Annabelle Ch. 01

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“Damn” was all I could manage to say the first time I laid eyes on her. The moment she walked into the bar I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The lights from the street behind her put a glow around her like the angel she appeared to be. She looked to be around 5 foot 8 inches weighing in at approximately 115 pounds, without a flaw on her that I could see; though I would be willing to do a full body inspection. Blonde shoulder length hair and the bluest eyes, I could get lost for days looking at.

“Hello your not listening to a word I say are you?” My best friend in the world ask, as she’s rambles on about how she cant find “Mr. right.” If she would just come to terms with who she is I wouldn’t have to keep listening about “Mr. right now.” But god love her Jennie has been there for me thru thick and thin.

“I’m sorry please go ahead.” I half heartedly tell her as I’m scanning the room for the blonde who to my surprise has started making her way over to our table. God that walk could walk all over me, the sway of the hips, the light bouncing off her sparkling eyes, and is she smiling at me. The smile of a Greek god legend that you hear stories about cut only if your lucky you get to see one in your lifetime.

“Annabelle” Jennie screamed. To my surprise Jennie knows this goddess and I made a mental note to find out why in the 8 years we have been friends she never once introduced us.

“Oh Jennie I’m so glad you invited me out tonight.” She speaks with a voice to match the body. Soft and sexy but not porn star cheesy.

“I’m sorry where are my manners Annabelle this is Maxine, well Max. Max this is my college roommate Annabelle, she just moved here from Atlanta.” Jennie went on to explain. That explains why we haven’t met yet. I salt there with a severe case of drop jaw syndrome as Jennie and amarelle caught up on recent life events. Of course I knew all of Jennie’s but my ears hung on every word that Annabelle spoke. As if I could almost see the words passing thru those soft pink lips almost getting jealous of their contact. I wanted to know everything marmaris escort about her and in the whirlwind of the trip down memory lane I felt I felt cheated as if it wasn’t enough.

“I asked you a question Max.” Jennie said snapping me out of my daze once again.

“Sorry I didn’t hear you.” Because I wasn’t listening how could I with the most beautiful woman I have ever seen sitting right here in front of me.

“I said we are still on for tomorrow night right?”

“Yeah, yeah of course I will pick you up at 6.” I said never taking my eyes off of Annabelle to speak.

“Great well would you mind if Annabelle came with us, she loves blues music also and hasn’t been in town long enough to know the good spots to go yet.” She asked almost in a whisper like I would say no. I mean really would I deny her the pleasure of having more time to catch up with her beloved friend whom she has kept me from. I’m not that selfish.

“Hell yeah she could go anywhere she wants as long as I get to follow.” Is what I wanted to scream. But im an adult and I can hold it together and not let my excitement show thru my expression, well too much.

“That would be great, are you still bringing Brian or have you made a decision on that yet.” I asked trying to get her to start rambling again so I could turn my attention back to painting every inch of her into my memory.

Jennie continued talking for another what seemed like an hour or so on and on about Brian and how he isn’t ‘the one’ but he’s good in bed and she hates to give that up. Annabelle just listened and laughed, oh god that laugh. Every now and then she would look my way and catch me staring at her. I gave up trying not to get caught hours ago.

“I hate to inconvenience you guy, if you give me the address to the place I can take a cab and meet you there. Then you will have more room for your dates.”

“No dates and besides my Tahoe seats 7.” I cut her off before I realized my mouth was moving but I wanted to be around her every second I could. Jennie shooting me a glare like oh that you marmaris escort bayan heard. I just shrug my shoulders and look down at the table as the red from embarrassment crept up my cheeks. Great what she must think of me now.

“Oh ok well in that case Jennie knows where you can pick me up at and I will be waiting till then.” I looked up to see her smiling at me and forgot about everything else. Just then the gods smite me and the bar tender called last call. I didn’t realize it was that late already, had I really been staring at her that long.

We exchanged pleasantries and decided it was time to leave. I offered to walk the girls out but Jenny was parked up by the door and Annabelle refused a ride home from her saying she would get a cab. So I started down my two block adventure to my car and kicking myself the whole way for making a fool of myself. I found my car and after beating the steering wheel for awhile I pulled out onto the deserted highway. I passed the bar and I saw her still standing outside waiting patiently. Now I was raised to always be polite and never leave a lady stranded, so I thought that it was my duty to make sure she got home safely. You known purely just southern hospitality. God please don’t let me make a fool of myself AGAIN.

As I rolled down the window I could see the nervousness come over her as her body tensed up so I spoke quickly to let her know it was just me.

“You sure you don’t need a ride” As she relaxed that smile that made the butterflies go crazy in my stomach edged its way up the corners of her perfectly pink lips.

“I thought you said you have a Tahoe?” “I do but I’m somewhat of car person and this is easier to move around the city in.” I explained as she opened the door to my 350Z.

“Wow nice car. Are you sure its no trouble I’m quite a bit out of town?”

“It’s okay I don’t mind really and I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I left you out here.” There was that smile again in full bloom.

“Okay I’d hate for you to lose sleep on my account. If you insist.”

“I insist, now get in escort marmaris and lets get going.” Yes she is in my car alone with me, oh shit what now? Please please keep it together Max you can do this. You act like your in high school on your first date with a cheerleader.

There is a think silence in the car neither of us knowing quite what to say except for the occasional direction.

“So why here form Atlanta? Relocate for a job, family or boyfriend?” Smooth right she hasn’t mentioned a boyfriend all night and I’ve been dying to know.

She gave me a smirk and finally after what seemed like forever answered, “No, no and kind of”

Great that was informative she wasn’t going to make this easy on me. A part of me was getting the feeling she enjoyed watching me squirm.

“I got divorced from my college sweetheart a couple years ago and seeing as how I caught him in bed with someone else I got everything; the house, the cars, and the money. But I wanted to start over a new life and since every one there knew him and only knew me as his wife that wasn’t possible there. And Jenny keeps going on and on about how great things are here I thought id check it out.” She finally went on to explain and if I hadn’t been sitting down driving I sear I don’t think I could have stopped myself from doing the happy dance. Yes I heard the part where she was married and probably strait as a ruler, but I couldn’t help from just enjoying that this beautiful creature was sitting in my car inches away from me talking like we had known each other for years. When much to my sadness we pulled up at her house, a cute rental modest in size with a nice view. She lived on the edge of town and since I live about 20 minutes outside of town I explained how it would make more sense if I picked her up first tomorrow night, you know to save gas and all. She extended her gratitude and bidding me a good night with a friendly hug and the tingles that went thru my body when she held on a little longer than expected shocked me. It had been quite a while since I got this worked up over someone. Especially some one I had just met. Some one who has given no indication that I would ever have a chance in more that a friendship. But if friendship was what she wanted I’d give her the best friend she could ever ask for.

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