An After School Activity

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-Note: the main character in this story has just turned 18 two days before these events occurred.

* * * * *

*5:33pm, outside west campus sitting on the cold cement steps*

Shit. I told my dad he had to pick me up at 5, but he probably was ignoring me and now I’m stuck here… My cell phone is out of battery, so I can’t call any of my friends.. I have no change so the pay phone inside is fairly useless… I could call collect but I doubt any of my friends will accept the charges- and the few that would aren’t home… damn it.

Rehearsal went well today, I guess. For the first rehearsal with the orchestra– it could have been a lot worse. Ms. Jester was getting a bit frustrated over the timing of the dance.. she’s the choreographer.. hmm. I’ve got no where to go– so I guess I’ll think about her.. why not? There is nothing else to do. She did look really cute today. –she always looks cute. Her petite frame and long, tight brown curls.. gee.. oh shut up… just shut up.. you shouldn’t be thinking about her. She’s a TEACHER for Christ’s sake… not someone you’d ever have a chance with!

Oh- but that’s what makes it so exciting- you know that– I mean– I know that. Stop talking to yourself in second person. You’re crazy, you know? Yes. I know. Ha.

What am I going to do? I could walk home…

I don’t want to walk home.. I’ll wait a little while and call home again- collect.

*36 minutes later*

I should start walking… I could get home by midnight if I do– but it would probably easier to just wait…

A green sports car rides into view and finds a spot in the parking lot close to the front doors.

i know that car… I wish it was my mom or dad or something. Geez. I’m never getting home.

A short, slender figure springs out of the car, in a hurry.

Ms. Jester? She’s walking towards me. Oh god. What do I do? Ignore her. Look away. God.

Ms. Jester spots me on the stairs and pauses just before storming into the school.

“Lisa?” questioned Ms. Jester.

“Hi..” I murmured.

“What are you doing here?”



“well.. I thought I had a ride but- I don’t.”

“oh– you’ve been here a while. Well- I’ll give you a ride home if you need one– where do you live?”

“Elendale Gates.”

“That’s not– too- far… don’t worry about it… I just have to run inside and find something…”


“I lost my necklace in the auditorium… I’ve got to find it…”


“It’s getting cold out.. why don’t you come inside? Besides, I can use help looking for it– four eyes are better than two, right?”

“yea..” I said quietly, as I followed her beautiful form inside.

This isn’t happening.. this ISN’T happening.

We walked towards the auditorium doors.

Nothing IS happening. You’re just looking for her necklace. She’ll drive you home, and that’s that. Right?

“It’s a gold chain with a diamond heart pendant.. it’s probably over by where the orchestra was but It could be anywhere,” she said anxiously.

“Ok.. I’ll start in the back,” I said, my voice suddenly shaking.

For a few minutes we searched up and down the seats, and met in the middle, unsuccessful and breathless.

“Do you want to sit for a minute? I’m sure I’ll find it.. you don’t have to help me..”

“oh- it’s ok– don’t worry…”

“normally I wouldn’t be THIS paranoid about a piece of jewelry but it’s the necklace that my grandmother gave to me right before she- passed away… and I can’t believe I lost it…”

“don’t worry, we’ll find it..” I said calmly, trying to reassure her.

“ok.. do you want to start in the front this time?” she asked as we moved over to the next section.

“sure,” I said, energetically.

We walked up and down the rows, but a gold chain wasn’t anywhere in sight.

I wish I could just find that necklace… this is so awkward– she’s so cute– stop it. Just stop. Look at her. No, don’t look at her. She’ll notice you looking at her… stop. Find the necklace- then she’ll be grateful- then you can talk. Talk to her? This is a moment for my dreams! Oh- just look for the necklace.

“Any luck?” she said in a loud, sweet voice.

“Not yet…” I hollered back.

“Listen– if we can’t find it.. then…”

“no, we’ll find it. I promise.”

“Thanks. I hope you’re right.”

She’s so beautiful. Everything about her. I know Julie thinks she’s not attractive- but I do… god is she attractive… really you should stop thinking that.. what if she can read your mind? Then.. then you’re already screwed! well- not literally. But-

“I found it!” she exclaimed cheerfully.

