Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 18

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Aidra Fox

(Wiley was shocked to see Madeline, especially since she was pregnant and he is warned to always use a condom for manly sex)

(The legend of the so-called gun fight between me and two pecker-heads spread all over Texas. As legends go, the fish became much bigger and the bloodshed much greater than reality. One far fetched story had me cutting off the ears of the bullet riddled bodies.)

Bobbie and Susie wooed over Madeline for several weeks. I had never fucked a pregnant woman before but Bobbie assured me that it was necessary so I plowed Madeline a few times each week from behind.

The girls liked to eat each others pussies and use the magic wand so that relieved me from stressing out over how to satisfy three horny women. We all slept together in the king bed. The girls decorated one of the three upstairs rooms for a nursery.

I closed on the real estate purchase of Cheyenne Villa from Farmer John. I had the lawyer put the deed in my name, Bobbie, Susie and Madeline with joint tenants with right of survivorship in case something happened to me.

I made several uneventful trips to Brownsville. Mrs. Bonnie Blue proudly announced that she was pregnant.

Then soon after Miss Bonnie’s joyful news, Bobbie announced that she too was pregnant.

Susie took birth control and stated that she intended to get pregnant after she finished school. She attended an adult community college. Turns out that little Miss Susie was gifted in the brain department. She had an IQ of 160. She had finished enough credit hours in Louisiana to qualify for college without graduating from high school.

Susie was attached to me. She insisted on sleeping next to me, in my arms or against my back. She was in the habit of waking me by sucking on my cock and then presenting her small bottom for me to fuck. She kept a large plastic hypo (no needle) next to the bed filled with anal lube.

Bobbie and Madeline did not seem to mind hearing her moans and groans as my fat cock fucked her rectum. Sometimes Bobbie would finger her little slit and massage my balls. I rarely ejaculated in these nightly encounters, instead I was resolved to help Susie maintain a healthy sex life which made her happy.

Madeline was in her seventh month and she slept on the other side so she could get up to pee or stretch. She enjoyed sitting and snoozing in one of the two recliner chairs in front of the bedroom fireplace. It was now winter in Texas and freezing outdoors.

My trips to Brownsville were fairly mundane. Bonnie’s tummy showed in her pregnancy but that didn’t ease her horniness.

Incident in August, 1974 in Houston:

This past summer Billy asked me to deliver 10 gallons of whiskey to Houston as a favor to an old friend. It was out of my way but if its just ardahan escort once then OK. I loaded the extra whiskey in the back seat area and I drove through Houston following Billy’s directions and arrived at a pink building called Queenies.

The back door was open so I walked in to discover a tall bald man being serviced by a woman with long dark hair. She was on her knees sucking a very substantial member. He leaned back on a desk and her face was distorted by his huge cock in her mouth. His cock was at least eight inches long and thick.

My own cock was stiff by this time. I had not cum in a week even though I had fucked a lot of ass. My cock was hard all the way from Brownsville.

Baldy looked at me without a care. So I watched for a while. The woman soon stood up and I admired her full titties but I was shocked to see a large penis between her legs. It was hard and swayed to and fro with a slight upward curve and it was bigger than baldy’s cock. She noticed me staring at her cock with my mouth open.

“You like my cock,” she asked. Actually, I did. It just took a moment to get over the shock of seeing my first trans-gendered person. I said it was very nice.

“What do you want then?” she inquired in a husky feminine tone as she stared at my crotch. I explained the delivery from Billy and she smiled brightly and pulled me over next to baldy. She unfastened my pants and pulled them down and fastened her mouth over my distended cock.

She said oh my before my cock stretched her mouth and she relished the engorged member half way inside. I could feel her tongue massage the head and feel her throat try to impale and swallow it.

My hands held her head and I fucked her mouth for several minutes. She pulled away and told me to turn around. I leaned over the glass top desk and felt her fingernails pry my butt cheeks apart.

“Hmmm, you like anal sex don’t you,” she stated as a matter of fact. “Jose, slip on a condom.”

Madame Butterfly, as I came to know her, was the owner of Queenies, a gay bar. She was a tall trans-woman, five-eight, and very effeminate and very wise when it came to sexual pleasure.

I felt her lubricated finger massage my anus and slip in to tease my sphincter. I let out a moan of pleasure as Jose rolled a condom down his hard cock.

“Does that feel good—you like it—you want some cock in your ass?” she asked as her fingers opened my nether hole sending spasms to my cock.

“Yes—yes I would,” I groaned.

I felt the familiar cock head squeeze into my rectum. I moaned out loud and louder as Jose stroked several inches in and out.

“AWwwwww—mmmmmm—yes—yes—fuck—fuck—fuck me,” I cried out feeling that big dick stretch my tight anus.

My innards ardahan escort bayan were full and the sensation of a cock stroking my prostate sent waves of electric spasms through my cock.

