Amy’s Lays By the Thames – Day 02

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Day Two Wednesday

I got up noting the cum I had no intention of engaging in actual conversation.

“Nice day.” I remarked without slowing down.

“It is.” The woman said. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her gently nudge her man.

“Very nice. Um…” He began nervously. Despite my initial intentions I stopped, curious, and almost pirouetted on my heels at what was clearly an opening conversational gambit.

“Can I help you?” I asked, adding a reassuring smile.

“My name’s Joe and this is Melissa, Mel.” Mel bobbed her hair whilst smiling broadly.

“How do you do I’m Amy” I wondered where this was going.

“We’re walking the Thames path and we were wondering if you’d like some company, at least to our next overnight stop?”

I looked at the couple and wondered what on earth had possessed them to ask a complete stranger if they’d like to join them for part of their walk. True, it was clear from my hiking gear that I wasn’t simply out for a jog beside the river or making a quick trip to the shops. I looked at each of them in turn. They were both standing now. He was about 5″10 and quite ‘weedy’, whereas she was my height and ‘pear-shaped’, particularly around the hips. They clearly sensed my disquiet.

“Sorry, we should explain. We stayed at the Raging Stallion last night, and couldn’t help but overhear you talking about walking the Thames path. When we saw you going by just now we thought we’d ask if you’d like some company.” Joe explained.

“We were literally just about to move on and you seem to have the same walking pace as us. It just seemed a bit silly that’s all, we walking a few yards either ahead or behind you. It would look a bit creepy in fact if you ask me.” Mel added. After a few moments deliberation in which I was sorely tempted to turn them down, I relented.

“Why not?” I replied.

For the first few minutes we walked along in an awkward silence.

“Where are you both from?” I asked, more to break the silence than out of a genuine interest.

“We’re from Hereford. I work as a clerk for a firm of solicitors in the city and Joe here works as a nurse at Hereford County Hospital. We like hiking as you can guess and we’re hoping to walk the Thames path in several stages over the course of the next year or so.” Mel explained.

“Are you married?” I asked.

“This is our honeymoon actually. We were married in Hereford Registry Office on Saturday.” Joe proclaimed proudly.

“Congratulations. How far are you going?”

“Ultimately, on our current trip we’re aiming for Abingdon. But tonight we’re going to stay in a farmer’s field about three hours walk from here near Radcot Bridge. We’re then going to spend tomorrow doing a bit of sightseeing — there’s a castle in Radstock and we’ll call in on some friends of ours in a nearby village called Clanfield. What about you?”

“Well, I’m self-sufficient shall we say,” I never like to boast about my wealth, “And I’m walking the Thames in one go from the Source to Tower Bridge.”

“Cool.” Mel said whilst Joe whistled in admiration.

We continued walking along making small talk with Mel & Joe explaining about how they met — it was on a singles night organised by an online dating website — as well as about how they chose to spend their honeymoon. Surprisingly I found myself growing fond of the newlyweds and in her plain way, I even started to find Mel desirable. At one point Joe had to pee and went behind a tree. I managed to catch a glimpse of his dick and noted how, even flaccid it was quite long. Mel was one lucky woman. The hours went by quite quickly and we soon reached the parting of the ways.

“Where are you staying tonight?” Mel asked.

“There’s an inn apparently called Ye Old Swan. I though I’d try my luck there and see if they’ve any free rooms. Failing that there’s a campsite nearby” I replied. I could see from their reactions that they thought that wasn’t a good idea.

“Don’t bother. Unless there’s been a cancellation in the last week or so, when we tried to book, they were full. It’s one of the reasons why we’re camping in these fields. The farmer who owns them is a friend of the people we’re visiting tomorrow and is letting us stay in his field at a very reasonable price.”

“You could stay with us. Better than trying the Swan, only to find it’s still full.” Mel suggested.

‘And if you’re going with the campsite option, better to stay in a field with us than with a bunch of complete strangers.” Joe chimed in, forgetting that he & Mel had been strangers to me mere hours before.