I looked up and began to walk fethiye escort down towards her.


“huh?” I questioned.

“oh– sorry– I didn’t mean to say– but– the charm is missing. It’s got to be around this area if the chain fell off here.”

“ok- it’s got to be there-“

“Can you come down here and help me look?”

“yea… sure.”

As I walked closer towards her, I felt a burst of liquid rush through my skin, as my heart jumped, leaped and did a few twirls.

I can’t believe i’m standing this close to Ms. Jester– alone– I’m alone in the school with one of the most beautiful women in the world and–

I see a shining piece of metal wedged in the corner under a seat.

“I think I found it!” I said- quietly.

“Really? Where?”

“under there… hold on a sec…”

I reached under the chair and felt the cold metal heart pendant rest in my palm.

I found it. I actually found it. Maybe she’ll… no.. she won’t..

“Thanks so much Lisa!” she said as she walked closer to me to take the pendant from my grasp.

I swear her hand froze for a moment as it barely touched my palm, and then leaped back as if there hadn’t been a pause.

Her hand is so soft.. I wish I could touch her skin.. no… don’t think that. Why do I have to be like this? Everything is wrong. I just want to touch her…

She placed the charm back on the chain and attempted to place it around her neck.

“Lisa, can you help me put this back on?”

after an involuntary obvious pause I said “…sure”

I crept over towards her form and took the necklace from her hand. She lifted her curls up into a ponytail, and I reached over her shoulders to place the chain around her neck.

She’s got to realize… I’m shaking.. trembling like crazy.. I can’t breathe.. I need to breathe. Breathe!

I take a deep breath as I finally get the clasp to hook on. Ms. Jester turns around and stares at me, giving a slight smile.

“Ok… ready to go?” she questions with unease.

“yea,” I reply, noticing her uneasiness and adding my own.

We begin to walk to the back of the auditorium. Suddenly, Ms. Jester stopped and turned towards me.



“You know… it’s great that you can be…” she paused and gathered her thoughts, “you know– you and Elaine– just so open like that..”


Great? Why is she talking to me? Oh god. Breathe!

“Yea… my ex girlfriend and I…”

Ex girlfriend???

“..we had all these problems.. I guess it was mostly me… because I was too scared to be out and all… I’m terrified…” She laughed with unease. “I don’t seem like the type who would be terrified of being herself, do I?”

“no.” I replied honestly.

“But I am.. and… it’s different for me than it is for you- I guess- because I’m bisexual so I can just as easily go out with guys– and that hasn’t been much of a problem.. till now…”

“I’m not gay… I like guys also… I know what you mean. Wow.. I didn’t think you were…”

I’d only hoped.

“well.. I am.. and…”


“Do you want to sit down for a minute?”


“Ok… I shouldn’t be telling you this. I’m risking my job here- my- everything. But- this whole – thing- I mean… fate seems to have placed us here- together-for some reason, right? At least- so I can get all this off my chest… so I can– get over it… Oh, god- this is embarrassing.”

What does she have to get off her chest? I’m the one infatuated here. I’m the one who wants to touch her soft skin and kiss her delicate pouty lips.

“You… I mean… I…” she began, “I guess I’m… attracted to you.”

“me?” I said, almost convincing myself that she was playing a cruel joke.

“yes… it’s terrible, I know. I don’t get it.. I mean- I’ve been- straight- I mean, I haven’t went out with a girl for such a long time now… I’ve been happy with guys- I even had a boyfriend for… oh- I shouldn’t be telling you all this. It’s just- after seeing you and Elaine together- so open and- I guess I just remembered that part of a relationship with a girl that just isn’t there with a guy.. and..”

“oh. wow.. ummm…” I mumbled.

She likes ME? Pinch yourself. You’re dreaming. Wake up before–

She looked up into my eyes for the first time, and the fact that she wasn’t playing a mean joke and that I wasn’t dreaming hit hard- right deep within my chest.

