Amber’s Reunion Ch. 01

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Her heart leapt into her throat again as she replayed the message on the answering machine. Her best friend from high school was on her way to stay with her while she toured the local college. Amber was a beautiful woman at 22. She had medium brown hair that hung to her shoulders and framed her beautiful face. Her eyes were a deep shade of green hidden behind sooty lashes. Her lips were full and very pouty.

She really never worked out though she strove to keep her body healthy. She ate right and walked to almost every place she went. She had long, shapely legs that she showed off with short skirts, short shorts, or very tight jeans. Her belly was flat with slight definition to her ab muscles. Her 34C breasts were firm and pert. She didn’t always have to wear a bra, which she loved, hating the person who invented the evil contraption.

She had moved from her hometown in Indiana to go to college in Pennsylvania. She’d been the top of her graduating class and had been given an academic scholarship. She didn’t want to leave her friends or family, but she needed to in order to get the best education she could.

Amber had been homesick for a little while, but soon adjusted. She kept in touch with everyone back home she really missed. So the message she got from her best friend, Lisa, was the greatest thing in the world. Amber, only being in her second semester of her first year, was glad that Lisa finally decided to go to college. She had said before their high school graduation that she wasn’t sure what she was going to do.

Lisa almost looked like Amber. Although Lisa had more of a reddish hair color and more of a boyish look to her body. She’d always kept her hair cut in a short bob style that curled beautifully around her small ears. She had a slim face with baby blue eyes, with very long reddish lashes. Her lips were slightly thin, but had a slight pout to her lower lip.

Though she had a boyish body, she still had a few curves in all the right spots. Her hips and butt were the perfect shape and size. Lisa always loved to wear low riding, hip hugging jeans. Her breasts were slightly small being only a 32 small B-cup, but they were very perky.

Lisa and Amber would always turn heads when they were together in school. Many thought the two were a couple with as much time as they spent together.

Lisa was going to be coming to tour the college campus in two days. She was going to be staying with Amber while she was in town for two weeks. sex izle Amber was one of the lucky of the scholarship winners as she’d ended up with her own apartment off campus. Most of the other scholarship winners and other students had roommates.

Amber called Tammy, a fellow scholarship winner and who was in all but one class of Amber’s, Band. Amber asked Tammy to tape their classes for her because she needed to run a bunch of errands before Lisa came. That was no problem for Tammy, seeing as she already taped all her classes so she could type up better notes than what she could jot down during class. Amber told Tammy that she would pick up the tapes later from her. With that, Amber hung up the phone and began to start cleaning the apartment from top to bottom.

At around 8 p.m., she took a break from cleaning and left to go pick up a pizza and other food for two weeks. Amber finally made it back to her apartment at 11 p.m. She was totally wiped out. She put the food away, then crashed on her bed and fell asleep.

When she finally woke up, it was almost noon. She was awakened by a knock on her door. Amber got up and rubbed her eyes. She yawned just before she opened the door. It was Tammy. Amber had slept through their meeting. The two young ladies talked for a few minutes before Tammy handed Amber a folder with notes and four tapes. Amber thanked Tammy and the two parted. Amber closed the door and put the notes and tapes by her computer.

She made sure she locked the door before she walked down the hall to the bathroom. Closing the door behind her, Amber began to remove her clothes while the water ran. She stepped under the spray of warm water. Amber washed her lovely hair first. Rinsing the shampoo from her hair, she then soaped up a wash cloth and washed her lean body. Amber, then, just relaxed under the spray of water as her thoughts drifted to all the fun she and Lisa always shared. The more and more Amber thought, the more her body tingled with sexual need and excitement of seeing her best friend.

Amber’s small, thin fingers trailed over her creamy skin as she thought about Jessie, her high school boyfriend. He was the captain of the wrestling team. He had short, sandy hair and blue eyes. His body was a work of art. Jessie worked out every day in the school’s weight room to keep his body in top form.

