All Day and All of The Night

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My fiancé Vera proposed the hypothesis of consummating a lifelong relationship by sharing sensual experiences, such as the almost spiritual conjugation of being fucked by the same person or both performing fellatio on the same person. Perhaps, best of all, watching each other doing all of that would be an erotic prenuptial bonding ceremony.

Vera is the smartest, sexiest, and strongest woman I have ever known. I knew she was different, special, and absolutely the best thing I could ever hope to find from the first moment we met. So, after a two-year relationship and plans to marry, when she asked me to come with her to visit her dear friend, Mason, I agreed.

“Nick and Vera, I’m so glad you’re here.”

At his apartment door, Mason greeted us warmly, kissing Vera on the lips and startling me by doing the same to me. Mason put his face right up to mine, puckered his lips, blew his sweet smelling breath on my face, and touched my teeth with the tip of his tongue. He was wearing a silky robe and strawberry flavored lip balm. He ushered us into his spacious parlor and offered us drinks. Vera asked for a shot and a beer and I asked for red wine. Moments later, we sipped our drinks and chatted about life, love, and the universe.

Mason was tall, thin, and handsome, with fine chiseled features, and intensely penetrating brownish grey eyes. Mason came off as neither stereotypically gay nor ghetto in his demeanor. Vera asked about someone named Leon and Mason pursed his lips, saying bitterly. “That bitch cheated on me, so I threw him out.” As he spoke, he sounded and acted more effeminate.

Vera somewhat anxiously rushed us through a second and third drink, seemingly undaunted by Mason’s ceaseless conversation about art, poetry, and classical music. He asked me if I knew the piece playing on his vintage turntable. I ventured Tchaikovsky and he corrected me; it was Prokofiev, but he complimented me for coming close. At that point, Vera was ready to get things going.

“We all know what we came for,” she announced, putting her shot glass down and reaching for Mason, opening his robe, and exposing his smooth, oiled, naked flesh. His penis rose like a cobra from his loins. Vera, the love of my life, began kissing his chest with her sugary lips and saliva-dripping tongue. She nibbled at his nipples, calling then “your little chocolate chips.”

Mason winked at me and blew me a silent kiss with his lips while Vera turned her attention to his manhood. She wrapped her fingers around his cock and almanbahis adresi pumped it like a piston. Then she looked over her shoulder at me and crooked the forefinger of her free hand, beckoning me. I came and we were practically cheek to cheek as she started licking his long stiff dick. I could smell her breath and the musk from his sweaty crotch. I watched her spit on his arrowhead-shaped tip. Then she took my hand and said, “I’m gonna suck his cock now,” she announced, “and I want you to hold it.” I gripped the base of his shaft as she slowly drew his stick shift into her mouth. She gobbled, suckled, tongued, and slurped his cock while I slowly stroked the lower inches of his shaft. Mason expertly held his climax for a good fifteen minutes of blissful fellatio delivered by Vera. Without a doubt, watching my soon-to-be-bride blow her pretty gay boyfriend turned me on. That is when she spit him out and turned to me.

“Now it’s your turn, Nicky.”

Vera stroked and kissed my cheek when I started sucking Mason’s cock, which swelled in length and thickness against my tongue. His flesh tasted meaty and felt tantalizingly rough against my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I felt aroused in the pit of my belly as the tip of his penis deposited sticky fluid in my mouth and tickled my tonsils. Vera gently nudged me into a nodding motion and Mason began to slide his sweet twizzler between my lips with a syncopated rhythm. Blowing him was even more erotic than watching him fuck my beloved’s juicy pussy a few minutes hence. Before long, I swallowed a torrent of semen amid howling of delight from both Mason and Vera. After he finished coming, I kissed his sweaty genitalia with my gooey lips and heard my future wife say, “He loved it!”

Our evening of forbidden delights was just beginning. We were still fully clothed and Mason bade us to get naked and come into his bedroom. Vera and I sat diagonally on the bed as I watched her pull off her dress and camisole, peel out of her bra, and slide her pink panties down the length of her legs. Mason flitted his hands over her shimmering round breasts, poking and pinching her stiffly tipped nipples. Vera giggled when he reached between her legs and entwined his fingers in her thick hedge of pubic hair. I admired the plump slope of her ass and the soft lining of hair inside her ass crack made me drool. Vera closed her eyes and shivered from head to toe when Mason dove between her legs and tasted her syrupy cunt.

