Adam and Steve Ch. 02

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Author Note:

No Sex in this Chapter, but it is a cumming. 😉


“Why, what is going to be awkward?” Jack asked.

“Nothing I will talk to you later.” Steve went to hang up, then he thought better, he was actually mad at Jack for how he stole someone’s man. “Shit, Jack really did you have to fuck with a taken man?”

“What the hell do you mean by that?”

“You know you fucked a man that was in a relationship and now you have him. Why didn’t you tell us how you landed your boyfriend huh?”

“I don’t think it was any of your fucking business, how I landed my boyfriend. Why does it matter to you and how did you find out?”

“Because I am dating Adam Cort, he apparently put two and two together, you better have not messed this up for me.”

Jack started laughing. “I don’t care if I did, I don’t give a fuck, I have who I want. Anyways, you are messing with what few hours I have left with Ben tonight. Talk to you later, Steve.”

Jack hung up on Steve. “What was that all about?” Ben asked.

“Apparently, Steve has the hots for Adam.”

“My Adam?”

“He isn’t your Adam anymore, remember? I don’t have to beat that into you anymore do I?”

“No Jack.” Ben looked down. “I am not with Adam anymore, I am with you. I know my place now.”

Steve walked out into the living room completely clothed and the boys looked up. “I will be back later, if you need anything call me.”

“No problem Steve, where you going?”

“Going to see Adam, we need to talk about something.”

“You look upset, did something happen in the short time he has been gone? You two are ok, right?” Teddy asked.

“Yeah something happened, but we are fine, I hope.”

Steve left the house and drove the short distance over to Adams home. He pulled his car up to the curb and walked to the door, as he was walking up Adam opened the door and stepped out. “I didn’t know Adam, I swear.”

“I didn’t either it was my friends that pointed out the last name. I didn’t even realize that we all went to the same school.”

“I didn’t know how Jack and Ben got together, it wasn’t like he could say in normal family conversation, oh by the way how I scored my boyfriend was when I slept with him in his lover’s bed and we were caught.”

“Steve I believe you, I am not mad. It was over two years ago, even if it wasn’t Jack that day it would have been someone. I knew Ben strayed, catching him in the act sealed the deal and I never wanted to ever see him like that again.”

“You said you caught him before.”

“Yeah, but never having sex, it was either they were out on a date, thinking I was out of town or once I went to surprise him at work and I saw him kissing someone. He didn’t know I was there, I just left and when he came home we got into it.”

“I am sorry, I hope this doesn’t affect us.”

“It’s water under the bridge, I don’t know what it would be like at your family functions for us and that is if you get together for anything. I still would like to try this, if you are?”

Steve stepped closer to Adam, put his arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. “Ahhhh.” Sarah came out on to the porch with Matt in tow.

Adam pulled out of the kiss and smiled. “Steve, these are my friends Sarah and Matt, we have known one another since childhood.”

Steve stepped away from Adam and stuck his hand out to shake. “Nice to meet you Sarah and Matt.”

“Why don’t we all just go to the family room where we can be comfortable?” Adam suggest.

They all talked for about an hour, about how Adam and Steve met and the uncomfortable topic of Jack and Ben. But then Sarah and Matt excused themselves from the room to head to bed, which Caleb had done when they first came into the room.

Steve turned to Adam when they were finally alone. “I would really like to get to know you Adam, I hope the shit my brother did won’t screw this up for us.”

Adam closed the distance and kissed Steve, “No” kiss “I” kiss “think” kiss “this” kiss “will” kiss “be” kiss “good”. Then he pulled Steve in for a deep soul searching kiss, that got them both hard in an instant and they both moaned. “Would you like to take this to the bedroom or back to my apartment?”

“Do you think we will be able to make it to your apartment?” Steve asked, he knew he wanted to wait, but he really wanted Adam right now.

“Well, I don’t have any lube or condoms here, and we can’t go back to your place, with three kids there.” Adam kissed him again. “Maybe we should be adults about this and wait.”

“Yeah adults.” Steve kissed Adam again. “I better go before I can’t.” Steve moaned as he kissed Adam one more time and stood.

“Still up for breakfast this morning?”

“Yeah, call me when you want to be picked up.”

“I will walk over, leave your door unlocked so I can get in. I will be waiting in your living room for you.” Adam smiled, he knew he wouldn’t be, that he would call first before he even stepped out his door.

