Amber at the Office

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**Author’s note — National Nude Day Contest Entry. If you’re not interested in nudity and lesbian sex, you should probably read something else. As always, I wrote this story for my amusement. I can only hope it works as well for others.


My alarm.

I slapped the thing, sent it flying. Later, I’d be amazed the thing still worked. I hate alarm clocks.

I sat up on the side of my bed and adjusted my nightie. One of my nipples was peeking out. Five years ago, I’d have played with it, teased it for its indiscretion. Hell, five years ago, I probably wouldn’t have worn the nightie. And I still would have played with it. There was something luxurious about satin sheets and my naked skin, but in the last few years I’d forgotten more masturbatory orgasms than most men, I think, and my early schedule left me too tired to even remember that I was alive, that I was a woman. Maybe it was the dreams of sex lingering in my thoughts, humid and hot, that reminded me, but on this particular morning, I remembered. My nipples buzzed and sent a pulse of electric flame on diagonal vectors towards my vagina.

So, groggy and horny, I sat there and tried to remember what I had planned to wear to work. Slowly, it dawned on me that it was July 11. National Nude Day. I only remembered because of a prank email I’d seen at work the day before. Who celebrates National Nude Day? But wait. Nude Day. My kind of day. Or it used to be. I’d done crazy stuff in college. Maybe it was time to brush the cobwebs off my sexy body.

Well, I think it’s sexy. I’ve not got enough skin, like I spend too much time in spas, swimming laps in Olymipic-sized pools, and running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike. Athletic, my breasts are too small for most men, a factor I’ve been unable to exploit in my corporate career. Maybe it was for the best. I was never tempted to be the office bimbo just because everyone was always concentrating on my chest and not what I was saying. I actually had to make sense in the office. Anyway, my breasts had grown a size over the years. Two kids will do that, even to those of us with small chests. My ass had swelled a little, too, more flab than fat, but I only noticed if I bent over and looked at my ass in a mirror. I’m kinky enough to enjoy that sort of thing, but not lately, which is to say I didn’t often notice my ass being larger than before. I still got harassment from men who said I was way too skinny. Go figure.

An hour and ten minutes later, I was on my way up the exterior elevator at my office building, wearing nothing but a pair of shoes underneath my leather trench coat. The wind was cold, and I found myself appreciating that waves of nervousness had stilted my sexual urges for the moment. Moisture oozing from my sex would have been cold, and I didn’t want cold down there. It was way too early for cold.

I entertained myself, by wondering if anyone looking up at the elevator could see up my coat. It was a long trench-coat that came down past my knees, so I imagined no one could see anything, but the thought still entertained me. I could have flashed someone, I suppose, but for me, the nudity inside my coat was enough at the time. It would be better in my office, where I could control the temperature better.

I stopped at the mail floor to gather some supplies, only to find a handful of the staff making fun of a younger woman, an intern from college, who worked on my floor as an assistant. She had glasses and freckles, and rich, brown hair. I had yet to talk to her, but I found myself unable to resist. What made it worse was that she was dressed like me, only she had a shorter coat in suede. I handed her a small stack of my mail. She took it, blinking. The mail room jerks knew me, and returned to their desks immediately.

“Take those to my office,” I told her with a quick wink. “Get some coffee ready. I’ll be there shortly.”

I gave the boys in the mail room a threatening glare, then headed off in a different direction. Behind me, the girl finished her tasks and left without another word from the pricks. Smiling to myself, I took a long route to my office, wondering what any of the people I passed would think if they knew what I wasn’t wearing. When I got to my office, the girl waited in front of my desk, my mail on the side of my desk and a big mug of coffee waiting in the center.

“I didn’t know how you liked it, so I brought cream and sugar,” she said. A small disposable cup of cream and three packets of sugar waited beside the mug.

“Actually,” I laughed, “I don’t even like coffee. I just wanted to get you away from those apes in Oxfords in the mailroom. Thank you, though.”

She blushed, lowered her head. “I don’t know how to deal with them. I never did, all the way through school and now college.” She was pretty when she blushed, her redness spreading evenly through her complexion. Her nose was soft, upturned just enough to be interesting, and with big puffy lips that seemed to be so ‘in’ these days. I found her somewhere between my maternal instincts fethiye escort and the hunger for thrashing sex. Was that a spark I saw in her eyes when she looked back up at me? My insides coiled around my womb, struggling vainly to hold my desire in check. Did being naked make a person hornier? I know it didn’t work that way in the doctor’s office. What gives?