A moment later, Mason turned to me. I had taken off my almanbahis adres shirt and he caressed my chest with both hands, admiring my hairiness. Vera surprised me saying to him, “Isn’t he beautiful?” Mason nodded and reached for my still bucked belt. Vera watched approvingly as he unhitched, unbuttoned, unzipped, and yanked down my corduroy pants. Mason kissed my lips wetly and lingeringly as he felt up my balls and pecker still tucked in my white jockey shorts. I felt a rush of air-conditioned coolness on my groin as Vera reached over and pulled down my jockeys. My dick bounced free and Mason greeted it with his serpentine tongue. He licked and flicked the head and shaft before clamping his lips around me. I heard myself moan and his beautiful black curls danced before me as he gave my penis a hard, rapid sucking. It didn’t take me long to spew my goop down his throat. Then Mason prompted me to sit up against the headboard of his spacious queen-size bed, putting a silken pillow right under my ass. Next he motioned for Vera to nestle her head in my lap and go down on me, even though my wiener was as soft as a marshmallow.

Mason had already been given two consecutive blow jobs and yet he was ready to perform like a stud. He positioned himself behind Vera, raised her ass in the air with her knees bent beneath her tummy, and began to caress her lady’s blossom from behind. The scent of her sex mixed with a heavy odor of sweat from all three of us. Mason used one hand to open her well lubricated labia and the other to wrap his cornstalk in a condom. His hips swayed with the music still playing. Mason slowly inserted his cock, eight inches and growing, into my bride’s vagina, and she squealed with pleasure, even as her lips stayed wrapped around my rubbery rod. Mason slapped the exposed flesh of her left buttock, gave out a grunt, and started humping my honey in a machine gun rhythm. What followed was fifteen minutes of nonstop flesh-slapping rapture. I couldn’t tell when or if Vera came, but Mason held his wad until he was ready. He pulled out of her undulating Venus, took off the condom and tossed it across the room into a wastebasket, grabbed another latex tube from the end paper, and rolled it on before plunging into my sweetheart’s asshole and fucking her for a full five minutes until he came forth. He howled and she whimpered, gasped, and laughed, spewing snot and saliva all over my lower reaches. He pulled out of her butt hole with a pop and for some inexplicable reason Vera sank her teeth into my right thigh, almanbahis adresi drawing blood, and leaving heart-shaped tooth marks.

“Wow!” said Vera, decidedly understated.

We barely paused to take a bathroom break, noting how funny it may seem that each of closed the door for privacy after our bawdry intimacy moments beforehand. Reconnecting on the bed, Mason and I took turns deep-kissing Vera before passionately opening our mouths to each other. On the verge of sensual sensory overload, I felt both Vera’s and Mason’s arms, hands, and fingers caressing my skin and tried to kiss the two of them in their most delicate and delicious places. Drunk on wine and sex, I scarcely recall Mason coaxing me onto his lap, hugging me from behind, spreading my buttocks, and lowering me onto his hard sex pistol. As his lengthy lumber slipped deeper into me, I felt like a tree being split in half. His axe was warm and quivering. He called me “sweet cakes” in my ear. Vera nestled in my lap and licked my dick and balls and Mason’s dick and balls directly below them. Just like he had done with Vera, Mason heave-hoed my asshole for fifteen minutes by the clock. I danced like a monkey impaled on his sword while shooting scum all over Vera’s face. She laughed and scooped the stuff into her mouth with her fingers. Yet, again, Mason held his cannonade. At long last, when he came, I felt his semen course through my colon like spider veins and moaned like a whore in a porno flick. When Mason finished pounding me, I was so sore my eyes teared up. Vera came over and comforted me with a hug and offered a sweet nipple to suck on. I went from sobbing to giggling.

We slept the night curled up in a peculiar bundle—Mason’s cock in Vera’s mouth, my cock between Mason’s lips. In the morn, we showered, more or less taking turns, although Vera jumped in on Mason’s shower and vigorously masturbated him. All clean if not fully clothed, Mason offered to massage me and my lady love, using warmed cocoa butter and aloe, getting just a little frisky by sticking his fingers in our respective bull’s-eyes.

For our erotic climax, Mason stood over Vera and I as we made love; we really made hot, intense, smothering coitus, her swollen vagina strangling my wooden lance in a long, slow, titillating dance. I rode my baby bareback and when I finished in her, Mason slurped up the juice from her pussy. Then, at Vera’s insistence, I went down on him one last time. She cooed in my ear, “I love watching you suck his dick,” as his semen spilled onto my tongue.

After a breakfast of fruit, nuts, and yogurt, we said our goodbyes. At the door, Vera told Mason to look for an invitation to our wedding coming in the mail.

“I’ll save the date,” he sang heartily and kissed us farewell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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