Anna’s Visit

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Author’s note:

This story contains some light bondage towards the end.

Please don’t read if you find that offensive.


The other weekend my wife went away for a few days leaving me to look after the kids. It’s always nice to get some space from time to time, and I usually enjoy having a few guys round to watch a film and drink a few beers. I posted up on Facebook that I was going to be home alone, did anyone fancy it. I had a pretty swift response from a friend called Anna. Anna is 22, blonde, athletic, with great legs, and I have to admit she was the sort of girl I really enjoyed seeing. I didn’t think much of her wanting to come because I expected a few other folks to want to come round as well. As it happened more and more of my friends cried off as the date got closer so I decided I’d cancel and play some games on my own or something.

I contacted Anna and explained the situation, and explained that I was cancelling. She answered that she’d still be happy to come round to give me some company if I’d like. I decided that it would be nice and agreed. We agreed that I’d get a load of snacks and a movie, and she’d get some booze.

When the day arrived I bundled the boys off to bed as soon as I could – they’d had a tiring day so it wasn’t too hard. I gave the downstairs a quick tidy and got things out to await Anna’s arrival. It had been a pretty hot day for the north of England and I was looking forward to some cold beers. Anna arrived shortly after I’d got everything sorted. She looked gorgeous in a loose white blouse and skirt that finished about mid-thigh. She looked delightful, and rather sexy too. She had a couple of beers in her bag, along with a bottle of rum, a bottle of vodka, a bottle of coke and a bag of ice.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” was all I could muster. For some reason my usual wit and charm had deserted me!

“Yes,” was her simple reply as she gave me a sultry wink.

I have to admit there was a slight stirring in my groin at this, but I forced it away, inappropriate as it was! I stuck the ice in the freezer, and set up a drinks table, and we cracked open our beers. Anna asked me what the film was I’d chosen and I said it was Gravity. I plonked myself down on one of the sofas, making it clear I was expecting her to take the other one. She didn’t. She plopped down next to me.

“I get really nervous with tense films,” she said, “and it helps me to know someone is close. Is that ok?”

“Yeah of course,” I said.

I doled out the popcorn and so on and we got to work on the cold suds as I started up the movie.

It wasn’t long before the tension of the film kicked in. It wasn’t much longer after that that I noticed Anna was edging closer and closer to me. Her skirt had ridden up a little and I was getting very distracted by her beautifully tanned pins next to me on the sofa. I was really struggling not to think inappropriately about her. Suddenly the tension in the film really ramped up and I suddenly felt a hand grab mine and hang on for dear life. I wasn’t too bothered. The only adjustment I had to do was putting my glass of beer down before grabbing a handful of popcorn.

After a while the film gave a break in the tension stakes and Anna relaxed her grip a little, but she still held on. She gradually started lowering our hands though until the back of my hand was resting on her leg. It felt gorgeously cool and smooth. I looked over at her and could see she had relaxed a little. A small smile played on her lips as she took a big swig of beer.

At that point she asked for a bathroom break, which was pretty handy for me. It allowed me to relieve myself and also readjust where things had become a little tight. Evidently my hard work at suppressing thoughts had failed.

When we got back into the lounge, Anna was at the drinks table making vodka and cokes for us as the beer had pretty much all gone. She passed me one and I had a big sip. It tasted like it had a lethal amount of booze in it! Anna sat down next to me again and I’m fairly sure she was even closer than before. She took hold of my hand again, but this time she held it so my palm was facing down. She placed it just below the hem of her skirt, which was more than halfway up her thigh, and relaxed her grip so her hand was just resting on top of mine. Then she rested her head on my shoulder as I got the film going again.

I have to admit this was delightful, and there was a definite stirring in my crotch again. I looked down to remind myself this wasn’t my wife of 10 years, rather a gorgeous 22 year old blonde who was definitely coming on to me a bit. As I looked I noticed a couple of the buttons on her blouse were undone and I caught a glimpse of a pink lacy bra. I caught myself starting to wonder if she was wearing matching lingerie, and then stopped myself as I’d be unlikely to find out.