“Listen.. I can’t tell you not to go and report me… I don’t know why I told you this… just because you have a girlfriend doesn’t mean I have anymore right to tell you about my little feelings..”

Oh my god- I can’t believe this is happening. This is happening, escort fethiye right? Every second she glances at me I feel the reality of it more and more

I finally find the courage to respond.

“I won’t tell anybody… and… this feels- completely awkward- but I’m definitely — attracted to you. You’re- umm…”

Think of something… but not something stupid. Hurry up– I hate awkward pauses!

“obviously beautiful… and intelligent- and– mysterious.. you’re different- there is something about you- a spark- I don’t know…”

Oh god, I sound stupid!

I notice a single tear rolling down Ms. Jesters cheek.

“If.. I… I can’t say it– I can’t do it– but–” she stuttered as more tears began to flow out of her eyes.

My eyes responded with a flood of tears and I stared at her hazed face through the mist.

“Maybe fate has brought us here…” I said, trembling, “I mean- I always have a ride home… and how often do you loose your grandmothers necklace and come back to the school only to find.. me here? Life is so god damn short- ok? And I know that there are so many rights and wrongs and a billion rules to follow- but why not break a few when you just know that it’s right? I can only promise that I won’t say anything– and you’d have to trust me- and I can tell you that I’m an honest person but of course- just– look at me– and– I promise..”

Our heads magnetically pulled towards each other, and within seconds that seemed like hours our lips had touched and began to softly kiss.

I can’t think.. this is… so real… I feel alive.

I somehow managed to fall onto the floor and was lying on the carpeting directly in front of the stage. Her lips followed mine, and in moments she was on top of me as my entire body was in a motley state of euphoria.

She began to kiss my neck and I felt her brunette strands dance on my shoulders. Every movement she made was perfect- her hands- her body- everything.

Her lips returned to mine, sending shivers up and down my back, as she dug her nails into my skin.

Everything is so perfect… her lips– her body– my heart…

Ms. Jester lifted my tank top with brief hesitation, but my calm and honest gaze made her feel sure to act on her instincts…

This is still wrong.. I mean– Elaine– oh god– what am I going to tell Elaine? This is so right…

Her tongue pranced around my chest, as I began to gently convulse. I tried to bring her back up to my face by reaching my arms out to grab her, but she caught my hands and pushed them over my head, holding them in place.

I can’t think.. oh– this is amazing– how can this– it– everything– stop thinking.

She finally returned to my lips, as the cold metal of her necklace dangled on my chest. Gently, she pushed me over and began to unhook my bra. She bent over and began to massage my bare back with her fingertips.

Suddenly, she brought herself close to me and once again held my hands above my head, wrapping her free arm around my stomach and roughly kissing my back.

She brought her tongue upwards and gently bit my arms, from shoulder to elbow, and then took her nails scribbled figure eights under my arm. Then, her hands found their way to the back of my neck, were she softly ran her fingers through my hair. I rolled over and she began to kiss me even more passionately than before.

The rest of this story will be saved under a private entry due to a sexual explicit nature. If you would like to read the rest- please e-mail me with a request to read it, ok?

This is amazing… you are– here– with Ms. Jester– you– she’s– wow– that feels… wow.

She pulled off her shirt revealing a brown satin bra, shimmering in the dim light of the auditorium. I attempted to sit up and taste her skin, but she held me down. She kissed me momentarily, letting her smooth bra slide against my chest.

Then she sat up and faced away from me, and motioned for me to unhook her satin bra. My hands were finally allowed to touch her amazingly soft skin, as I unhinged the brassiere and brought my mouth to her slim back. My lips kissed her shoulder blades, as my hands removed the loose garment and found there way to her tender yet firm breasts.

Her hair tickled my shoulder as she turned her neck enough for our lips to touch once again…

She tastes like candy.

Her entire body turned over, once again on top of mine. She straddled my waist, and began to nibble at my stomach. Her fingers planted themselves on my pants and ran up and down my legs.


She began to unbutton my pants and kiss my skin, lower and lower, each time I was exposed a bit more.

