Annie’s Punishment

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It had been another long ass day and once again Carl was getting home well after his daughter had gone to bed. He shook his head as he stepped through the door. Something was going to have to give. He hardly ever got to see his little Annie these days. No sooner was that thought through his head when he had to chuckle. Little, hah, Annie hadn’t been little for a lot of years now. Shit, she’s a senior in high school this year. Where the hell does the time go?

Carl crossed into the kitchen where he found a note from Annie on the counter. Dinner was in the microwave. He punched a couple of buttons and walked to the fridge for a beer. He popped it open and leaned against the counter, taking a swig, waiting for the microwave to do it’s thing, when he heard a rustling noise outside the living room window.

“Now what the hell is that?” he muttered to himself as he went to check it out. He got there just in time to see a sneakered foot clearing the trellis beside the window. Carl didn’t even stop to think as he threw open the window, grabbed an ankle and pulled, hard.

He heard an “Oh shit!” as a young man came crashing to the ground. Carl recognized him as Christopher Rawlins. He lived just down the street and was in some of Annie’s classes.

“Don’t you move, boy. I’m coming out.” Growled Carl. It was completely obvious to Carl that this idiot had come around to sneak a peek at his daughter, and while as a guy he understood, as a father it couldn’t be tolerated. He was going to have to put the fear into this boy. Carl chuckled. It was going to be hard to keep a straight face.

“Boy, you are really damn lucky that I didn’t call the police.” That part was true enough, thought Carl. “If I catch you sneaking around here again, the cops will be the least of your worries, you understand me, boy?” Carl folded his arms across his chest and glared hard at Christopher.

“I swear man, I’m not a creep!” Christopher stammered. “Annie told me to come, she told me to sneak in through the window.”

For a moment, Carl was shocked into silence. When he finds his voice, his words come out slow and menacing, “Don’t you EVER fucking talk about my daughter like that, you little son of a bitch.” Carl’s hands were tightly clenched, he was itching to take a swing at this punk so bad. It took all his will power to turn and head toward the house. As he was walking away, he finished with “Now get the hell out of here before someone has to call the cops on ME!” Christopher didn’t wait around to argue, he was up and gone in a flash.

Carl was furious as he entered the house. How dare this bastard insinuate that his sweet, pure Annie would invite him to her room, at night, ALONE? He strode to the liquor cabinet, pulled out the rum and poured himself a double. Pounding it down, he poured another, then brought the bottle with him to the couch. He’d just finished his second glass when Annie’s phone vibrated on the coffee table. That had been his one rule when he’d agreed to get Annie a cell phone and a computer. She wasn’t allowed to have them in her room at night. He knew how crazy teens were about their frigging technology, and he didn’t want her up all night texting. Carl picked up the phone, he knew he shouldn’t intrude on his daughter’s privacy like that, but after what that little fucker had just said, he was pissed and curious.

It was a text from Christopher telling Annie that he’d been caught, and he hoped to see her tomorrow. What the hell? Carl had given up on the glass and took his next drink straight from the bottle. If Christopher had been lying, like Carl had thought, he wouldn’t be letting Annie know he wouldn’t be over. This was not boding well for the angelic image Carl had of his baby girl. He gazed at the phone in his hand. He’d never snooped on Annie like this, but he’d never had a reason to either, at least if he’d had a reason, he hadn’t known it. He clicked his way to her text files, but was not prepared for what he found. Texts from guys praising her cock sucking, from chicks pissed at her for fucking their boyfriends, texts Annie had sent to her friends talking about dick sizes and who was a better lay. He slammed the phone onto the table, and took another drink. He thought about the sweet young lady who had kissed him this morning after breakfast, on her way to school. So beautiful, so innocent. Leaving early to get some studying in at the library before class. Really leaving early to meet someone named Rich in the woods behind the school for a quick suck and fuck. Un-fucking-believable. Not his little angel. He grabbed the phone again and went to her pictures. Moaning in despair as he found the very thing he’d been hoping not to find. She had a dozen photos of herself in various positions, with various different guys. Some were obviously taken by a third party. So not only was his sweet Annie a hardcore slut, she also didn’t mind if others watched.