I looked away from her big, brown eyes, took a calming breath, and closed my door. Locked it. It doesn’t have a window, so I took a chance and slipped my coat off. The girl wasn’t looking at me as I hung the leather beauty on my coat rack.

“What’s your name?”

“Lisa,” she said, turning to face me. When she saw my completely naked body — I had even kicked off my shoes — she blanched, then turned around to face my grand windows. I froze.

“I take it you aren’t dressed for National Nude Day under there?”

Lisa gasped. “Um, no.” She sounded like a mouse about to be devoured by the cat. I sighed. Oh well. Can’t win any of them, let alone a few. Gritting my teeth, I went to my desk and sipped at the coffee. It wasn’t bad, I’m just not a coffee drinker. I lifted it to her in appreciation, which got me another blush and her turning in different direction.

So, what was I going to do to turn this from a terribly embarrassing situation into something useful. I doubted I could seduce her. She didn’t look like a gal who’d willingly touch another pussy, let alone eat one. I got to my feet, went to the windows. They were big, bare, but tinted and hundreds of feet in the air. A person in distant sky-scrapers, with good binoculars, looking right at my window, might be able to tell that I was undressed. Maybe. I leaned against the glass, crossed my arms under my nipples, and looked at Lisa. The window was cold against my shoulder and butt.

“Well, care to join me? We can be crazy idiots together. You can work here for the day. I’ll call Mark so you don’t get any trouble.”

She gaped. “You…You want me to…”

“Work naked? Yes.”

“Ah, Mrs. Anderson, I don’t know.”

“I could get you reassigned? A raise, maybe?”

Her face turned from rosy to red. “Isn’t that technically prostitution?”

I shook my head with a laugh and sat at my desk again. “No, that would be if I tried to bribe you to let me touch you.”

“Oh. Well, no, you don’t need to bribe me.”

I watched her as she realized what she had said. Her face darkened even more.

“I mean…”

“I know what you mean, Lisa. All right, forget the nudity. I’m the only one crazy enough to work this way anyway.”

As if to emphasize my point, there was a knock at the door. I sighed again. She gulped. I got up and put my coat back on, then opened the door. It was my boss, Jason Edwards, a fairly good-natured, middle-aged fellow of old English stock who, in spite of a Jersey accent, managed to sound rather polite most of the time.

“You going somewhere, Amber?”

I shook my head. “No, Jason. Are you?” My nipples rubbed against the satin lining on the inside of my coat. I could feel my face getting hotter, and hoped it didn’t show. I seldom wear makeup, so there was nothing to hide my blushing cheeks.

He frowned . “What’s with the coat? It’s hot in here.”

“Nothing’s with the coat. It’s what I’m wearing today. It’s National Nude Day, so, you know, I’m not wearing anything under here.” I put my arms out and made a little curtsey, as if to display my body, but with the coat zipped, it was only a tease.

Lisa gasped.

Jason met my eyes with a deadpan expression. “Z’at right?”

I shrugged. “Believe what you want. She’s in on it too.” I gestured to Lisa’s coat. You couldn’t see any sign of other clothing beneath it. Her face went from red to white to red again. She stared at me, outraged, then finally crossed her arms and tapped her toe.

“You said you weren’t going to tell anyone.”

Whoa. She was playing along. Improvement.

Jason looked back and forth between us.

“Now,” I said, “since I don’t encourage sick old perverts in my office, what do you want so I can send you out again?”

He laughed and shook his head. “I just wanted to ask about the Lakeview account.”

“What about it?”

“Where is it?”

“Downstairs. Penders offered the old man four-hundred thousand, so I talked him down to three-twenty-five. Lakeview wants us to do their next sale as well, and Penders thinks he got off easy.”

Jason grinned. “Good. Good. Send it up to me, instead of Margie, when you’re done. I want to finish this one myself.” He headed towards the door. He nodded once to Lisa, then left. I got up and locked my door up again.

Lisa laughed as I pulled my coat back off and took my seat. “That was amazing, Mrs. Anderson. I can’t believe how well you controlled that.”

I shook my head. “Lisa, it’s Amber, and I haven’t been a Mrs. for a dozen years.”