By this point the film was nearing its climax and I was starting to think it a shame that it would be all over soon. Anna would probably shoot off Escort Bayan Gaziantep after it had finished leaving me to my own devices and some erotic literature on the internet. The film still had a surprise in store for us, though, and little did I know how much of a surprise Anna had in store for me later. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The film very suddenly transitioned from reasonably calm to tense again drawing a slight shriek out of Anna as she grabbed my hand more firmly again. She pulled it swiftly up her body until my hand was effectively cupping her small, firm breast! It didn’t last for long at all as she put it back down on her leg. She had adjusted her position though in the process and her skirt had ridden up a little more, and my hand was definitely now on inner thigh rather than just leg. There was a definite warmth radiating. My cock had taken on very firm proportions too by now. There was no word of apology from Anna, or even any acknowledgement that I’d just been touching her quite intimately. I decided not to mention it and enjoy the ride.

I’d wondered for a while how her breasts felt. They were probably a B cup, and nice and firm and pert. They always looked great and had been the object of my fantasies from time to time. And here I was having just been forced to grope her! I started hoping I might get a better go at some stage, maybe even the chance to see them. This really got my crotch agitated though, and I’m sure it was fairly obvious I was sporting a hardon.

The credits rolled at the end of the film and Anna remained resting against my shoulder, with my hand on her inner thigh. She stayed for a good 10 minutes or so. I used the opportunity to get another peek or two down her blouse, very much enjoying the view.

After a little while she gently removed my hand from her thigh and turned to face me.

“Would you like to have some more to drink, and a game of something like truth or dare?” she asked.

“Great idea,” I heard my penis reply. “How do you see it working? Any rules or anything?” I heard my brain add.

“We could do it that we take it in turns to select the category, and then both have to challenge each other on that category. So essentially we’re choosing the category for each other as well as ourselves. But other than that, no rules.”

I agreed to this, although my brain was telling me I was being stupid. My penis was quite happy to go along though, and the alcohol made my brain by far the inferior organ! Anna made us stiff rum and coke, told me I could pick first and in true British cowardly fashion I picked the predictable ‘truth’.

Anna immediately asked “Easy question to start with! What colour bra am I wearing?”

I must have blushed, because a wicked little grin danced across her lips. I decided it was best not to try and play coy though and answered pink without much hesitation. Anna smiled and said

“Spot on. I was hoping you were having a look earlier. Do you like it?”

“Yes,” I replied, “nice choice. Now I believe it’s my turn, and as you’ve caught me off guard a little with your brusqueness, I want to know, are you wearing matching knickers?”

Anna smiled her wicked little grin again and dropped her hands into her lap. She started drawing the hem of her skirt up her legs, and I really thought she was going to show me rather than tell me, but just when she couldn’t raise the hem further without giving me a show, she nodded provocatively and licked her lips.

“My turn,” she said, “and I pick truth, and I’m going to ask first. Do you have a crush on me?”

I smiled, trying not to look lascivious. “Yes,” I replied simply. “Have you come here to seduce me?”

“It was at the back of my mind, yes,” she replied, “but when I saw you and we started drinking I decided it would be fun to have fun and see where it goes. I’ve seen you looking at me in the past many times, and wondered what it would be like to let you have your way with me. I never thought it would happen, but here I am, horny and gagging for it.”

“In that case then I think I should pick ‘dare’ for the next round,” I found myself saying. Anna nodded her assent and took a big drink. I did likewise. Nothing like a bit of Dutch courage!

“I dare you to pick an ice cube and to hide it somewhere on your person, and then let me remove it with my mouth!” I said.

Anna smiled seductively, got up from her chair and went over to the ice bucket. “No peeking,” she murmured.

I closed my eyes and waited for her to be ready. My cock was now throbbing in my pants. I was enjoying this. After a few squeaks and sighs from Anna she finally gave me the go ahead and added “Remember, no hands!”

I opened my eyes and noticed she was slightly flushed, and she had that wicked looking grin on her face again. I expected the ice to be somewhere easy to reach. At the same time, I wasn’t going to rush finding it. I started by kissing her up her long slender arm, all the way to her shoulder. I was looking to see if the ice was under her bra strap on her shoulder. It wasn’t, so I kissed round her neck to the other side. It wasn’t there either. I started to kiss down her bra strap, right the way across the softness of her boobs and up the other side. Still no ice. So I bent down and started kissing the underside of her bra, all the way around the clasp at the back. Still nothing.

