Ann: A Love Story Ch. 86

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Cartoon Sex

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There was more food than I would have ever imagined…more than I’d seen for any Thanksgiving spread I’d ever been to. Sure, my mom had brought three dishes with us, and Ann’s sister in law, Shelly brought two. Still, it seemed like Jean had to have been cooking all week with all things she’d prepared. It was way too much food, especially since there were just eight of us. But then again, it was Thanksgiving; a meal where the leftovers were going to be picked over all day long.

I could see it in my dad’s eyes as he ate his second helping. He was already contemplating what he’d have later in the afternoon as we watched football together. Marlin had the same glazed look in his, carefully following the plan of attack he’d devised with lethal precision as he selected items during his second trip to the kitchen.

We’d been at Ann’s parent’s house for an hour, and it had gone much, much better than I could have hoped for. Jean was the perfect hostess, greeting my parents with huge hugs, welcoming them into her home, and as she put it, into their extended family. I saw a little tear in Ann’s eye as that settled into her heart, her big white smile hiding it from everyone but me. Marlin gave my dad a huge handshake, and sweetly gave my mom a kiss on the cheek, thanking them both for coming.

With that out of the way, it left just Alan as the last proverbial hurdle to jump. That was a concern, and not because he was a track star in high school. But when he came around the corner with Shelly on his arm, I was surprised, in many ways.

First, it wasn’t a surprise that his wife was a knockout. Alan had always been good looking, no matter his height. But now he could actually be categorized as handsome. A lot of that had to do with him being bigger. He’d grown a little taller, standing around 5’9″. He had also packed on some pounds, in a good way. His shoulders were broader, and he had more definition to his frame than the skinny kid he’d been in high school and the few years that followed. He’d also cut his dark black hair shorter and far more stylish than the ragged way he used to wear it…which was namely a mullet.

He looked great. But anyone would be kidding themselves if they didn’t admit that one of the reasons he looked so fantastic was the woman hanging on his arm. Shelly was a tall, leggy, athletic, blue-eyed blonde with long, silky hair…and lots of it. She had her tresses pulled up high on her head, showing off her sexy neckline. She was at least a 36C, and she was showing off a lot of cleavage in the plunging front of her short, black dress. For whatever reason, she had dressed to kill, or at the very least, to stun.

And Ann was just that, her mouth dropping when she saw how her sister in law was dressed, walking toward us in that tight dress and her 4-inch black heels. Ann looked at her conservative maroon dress, which now seemed drab in comparison. But I was so proud of her and how she handled it. She simply reintroduced me to her brother, and he in turn introduced me to Shelly.

As I sat there later, eating my turkey and all the fixings a man could ever want, I looked around the table. There was talking and laughing to go along with the meal. It not only felt good…it felt right. I’d been so concerned about Alan, and then Jean, that I hadn’t given them enough credit. Perhaps Alan had changed. Or, more likely, it was Shelly that helped him change. And perhaps it was my mom who helped both Ann and Jean, by finding a way to relieve the tension in the Franklin home to begin with.


I thought about what my dad had just said, telling me in a sense that I should consider myself lucky that Ann was about to start her period, instead of it falling on the following weekend. The same weekend I would be getting married. When he said it, I reeled from the enormity of it. Sure, it wouldn’t have been world ending, but the prospect of not being able to make love to my bride on our wedding night would have been devastating in a way.

As that mulled around in my brain, I thought about what else he’d said. How I needed to be grateful to my mother, because she’d allowed me to sleep with Ann in their home. I looked at mom, sitting in front of me, her sweet face smiling at my dad as he drove. Of course, one of the reasons she was smiling that way was because she’d gotten laid just like I had that night, as well as not long before we left for the Franklin’s. And from what I knew…just as many times, if not more.

Oddly, that thought didn’t freak me out. It didn’t bother me that they’d had sex. It was one of those ‘more power to them’ moments. What did intrigue me was that I was certain that my sleeping with Ann hadn’t been the plan when she’d invited her to go shopping with her.

“Okay, so how did it go from you and Mom spending the day together…to, whatever it was that happened last night?” I asked her as we rode with my parent’s on the way to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family.