She bit her lower lip, then pulled her coat off. She was wearing a thin, short dress underneath. She watched me with narrowed eyes, escort fethiye as if suspicious. After a moment, she pulled it over her head, then straightened her hair. She had a model’s body, beneath, thin, like mine, but soft and feminine rather than lean and athletic. How did she get picked on so much with a body like that? With a red face, she undid her bra, then pulled down her thong panties. She was mostly shaven, underneath, with only a light tuft of hair in the front. God, she was beautiful. If I had thought I had a chance…

When she sat down, she crossed her legs and held her hands over her knees, as if she had a dress on. I got up, put her coat on my rack and put her clothes in an empty drawer, just in case anyone else decided they had to see me. I called Lisa’s boss and told him that I had her working for me, and that we’d catch her up on her work later tonight. He was angry, but I had the authority to keep her with me, so he bit his tongue and hung up.

I got up and walked around my desk to take Lisa’s hand. She was still red in the face, and she looked startled as I pulled her up. She hesitated when I pulled her towards the windows.

“Come on,” I laughed. “I’m not going to leave you alone until you put your nipples on the glass.”

She giggled. “I bet that’s cold.”

“It is, but I’m not relenting. Come on.”

She let me drag her to the window, and after I put my tits on the glass, she did the same thing. It was stupid, a man’s entertainment, but it got her over there where I wanted her. In the light, her little, brown nipples contrasted perfectly with her pale skin. Her pubic hair gleamed with flecks of gold in the tinted sunlight.

She wasn’t ready for the view, though, and abruptly collapsed. I dragged her away from the window and knelt down so I could lift her back into a sitting position. After a moment, she opened her eyes again, looked up at me. I was only inches from her face. Her shoulder was between my tits, so one nipple very nearly grazed her breast. That fact battled my concern, nearly won. I almost cupped her breast in my hand. Her elbow was in my crotch, and I can’t tell you how hard it was to not grind myself against it. It had been so long since anyone touched me there.

“I don’t do so well with the windows, I guess,” she apologized.

I smiled as warmly as I could and shook my head. “Don’t worry about it. I shouldn’t have dragged you over here like this. I…”

And then, to my utter amazement, she pulled me head down and kissed me.

I let her explore my lips, still confused, until her tongue pushed into my mouth. Now, it’s been about seven years since a girl kissed me like that, and believe me, even in spite of my brassiness, it was awkward. I pulled away, helped her to her feet. She was red in the face again, but I put my arms around her neck, almost in a hug, so that our breasts were only inches away from each other. She tried to back away, but I held her close.

“I wouldn’t want that to go any further,” I told her, “at least, not here. We’re being crazy enough for one day.”

She nodded.

“Now,” I continued, “since I have to know: did you mean it?”

She looked up at me. “Mean what?”

“The kiss. Is that what you wanted, or were you trying to impress me or something?”

Her eyes went back to the floor. “I meant it. And…I want to impress you too.”

I nodded, then leaned in and kissed her on the lips, quick, hard, my tongue against her lips, but not pressing in. I said with my kiss, I want you, but I’m not forcing anything.

“Put your coat on and go take care of Alex’s work. Meet me back here at 5:30. Okay?”

She smiled, wiped her lips, then kissed me again. “Do I have to put my clothes back on?”

“That’s up to you.”

She didn’t. When she was gone, I locked my office up again and sat at my desk. It was so difficult to not spread my legs and touch myself. I was getting hotter and hotter for that girl, and every passing minute made it worse. But there were complications.

Fraternization. Frowned upon in many companies, outlawed in this one. If I got caught dating a subordinate, I was fired. Maybe the subordinate too. I didn’t want to lose my job. I didn’t want Lisa fired either. So, I would have to be careful. Very careful. Now, how to do that, and not spoil National Nude Day?

I spent the day wondering if Lisa would tattle, or if she’d just not show up. By the time she arrived, I had fairly well convinced myself that she wasn’t coming. I let her into my office long enough to arrange to meet at a park in the suburbs, with a pretty little lake and small café’s nearby. We ate a bite of food at the café. A handful of people, some older, some young, several of them attractive enough to me that I considered flashing them. My breasts clung to the slick insides of my coat, almost like I was sweaty. Lisa sat beside me, sharing glances that said she, too, was thinking of our nakedness beneath the coats.

After eating, we took a path near the lake. Lisa was very silent, and I got fethiye escort bayan the feeling she was like that all the time. Except for my nerves, I was okay with that.

“So, you aren’t married anymore?” she asked finally.

