Accidentally Screwing My Sleepy Mom Pt. 02

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Yesterday night had been the most amazing experience of my life. Realising I wasn’t in bed having sex with my girlfriend Tammy, but instead, I was in bed with my mom while Tammy had snuck off to screw my dad, turned out to be the best thing imaginable. Losing my girlfriend to my dad was an almost minor thing because after I realised my mom was more than happy to have me inside her instead of my dad, and mom was way more experienced and hotter than Tammy, and of course she lived in my house, it meant I could have her whenever I wanted.

Waking up this morning was a weird situation, Tammy acted as if nothing had happened, but of course, I knew everything. So when I waved her goodbye, I wasn’t sure if it would be our last time together, or if I’d just be using her as a kind of revenge whenever she came over now. Seeing dad at the breakfast table, knowing he’d screwed my girlfriend was excruciatingly uncomfortable. How could he have done that to me? Knowing that he wasn’t the man he thought he was, and mom much preferred me, made me feel a whole lot better about it all that was for sure.

But the greatest thing was seeing my mom’s beautiful smiling face as she made us all breakfast as if nothing had happened. Dad and Tammy thought they were the ones in on the big secret. Yet now, I and mom knew all about them, but they knew nothing about what we had gotten up to last night.

When dad left for work and it was just I and mom left in the house and we could breathe a huge sigh of relief, it was a really strange sivas escort feeling to finally be sitting with mom, alone, after the crazy things we’d done together last night. But mom took everything in her stride.

As soon as the door shut behind dad she came straight over to me as I sat at the breakfast table. Hugging me, as I sat on my chair, she kissed and cuddled me just as if I were her husband and we were teenage lovers.

“Baby, I can’t stop thinking about last night you know. I stayed awake all night dreaming about you, playing with myself while I was in bed with your dad. You know, maybe I can never be sexual with him ever again. All I can think about is what you did to me last night. You were amazing baby.” She said, hugging me and kissing me from behind my chair.

“Oh mom, you were amazing too. You know I don’t think I ever want to be with Tammy again either.” I admitted.

“Oh baby, you’re a young boy, I’m sure you have enough energy for us both. Although now I guess you don’t love her as you did. But that’s ok honey, young boys need their desires and urges fulfilled you know. I think Tammy will be good to be someone you can fall back on whenever you need something a little extra. And you know hun, after what your dad did to me, I would like you to steal her back away from him and give him what he deserves.” She said, now coming around to the front of my chair, climbing onto my lap, her legs spread either side, her skirt riding up revealing her pretty panties beneath.

“Sure sivas escort mom, if that’s what will make you happy, then I wanna do it,” I assured her.

“Yes, honey it is. You know, I think the perfect outcome to all of this will be that your father eventually knows that because of what he did to me, you and I are together, but also that you stole Tammy back from him. Making him realise that you have both of his women will be the best punishment for his cheating ways.” Mom smiled as she buried her tongue deep inside my mouth, kissing me passionately and then moving her hands down to my trousers. Unbuttoning my belt and unzipping my trousers, she pulled out my eager wet cock and quickly started to stroke it as the intensity of her amazing hand-job pulsed through my body.

“It will take some time, of course, to get things as we want them, but when we do, I would love for him to wake up one night and discover me missing from his bed only to realise that I and Tammy are with you, in yours and you are pleasuring us both while he is all alone, and he realises he is the looser in this once and for all.” Mom said, working my cock as Tammy never had done. Undressing while she did so, revealing her amazing breasts, before standing up and slipping off her skirt and panties. Then she gently climbed back up onto the chair, now fully naked, and slid herself onto my cock. The feel of her hot wet vagina on my shaft again as it slid down setting me on fire.

“So let’s pretend like nothing sivas escort bayan has happened like we know nothing about what they have been doing. I know you can win her back and make it so she never wants him ever again. Just you wait and see. And all the while you’ll have me too, and you’ll be satisfying me as I’ve never been satisfied in all my years of marriage. Then when the time comes we can bring Tammy in on our little taboo, incestuous love and let her be a part of it too.” Mom smiled, all the while riding my cock and kissing me in between sentences.

Already I was starting to get ready to cum, something that always took me much longer with Tammy, mom had a certain something that just drove me wild. I couldn’t explain what it was but felt sure, the fact that she was my mom was a huge part of it. The taboo nature of what we were doing, the incest, just drove me wild. Knowing my cock was inside the vagina of my own mom drove me crazy with desire. I knew none of my friends could ever have possibly done anything like this.

As mom looked into my eyes she knew I was getting ready to cum already, she knew what she was doing to me. And so, climbing off me, she took my cock back in her hand, giving me a hand job again, stroking me with angel fingers that felt like something from heaven, she went down onto her knees on the floor in front of my chair. Opening her mouth and poking out her pretty tongue, ready for me to cum all over it, she stroked my cock amazingly until, like a geyser, my white cum shot out of its tip and splashed all over her tongue.

Stroking the final strings of cum out and onto her tongue, before she licked and sucked my cock clean, she closed her mouth, swallowed everything inside, and then opened it up again to show me that there was nothing left inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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