She Antep Bayan Escort shrugged, her innocent smile disarming as she said, “It’s just how it is, Neil. I don’t plan everything. Sometimes things just happen.”

“So…what happened?”

“Well, like I said, your mom asked me to spend the day with her, so…she took me shopping in Fort Wayne.”

“Shopping…that’s it?”

“No…it was more like a girl’s day out. First we went and got a manicure and a pedicure…that was really fun. Then, she took me to lunch at this really nice little place downtown. And then we went shopping.”

“It still sounds pretty benign, Ann. How do you get from that to last night?”

“Well, your mom is really good about getting me to open up and talk about what’s bothering me.”

“She is?” I said, thinking that it took me decades to get that comfortable with my mom, and here Ann was, able to talk to her from the start.

“Sure I am,” mom answered with a laugh.

“Funny…I don’t remember it that way,” kidding her.

“You do too Neil. But it’s easier with girls. I always wanted a girl.”

“You have one now,” Ann said happily.

There was a catch in her breath, but she recovered and said, “Thank you, Anna. I had such a good time yesterday.”

“Me too…especially that last store we went to,” she winked.

My mother started giggling like a little girl and said, “I still can’t believe you talked me into that.”

“I don’t recall talking you into anything. I said ‘Let’s go in here’, and you said, ‘Okay’.”

Mom grinned and said, “Well, you made it sound like I had to.”

“What store?” I asked.

“The lingerie store we found in the mall,” Ann replied.

She said that she’d dragged my nom into a boutique of sorts, but apparently not kicking and screaming as she would have liked me to believe at first. Ann had gone in on a whim, just to see what they had. But once they got inside, it was my mother that got excited about being there.

“I was just browsing. But your mom was pressing me, telling me I needed to find something for our wedding night. I told her I’d already bought what I needed, and I was pretty much set, at least for a while. That’s when she said I should get something for last night.”

“What?” I said, looking at my mom.

She shrugged her shoulders and said, “She told me she was upset because she’s about to start her period, and that was going to ruin your weekend. I couldn’t have that.”

I shook my head, trying to process the information I’d just gotten. All I could do was respond with what I already knew, which was to say, “So, you just basically said it was okay for my fiancée to have sex with me last night…in your house…while you were home? Just like that?”

“Look honey, your father and I aren’t naïve. You and Anna are both adults, and you’re in love. You weren’t going to go the entire weekend and not sleep with her at some point, and we both know it. All I did was make sure you both didn’t miss out on the opportunity, that’s all. Our being at home didn’t really seem all that relevant.”

“Are you the same mother I grew up with?”

“Of course I am…why would you say that?”

“It just doesn’t seem like a Mom-like move, that’s all.”

“Funny, I never heard you complain that I never threw away all your dirty magazines growing up. Did you think I didn’t know you had them…and what you were doing with them?”

Ann started giggling again and said, “You really shouldn’t be complaining, baby. It’s her house…she might tell us we can’t have sex when we visit after we’re married.”

“I’m not complaining,” I said, trying to ignore my mom basically saying she knew I masturbated practically every day as a kid, and more than once on most days. I already knew she knew…I just pretended she didn’t, and tried not to get caught.

And I knew she wasn’t like other mothers, the Christmas morning my older brother got the latest issue of Playboy in his stocking being exhibit A. The look on my dad’s face told me she was the one that bought it and wrapped it. But even with all that information, it still seemed a stretch that she’d openly invite Ann over to fuck me in their home. I know that wasn’t how it really played out, but it was still hard to wrap my head around it all.

I looked at Ann and said, “I know I shouldn’t question it…I’m just having trouble trying to figure it all out, that’s all.”

“What’s to figure out?” she replied, her eyes sparkling, the naughty look in them taking me aback for a second. “Your mom wanted me to get something to wear for you last night. She even said she’d buy it for me. So, I told her I would let her…but only if she bought something for herself for last night too!”

Before I could wrap my head around that, dad had pulled into the Franklin driveway, and Ann had jumped out of the car, her infectious giggle echoing in the wind.


