Adventures with Lisa Ch. 03

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The shower cubicles in the hostel were small, meaning you couldn’t really change in them without getting all your stuff wet.

I stepped out of the cubicle naked, drying myself off as I went, when a man walked in. It was the guy from our dormitory who was masturbating the previous night.

He nodded hello and began to get undressed himself. I suddenly felt strangely vulnerable being naked in front of him, knowing what had happened the previous night.

I couldn’t help but sneak a peek of his cock though. I don’t think it’s gay to be curious about other men’s cocks, maybe people would consider it bi-curious, but all men have them and I like to compare shapes and sizes.

He was a good size, quite a lot bigger than mine. Nothing compared to James, but a fair sized uncircumcised dick nonetheless. I felt a little insecure about my manhood as I stood naked in front of him.

“Sorry about last night.” He said.

I was a bit taken aback by this.

“Um, that’s ok.” I said brushing it off.

“I was a bit drunk, you know? And… well I saw you and your missus.. you know…” he stopped “hope you don’t think I was out of order.” He said.

“Not at all I said,” desperately trying to dry myself off and get my pants on. “I’d have done the same.”

“She’s alright, you’re missus.” He said in a thick Australian accent. “I keep seeing her around, you’re a lucky fella.”

“I’m not so sure about that.” I replied flatly.

He introduced himself as Brad. He was probably in his mid thirties, quite buff with a slight belly and a bald head.

“You watching the footy later?” He asked, still standing there naked.

“Australian football?” I replied. “I don’t follow it.”

“Ah you’ll have to come down for a beer with me and I’ll explain the rules to ya, I’ll be down at the bar at eight. Bring the missus if you like.”

I found myself accepting his invitation, somewhat reluctantly. Although I thought I may as well find something to do as I didn’t think I’d be seeing Lisa.

I texted a predicable apology to Lisa telling her I loved her, and headed back to the dorm for a nap.

When I awoke it was nearly eight o clock. I checked my phone but Lisa hadn’t replied. I threw on some jeans and headed down to meet Brad.

I sat and drank with Brad for a few hours. He told me he was having a mid life crisis after his wife had kicked him out for cheating on her with another guy.

“I didn’t even know I was bisexual till I was thirty.” He said. “Next thing I know I’m meeting up with some fella named George, who I met on the internet and sucking him off in a truck stop. I’m a lorry driver you see.”

I didn’t really know how to take Brad, or what to say in response. He told me his life story, right up to him discovering he was bi, and then about his liaisons with other truckers. He was funny though and seemed like a decent guy.

“So I’m heading up to Queensland to see my sister, and I thought I’d stop by Sydney on the way up.” He told me. Lots of lovely guys and girls in Sydney to look at ain’t there.” He said.

“There is indeed.” I replied.

Just then I spotted Lisa and James walking past the window. They had their arms round each other’s waste’s like a proper couple. It’d been a few hours since I left them. I saw them walk up the stairs to our hostel, which was opposite the bar. Brad spotted her too.

“Ain’t that your missus?” He said.

“Yeah.” I replied, a little uneasily.

“She’s with that bloody James fella look.” He said.

“Oh, do you know James then?” I asked.

“I’ve seen him about, he’s quite the ladies man ain’t he!?” He said “very sure if himself. Mind you who wouldn’t be with a fucking cock like he’s got. It’s like a bloody third leg.” He said laughing loudly. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw him in the showers the other morning.”

“Tell me about it.” I said glumly “Lisa won’t shut up about it.”

“Ere she’s not banging him is she?” He asked, noticing the concern on my face.

“I don’t know.” I replied, and I began to tell him of the events of the last twenty-four hours. I was pretty drunk by then, the few beers I’d had with Brad added to an afternoon of drinking, somehow made me less inhibited, so I decided to tell Brad everything.

It felt good to get it off my chest, and I didn’t think a guy like Brad would judge me, which made it easier to open up to him.

“Bloody women.” He responded supportively. “They’re all the same, that’s one of the reasons I turned to cock.” He laughed. “That and the taste.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his brash, Australian humour.

“So you’re what’s known as a cuckold then!?” Brad said bluntly. “No offence like, but a bloke who’s missus fucks other blokes is called a cuckold.” He said

“I know.” I replied abruptly, “but she might not be fucking him.” I said, trying to make myself feel a bit more positive.