Carl lay his head on the back of the couch and tried to wrap Casibom his mind around this. His thoughts drifted to Annie’s mother, Suzi. She had been quite the little whore herself. Not at first. Actually, he and Suzi had met in school and they were both virgins at the time. Fell in love, married straight out of high school, had Annie 6 months after they got married. They were both just 18, and while they thought they knew it all, they were completely unprepared for life, let alone married with a kid life. Carl had gotten a job and gone to school, so he was hardly ever home to help with Annie. Suzi left the baby with Carl’s folks a lot while she was looking for a job. Yeah right, she was looking for a job alright. Carl found out later that her lack of interest in him was due to the fact that she was earning money sucking his former high school buddies cocks. Suzi was very well known and in high demand at the high school it seemed. Young jocks and nerds alike were happy to slip her a twenty for swallowing their jizz. Suzi left Carl and Annie before Annie’s first birthday, and apparently never looked back, ’cause Carl hadn’t heard from her since.

He found himself looking at the picture on the phone still in his hand. Annie was looking at the camera with her hands on some faceless guys’ organ, licking the tip and smiling. Her smile would look so sweet if it hadn’t been for the cock she was about to swallow. Carl felt his dick start to stiffen inside his pants. He laid his head back again and pictured his lovely daughter’s brown hair spilling over his lap as her mouth slid down his shaft. He groaned and took another deep swig of rum, while he pulled the wood out of his pants. He slid his hand down the length of it. It had been years since he’d jerked off. Thinking about it now, he wasn’t really sure when he had stopped, or why. He became too busy maybe, he just hadn’t really thought about it for awhile. Sure, he’d see hot women from time to time who made his cock jump, but he was just too focused on life, his job, making sure his little girl grew into a respectable young woman, all that crap.

Respectable, right. It’s funny how fast one’s view on life can turn. Carl was starting to get serious about jacking off, thinking about his lovely daughter, the tramp, when he had an idea. Annie didn’t know that Christopher wasn’t coming over. And that girl needed to learn a serious lesson. She needed to be taught what happens to dirty little sluts like her. Carl could think of none better to teach his baby that lesson than himself. He took one last deep drink of rum and headed outside.

He went to the trellis that Christopher had used and tested it beneath his weight. He had kept in shape and probably didn’t weigh much more than the little fucker, he should be able to use it just fine. As he climbed he started to wonder how many other guys had used this to climb up and do who-knows-what to his daughter. It did occur to Carl that this climbing would probably go a lot easier if he hadn’t been so well on his way to being drunk. He also knew that without the booze he would never have come up with such a devious plan, and certainly wouldn’t have been able to actually go through with it.

When he got to Annie’s window, he wasn’t surprised to find it swung open easily. He made as little noise as he could as he was climbing in, but he still sounded much like a bull in a china shop. It was really dark in the room. Ever since she was a little girl, Annie slept in complete darkness. One day she pulled the plug on her nightlight, and that had been it. Carl was very glad of that fact just now.

“You’re late, Christopher. So help me God, you better not have been with that bitch Jessica. You know I give way better head than her anyway.” Annie said, moving in the bed. “And if you don’t keep it down, my dad’ll be up here to see what the fuck is going on.”

Carl stepped out of his pants without saying a word. He didn’t want Annie to know it was him instead of Christopher. His cock led him in the direction of his daughter’s voice. He crawled onto the bed. “Now get over here and let me taste you. You better hope I don’t taste pussy.” Annie ordered.

Carl obeyed. His hands traveled up Annie’s creamy thighs, across her belly, brushing over her fucking awesome tits, finding her shoulders. He pulled her down so her head was off the pillow and straddled her chest, sitting with most of his weight on her, his balls resting on her chin. Then he grabbed her head, and pulled it up at what had to be an uncomfortable angle. As Annie opened her mouth to protest, Carl shoved his dick in as far as he could. He didn’t waste any time, he just started fucking her mouth, slamming his cock in and pulling her head to meet his every thrust. Annie was thrashing around underneath him, scratching his ass and beating on him, but her dad was oblivious. All Carl knew was how great his little girl’s mouth felt. It was just moments before he had to pull out. He was Casibom Giriş about to cum, but there was something he wanted to do first.