In hindsight I should have been concerned, particularly given my initial reaction when they first spoke to me earlier in the afternoon, but I didn’t object, which turned out to be a richly rewarding decision. I followed them across the field and up to the farmhouse, situated a few hundred yards up a gently sloping field from the river. The farmer was introduced to me, whom bahçeşehir escort they explained as being a fellow Thames walker faced with staying at the campsite. At the mention of it, the farmer turned to me smiled and let me stay. We continued on to the spot in the middle of a fallow field that flowed over the crest of a gently sloping hill behind the house and found, to my amazement the largest circular tent I’d ever seen that didn’t accommodate a circus or wedding reception already firmly pegged out. It could have comfortably accommodated six or even eight people! It was dark-green and looked somewhat like a tee-pee with a box-shaped extension protruding from one side. Closer inspection revealed it to be a portable toilet. All the mod-cons I thought.

“Impressed?” Joe asked.

“‘And here’s one we made earlier'” Mel added smiling.

It was impressive and peering inside I could see that the floor was quite thick, at least two inches, maybe more. It felt warm and cosy and I noted there were no windows, though one could suspend a lantern or other light source from there. The hill wasn’t too high, but where we were was high enough to afford some great views of this section of the Thames Valley. By the time it was dark, Mel had lain out a double sleeping bag with inflatable pillows and an electric heater suitable for use inside a tent. Outside Joe set up a gas stove and turned on a lamp for illumination.

“Don’t you feel a little exposed, being alone out here?” I asked, a little nervous.

“We’re used to it. And the fields here are enclosed. And farmer won’t come up here until tomorrow morning.” Mel replied. We shared provisions and ate a nice meal of hotdogs, washed down with a can of red wine each which we all ‘nursed’. It was finally dark and the three of us sat huddled around ‘shooting the breeze’ as we ate.

Eventually I decided to call it a night and disappeared into the tent. I used the chemical loo in the ‘outhouse’ and after removing my boots and beanie climbed into my sleeping bag which I’d set up earlier. I found the heater made it warm, too warm to sleep comfortably in clothes. The lantern had been turned down, but not off and there was also a glow from the gas heater, though it was dull as Joe had turned it down ready for bed. I lay in my bag, eyes closed, trying to sleep. Outside I could here the occasional giggle but also what Jo and Mel were saying:

“I definitely think it’s her.” Mel said.

“Well I figured that.” Joe noted. They were clearly talking about me. Once more my worries about them surfaced. Here I was lying in my sleeping bag in a tent in the middle of some farmer’s field that wasn’t mine and which I was expected to share with two total strangers during the night.

“Then why didn’t you say something to her?” Mel said, her voice had taken on a badgering quality.

“Because if it hadn’t been her we’d have looked like right pair of idiots, or worse, perverts.” Joe replied. “‘Excuse me, my wife and I were just wondering whether you were the woman we heard last night shagging a barmaid from the Raging Stallion? Because if you were we’d just like to say we really enjoyed the show and we got so randy listening to you both cumming over and over that we had a really great bonus fuck.'”

Midway through he lowered his voice to a level he thought I couldn’t hear, but I still could. So that explained it, they were the couple I’d heard double-shagging in the next room at the Red Lion. I listened on, now more intrigued than alarmed.

“I was so turned on hearing her and that barmaid ‘dyke-out’.” Mel whispered.

“So was I.” Joe whispered back.

Mel: “She had a good look at your todger when you took that piss behind a tree this afternoon.”

Joe: “As intended. Did she look impressed?”

Mel: “I’m pretty sure she was. And I think she was looking me up and down as well at one point. We should have said something when we were eating. Perhaps turn the conversation into something saucy or sexy even?”

Joe: “Well it’s too late now she’s asleep. I’m certainly not going to wake her up and ask if she fancies a three-way with us. It’ll probably freak her out anyway. Just because she’s lesbian or bi doesn’t mean to say she’s into swinging or things like that.”

Mel: “Ah, you’re probably right. She simply had a one-night stand with the barmaid because she fancied her, simple as.”

There was a pause in their conversation and I strained to hear them. I could just about make out their silhouettes and saw that they were embracing. I could hear the sound of their kisses before they broke their clinch and began tidying up.

I continued feigning sleep as they clearly reached the point of going to bed.

“I’ve got an idea. Lets start having sex and hopefully, hopefully we’ll wake her up and she’ll want to join in.” I heard Mel say.

‘What if she doesn’t want to, or is a heavy sleeper?” bahçeşehir escort bayan Joe queried.