“Yet.” Said Brad. “You mean she might not be fucking him yet.” He laughed. “But believe me mate, if she’s walking up the street with him aydın escort arm in arm, knowing what he’s got inside his pants, she will be soon.”

“Thanks a bunch mate, that’s done a lot for my confidence.” I replied.

“Sorry bud. I’m just telling it like it is. He’s got a bloody monster, and, well, I got a good look at your little maggot earlier. Just saying.”

Just then Ellie, the girl who had orchestrated the game of spin the bottle the previous night, walked in, Brad waved at her to join us.

“Hi guys.” She said cheerfully. “What are you up to?”

“We were just discussing whether or not Danny’s missus is fucking that James bloke or not.” Said Brad loudly.

“Thank mate.” I said sarcastically. “I was sort of confiding in you, not expecting you to tell the world my problems.”

“Chill out mate, it’s only Ellie, she won’t tell anyone. Will you El?” He replied, looking at Ellie.

“No, I can keep a secret.” Ellie replied excitedly. “What’s the goss?”

Brad looked at me to give him the go ahead to tell Ellie.

“Oh for Christ’s sake, you can tell her if you want, I’m going for a piss.” I said, tutting as I walked off.

When I returned Ellie informed me that she had passed Lisa and James in the stairs of the hostel about twenty minutes ago.

“They were going up towards the dormitories I think.” She said.

“Bad news mate, he’s probably dipping his dick in her as we speak.” Said Brad laughing.

“Seriously though, do you think I should be worried?” I asked Ellie, ignoring Brads comment.

“Well, if I’m honest, yes.” Said Ellie “My friend Sarah slept with James last week and she said he’s the best sex she’s ever had, and she’s had lots.” She laughed. “She was gutted she had to fly back to Canada to start her new job on Monday, otherwise she’d have stayed for him.”

My heart sunk at this information, “I wish she had stayed for him.” I said.

“Come on Danny.” Said Brad finishing up his drink. “Let’s go and see if we can catch some of the show, my team are getting beat, I could do with cheering up.” He laughed, patting me on the shoulder.

I pondered for a minute. ‘If she is going to have sex with James then the shower would be the most likely place.’ I thought to myself. That’s where we’d done most of our shagging, perhaps she was going to let him have her in there.

“Okay.” I said. “But I’m afraid of what I might see.”

“Judging by what you’ve just told me you’ll bloody love watching her get stuffed. Now drink up.” He said. “You coming Ellie?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” She laughed, hoping of her stool.

Brad somehow made the situation much more light hearted, I wasn’t going in there with an angry head, so much as a curious one now. Although my heart was pounding with anticipation.

I finished my beer and headed across the road to the hostel, Brad and Ellie along side me, making jibes as we walked.

We walked up the steps to the hostel, past the common room. I glanced into the kitchen as we past it but nobody was in there, so we headed upstairs towards the dormitories.

Ellie said she thought James’s dorm was on the first floor so we walked up and down the first floor corridor, trying the doors. Some were open but there was no sign of Lisa and James.

There were men’s and ladies bathrooms at the end of the corridor, I was half afraid to go in to be honest.

“I’ll try the ladies.” Said Ellie. “You two try the guys bathroom.”

I stood back in the doorway and let Brad go in first. It was empty except that the shower was running in only the end cubicle, he went into the cubicle next to it and bent down to look under the gap at the bottom.

I wandered coyly up to him. “Well?” I said, trembling with fear and anticipation of what he might say.

“He’s got a nice cock.” He replied.

My heart sped up, still not sure of what he was implying.

“Who, James?” I asked impatiently.

“Nah, the fella in the shower.” He laughed. “It’s not James and Lisa, get down and look for yourself if you don’t believe me!”

As we walled back out Ellie was waiting for us.

“Doesn’t look like they’re in the ladies either she said.”

We went up a floor and checked the second floor bathrooms, but they weren’t there either.

“They’ve got to be in our dorm.” Said Brad. “Did you notice the three other guys checked out this morning, we’re probably the only ones left, unless someone news arrived.”

He had a point, were in a six bed dormitory, if three guys checked out earlier, that would just have left Myself, Lisa and Brad. I began to fear the worst, that she had taken James back to our dormitory to have sex.

Brad offered to go in first, after all he was staying in the dorm so it wouldn’t be suspicious. Ellie and I waited outside.

My palms were sweaty as I paced up and down the corridor waiting for Brad to come back out.

“Calm down.” Said Ellie supportively, grabbing my hand. “You’re a great looking guy, if the She is in there aydın escort bayan with James then screw her.”

