him and even submissive by a modern woman’s standards, it was actually Carlos who was the “Bitch” in bed. Luckily He had a skilled tongue and hands because he was somewhat lacking in the meat department. Left to his own devices his stroke was boyish and haphazard. So it was she who took control. She fucked him often, long and hard. She would grab his ass at the base of both cheeks and guide his direction, rhythm and speed just the way she wanted it. All the while she made him believe that it was he who was in control. As she squeezed his ass and gently moved him from side to side she wound her hips and thrust her clit against him.

“Right there Papi, right there. Papi you fuck me so good, toma Papi toma, take it Papi, fuck me hard!” She would scream.

When she felt that her pussy had been cleaned and polished to her satisfaction she would then take him to paradise. She wound her hips fast and then wrapped her thighs around his back. As she bore down hard on his dick, her pussy would then take off on its own clench and start to spasm. Deliriously, Carlos would start to beg

“Please mami, please Mariceeeeel!”

It was her devotion and violently convulsing pussy that had made him fall in love with his wife. He was convinced that she had been custom made for him. He had never experienced the tightness and intensity like that with any other woman, and he’d had more than a few.

The weeks following the birth of their son were challenging for the young couple. They were not supposed to have “intercourse so it was during this period they both mastered the art of oral pleasure. Carlos of course was obsessed with her tits, and at first it had been only he who ate her. But she was a dutiful wife and believed in keeping her man happy, so she learned how to properly clean his cock. Once again she was surprised at how much she liked it. Carlos gladly introduced some of his porn collection as “instructional video.” She blushed and gagged a little at first but soon became as skilled at sucking his dick as she was at fucking him.

Finally the six weeks were up. Carlos was looking forward to his custom pussy again, but there was something different. Before it would violently suck and milk him to climax, but the perfect fit was gone. It wasn’t quite as tight or as clenching as before. He suddenly started to resent his first born son. The loose fit made him painfully aware of his smallish dick. şırnak escort Maricel was satisfied just to have him inside her. She knew how to make herself come, but Carlos’ embarrassment soon caused him to lose interest, even in the lovely huge tits. He spent more and more time at his job or in front of the TV. Maricel was quickly becoming a bored and lonely, horny desperate housewife.

Carlos Paternal grandfather had recently become a widower. He was in good health but lately depressed and anti-social. He wasn’t at all the Abuelo the family was used to. Carlos had recently built a spacious new home in anticipation of his growing family, so at the suggestion of his brothers, they invited Abuelo to stay with them. It was their pleasure. He and Carlos were very close and Maricel loved him as much as Carlos did. Whenever she had disagreements with Carlos she could d always count on his grandfather to correct him or be on her side. He was patient, loving, strong and honorable. All the things a grandfather should be. It was amazing but at 72 he still looked remarkably like Carlos so Maricel was able to see what her handsome husband would look like in 40 years. He had a thicker body but it was still firm and strong. Carlos’ skin was dark and his hair wavy. Abuelo had the same swarthy complexion with Salt and pepper colored waves and a bushy mustache.

Before the death of his wife, Abuelo was the life of most any party. He was loving and lovable, proud and respected by all who knew him. He was reluctant to move in with the young couple at first, but the new baby sealed the deal. Little Carlito seemed to give him a new lease on life. It was a pleasure to watch the tenderness in which he held his great grandson son. Most men hated to hold an infant that small but it was no problem for Abuelo.

Maricel nursed the baby wherever and whenever. She nursed him while watching TV, in the nursery in their bedroom on the patio etc., wherever she happened to be. Like many nursing mothers she would unceremoniously take out her breast and just feed her son on demand, not even the slightest bit aware that a glimpse of her tit would cause anyone embarrassment or discomfort. She and Carlos had been married for three years and she had even grown comfortable walking around nude. She understood that she had to make changes for Abuelo, but she felt it was quite natural and in fact her right to be relaxed in her own home.

Shortly after Abuelo arrived she and Carlos got into a loud “discussion” about her nursing everywhere. He decided that she should nurse the baby in the bedroom or nursery only. Normally she deferred to, and even obeyed her husband but just the thought of climbing the stairs with her now ten pound bundle of joy each time he was hungry, made her weary. So she resisted and offered a compromise. She would use a towel or scarf when she nursed the baby anywhere else in the house. Apparently Abuelo had seen her nursing and had discussed his discomfort with Carlos.

One morning when Abuelo had been out of the house at a doctor’s appointment she decided to enjoy a few precious moments of privacy in her favorite nightgown. She wasn’t yet ready to give it up , but her new tits had long outgrown it .Her nipples protruded in protest as the bra practically burst at the seems. She pulled one side of it down and started to nurse the baby while sitting in the recliner. In a minute she dozed off and woke up to find Abuelo entering the room as the baby contentedly sucked her swollen nipple .Both of them were embarrassed and Abuelo turned quickly to leave the room; but, he wasn’t quick enough. Maricel caught a glimpse of a familiar bulge behind his fly.