I didn’t find out about what happened at the lingerie store, and afterward, until we had finished our first round of eating for the day. Ann and I had gotten up and she said she wanted to go for a walk because she’d eaten so much. So, we headed out into the cool breeze of the early autumn afternoon, hand in hand as we strolled down the sidewalk.

She brought up the subject again before I ever had a chance to. It was like she felt guilty for escaping the car like she had, leaving me there to wonder. I’m not so sure she hadn’t found a way to do it on purpose, as if she’d somehow timed our conversation. But then again, how could she know I’d be so curious…and so clueless.

She told me that my mom wasn’t sure at first, but she took her to some racks and started holding up things that she thought would look good on her. All her years selling clothes to women came to the forefront. Sure, it was lingerie instead of normal fashion wear, but the concept didn’t change. She put her experience to good use as she explained not only what would be a good choice, but why. The cut of the outfits, the color, the style; she went over all of them, helping my mother in ways she never knew were possible.

“She wasn’t sure at first, but once she tried on the first negligee, she got into it.”

“Uh…I’m not sure I want to hear this,” I said with a laugh.

“I won’t tell you anything that’s going to make you see a therapist, Neil. I’m just saying we had a really good time. I helped her pick out an outfit, and the robe I was wearing last night. And she helped me pick out mine for you.”

“Great, so my mother has seen you in the same thing you wore for me last night,” I groaned.

“Yes…and so has your dad,” she said with a grin.

“My DAD!”

“You were there…baby. You saw me take off the robe and hand it to him in the hallway this morning.”

“Oh…yeah. I forgot.”

“Well, if you can forget that so quickly, then I’m pretty sure you can repress that Betsy has seen me in it. She helped pick it out, and I helped pick out hers. Don’t make it into something weird. We were having a good time, and I want to remember it that way. Besides, she gave you the best gift she could have given you last night.”

“You,” I said with an understanding smile.

Ann nodded, and said, “That’s right lover. ME!”

“Pretty nice gift, wasn’t it,” I sighed, feeling stupid about being so uptight about the circumstances that brought Ann to me. Well, maybe not uptight, but certainly confused to the point that it became a minor obsession of sorts.

“Well, I thought so…but then again, I was the gift,” she giggled.

We walked farther from the Franklin home, down a residential street a couple of blocks away, then turning to walk down another street that was a little less populated with homes. She was leading me toward a small local park. It had several athletic fields and along with couple of picnic shelters. She took me down the path towards one of them.

“So…my mom picked out that outfit, huh?” I said, coming to grips with it, and thinking about how amazing it really was that she’d help her with something so intimate.

“Paid for it too. And like I said, I helped her pick out her outfit. We did that the entire time we went shopping.”

“What? How many lingerie stores did you go into?”

“Just that one. But we went to a LOT of clothing stores. Betsy wanted me to help her, since she knew I knew about fashion. She said she wanted me to find her things to make her look…well, sexier. She’s worried about getting older, and doesn’t want to feel that way. So…I helped.”

“And she helped you?” I asking, thinking about her unique sense of style when it came to her own clothes.

“Well…I let her think that she was. I kind of steered her towards things I liked, and let her see them on me. You know…pick two outfits I loved, and then let her choose the one she thought looked best. That kind of thing. We had a blast.”

“I bet. Having mom buy you clothes…what’s not to love?” I smiled, thinking about the half dozen or so bags I’d had to get out of my dad’s trunk and lug into Ann’s room at her parents’ house…the same ones I’d had to lug from my room to the car before we left.

And that had me wondering. “Why did you bring all of those into the house, anyway?”

“For the fashion show,” she giggled.

“What? Fashion show?”

“Well, we’d been gone all day, and we got home late. But your dad was still up when we got home. When he saw us carrying in all of her bags, he commented on how much I’d bought…and I told him that those weren’t mine. And then I said something to Betsy about your dad, and how he must have waited up for a fashion show. But I was just kidding.”

“And mom agreed?”

“Agreed? She practically ran outside to help me grab my bags. We ended up parading in front of your dad, one after another for over an hour. We were going back and forth, changing clothes, giggling in her bedroom, which she was calling the dressing room. We had a great time. So did your dad.”

“He did?”

“I think so. I know he did at the end,” she laughed.

“The end? What happened at the end?”