This was starting to get seriously tantalising. I started kissing at the base of her throat and worked my way down between her cleavage to her waist. Then I kissed all the way around her waist. Nothing in her waistband. There was only one other place I could think of looking – the crotch of her panties. She was sitting down so it was unlikely to be between her butt cheeks. I got on my knees in front of her and gently spread her legs and planted a kiss on her right knee. I then nuzzled up her leg, slowly, getting closer and closer to the holy grail. I had my eyes closed so as not to spoil the expectation of what I might find. I could feel a warmth emanating from her sex though, and there was a beautifully musky aroma. As I got closer to the top Anna’s breathing started to get a little ragged.

Eventually I got to the top and as I placed a kiss onto her panties, I felt a cold patch and knew I’d hit the target. I opened my eyes and saw that she must have pretty much placed it exactly onto her clit. Her panties were sodden, and I was sure it wasn’t just water. I grasped the edge of the panties with my teeth and pulled them down slightly and across, as gently as I could manage, revealing the edge of the ice cube and lots of beautiful flesh. I wrapped my tongue around the ice cube making sure to give her nub a good tonguing into the bargain. Anna shuddered and groaned at this. I got the ice into my mouth and then got up and lent in to Anna for a kiss. She didn’t resist and parted her lips, allowing me to put the whole ice cube into her mouth. We mashed our tongues together as the ice continued to melt. Suddenly I was aware of a dainty hand grasping my balls gently and then rubbing up and down on my cock. We both groaned.

Suddenly Anna pulled away: “on with the game,” she proclaimed, “it’s your dare and I’ve got a great one! I want you to make up 3 bowls of flavoursome stuff, sauce or drink or whatever, then I want you to blindfold me. Then you’re to smear them one at a time onto your naked penis and allow me to lick it off. The aim being for me to guess what the flavours are.”

This sounded great to me, so I went off to the kitchen to gather ingredients. I picked ketchup, olive oil and maple syrup. I also popped upstairs to grab one of my ties to use as a blindfold. When I got back into the lounge I noticed a pink bra and panties on the floor, and a couple more buttons were undone on Anna’s blouse. I love it when women go braless and show off their cleavage and my cock quickly responded, getting harder than ever. This of course was perfect for what was to ensue.

I gave Anna a kiss on the lips as I went behind her to tie the blindfold. I placed the tie over her eyes. As I did so she whispered: “I hope you’re getting a good look down my blouse. Do you need me to undo more buttons? I need you rock hard for this!”

I looked over her shoulder and could see the inside curves of her breasts beautifully, and my cock enjoyed it! At the same time I saw a great chance and decided to risk it. “Why don’t you undo them all for me?” I whispered in her ear. As I tied the tie, I was overjoyed to see her hands go up to her blouse and undo the remaining buttons. I looked over he shoulder again and had my fill of her toned body. I couldn’t see her nipples, but what I could see of her tits was glorious.

After finishing the blindfold I took my jeans and boxers off, and started to ready my cock for the dare. I decided to go for the olive oil first and coated myself in it liberally. Anna dropped to her knees and lent forward slightly, allowing her blouse to gape wide open and I got my first glimpses of her nipples. They were small, hard and pink, and surrounded by small, pink areolas. They looked luscious and I couldn’t wait to suck them and tease them.

She indicated she was ready for her first challenge, so I walked over and stood in front of her. I carefully put the tip of my engorged penis in front of her lips. She reached out her tongue and gave my tip a swirling lick. It felt amazing. The lubrication provided the oil helped of course. Then she opened her mouth and let as much of me as she could into her mouth. I could feel her tongue licking me as she sucked off the oil and spat me out again. Despite the fact it was just a bit of a game, it was probably the best blowjob I’d ever had. My wife wasn’t really into that sort of thing!

She licked her lips a couple of times. “It’s definitely oil,” she said, “but I’m not entirely sure which. Would you mind giving me another taste?”