She could often see the tube shaped outline of Carlos’ hard on, but what she observed in Abuelo’s pants was more of a mound, a very large mound. Maricel’s pussy suddenly contracted and she felt heat. She was ashamed at the thought of being turned on by the man she called grandfather, but Maricel decided then that she wanted to know more about the large mound. She was curious, just curious. The truth was, that the sight of his hard on had served to remind her that her pussy had not been properly serviced in months, and Carlos’ growing disinterest and frequent absences had helped to fuel the fire of her “curiosity.”

Maricel knew that Abuelo routinely got up in the middle of the night to pee. She had bumped into him a few times when checking on the baby. For some reason maybe it was his sleepiness, he never closed the bathroom door all the way. Normally Maricel looked away in embarrassment as she heard the trickle of his urine. But that night she did not,and there it was; the source of the mound. Abuelo’s meat was thick and heavy. His dick was a brownish, pinkish, purple with a huge plum shaped head surrounded by a deep ridge that separated it from a thick heavily veined shaft. Compared to Carlos’ it looked slightly freakish. Finally Abuelo shook his friend, flushed the toilet, put him back into his old man pajamas then staggered back to his bedroom.

Maricel also went back to bed but her pussy was heated. Carlos lay snoring next to her. She reached şırnak escort bayan into his shorts then bent over to put both his dick and his balls in her mouth. She loved sucking his dick to life. In a minute he was awake and erect. Carlos loved to have his dick sucked. As usual Maricel took charge and pushed him over on his back. Her pussy was dripping and already pulsing in anticipation. Still a little fuzzy, Carlos reached for her breast and started to squeeze her nipples. She positioned his dick at the entrance to her wet pussy and slowly slid down on his rock hard cock. She rode him fast and furious and then tried with all her might to get the familiar grip on his cock with no success. Damn motherhood! She thought. She desperately wanted her sex life back. Then she started to fantasize about the big cock she had just seen. She dismounted Carlos and sucked his dick hard, as if she would swallow him. Carlos shook and shivered came in buckets, then rolled over and went back to sleep. Maricel then masturbated herself to ecstasy while thinking about the nice fat cock on the sad old man down the hall.

Soon she was obsessed. She knew now about the source of the mound but, now she wanted to see it all, every inch. Just see it.

Abuelo regularly sat on the patio and had a cup of strong coffee with milk each morning after his walk. Maricel normally left an assortment of magazines on the patio table that she read while sunning or feeding the baby. Carlos was typical of most men in that he had a large collection of porn magazines that he thought he kept well hidden from her. She went through his stash and selected one with a cover that wasn’t too raunchy but graphic enough to get an old man’s juices flowing. She put it in the pile, but near the top. She watched from the window that overlooked the patio. He sat down in his usual chair wearing his usual distant expression then suddenly he put down the coffee and reached for the magazine. He looked slightly guilty but mesmerized. He slowly sipped his coffee then started to turn page after page. Soon he got up with the magazine in hand and left the patio. Maricel caught a glimpse of the mound in his trousers again. She went downstairs to the guest bathroom near the patio and stood outside. She could hear light rustling and then a low moan. Abuelo was “self pleasuring” The thought of him jerking his heavy thick meat made her ravenous and her pussy began to throb. Finally she admit to herself, that it was her intention to have the big dick inside of her.

She realized that Abuelo had been more that just embarrassed by seeing her breast, they had aroused him. So after Carlos left for work one morning she “accidentally” forgot her nursing towel. When Abuelo came down for breakfast the baby was peacefully sucking an artfully exposed tit, and the other was only partially covered. She pretended not to see him, then pulled her top down and moved the baby to the other nipple so that both were in full view. Then very slowly and sensuously she rubbed and lightly pulled the long, still dripping spent nipple as if to soothe it. Abuelo cleared his throat. Maricel then feigned embarrassment and pulled up her shirt. She checked for the mound. There it was again, even a little larger than usual. For a few days she continued to leave a dirty magazine or two in the pile on the patio table.

On a day that Abuelo went to the doctor, shortly before he was due back; Maricel showered and put on just her usual short terry cotton robe. It had no tie. She went downstairs, closed the blinds then put one of Carlos’ Porn movies in the player and wound it to the nastiest part. She lay on the sofa and waited. Shortly she could hear Abuelo’s car pull up outside. She heard him step inside the house. When she heard him walk toward the family room, she pressed play, then closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep as the porn stars vigorously fucked and sucked on the 32 inch screen. When he got closer her eyes were still closed as she opened her creamy thighs wide and shifted her body so that he would get a glimpse of her silky wet pussy and bulging clit.

“Maricel!” He shouted in surprise

She opened her eyes wide in pretend embarrassment, and then sprung to her feet off the couch and up the stairs while holding her robe together. She left it to him to turn off the movie, which she knew he would not know how to do.