I couldn’t hold in my insane euphoric pleasure fethiye escort bayan for any longer. I gasped in a fresh breath of air, and I could tell that Ms. Jester was glad to know that I was enjoying this-

what was this?–

event. Thing. This- lust… passion.. purely- nothing and everything… a kiss- love? No. Maybe? Humanity…

She gradually removed my pants and unzipped her jeans. I followed the silent orders to free her legs, and she lied on her back so that I could take off her pale denim pants.

Beauty defined

Everything about her figure is so perfect- She just lie there, naked with the exception of matching brown satin underwear leaving little to my active imagination.

I wish I could paint a picture of this angel- lying here- in front of me- her- everything- I can’t think at all- my mind is spinning- thoughts are- spread across and some aren’t anywhere to be found.. she is- beautiful.

She noticed that I was thinking, so she rolled on top of me and began to suck on my erect nipples. Everything she did was perfect- an impromtu dance from this divine choreographer.

By the time her lips had found their way below my waist, all previous restraint was gone. We were two free beings- maybe only for this hour- or moment- maybe only in this dream- but we were who we were.. not ashamed- not embaressed- just acting on our want: our desire.

She easily sent me past the heavens, convulsing in bliss- which suprisingly brought me to a higher level of conciousness and made me want to please her just the same.

I made sure to caress her entire form as my fingers and tongue remained static on a specific spot to pleasure.. and I enjoyed helping her finally let go as she shook in my arms.

For a while, we laid there- next to each other- our naked bodies tangled together in a calm, sweet silence.

Our hearts are pounding together- I want this moment to last forever.. She’s so soft- lying against me- soft- just like a goddess…

*9:20pm, after clothing ourselves…*

We got dressed in complete silence. I’m afraid she’s angry or scared or-

I just wish she’d talk to me.

She must have read my mind, because a second after the thought she looked at me and spoke.

“…well. That was- an experience.” She paused, “…an amazing experience.”

“yes– but– I mean…”

“yes, I mean that too,” she giggled.

“you’re beautiful, you know?”

“I should feel guilty- but I don’t.. Is that wrong?”

“no. It’s not wrong. What we did was wrong by everyone else’s standards- but right by our own. That was right… wasn’t it?”

Why are you asking, you just know.

“It was more right than I’ve ever felt.” she responded.

“and no one has to know– ever… it’s between us- an experience to be remembered– and– days from now we will wonder if this was just a dream.”

“but I’ll see you in the halls- and know it wasn’t.”

“yes, well- I guess this is probably going to be the best experience in my life- and- at the risk of sounding cheesy- I’m savoring every last moment.”

“I’m holding on to it just as much as you are. I can’t believe how much better I feel now– I… I… I should take you home.”


“It’s 9:58, don’t you think your parents are going to be worried?”

“They probably figured that I went to a friends house- but I should go home- I guess- because I do have school tomorrow…”

“I have school tomorrow to, I am a teacher after all.”

She gave a look of “sorry to remind you” and I said “I know– but for now- you are not just a teacher- but a human being.”

Her face crept close to mine and she gently kissed my lips once more before springing up and heading towards the exit of the auditorium.

I followed, unable to walk at first, and soon we were outside in the darkness of an early spring night.

Instead of feeling awkward inside that emerald green car of hers- like I had always imagined it would be like if I got to sit next to her as she drove- it felt right… Unfortunately, I arrived home quickly and couldn’t sit in front of my house with her for long, because someone- like my mother- might notice.

“Thank you.” she said suddenly.


“I mean- thank you for reminding me what it’s like to be me again.”

“…anytime” I joked.





“If fate ever gives us an opportunity again–“

“I’ll be waiting.”


She whispered as I slammed the car door shut and began to joyfully pace towards my house.

I watched the green sprint off into the distance, until it was just a blurred imprint in my mind.

What just happened? Was that real? Am I awake? Or am I just dreaming?

I walked inside and ran up to my bed to avoid my families inquiries of my recent whereabouts.

That wasn’t a dream. That was real. I’ll write it all down, so I won’t ever forget it.

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