Annie took this opportunity and spat out several profanities before getting to her point, “If you ever try that again, you bastard, I’ll call for my dad the first chance I get. I call the shots around here, you got that?”

That’s what Carl had been waiting for. He grabbed hold of Annie’s head once more and she started screaming, “Daddy, Daddy help!” at the top of her lungs.

Carl muffled her screams as he stuffed his dick back in her mouth. He gave a few more pumps before he spoke. When he did, his voice was husky with raw emotion. “Daddy hasn’t cum yet, but he’s about to.” And with that Carl’s cock swelled and he nearly passed out as he blew his wad down his daughter’s throat. She really had no choice but to swallow, and it occurred to Carl that swallowing a load with a dick so far in one’s face had to be a learned skill. Annie had clearly had practice.

With his cock still inside Annie’s mouth, Carl told her about catching Christopher, how he found out about the tramp she really was. “You’re not half the slut you think you are, Baby. Not yet.”

Annie was crying now, and as soon as her dad withdrew from her mouth, she began begging. “I’m so sorry, Daddy. I swear I’ll be a good girl.” she sobbed. “Please don’t do this, Daddy, please.”

Part of Carl wanted to stop, hating himself for what he’d just done, and more for what he was planning to do, but the rum was running through his veins, and the images he’d seen of his daughter were stuck in his head. God help him, he wanted her. More than he’d ever wanted any woman, he wanted Annie, and by the time he was done with her, she was going to be begging him never to stop.

Carl got off his daughter’s chest and she rolled to her side, away from him, crying harder than he’d ever heard her cry in her life. Somehow, it only managed to make him harder. He grabbed her legs and pulled her back to him, grabbed her calves, pinning her thighs to her chest. He held his cock and rubbed the head around until he found her tightly puckered asshole. Annie screamed, “No Daddy, please, please.” She was trying to fight him off, but Carl was determined and strong. “Don’t Daddy, please don’t.” Carl plunged his rod into his daughter’s tight little hole. He got about halfway in on the first try. Annie’s screams of pain spurred him on. He pulled out and slammed it in all the way. It was all he could do not to cum right there, balls deep in Annie’s ass. He held super still for a moment, listening to Annie’s cries.

Carl leaned forward, his elbows behind Annie’s knees, and began at a nice, slow pace. God, she felt so good around his cock. “That’s my good little slut,” Carl moaned. “Yeah, Baby, from now on, this ass is mine.” He couldn’t keep the slow pace for long. Annie’s whimpering, combined with the perverse thrill that came with riding his daughter’s hot ass, had him thrusting fast and deep. “You feel so good, Baby. You make Daddy feel so fucking good!” Then he stiffened, his whole body going rigid as his balls unloaded in Annie’s bowels.

Carl’s softening cock slipped out of Annie’s battered ass, and he crawled up to kiss her. She tried to turn her face away from him, but he grabbed hold of her chin and forced his tongue in her sweet tasting mouth. She was still trying to fight him off, which just made him hornier. He kissed along her neck, across her chest, and down to one of the nipples capping her ample young tit. “C’mon Baby, it doesn’t have to be like this. Daddy can make you feel real good.” Carl flicks his tongue over Annie’s soft nipple. “Do you really want me to stop?” he asked. Annie nods her head. “I need to hear it, Baby. Do you really want me to stop?”

“Yes, Daddy, please stop.” Annie sobbed. “This is so wrong. I promise I’ll be a good girl from now on. I’ll make you proud of me, Daddy, I promise.”

Carl smiled, fingering her pussy. Her silky, closely shaved pussy. “Oh Baby, you make me so proud.” he murmured as he fingered her clit. “You’re gonna be my good little girl from now on, huh?”