“Not for several years.”

It was getting darker, and we stopped running into other walkers, so I undid my coat enough to show the inner curves of my breasts and the front of my groin. She grinned like a little girl and did the same. I thought, just then, that I might have started something I wasn’t going to be able to stop. It was cool out, and our nipples jutted with perky abandon. I again resisted the urge to cup one of her breasts.

“You have kids?”

“Two, a boy and a girl. You?”

She laughed. “No, and no plans either. My last boyfriend was an experiment in self-abasement and derogation. I’m sort of out of the market, as it were.”

“Sounds like my ex-husband.”

She took my hand and held it as we walked. Her hand was smaller than mine, and soft. Gentle. We came to a small peninsula on the lake, so she guided me out onto the jutting bluff at the end. We were plainly visible to anyone across the lake, but it was dark, and the distance was pretty far, so I didn’t worry. As long as no one came up on us, they’d never be able to see. The thought of some biker, runner, or worse, a policeman, walking up as we made out, our tits clearly visible at close range, made the scene dangerous. Did I yearn for it, or did I merely enjoy the thrill of the risk?

There, with our breasts teasing each other and one of her knees slipping between mine, she kissed me again. We were more adamant, this time. Her lips were hot, soft, and wet against my mouth. Just like my vagina when her knee lifted and her thigh rode into my sex. I pushed my hip against her flesh, aching for the forbidden contact. When it came, my head dropped backwards and I nearly lost my coat completely. I pulled her into a stand of trees. I couldn’t see my lubricants on her thigh, but I could feel them where her skin had mashed against my pussy. The moisture was cold in the evening air. The gel forming between my pussy lips was an icy froth atop a boiling inner fire.

“You’ve done this a time or two,” I said, pulling my coat off and spreading it over the leafy ground.

Lisa closed the gap between us again, wrapping her arms around me. Her small breasts thrust forwards against mine as she bore me to the ground. When we stopped, she was atop me, with one leg between mine, like before, and with her pussy so close to min I could feel her heat. I longed to have her clit mashing into mine.

“I tried it with a couple of girls in college. They were butch types, though, not a lot different from my boyfriends. A lot like a man with tits and PMS.”

I couldn’t stop a laugh. “I hope I’m not acting like a man with tits.”

“Well,” she said, “the way you’re so brazen is like a man, but you’re smooth sexy, instead of brutish.”

I wasn’t sure how to take that, but I didn’t get much opportunity to worry at it. She ground her pubis into mine. Our clits touched, and my body exploded in waves of arousal. I had someone else touching my pussy, and it wasn’t with her fingers, it was with her own sex. I pulled her down against me and lost myself in her twin mouths. The one between her legs was as hungry as the one on her face. As hungry as my own, and I tried my hardest to meld with her flesh. Within moments, we were both drenched. Our fluids smeared with our thrusting hips, our skin broke out in icy sweat, and our lips left faces, necks, shoulders, and nipples moistened with slick wetness. My clit tingled, my vagina hungered for insertion, the one thing a man could do better than a woman. Had we been at my house, I could have given her something to make up for that, but she surprised me. She backed off, humping the middle of my thigh, and sank three fingers into my sopping hole. My vagina contracted around her, trembling, and fire raced upwards and outwards, until even my finger-tips tingled.

I reached up, teased at her nipples. With her leaning low, her breasts hung down, but her nipples tilted upward, towards me. Delectable. I had to taste them again, so I pulled her up to me. She replaced her fingers in my hole with her knee against my clit and let me suckle at her soft, sweet skin. I traded between nipples as she spread her legs like a cheerleader and lowered her clit to mine. I spread my legs too, turned my pussy up to her, and quivered when our tiny buttons of flesh joined together.

“Do you like the taste of pussy?” Lisa asked me, slipping her finger into her own hole,then slipping her drenched digit between my lips. “Or do you just like what we’re doing here?”

I sucked at her finger, slurping as much of her sour-sweet moisture as I could. She grinned from one side of her mouth as she saw my answer. Without waiting, she rolled off me, repositioned her knees, and then rolled back on, reversed, with her beautiful pussy right above my lips. She kissed my vulva and thighs, then teasingly slid her tongue down my hairy furrow until she reached the top edge of my clit. She lightly tongued me, then withdrew and went back to kissing. I was about to lift my head up and lick at her lovely hole when I heard a noise beside us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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