Butterfly stood next me and guided my hand to her “pussy stick” while she expertly masturbated my cock. She had oiled her cock and palm and her hand glided up and down my shaft milking it and rubbing the head to a fitful sensation.

“You like that big cock in your ass—it feels good in your ass,” she encouraged me.

“Yes—oh yes—its great—o fuck me,” I muttered out.

Jose was slapping my butt cheeks with his pelvis as his cock plowed my ass hole. I felt my cock expand to its full glory. The head was engorged and purple.

Butterfly’s large hand and long fingers looked so good on my cock and the blur of her frigging made my balls boil and churn in anticipation of cumming.

“Oh, I want to cum,” I begged. Butterfly rolled a condom over her huge cock.

Jose pulled out and Butterfly took his place. Her huge cock stretched my anus painfully and I cried out in agony while begging her to fuck me harder.

Her cock made my ass feel like it was splitting and then she was deep inside my rectum and my cock began throbbing and spasming in rhythm with her strokes.

She deep fucked me a minute or two and my cock suddenly erupted.

“I’m cumming,” I yelled.

I couldn’t control the pumping of cum as my cock spurted across her desk as jet after jet of milky white jism spewed from my cock upward to splatter on the glass top. Butterfly was amazed at the volume of cum. She had expected a small squirt or two not a fire hose of liquid eruption.

She mumbled take my cum and slowly withdrew her huge truncheon from my rectum. Butterfly wiped my cock with a towel and motioned me to sit on the leather chair.

Jose cleaned her desk top with Windex and a towel. I sat in one of her leather chairs recuperating from such a huge orgasm.

She cautioned me to always use a condom for anal sex. There was a new illness that invaded men when performing anal sex. It was a warning I took to heart.

Butterfly put on a robe and sat on my lap. “So you’re Wiley Coyote I’ve heard so much about you,” she stated. She French kissed me for several seconds while I massaged her titties. I couldn’t get over what a pretty face she had.

It was such an enjoyable kiss. She didn’t have any facial nub that was surprising. We sat in her office that was more like a fancy living room discussing how she could buy ten pounds of good reefer each week—money was no problem, name your price—and how she now had a crush on me, etc.

I told her that if she had the money and take an extra 10 gallons of whiskey, she could have escort ardahan 10 pounds of the best pot in Texas now. I raised the price to 250 a pound and she quickly agreed. She pulled a metal box out of her desk and counted out the cash in hundreds and fifty’s.

Butterfly handed me the cash and I didn’t need to count it—I knew the exact amount was there. We made an agreement for 10 gallons of whiskey and ten pounds of pot every Friday or Saturday morning around 10. Jose and I unloaded the car quickly with a hand truck.

We were discussing trivial matters when Jose escorted a short old mean-looking one-eyed man from the front door to her office. She introduced him as WD Jones, a partner of the infamous Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker gang. She didn’t use my name.

It took a minute for my brain to compute that she was referring to Bonnie and Clyde from the 1930’s genre and movie in 1968.

Jones handed her a large prescription bottle which Butterfly opened and I saw small red capsules called reds. I recalled that’s what killed Jimmy Hendrix, reds and whiskey. She opened her desk drawer and counted out five twenties and handed them to Jones.

“Did you see the movie Bonnie and Clyde,” she asked me. I remembered I was fucking a girl at the drive-in movie while it played. All I could remember was there was a lot of shooting at the end.

“Vaguely,” I replied.

“Yea—I was with Bonnie and Clyde (he opined proudly)—[something about the movie] they got most of the movie wrong—[blah, blah, blah]—I still got bullets in me,” he guffawed and smacked his lips—as he spoke he didn’t look directly at me. He gave me the willies.

“I saw their car (pause) full of bullet holes on display in a tent at the Arlens parking lot in Atlanta. It was a grizzly sight,” I stated.

Then he said reverently: “They put her picture in the newspaper—lying there all shot up,” he said shaking his head. Then he turned and left.

I assumed he meant Bonnie Parker’s picture. I didn’t like him. After he left, Butterfly told me that he fucked both Bonnie and Clyde she giggled.

Years later I read in a book that Bonnie Parker took great pride in looking her best with lipstick and rouge. And, I saw that picture of her on the morgue table. The newspapers put that ghastly picture of her face shot up and her tit showed on the front page. That was disgusting.

I changed my route every so often. My dear old pappy used to say: Greedy men get caught.

On my second delivery, Butterfly told me that Jones was killed by some man over a woman not far from her place. She and her friends donated money to help pay for his burial.

Just looking at her made my cock hard. I kissed her full lips and said grief makes me horny. She giggled but soon she sank to her knees and took my fat cock in her mouth. I fucked those full lips pushing my cock in her throat. Her spit flowed out dripping down her chin.

I pulled her body up and opened a magnum condom. She was an expert at rolling it down my cock. She turned and bent her fine hard ass to me.

Continued in Chapter 19

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