Amber thought about the first time her and Jessie had sex. It was at Amber’s parents’ house during their junior year in fransız porno high school. Amber’s parents had gone out of town for a week to go and visit her grandparents. The second night they were gone, she threw a party for her close friends. As Amber thought about what her and Jessie did on her parents’ bed that night, her fingers were teasing her already rock hard nipples. Soft moans slipped from her lips as she rolled the rocked hard pebbles between her fingers. She drifted back to her thoughts as her hips moved in a circle.

Amber remembered how Jessie went so slow, teasing every inch of her body with his hands, tongue, and lips. Sending bubbles of pleasure rushing through her belly making her toes curl. As Amber thought about Jessie’s lips closing around her steaming sex, she shuddered and slid her right hand down between her thighs and lightly cupped and caressed herself in the shower.

As the water began to turn cold, Amber was shaken from her thoughts enough to turn off the water and get out of the shower. Grabbing a towel, Amber quickly dried herself off and wrapped the towel around her head, trapping her dripping hair. Walking to her bedroom with nothing on, save the towel on her head, she shivered as she felt nipping cold air caressing her still damp and naked flesh.

Her nipples hardened as a rush of pleasure from the cold ran through her. Amber walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. She began thinking about the hot, steamy things Jessie did to her body. She laid back on the bed as her hand started to run over her silky thighs.

Amber slowly opened her legs a little wider, exposing her sex. Her sweet and juicy sex was something Jessie always said would make any man or woman drool. Amber kept herself very neatly trimmed. She had no hair other than a very small section that was shaped, this week, into a small butterfly.

She slowly dragged her well-manicured nails up her inner thigh. Amber left her right hand between her thighs as her left hand slid up her body, teasing her tan, toned skin up to her lovely breasts. A soft moan slipped from her lips as the fingernail of her index finger grazed her petals. She kept teasing herself, dragging out her pleasure.

She hadn’t felt another’s touch since she left for college. Jessie had said many times that he would come and visit, but he never had. So all she could do to relieve her need was to pleasure herself. Amber teased her sex till her sweet teen porno nectar flowed from between her petals and down between her bottom to the sheets of her queen-sized bed.

After about ten minutes of just using the very tip of her index finger to tease her petals and the tip of her clit, Amber couldn’t take any more. She sat up and reached for the drawer of her bedside table. As the drawer opened, three dildos came into view. All three were different in size, shape, color, and texture. Two of them had a vibration option. Amber chose the medium-sized one that was a medium tan color. It looked like a man’s member with all the veins. It also happened to be one of the vibrating ones.

Amber, with toy in hand, crawled up into the center of the bed and laid back onto the pillows. She brought the toy to her lips, lightly sucked it into her mouth, and slid it in and out. She, then, started to run the tip along her body. Stopping at her breasts a few moments to tease her nipples with the toy.

Amber’s lithe body withered on the bed as she dragged the 7-inch pseudo-phallus along her body. As the tip touched her hot, wet sex, she moaned and turned on the vibration. As it hummed to life, Amber slowly slid it up and down her petals.

As the vibrating toy slid close to her opening, she gasped softly as she pinched her left nipple and slowly pushed toy into herself. Only letting just the tip slide inside her, the vibrations sending her soaring. Amber’s hips rolled in small circles as she pushed more and more of the toy into her opening, which tightened around it.

Her hips began to roll as the fires began to grow. Amber’s mind wandered to Jessie’s body. How his hard cock felt sliding in and out of her tight, wet pussy. Amber was so close to climax as her mind slipped back to her best friend Lisa. As she pictured Lisa’s well-formed body lying naked on her bed with Amber between her thighs and her full rose red lips wrapped around Lisa’s clit, Amber’s body tensed and trembled as she climaxed.

Amber laid on her bed gasping for breath as she came down from her high. When she finally realized what she’d thought about that made her orgasm, she pulled out the vibrator and sat straight up with wide eyes. Her mind was racing, wondering what made her even think of Lisa or any other woman like that.

Amber got up off the bed and got dressed. She couldn’t get the thoughts and images out of her mind as she walked out of her room to the kitchen. She got a glass out of the cupboard and got herself a drink of water. As Amber drank the glassful of water, her mind just kept going back to the visions of Lisa. Her best friend lying naked on her bed, writhing all over the bed with pleasure as Amber ate her out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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