Allison Ch. 03

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I shook with fear and anticipation, wondering what that meant. “Please … I couldn’t help myself …”

“Well you were supposed to, so you didn’t listen, did you?” She teased, her fingers rubbing my extremely sensitive clit. I jumped as soon as I felt her touch and pleaded because it hurt. “No! No, stop!” I begged, squirming around only to be held down with her other arm.

She stopped and locked eyes with me, glaring into mine. “What was that?” She asked in a deep tone, as I realized this was probably a form of my punishment and I closed my eyes. Her fingers were still at work as she spoke and I spasmed involuntarily, as I was extremely sensitive.

“I’m sorry.” I whimpered, falling onto my back to endure the torture.

“Beg me to keep going.” She said as I winced. She knew my clit would be extremely sensitive after the orgasm.

“P-p-please con-t-tinue,” I whispered, feeling her hand tightly holding my wrists above my head.

After about a minute of this, the pain had gone and she could tell I was starting to build another orgasm again. I felt her release her hold on me and her fingers were taken away. I opened my eyes just in time to see her flipping me over. I was confused, but laid in the position she wanted. Without warning, she pulled me off the bed by my ankles so that my hips rested against the edge of the bed. My feet touched the floor and my chest was pressed to the mattress.

“Tell me you want to be spanked,” she said, unzipping my dress.

Another wave of humiliation rode over me as I closed my eyes. “I don’t want to be spanked.” I lied, my pussy betraying my words.

“Mmm, you don’t like this?” She asked in amusement, and I could hear her approach my vulnerable body. My legs were together, but I still felt incredibly exposed. Her words ripped through me every time she spoke.

“No,” I lied again, digging my face deeper into the mattress.

Suddenly I felt her hands pulling my ass cheeks apart, giving her a better view of my pussy. “It looks like you love this,” she teased, teasing my opening with the tip of her finger. Oh wow, I couldn’t breathe for a second. That felt good. I wanted her fingers to penetrate further, but wouldn’t dare tell her that.

Little did I know, I didn’t need to say anything. She saw the creamy substance seaping from my lips and I heard another small chuckle. “Mmm …” she smiled again, continuing with her fingers, taking her time with my degradation. She investigated every inch of my pussy thoroughly. I laid there, getting close to another orgasm as I felt her fingers poking and slipping into my drenching, gaping pussy.

Without warning, she took her fingers away again. “I can’t help fethiye escort myself. Your pussy is so tight and sweet.”

I closed my eyes with these words, spasming gently with the thought of being punished.

She pulled my dress up over my ass and ran her hands over my soft skin before I suddenly felt a sharp sting and I let out a scream.

“If you think that’s bad,” she chuckled, “Then you’re definitely new to this,” she whispered, leaning over me.

I wriggled in my place, holding onto the sheets with my hands.

“Have you ever been spanked before?” She asked softly. I turned to look at her – she hadn’t spoken that way to me before that.

“No,” I answered truthfully.

“Well you don’t know what you’ve been missing,” She whispered again, pressing into me while she was leaning, and I could feel her breasts against my back. She was turning me on, I couldn’t believe it. “You like being treated like this,” she observed, “And you make for an excellent submissive.”

I didn’t say anything. I just awaited what she was going to do next.

“Mmm,” she moaned to herself, giving me another lighter slap.

My eyes widened. That felt so good. I wanted more.

Slowly the spanking got stronger and I was moaning instead of screaming. All of my partners, which had been very few, had never explored this variety of treatment, and I was finding myself hopelessly addicted already. I wished I had found this fantasy earlier.

After she stopped, she flipped me over again and looked into my eyes, holding my wrists above my head again.

“I like you,” She grinned, keeping eye contact as she slid her hand up my dress.

I smiled, parting my lips slightly. I didn’t know the proper reaction. “I like you too.”

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“I needed to lay down,” she shouted, crawling onto the bed with me, inbetween my legs, still leaning over me. She pushed two fingers inside of me again, thrusting quickly. “Shh,” she smiled at me, knowing I would have to be quiet, and she was making it very difficult.

“Well I heard someone screaming I think. I just came to check it out,” the man said through the door, worried about his guests. “Are you sure you’re okay? It sounded like someone was in there with you.”

She was quickly bringing me to another orgasm. I couldn’t believe the hold she had on me and how quickly she could make me cum. That had never happened to me before. I pressed my lips together, pleading silently with myself to behave and not to moan out loud. She saw my control and started fucking me even harder. I let out a small moan as I turned my head and shut my eyes.

“I’m fine,” she said in a surprisingly escort fethiye normal way, given the cirmumstance.