“Yeah I see you sometime in antalya escort the morning. Good night.”

“Good night.” Adam walked Steve out, kiss him and watched him drive away. “I am going to have to control myself better, or I am going to be too much of a slut for this man.” Adam told himself.

A few weeks had gone by, Adam and Steve spent as much time as possible together, it was easier once Teddy’s mother had returned and he was back with her. Adam and Steve did come to a compromise that morning at breakfast, they decided to take things slow, that they knew the moment had to be right for them to go to bed together. But it didn’t stop there relentless kissing and groping sessions, and they were actually able to sleep in one another’s beds.

One day when Teddy was back staying at Steve’s for a few weeks, Adam finally asked the question he has been wanting to ask for a long time. They were sitting in the family room while Teddy and Jeff were in the living room playing some shoot ’em up game. “Can I ask a question, you can tell me it is no of my business but I have been wondering about it a long time?”

“Sure, what is it?” Steve looked at Adam.

“I have noticed you have Teddy more than his Mom, what is going on?”

“Want the honest answer.” Adam nodded. “My sister Cindy doesn’t want to be a Mom, after she got pregnant and her boyfriend left her, I took care of Teddy more than she did. I had a house near them there, but I told her she needed this past year to move home. She maintains her house there, and I just keep Teddy.”

“How often were you out there?”

“All in all about ten months a year, I would fly out there as much as I could, when I didn’t have something out here to work on. I tried to be a father to Teddy as much as I could be. I would bring Teddy here during the summer months, but I don’t know why I just didn’t take custody of Teddy a long time ago.”

“Did you ever hide your sexuality from him?”

“In the beginning I did, but one morning when he was here during the summer he asked me about the man that would keep coming by to see me. He told me he saw us kissing, sometimes I am not sure about Teddy’s sexuality because I have never seen him look at a girl, but I haven’t even seen him look at a guy either.”

“Well, he is just sixteen, he still has time to decide that. Thanks for trusting me with the information.”

“You said when you first met us that you were asked by the coaches out there to come and see how he plays.”

“Yeah, I did. It was really a lie, I was out there for other reasons, Bill his middle school coach and Jeff the high school coach, asked me to come out just to check his form. They had a feeling that he would be moving to this area, and were hoping that he would be at my school.”

“How did they know?”

“I don’t know, they never told, maybe Teddy informed them that he was going to be moving.”

“My sister and I argued about it a lot, so maybe he realized that I was going to get my way.” Steve looked at Adam. “When did you go out there?”

“I was out visiting Bill, it was just after I found Ben and Jack in bed together, I asked for a quick leave of absence, I told them I just needed to get away for two weeks, and went and visited Bill. Since it was football season I sat in on the practice and games for those two weeks. Bill’s buddy Jeff was the high school coach and he was just trying to inflate my ego because Bill told him I was drafted for the pros and didn’t go, so he begged me to come to his practices and Bill and I watched their games on Fridays.”

“How was he trying to inflate your ego?”

“Jeff told all his kids that I should have went to the pros and then he got word out that we were going to have a pick-up game on Saturday. Bill, Jeff and I plus nineteen other guys showed up on the football field and we played, shit that was a great day. No helmets or padding, just twenty two of us playing a full contact sport for fun. Both the middle and high school teams along with a lot of adults showed up to watch, I don’t know how they found out, maybe one of the guys that showed up had a kid, don’t know.”

“Would love to see you play again.”


“I was there that weekend, I was with Teddy. He told me he wanted to go with his friends down to the football field because there were going to be a bunch of adults plus his coaches playing. I couldn’t resist seeing a bunch of guys getting all sweaty.” Steve laughed. “Of course I didn’t know you at the time, so I didn’t know I was watching you.”

“Well unfortunately, I don’t get to play that often.” I took a moment since we could hear the boys playing, to kiss him. “When Kip comes home at the end of the season, we tend to get a game together with some of our old friends and even some of his teammates but that won’t be for a another month.”

“You have talked about Kip before.”

Adam smiled. “He is and always will be my best friend, Kip Wilson, he plays for the 49ers right now. He keeps antalya escort bayan telling me every year he is going to retire so he can do what he loves, but then every year he gets his contract and stays.”

“Would love to meet your best friend.”