“Trust me honey, once we get going she’ll wake up. And if she doesn’t want to join in, we’ll simply apologise and go to sleep. It’s not like we’re ever going to bump into each other at work or down the local is it?” Mel suggested. She needn’t have worried. Satisfied that they weren’t going to do anything to or with me that I wasn’t comfortable with I was only too happy to join in. They entered the tent in the semi-darkness and I sensed — since my eyes were tightly closed — them pause over me and check to see if I was sleeping. When I was sure they weren’t looking at me I opened my eyes to a squint and watched as they disrobed, one or the other of them continuously going “Shush” to the other.

They were both smiling as they piled up their clothes into two stacks — his and hers – and stood facing each other naked. Joe was practically a ‘stick-insect’ which made his now erect uncircumcised dick stand out even more. As for Mel, were it not for her broad hips, she’d also be a stick insect, though her saggy tits were fairly large. Her muff was hairy, though not excessively so. They both took turns with the chemical loo and afterwards they embraced once more and began kissing and fondling each other. Gasps, sighs, intakes of breaths & giggles seemed to pour forth from them as they became increasing aroused. Mel was straddling Joe’s thigh, rubbing her clit up against it, something I loved doing with partners of both sexes when I’m randy. After a couple of minutes of this they lay down in the sleeping bag.

“Alright, stop there.” I called. I’d originally intended to let them go much further, but my willpower and the dampness between my legs had other ideas. I climbed out of my own bag and looked at them. They stared back at me like two people caught committing a crime.

“I’ve been awake all this time and heard every word you said.”

“I kind of hoped you would.” Mel confessed.

“We both did, but we weren’t sure.” Joe added sheepishly. Any lingering doubts that they meant me no harm vanished. I stripped off, leaving my clothes in a messy pile in my sleeping bag and walked over to join them. They greedily offered me a space between them which I eagerly accepted.

“Lets me be clear about something. I intend to have sex with you both. Now fantasy is one thing, but reality may prove too much for you to process.” I cautioned. They both merely smiled at me.

“Remember I said we met at a singles night organised online?” Mel asked. I nodded, “The website was a sex contacts site and the singles night was an orgy. Joe and I are both bi-sexual swingers. We regularly have threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes. You name the combo we’ve done it or are up for it. In fact we’re going to be swinging with the people we’re seeing tomorrow.”

“Well, that’s alright then.” I said. Despite Suzie’s rule regarding men, I decided that because it was a couple and Mel was clearly the instigator, it would count for me. I lay on my back with Mel & Joe on their sides my head turned left and then right to kiss one or the other of them. As we did so I grasped Joe’s shaft with my left hand and began pumping it up and down its length, which he clearly liked from the way he kissed me ever more passionately. Meanwhile Mel and I had a hand on each other’s pussy, rubbing the other’s one incessantly, Mel’s hairy mound contrasting with my by now-bristly one (I hadn’t shaved down there in days by this point).

I loved the feeling of her fingertips on my clit, the way her thumb would occasionally join in and twirl it, sending tingles to the tips of my toes. I tried my best at copying her, but her skills at ‘Jilling’ off were second-to-none. The excitement I felt from her ministrations with my clit translated into the enthusiasm in which I was ‘Jacking’ off Joe. He was arguably making more noise than either his wife or me by this point and I could tell from those noises, as well as the amount of pre-cum dribbling from his dick that he was close. I had no intention of stopping before he came and ran my left hand up and down with some force just as the fingers of my right were rubbing up and down against Mel’s wet thatch.

“Ohhh, Ahhh!” The three of us moaned in unison. And then came the chain reaction. I was first, victim of Mel’s excellent finger work.

“OH YES! OH YES! I’M CUMMING! I’M FUCKING CUMMING!!’ I screamed at the top of my lungs as my body lurched and juddered in an all-consuming orgasm. Mel was just starting her climax as I was beginning to come down from mine.

“FUCK YEAH!!” She hollered as I brought her off. That just left Joe. Sensing his approaching climax he flung back the covers of their sleeping bag mere moments before his cock twitched spasmodically and great dollops of white, creamy cum issued forth from his slit. The first two spurts escort bahçeşehir of semen made it as far as his chest, the rest pooled on his flat stomach. After a few moments of panting as we fought to get our collective breaths back Mel and I immediately set to work lapping up his delicious, salty man-cum.