I affirmed that this would be no issue and started oiling up my cock again. As I was doing this, Anna slipped out of her blouse completely saying that it was irritating her. There she was just in a short skirt, in my house, getting ready to suck on my cock again. I couldn’t believe it. I positioned myself in front of her again and she enveloped me with her warm lips again sucking all the oil off again. I looked down and watched her, enjoying to unrestricted view of her tits as she bobbed back and forth on my shaft.

Eventually she released me and sighed a satisfied sigh. “Olive oil,” she exclaimed triumphantly. I confirmed this was the case and started readying myself with the ketchup. I put on as much as I could and then returned for my seeing to. Anna opened wide again and accepted my shaft into her mouth. As she did so a load of the ketchup slipped off my dick and fell onto her chest. She made no effort to wipe it with her hands, rather got on with the task of tasting me again.

“That’s too easy,” she said after she had licked me clean. “It’s ketchup. And as a punishment for making it too easy for me you are to lick my tits clean for me.”

With that she lay down on the floor. There wasn’t much sauce on her torso, and I’m sure she knew that, but I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. I got down on all fours next to her and started to lick around her naval. I felt a shudder go through each time I got close to it. Then I licked as far down as I could towards her pussy, stopping only when the waistband of her skirt got in the way. I longed to lick her again down there properly but that would have to wait. I then made my way back up to the area between her breasts where the actual ketchup was. I licked it up quickly, but I wasn’t stopping there. I made my way across to her right nipple and sucked it into my mouth. Anna gave a sharp intake of breath and let out a little squeal of pleasure.

I decided then to straddle her to get a better angle. I let my rock hard penis rest gently on her naked leg as I continued to suckle her nips. I also brought my hands into play caressing her breasts as I carried on suckling. Her breathing was getting more and more erratic as I went. I moved myself up a little and started to kiss her on the lips. In the process of moving around my penis had found its way under her skirt and was nudging her mound from time to time. It felt wonderful to be so close to her.

Almost without warning Anna let out a guttural growl and her whole body went into spasm with a massive orgasm. It lasted for a good while and I could tell she was loving it! I climbed off her and watched as her body twitched all over, as she smiled with pleasure.

Eventually she got to her knees again, and there was a small patch of liquid on the laminate floor, evidently her juices had been flowing! I wiped it up without saying anything. I didn’t want to embarrass her, and she’d obviously not seen it as her blindfold was still on.

“Wow,” she said, “I’ve never orgasmed like that before. Not without stimulation down there! If you can do that without touching my pussy, I can’t wait to see what it feels like to have you fucking me. But first we have a dare to finish!”

I dipped my penis into the maple syrup and resumed my position in front of her willing mouth. She opened up and accepted me again. This time she placed her hands on my buttocks though, and pushed as much of my cock into her mouth as possible. There was drool and syrup running down her chin and onto her chest again. She pulled off again, and asked me to hand her the pot. I placed it in her hand and then she took me in her mouth again. Then she started pouring syrup onto my cock as she sucked. Most of it spilled onto her chest and ran down onto her skirt.

Eventually all the syrup was gone so she released my penis again. She removed the blindfold from her eyes and I saw her looking appreciatively at my tackle. She looked so hot covered in the syrup. I hoped I’d get to lick her again.

“I think that was golden syrup,” she said. I informed her it was maple syrup and that she was wrong. “Well done you,” she replied. That was a good one. As a reward for tricking me you’re to lick me clean again. Only this time it’s gone under my skirt too.”

With that she reached to the side and undid the clasp holding up her skirt and let it fall to the floor around her ankles. This revealed a perfectly shaved mound and obvious signs of maple syrup all over. I couldn’t wait to get to work. She lay down again, spreading her legs as an obvious invitation to get started on the business end. I wasn’t going to rush in though, and started by kissing her on the mouth again. She tasted sweet from the syrup. I then licked her chin and down her neck which sent shivers down her spine.

I felt her hands on my chest caressing me, and then she asked me to take off my shirt. I happily obliged. Then I resumed licking her neck and the top of her chest as she ran her hands over my naked skin. She was so gently. It made me feel great. I continued licking between her breasts, making sure to take a pleasant diversion onto each one from time to time as I went. By this time Anna was squirming. One of her hands found its way between her legs as she started playing with herself as I licked and teased.

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