I looked into Ellie’s eyes. She was a pretty girl, kind of scruffy, shoulder length bleached hair with dark roots. She had a few piercings too, including her nose and tongue. She had beautiful brown eyes which she fluttered at me as she spoke.

“Thanks.” I said. “But I know you’re just saying that to make me feel better.”

“No, seriously. I think you’re hot.” She said. “I was disappointed the bottle didn’t stop on me last night.”

I guess she was either referring to the fact that I had to kiss a girl named Amy in the spin the bottle game, or that I had to put my hand down James’s pants. Either way I was flattered.

“What, you’d have liked to have kissed me, like Amy?” I asked.

“Maybe.” She said. “Or maybe I wanted you to put your hand down my pants, instead of James’s.” She joked.

Brad was still in the dorm and I was to afraid to go in myself, so I looked into Ellie’s eyes, to see if she gave me any signals to kiss her. She must have been doing the same, because we both leaned in for a kiss at the same time.

Ellie and I made out for a minute or so. She had beautiful, soft lips which were a dream to kiss. She ran her hand down the side of my body, onto my bum and squeezed it tight, as I ran my hand up towards her right breast.

“Ahem!” I heard a female voice say. I looked around to see that it was Lisa. She was stood in the doorway to the dormitory.

I immediately backed away from Ellie.

“You don’t waste much time do you?” Said Lisa bluntly.

“Um, it’s not what you think.” I said predictably.

“Bull shit it’s not what I think.” She replied with a sharp edge to her voice. . “What is it then?”

“I was just doing what you’ve been doing with James all afternoon.” I said as Ellie crept off down the corridor, leaving us alone.

“For your information I didn’t do anything with James,” she replied.

“Really?” I answered, not believing her for a second. “I saw you on the beach, messing about in the sea, walking back arm in arm, are you telling me that you didn’t kiss him, or even fuck him??”

“How dare you!” She replied angrily. “yes I flirted with him, yes I let him put his arm round me, but I never kissed him and I certainly didn’t fuck him. You need to get a fucking grip, you paranoid cunt.” She yelled.

“Where is he now then? I asked, accusingly.

In the dorm?” I said walking into the room.

The dormitory was empty, aside from Brad sitting up on the top bunk of his bed, laughing away to himself.

“James went to his own dormitory to get changed, I haven’t seen him since we came back, half an hour ago.”

“But… I thought…” I stuttered. “I thought you were going to fuck him, like you fucked someone in the back seat of your car before we came away.”

“You bastard!” She said shaking her head “how dare you accuse me of fucking someone else! I told you that my sister borrowed my car, I told you it was her who left the condom in there, but you didn’t believe me, and now you accuse me of fucking James as well. You know what, I just fucking might now,” She said coldly.

My heart sank again. Lisa was angrier than I’d ever seen her before, tears began to flow from her eyes, but she hadn’t finished yelling yet.

“Dispite what you might think I have never cheated on you.” She wailed. “I know I’m a flirt, and I think about it sometimes, god knows I think about it. But I haven’t so much as kissed anyone else behind your back, since we’ve been together.”

Brad rolled over, pretending not to be listening as I stood there silently, not knowing what to say, feeling guilty and ashamed.

I went to hold her hand “Don’t fucking touch me.” She snapped, walking over to her bag and piling some clothes in it.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Getting away from you.” She said, zipping up her bag and tossing it over her shoulder.

“Please don’t, I’m so sorry.” I said, desperately trying to stop her from going. “Are you breaking up with me?”

“I don’t know.” She said “I just need to not be around you right now, I need some space.”

“But, please.” I said “I don’t want to lose you.”

She just looked at me and shook her head disappointingly as she walked out of the door. I slumped down on the bed with my head in my hands.

“Well I didn’t see that coming.” Laughed Brad unsympathetically.

“Fuck off.” I snapped at him, getting up, and I paced out of the room and down the corridor after Lisa.

It was too late, I couldn’t see her anywhere. I came to the conclusion I should probably leave her alone. I didn’t know where she would go, whether she’d find somewhere else to stay or if she would go and find James.

To be honest, I’m that moment I think I’d rather have caught her bouncing up and down on James big cock than what just happened.

I was disappointed in myself for being so paranoid and jealous, but now I was even escort aydın more concerned that Lisa was going to hook up with James. ‘What a mess’, I thought as I sat in the common room, sobbing to myself alone.