“Soon, you will.”

Christmas came around, Adam and Steve have been dating now for almost two months, football season ended the first week of November, they played one state championship game and was crushed, so their season ended that week.

Steve knew there was a big party at his father’s business that everyone would be attending and he wanted to take Adam but he also knew that Jack and possibly Ben were going to be there. He didn’t know if he should ask or just avoid their first possible meeting. “Steve, what is up? You look stressed.”

“The holidays that is all, and there is sort of a family get together, it is the company business Christmas party but it is also our family Christmas party.”

“And you want me to go, but you don’t want to ask me because you know Jack and Ben are going to be there.”


“I told you we will deal with this as it comes, I would love to go to your family’s business Christmas party.”

“Thank you.”

“What do I need to wear?”

“Oh I will take care of that, you just need to show up for the fitting.”

“The fitting.” Steve just smiled.

Adam and Steve pulled up in front of this mansion. “Why did we have to take a limo to your parents’ house?”

“So if we get drunk we won’t have to stay the night here.”

“Touché.” Adam smiled.

The door to the limo opened and they both looked up and laughed and went to get out. When Steve stood up he reached out for Adam and he took his hand and got out of the limo, Steve pulled Adam close and kissed him and then straighten his bow tie. “Are you ready for this, meeting my family for the first time.”

“As ready as I ever will be, worse case I will be in the corner with Teddy.” Adam stated then thought about it. “Will Teddy be here?”

“He will probably be somewhere in the mansion, when he isn’t with me he is here.”

“You sister doesn’t have her own house?”

“No, as I told you, she doesn’t really want to be a mom, so when she comes home she stays here and then Teddy comes back to my place. Sometimes, not all the times, I wish she would just leave him there, because I think it is hard on him.”

They walked arm and arm through the doors and were greeted by his Mother and Father, as guest were shaking their hands as they walked in. “Dad, Mom, this is my boyfriend Adam Cort, Adam is this Frank and Marie Ames my parents.”

Adam shook both of their hands and told them it was nice to meet them, they returned the greeting, than Steve pulled him into the ballroom. “Are they ok with you being gay?”

“Mostly, my father doesn’t like if I publicly display it, which I don’t think I do that much. He really hates that Jack is gay though. My mother could care less, she has her grandson.”

“Why does he hate that Jack is but doesn’t mind that you are?”

“I really don’t know, I haven’t figured that one out.”

“He is adopted so there was no possibility that his gene came from your mother.”

“Yes and no, no he didn’t get the gene from my mother but he did from his mother, which was my aunt on my father side. Jack was a result of my aunt getting raped, she didn’t want to keep him, and my father didn’t want an heir showing up later possibly ruining something so he took Jack in as his own. So Jack is a true Ames in a way.”

“Wow, I didn’t know, I will be honest, I didn’t hang out with Jack in school. Ben always seemed to like him, they were joined at the hip when Ben wasn’t with me. But I never felt threatened, I really didn’t know Jack was gay until I found him in bed with Ben.”

“He was a lot like Teddy growing up, I didn’t ever see him looking at guys or girls, so I didn’t know either. I just knew what I was and was trying to find the right moment to tell my parents.”

“I guess there is a lot we still need to discuss.”

“Yeah, there is.” Steve took Adam by the hand and lead him from the ballroom down a hallway to a study, when they walked in he closed the door and took him in his arms and kissed him. “MMMMMm I could do this to you all night, you look wonderful by the way.”

Both were dressed in a black tux, with waist coats, white shirt, complete with bow tie and closed-laced patent leather plain toe Oxford shoes. Steve took Adam to his tailor and had the tux tailored to fix Adam perfectly. Steve even insisted on buying Adam a pocket watch to complete the look, Adam was flattered that Steve wanted to do this but he didn’t want Steve paying but Steve said it was his Christmas present to him, so Adam agreed to everything.

They were kissing and talking while sitting on a couch when Jack and Ben walked in. “Well, well, well, look who we have here.” Jack said as he came in, he had seen Adam and Steve walk in there, escort antalya but wanted to give them a moment before he came in. Ben look straight at Adam and his mouth dropped, Jack saw it out of the corner of his eye and squeezed Ben arm tight, which made Ben wince.

Adam stood up. “Jack take your hands off Ben.” Jack stepped back when Adam stood up, Jack is only five foot six, so Adam’s six two height made him back up.