“Okay,” he said, giving up and leaving.

“Good girl,” she said, hovering over me with her fingers still inside of me, pumping in and out.

I trembled with those words. It felt so good for her to commend my efforts. All I really wanted to do right now was please her. “I w-want to go d-d-downnn on you,” I whimpered, wanting more than anything to return some of this pleasure to her. It seemed like she was being rather gentle with me, seeing as I had never been with a woman before, and she could tell.

She pushed her fingers all the way in and looked down to me with a grin, arching her brow. “You want to eat me out?”

“I want to m-make you scream t-too,” I whispered, feeling her loosen her hold on my wrists.

“Okay,” she smiled, getting off of me as she brought her fingers to my mouth. “Lick.”

And I did. I opened my lips and started at her fingers with my tongue. She slowly eased them into my mouth, allowing me to lick them clean. After she moved to the headboard, laying on the pillow she had used before. She wanted to keep her head up, I assumed, to keep an eye on me and help me with it. I had no idea what I was doing really. “Have you ever done this before?”

I swallowed hard, getting up on all fours as she pulled her own pants off, throwing them to the side. Before she could slip her panties off, I reached out and hooked my own thumbs under the sides, working them slowly off of her hips. It was much slower than she had done with the pants, teasingly. She watched me with affection as my eyes marveled at every inch being exposed. As I pulled them down her legs, she unclasped her bra and threw it with the rest of the clothes. I looked at her with my mouth hanging opened. She was so beautiful.

“Allison,” she said, snapping me out of my trance.

“Oh,” I said, remembering her question, “No. No I haven’t. But I want to do this for you.”

She smiled, apparently pleased with me. “Good girl.” I shuddered with happiness and put my hands on her knees, looking up for her approval.

She smiled and opened her legs for me. Holy shit. I gasped and my eyes widened at the same time. I felt a tingle down my spine when I saw her expose herself to me and I leaned in – I couldn’t help myself. I leaned further down and let my tongue out to lick her clit. She moaned gently, gathering my hair in her hands and holding it to the side so she could watch. I thought she would tell me I was bad for starting without permission because she liked controlling me, but instead she encouraged me.

“Yes, very good Allison,” she said, trying fethiye escort bayan to pay attention to the technique I was using at the same time as enjoying the sensations.

I smiled and closed my mouth over her clit, continuing to flick my tongue over it. I didn’t know if she would like it, but I knew I would. I just thought about what I would want if I was getting oral. She seemed very pleased, her body writhing beneath me. I pulled back for a second, my eyes taking in the beautiful sight before me. I went back in, flattening my tongue and licking from her sweet pussy up to her clit. She let out a husky moan and I did it again. I could feel her juicy cum against my tongue and I loved the feeling.

“You’ve never … done this before? …” she whispered, still holding my hair to the side. I loved that I could get her panting.

I shook my head with my tongue still in contact with her clit and she tilted her head back, trying to concentrate.

I licked her again, up to her clit and resumed the flicking of my tongue as I felt her orgasm slowly build up.

“Inside … I want your tongue inside of me,” she breathed, her body losing control.

I nodded and did as I was told. I pulled away for a moment, biting my lip as I opened her gently with my fingers before delving my tongue inside of her. It was really tight, and I couldn’t fit my tongue in very far, but I moved it against the walls of her pussy and she seemed to like that. In and out, I bobbed my head as I kept with the rhythm. She started trembling as she blurted out the only word she could speak, “C-c-clit …”

I understood, moving to her clit and quickly vibrating my tongue against it.

“Fingers,” she whispered, nearly at her climax.

I listened again, assuming she wanted my fingers inside of her. I pushed one finger inside, thrusting quickly before adding another. She was so whet I smiled inwardly. I was so happy I could get her worked up to the point where she could only whisper one word at a time.

I pumped my fingers in and out, still using my tongue on her wanting clit. She started moaning louder, pushing my face into her as gently as she could while she began to feel the onset of her orgasm. She was surprisingly delicate with me, given her state. I could tell she was about to cum because I felt her tighten around my fingers. I kept them in, curling them up once they were in as far as they would go, so I could stimulate her g-spot. I continued with my tongue until I heard a final scream and then saw her relax entirely into the mattress. I took my fingers out and brought them to my mouth. She watched as I cleaned them off, smiling and panting at the same time.

“You’re good at that,” she said, trying to sit up again.

I smiled and nodded appreciatively, my messy hair cascading down over my shoulder. “Thanks.”

“And I don’t give out compliments to just anybody,” she smirked. I smiled back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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