Eventually I went back to bed, there was only myself and Brad in the dormitory that night so we laid in our separate bunks and talked about our various different sexual encounters over some cans of beer.

I told him about how I couldn’t stop thinking about Lisa and James, he even got me to admit it turned me on thinking about them.

He told me that he’s been a bull for a cuckold couple he met online, that he’s stuck his big cock inside the woman while her husband watched. He said that her husband licked his cum out of her pussy too.

These stories got me rock hard again, so I probed him further. Not that he needed probing much, he was very open to telling me anything I asked.

He could tell that I was hard and that I was enjoying his anecdotes. “You ever been with a fella then?” He asked curiously.

“Oh no.” I replied “I’m not that way inclined.”

“Could of fooled me mate.” He said “you’re a classic bi-curious cuckold, trust me, I’ve seen plenty of em.”

I didn’t answer. To be honest he was right. I had fantasised about eating cum out of Lisa’s pussy. I’d even had thoughts about sucking a cock. I’d been masturbating to cuckold porn for a while now and it got me incredibly horny.

“I heard what Lisa was whispering to you last night when she wanked you off, you bloody loved her teasing you about James’ cock. I mean you touched it, you must have enjoyed it.”

I still didn’t say anything, although I was touching my own cock, I was so horny at what Brad was saying. He couldn’t see me though, it was dark and I was under the covers.

“Where do you reckon Lisa is now mate?” He asked. “Do you think she’s sucked his cock yet? Wouldn’t that be a sight.”

I grunted, trying not to sound too enthusiastic about it, although my cock was hard and seeping with pre cum.

“Imagine when he puts that third leg of his into her cunt, she won’t be able to walk for a week.” He said. “Imagine sticking your little pecker in her after that.

I stayed silent, although I think Brad could guess I was enjoying his talk, as he continued despite my silence.

“God I’d love to see her panties after he’s dumped his load inside her. Would you clean her up?” He continued “what am I talking about, of course you would. You’d probably suck his cock clean and all you little faggot.”

I stroked my cock as he spoke, lying in the dark with my eyes closed, listening to Brad describing what Lisa might be doing was strange, but extremely hot.

Then all of a sudden the light came on. “Right, I’m horny as hell.” Said Brad. He was stood up by the door, where the light was, naked and erect. His impressive cock looked even bigger, veiny and erect.

“Fancy sucking my cock?” He asked, as bald as brass, walking over to my bed.

“Um, I don’t really… um I’ve never.” I stuttered. I was shitting myself at the thought of sucking my first cock so I bottled it. “I’m ok thanks.” I said reluctantly. “Like I Said, I’m not that way inclined.”

“You’re in denial mate.” Said Brad. “I bet I can get you to swallow my cum before the nights out.”

“No chance.” I said confidently

“A hundred bucks.” He said extending his hand for me to shake.

“You’re on.” I replied, sensing a chance to make some money.

“Fuck it then, let’s go to the strip club, I need to see some titties.” He said reaching for his pants. “Get dressed you little cuck, let’s see if we can find some action.”

We got a taxi into Kings Cross,, which is Sydney’s red light district. We headed straight for the nearest strip club to where the cab dropped us.

It was reasonably quiet, probably as it was only just after midnight. There were two women in their early twenties, dancing round a pole. One looked kind of skanky, mousy brown hair, tattoos and nipple piercings. Her tits were small but nice and pert. The other one was a bit more voluptuous, darker hair and come to bed eyes.

After grabbing a drink at the bar we sat down at the front, Brad paid for a lap dance with the first girl. She removed her panties as she got up close to him, putting her shaven vagina inched from his face as she teased and twisted to the heavy beat.

I chucked forty bucks at the other girl, who did the same. She danced her way seductively towards me, kicking her panties off and extending her leg over my shoulder. She got so close I could smell her vagina. It was as much as I could do to not stick my tongue out and taste it.

Brad and I drank some more, He was a big drinker and seemed a lot less drunk than me. We sat back and watched various girls do their stripteases before Brad said. “Well I need my dick sucked and seeing as you’re to pussy to do it I’m going to find a hooker.”

We walked outside where lots of prostitutes seemed to gather, Brad casually strolled up to one and said “How much for a blow job love?”

She was a typical skanky older hooker, about forty and looked as if she was on crack. He put his arm round her and walked off. “This way Danny.” He said as she led him round a corner and down a side street. I followed them, although I wasn’t sure why.

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