“He isn’t yours anymore, you have no say in what happens to Ben.”

“You are hurting him, I can tell.” Ben eyes were wide and he was shaking his head no, Adam could tell that he was scared. “Ben, is this who gave you the black eye?” Ben was visibly shaking now.

“When did you go and see Adam, you weren’t allow to see him after that day he threw you out.”

“I didn’t, he saw me on the street.” Ben lied as he tried to pull away from Jack’s grip. “Jack please.”

“Jack if you are hurting him, you will be hurting.” Adam stated.

Steve walked over and pulled Jack out of the room and into another, Adam and Ben could hear them yelling at one another. “Ben, is he hurting you?”

“Adam, he takes good care of me.”

“I didn’t asked that. I am asking if he is hurting you.”

“Not as much anymore, Adam. He is good to me, most of the time.”

“Adam you are a cop, you know what domestic violence is, you know how to get out of it. Why are you letting him do this to you?”

“I can’t get out Adam, he will kill me.”

“If you want out, I will kill him before he kills you. Ben, do you want out?”

He could tell that Ben was scared he could see him shaking. “He is going to beat me, I just know for even talking with you.”

“Ben, why didn’t you come to me, tell me what was happening.”

“I did that one time, but you didn’t want to take me back. I wanted to come to you many times after that but every time I tried, he knew and he would beat me. It was just that once that he hit me in the face but I am afraid, Adam.”

“I can’t take you back Ben. I love you, I will always love you, but I am not in love with you anymore.” Steve came back into the room when Adam told him he loved him but not in love. “Ben if you want out, I will help you, you don’t have to live in fear.”

“He will kill me, Adam. He has repeatedly told me if I ever try to leave him he will kill me. I better go find him, before it is worse on me.”

Steve spoke up. “He is gone Ben, if you want out of this relationship, he will not touch you again, I will make sure of this.”

Ben sat down and put his head in his hands. “How can you make sure of this? He will kill me, I need to go, I need to find him before it is worse on me.” Ben went to get up and Adam stopped him.

“Ben?” Adam hugged him and Ben started crying. “Ben, if you want out I will help you.”

“I’ve got to go Adam, I have to find him.” Ben walked out of the room and out the front door, when he looked left and right, to see if he could see Jack. Jack pulled his car up and opened the door for him and Ben got in without a word and they drove away.

“I have never seen him so scared before.” Adam looked at Steve. “I didn’t even think about the black eye after that day, I didn’t even wonder how he got it.”

“And he lied right to Jack about how you saw him with it.”

“I could see how scared he was, that is why I didn’t correct him. But I know until he wants out, I can’t do anything for him, shit I don’t want to know he is getting hit though.”

“I will see what I can do, not that Jack listens to me much anymore, but I will see what I can do.”

They walked back into the ballroom and Steve’s father motioned him over, Adam could see they were talking and then Steve came back over and walked them to their assigned table for dinner. “Dad is not too happy that Jack left.”

“Does he know we all got into it?”

“Yeah, he knows everything that goes on in his house, one of the servants told him. He called Jack to come back, I don’t know if he will be bringing Ben or not, but he is on his way.”

“I am sorry that I got in his face.”

“No Adam, I am sorry, I knew Jack was this way, I didn’t know he was beating on Ben, but I knew he was controlling. I will talk to my father about Ben and get Jack to let him go.”

“Do you think Jack will really let Ben go, just like that?”

“I don’t know but I will try, that is all I can do. I am sorry Adam.”

“It is ok, Ben is a grown man and a police officer, and he knows how to get out of situations like this. I am amazed that he let himself be involved with an abuser.

“Unfortunately he sometimes can’t help who you fall in love with.”

Adam and Steve continued to talk for a while and then they saw Jack come back in and take his place at their table, Adam and he stared at one another for a bit before Jack finally turn his attention to his father. Steve was holding Adams hand under the table, he knows that Adam won’t start anything but he doesn’t know if Jack would or not. But the rest of the night was quiet.

When the evening was coming to an end, Steve had left Adam alone for a bit. Adam went over to the open bar and got himself another shot, he was feeling buzzed. Jack walked up behind him and spoke to Adam. “I am not giving him up.”

“Do you love him?”


“Then why are you hurting him?”

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