This was the time of day he sat on the patio again and had a shot or two of Rum. She could hear him go to the bar, but he did not go out to the patio. Instead he stayed to watch the movie. He poured himself a little rum and then a little more. Soon he had the bottle on the table beside him. Maricel watched him from the shadows of the stairs as he started to relax and then began rub his mound. He looked hypnotized by the movie. Suddenly he raised his hips, unzipped his fly and took out his beautiful cock. Finally, there it was; in all its glory. She had always heard that old men had mashed potato dicks and flabby nuts. Abuelo was living proof that it was not always true.

Fully erect his cock was spectacular. True his sack was a little loose, escort şırnak but the purple head was tight and shiny and it looked hard and determined. The veins on the shaft were long and thick. She watched in awe as he jerked off. Her pussy was getting wetter and it tightened with every stroke he made. Before she knew it, her hand was rubbing her slippery pussy to match his rhythm. Just as he was nearing the finish, Carlos pulled into the driveway. Maricel had not realized it was so late. Abuelo not knowing how to turn of the tape just turned off the TV and shoved “El Negro” back into his pants. By now he was more than a little high and the rush for him to regain his composure was comical. Maricel almost laughed out loud.

She yelled down to Carlos that she hadn’t made dinner yet because of a headache. He quickly made a sandwich then went upstairs to clean up and nap. Maricel went down to the family room where Abuelo was finishing his drink. The movie was still running in the player. Maricel removed it and asked if he had finished watching it he looked embarrassed but shook his head no. she put it in the case, gave it to him, she took advantage of his drunkenness and let him see her look down at his crotch which was still ridiculously distorted.

She winked and said, “Mañana”

He laughed good naturedly and took the tape. After seeing Abuelo, Maricel was restless and her pussy throbbed all evening. She knew that a little dick sucking would get her at least a token fuck by Carlos, but she wanted more than a token fuck. She wanted to be fucked hard and fucked very well. She decided that was the night.

She got up to check on the baby at about the time she knew Abuelo went to the bathroom. As usual he staggered toward the toilet and then back to bed. But this time Maricel was there in bed waiting for him. She lay very still under the covers on the side where he never slept. He got in bed again and got comfortable on his back. Maricel reached over and first put a hand over his mouth, and the other on his crotch. Quickly she reached inside his pajamas and dug out the fat limp cock. Very rapidly she began to squeeze and jerk, squeeze and jerk until it started to grow hot, long, and firm. His eyes were wide in surprise, and Maricel could hear the heavy thump of his heartbeat.

“Maricel, no, no Maricel, Maricel no.” He begged in a hoarse whisper as he removed her hand from his mouth.

He attempted to remove her hand from his crotch, but his heart wasn’t really in it and Maricel was persistent. Her persistence paid off. Soon her pumping had the fat cock as hard as she had seen it earlier that day.

“No Maricel No,” he said again, as she climbed up to straddle him.

She positioned the thick dickhead right where she needed it and lowered herself onto him. She was crazed with lust and could barely stop. For a full minute her hips drove her silky wet pussy round and round and back and forth on his fat plum.

“Please Maricel please no” He still begged.

“Please Papi I need you.” She leaned to whisper in his ear.

He started to push a little harder than before. She braced herself by holding on to the headboard and squeezing him between her thighs. Then in order to gag him, she squeezed her left breast and forced the fat leaking nipple between his lips. Then she held his face to make him take it, as she continued to rub her soaking wet pussy on his dick. That did the trick. He was even greedier than Carlito. Soon he was licking and sucking, squeezing and pulling her nipples like a hungry mad man. They were the perfect distraction. Now she could get down to business.

Abuelo would be only the second man she had ever been with. And truthfully she was foolish to believe that she would enjoy a dick that size after having only Carlos all these years. But her horniness made her greedy. Maricel watched closely as he continued to indulge himself in her milky tits. She reached behind her, grabbed his dick again and placed the fat plum at the door to her pussy. She was as slippery as hell, so she missed once or twice, but then finally she got it right.

Abuelo was still enjoying her tits; but when she started to slide her velvety pussy down onto his meat, he instinctively stopped sucking and reached down to grab and guide her hips. At first it felt as if his fat dick would rip her apart then soon she felt full and satisfied as she just let him soak for a minute. She clenched her pussy just to try him on for size. He let out a moan the same way that Carlos used to moan. She knew then that his dick had found a new home. She fed him the other tit. He sucked as well as Carlos and when she began to feel the familiar sensation deep in her belly and clit, she closed her eyes, sighed ecstatically then proceeded to rock gently on the monster cock. Soon she was moving faster and in spite of his girth, she was fucking him as furiously as she had always fucked Carlos. She rocked and clenched, rocked and clenched. Her pussy was handling the big dick just fine. She leaned forward and rested on her palms so that he could suck her breast in comfort. The combination of his tenderness, passionate tongue, and total surrender, were incredible. He treated her breast with the love and admiration they deserved. This in turn made her feel womanly for the first time in a very long while. She leaned over and gently kissed his forehead in gratitude, as she continued to rock and clench.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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