We then turned on each other. What started as merely lapping up our respective juices soon turned into a full-fledged sixty-nine with me on top. Our tongues seemed surgically attached to our quims as we lapped and tongued and at one point I had a strange, but by no means unpleasant sensation as I felt Mel penetrate me with her tongue. It seemed she could roll her tongue in half and sticking it out as far as it would go she began bobbing her head up and down, only by an inch or so, but it was still enough to get good access to my passage. Oh, how the sensations rippled through me. They were exquisite. I knew from past experience that I couldn’t do that with my own tongue and simply carried on doing it my way. I ran my tongue from the base of her fold all the way up to her clit and then wrapped it around her clit. I would alternate this action with taking her clit and its hood in my mouth and sucking on it.

We kept this up for a couple of minutes before we could both sense that wonderful tingly feeling deep down in our loins that told us an orgasm was in the offing. The sensitivity of our pussies continued to heighten and the pace of our efforts quickened. Mel had started sucking on my clit the exact same way I was with hers and I felt on top of the world. Our orgasms erupted simultaneously from deep down inside of us. I held on to Mel’s clit for dear life, hoping to avoid biting it off as my own orgasm washed over me. I was forced to let hers go from my mouth so that I could breath and cry out in pleasure.

“AHHH!!” She did likewise and after once more licking ourselves dry we changed positions so that once again my head was at the same end of the sleeping bag as hers and Joe’s. We hungrily kissed, tasting each other in the process. So that he wouldn’t feel left out we both took it in turns to kiss Joe.

We took a breather at that point and just lay there, staring up at the roof of the tent.

“That was divine.” I said to Mel.

“Thanks. I get a lot of practice.”

“Seriously, if rug munching was an Olympic sport you’d easily claim gold.”

“Her cunny-sucking skills are much sort after back our way. And she’s a real star when it comes to knob-sucking to, I should know.” Joe proudly declared.

As if to demonstrate, Mel immediately dived down and begin running her tongue up and down Joe’s once-more erect shaft, much to his delight, from its base to the glans, just peaking above the foreskin. Whenever she reached the top she would linger with her tongue around his frenulum, which he really liked. After a minute or two of this, I joined in, running my tongue up and down his shaft to his glans and frenulum.

Sometimes we’d alternate and sometimes we’d do it together always ending our ascent with a kiss. But we knew it couldn’t go on indefinitely. He was beginning to gasp and groan whilst his cock began to buck and jerk.

“He’s close.” Mel observed and I guessed she should know from their time together. By this time we were taking his glans and the first centimetre or so of his shaft fully into our mouths, tasting his slimy pre-cum as we did so. I don’t know whether it was by providence or design but his cock was in my mouth at the end. He gave a cry and guessing what was about to happen I removed his knob from my mouth and wanked him off the rest of the way. He shot his load, again in spurts over my cleavage, neck and under my chin.

“We’ve got a gusher!” Mel had declared as her husband climaxed. When he stopped ejaculating she immediately started licking his juices from me whilst I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked the rest of them off. The three of us then shared a kiss, Mel and my mouths housing the last of his love-nectar.

It was getting on. We’d each cum twice and there’d been no actually fucking as yet. I feared that Joe wouldn’t be able to perform further and if he could, only one of us would get fucked, properly at least.

“Don’t worry dear, Joe’s record is five orgasms in one night.” Mel assured me.

“Six.” Joe corrected her.

“Six? When was it six?” Asked Mel confused.

“At that orgy we went to New Year’s Eve.” Joe reminded her. I could tell from her expression that it rang a bell and she chuckled at the memory. We continued talking, but did so whilst cuddling, fondling and kissing, especially Mel and I. I could see that Joe had recovered from the way he was reacting to what Mel & I were doing. After about fifteen minutes or so, with his cock once more standing to attention I was asked to lie on my back and spread my legs. Mel once more put her head between my legs and began licking me out, this time to get me lubed up for her husband. She then moistened Joe’s dick with her mouth also and then let us to it. Joe mounted me from above. I could feel my pussy lips giving way as he entered me and felt the most wonderful sensations emanate from between my legs as he did so. When he could enter me no further he began sliding in and out of my pussy, swiftly getting a good rhythm going.

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