After Hours

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My friend/co-worker and I were the last ones left at the gym, as we scurried around trying to shut down the computers, get our bank deposit ready and lock the doors for the night. It was our annual employee party tonight, so instead of racing home to shower and dress, we brought our clothes and necessary items with us to work. After everything was in order, and the lights were turned out, we headed to the ladies room. I opened my locker, retrieved what I needed, then walked the rest of the way down the hall with Jenny.

“Think you’ll get laid tonight?”

I laughed before answering her question. Jenny always seemed to have sex on her mind. Me . . . well, I did too . . . I just didn’t advertise it though.

“Maybe. Who knows?” I answered as I stepped out of my work out clothes, turning and raising my hand to the shower knobs. The water spurted out, causing me to gasp. It was cold! Finally, it evened out. I turned to look at Jenny. She was lathering soap onto her sponge, and the more I continued to watch, the more excited I became. I’m not sure why. Maybe I was just extremely horny or something. Her hands moved in circular motions over the pink sponge, making sure that every inch of it was lathered. My heart was beating against my chest erratically as I imagined her touching my tits in this very same way. Some of the soap escaped from her hands, dribbling down between her small and perky tits, over her flat stomach, easing below, flowing across her blonde mound, and then running further down between her lips.


My head jerked up. “Yes?” I could feel my face turning red as my gaze left her pussy, darting to her eyes.

“You okay?” Suddenly her voice sounded sultry, not at all like it usually is.

“Yeah . . . yeah, just fine.” I replied shortly, then turning to grab my own sponge and soap.

Next thing I knew, she was standing behind me suadiye escort washing my back. Neither of us said a word as she continued doing this. Her touch brought tingly sensations throughout my whole body. My nipples hardened immediately as I desperately and silently begged for her to touch me there. Oh God, I wanted her to touch me everywhere. My pussy was becoming wetter by the second; almost aching as I imagined one of her perfectly painted, red nails fingering me there, touching my clit. I inhaled sharply when I felt the sponge nearing my side, and then further up, gently nudging her way under my arm, and to the underside of my breast. I lifted both of my arms, placing them in front of me onto the shower knobs, holding on for support. Jenny dropped the sponge, using her hands to lather the soap onto my large and hardened nipples, massaging them just as I had fantasized about. They hardened even more so under her soft hands.

“Your nipples feel so good.” She whispered in my ear, as she planted kisses on my neck.

I moaned, grinding my ass harder against her pussy that was pressing into me.

Suddenly, she stopped. “Oh shit.”

“What?” I asked breathlessly.

“We have company.”

I turned, gasping when I saw the night security guard watching us with a wide grin on his face.

“Was just locking up . . . heard strange noises in here and wanted to check it out.” He cleared his throat before continuing on. “Don’t stop on my account.”

I eyed the young stud who stood before us, not sure what to say. Some of the other girls had said he was a good lay, but neither Jenny nor I had had the chance of finding that out; yet. Jenny licked her lips seductively as she let her gaze travel the length of his toned and young body. She shuddered at the thought of his strong arms holding her, touching her. Then her gaze lowered. Slim hips, and yakacık escort then, on my . . . a very large protrusion that nestled firmly between his legs, straining against the zipper on his gray pants.

Finally, Jenny spoke. “Care to join us?”

I giggled, not sure if I should stay, or if I should run. In the end, I decided to stay.

Moments later, he was completely naked and so very hard. His cock was massive and I wondered to myself if I had taken on more than I could handle. That thought vanished once his hands found my tits. His fingers tweaked my nipples; causing me to gasp in pleasure, especially when his head lowered and he took one in his mouth, rolling it around on his tongue. His strong arms reached behind me on the wall, supporting his weight, enclosing me within his sweet torture. His mouth felt like a hot iron pressed firmly against my large tits as he expertly sucked and licked, devouring each one at a time. I heard him gasp between my own moans. Looking down I saw Jenny. She was kneeling between us, sucking his big cock, almost inhaling it. Her hands played with his balls, running up between his ass, and fingering him there. Just watching her suck his shaft, as he sucked my tits, almost made me come. My ass pressed harder against the hard wall of the shower, desperately wanting the ache in my pussy to be sated. The guard reached down between us, rubbing a finger up and down my swollen clit, stroking, massaging the swollen nub, then inserting his finger inside of me. My pussy lips grabbed a hold of his finger, bringing it further in. He finger fucked me, as Jenny sucked his cock, his mouth still hot against my big brown nipples. I was going mad; needing something more, needing his enormous prick buried deep inside of my quivering lips. Finally, Jenny moved away allowing us to come together. Turning me around to face the wall, he grabbed şerifali escort my hips, placing the tip of his prick against my ass, teasing my puckered hole, then down lower to my wet cunt, thrusting inside, fucking me like I had never been fucked before. Jenny scooted under me, her tongue on my swollen clit, sucking and slurping my pink lips, tasting the juices that flowed from my trembling pussy. My body quivered as I came hard. I was being fucked from a guy and licked by a girl. The whole encounter was overwhelming, yet so very nice.

I felt myself being pushed aside by Jenny. “My turn now.”

I sat on the shower floor, dazed, as I watched her being fucked by the security guard. His back was against the wall, and her back was against his front. His huge cock was fucking her pussy, then her ass, just the way she had always told me she wanted. She reached back, holding his hips for support, moving her body with his. I watched her doing this. My pussy began tingling, my nipples becoming harder. Hungrily I moved towards her on my knees, already becoming even more aroused as I smelled her intoxicating aroma. She gasped loudly when she felt my tongue on her pussy. I had watched, licking my lips at the thought of tasting her . . .just as she had me. Oh God, she tasted so good, so sweet. Her pussy was hot, her lips swollen as I sucked and licked, biting her clit softly between my teeth and then rolling it around with my tongue. The guard continued fucking her ass, groaning as Jenny began whimpering, her body trembling as she came, her juices spurting into my mouth as I lapped up every bit of it. Finally, he came, pulling his cock out of her ass. He stood against the wall, his large cock shooting come. Jenny and I both licked and slurped up the juices that shot from his enlarged shaft, until there was none left.

After our breathing had returned to normal, the three of us looked at the other and just laughed. I believe it was a wonderful experience for all of us. I know it was for me.

Later on that evening at the party, someone asked. “You two got here late. Had problems at the gym?”

Jenny looked at me and we just giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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