“When I walked back into the bedroom, your nom was sitting on the bed with this weird look on her face. I asked her what was wrong, and she said she was a little upset because she was having such a good time and she didn’t have any more new outfits. That’s when I pointed out that she had the lingerie.”

“I guess I don’t have to ask if she tried it on for him,” I laughed.

“Well, I had one more outfit, so I quickly changed and went back out to show Darren…and then I sat down and waited for Betsy. She came out in the silk robe and she stood in front of him with her back to me.”

“Wait…she modeled it for him in front of YOU?”

She grinned, her little laugh catching in the wind as she nodded. “Uh huh. But I’d already seen her in it at the lingerie store.”


“Anyway, first she just opened the robe for him…and he let out a little groan that sounded a lot like you. Then, she let it slip off her shoulders and fall around her feet…which had him practically drooling. Hell, he forgot I was even there at that point. He stood up, and I thought he was going to take her right there in the living room.”

“That would have been interesting,” I laughed.

“It still was. She took him by the hand and she looked at me and said something like, ‘Make yourself at home, Anna. And don’t mind the noise…I have no intention of being quiet.’ Then she said something about making sure I welcomed you home.”

I kind of cringed at the thought of my parent’s having sex, and not being discreet about it. I mean, I’d had to hear them many times since I’d moved back in. It was hard at first, but I learned to accept it. But for Ann…being a guest?

“I hope that wasn’t too uncomfortable for you,” I said, almost apologizing for their behavior.

“It wasn’t,” she smiled sweetly. “It was…enlightening. And I don’t mind saying, it turned me on a little. I have to tell you, baby…I’d like to think that we’re still going to be going at it like that when we’re their age.”

“It…turned you on? Really?” I said with a smirk.

“A little. It’s hard not to listen to two people that are in love…well, fucking, and not be affected by it. And then, when you see it.”

“Well, yeah…wait…WHAT? You went into their ROOM?”

She busted out laughing and said, “Relax, I didn’t see that much…just your mom riding him with her back to me. It was pretty dark, and she was still wearing her outfit. All I saw of your dad was his toes.”

“What…why? Why the hell would you even be IN there?”

She squeezed my hand, calming me as we walked past the picnic shelter, heading down a little path towards the youth baseball field. “Well I didn’t just walk in. I snuck in. I opened the door slowly and crawled to the foot of the bed.”

“But WHY?”

“Because we’d been using their room as the dressing room, and my stuff was in there.”

“It couldn’t wait until morning?”

“Not if I was going to wear the new outfit your mother bought me for you. And based on the way you were drooling over me last night when you saw me in it, I think you should be thankful I took that little risk.”

“Did they see you?”

“Your mom did, out of the corner of her eye…she gave me a little wave, and then I left as quickly as I could. She was about to…”

“Okay…okay! You don’t have to go into details. I’ve heard her do that before. Many times,” I admitted.

“Aw…baby. Don’t be squeamish. One of the reasons OUR sex life is so amazing is because they have a great one too.”

“I’m not squeamish about it, Ann. I’m happy for them, actually. I just wasn’t sure how it affected you, that’s all.”

“Hmm…if you want to know how it affected me, let me show you,” she said, pulling me through an opening in the fence of the baseball field, leading me toward one of the dugouts.

“W…what are you doing?” I asked.

“Living out another fantasy of mine,” she smiled.


Tilting my head back, I moaned as my lower body slumped forward just a little. My arms were stretched out along the top of the bench, my ass on the very edge of the seat with my legs bent, holding me still. Ann was on her knees between my legs, her mouth slowly bobbing up and down over my hard, thick cock.

“I can’t believe I’m finally doing this Neil. This is such a rush!” she said excitedly as she licked my shaft up and down with her tongue, just before taking me in her mouth again.

“I can’t believe it either,” I said to myself as I sat there, letting my fiancée live out yet another one of her teenage erotic dreams.

She had led me into the dugout, hidden from the view of the rest of the park and the street we’d walked down. The field was bordered along the outfield fence by a thick grove of pine trees, blowing in the wind. We were secluded, something I never would have considered before. But she had obviously been thinking about it as a place for a rendezvous of sorts for quite some time.

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