“Yes Daddy, I swear. Just please stop.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, angel.” Carl said before plunging a finger into his daughter’s dampening pussy. “I’ve got to make you see how it can be when a guy really, truly loves you.” He sucked on Annie’s hard little nipple, while he gently finger fucked her. Slowly, her sobs began to turn to moans, and her body reacted ever so slightly to her father’s touch. “Do you still want me to stop, Baby?” he asked.

“Yes, I mean no, I mean it’s so wrong, Daddy.” Annie stammered, but Carl felt her hips lift just a touch in response to his probing finger. “You shouldn’t be doing this, Daddy. I learned my lesson, I swear.”

“Does it feel good, Annie?” Carl asked, though he clearly knew the answer to that.

“Yes, I mean, no.”

“Does it hurt, Baby?”

“Well Casibom Güncel Giriş no.” Annie replied, but she was starting to sound really confused.

Carl grinned, “Then it must feel good.” He pushed a second finger into Annie’s slippery cunt, and she involuntarily thrust her hips up to take them deeper. “That’s my good little girl.” he breathed. “Daddy just wants to make you feel good now.” he whispered. “Punishment is over. Now I want to show you how much I love you, Annie.”

“Daddy I can’t. We can’t. It’s so wrong. What will people say?”

“Honey, why is it wrong for me to make my baby girl feel good? That’s a Daddy’s job, to take care of his little girl.” Carl assured. “And no one will say anything. No one will ever know. It’s our little secret.”

“You won’t be disappointed in me? I know you already are. I’m sure you hate me now that you know, how I am.” Annie started to cry again.

Carl kissed her gently. “I could never hate you, angel. Yes, I was shocked and pissed as hell, but I know you’ve learned your lesson. I know you’re not going to go whoring around anymore.” Then he added, “Don’t you love me, Annie?”

“Yes, Daddy, of course I do. I love you more than anything.”

“Then show me how much you love me, Baby.”

When Carl kissed Annie again, she opened her sweet mouth and met his tongue with her own. As Carl fingered her, Annie’s kiss grew more fevered, her body trembled and she started fucking her father’s hand. “I love you, Daddy,” Annie moaned.

That was all the invitation Carl needed. He climbed between his daughter’s legs and easily rammed his cock into her wet, hungry pussy. “Oh God Annie,” he moaned, “you feel better than I’d dreamed.” Annie was moaning too, and it was music to Carl’s ears to hear his daughter getting so much pleasure from having him inside her. Since Carl had already come twice, it was easy for him to take his time, riding Annie nice and slow, making it all about her this time.

Father and daughter writhed together, kissing deeply. It had been so long since he’d been with a woman, Carl had almost forgotten how incredible it was. He was sucking on Annie’s breasts, making her gasp and moan. “God Daddy, I had no idea it could be like this. You feel so fucking good.”

Carl gave Annie’s nipple one last light nibble before raising up onto his knees. He started fucking her furiously, pounding her good and hard. He used his thumb on her clit, and Annie cried out in pleasure. “Oh yeah, Daddy. Oh God it feels so good.”

Carl chuckled, “You feel great, Baby. You sure you don’t still want me to stop?” He joked.

“No Daddy! Don’t stop… please don’t stop.” Annie screamed. “Oh yeah…yeah… fuck me hard, Daddy. “Oh God, Daddy…I’m gonna cum!”

“That’s it, Baby… cum for Daddy… yeah, that’s Daddy’s good girl.”

Annie wrapped her legs around Carl’s ass and pulled with all her might as her cunt began to spasm and she exploded in orgasm. Hearing her scream in ecstasy sent Carl over the edge, his body shaking as he came, his daughter’s pussy milking the semen from his balls.

When Carl’s spent dick fell out of Annie, he plopped down next to her, pulling her into his arms. Neither of them spoke for a few minutes. Carl was pretty sober by now and without the booze and adrenaline powering him, he was mortified by what he’d done. He’d raped his own daughter. Raped her, sodomized her, then made her beg for it. He’d just ruined the best thing in his life because he found out his daughter was a tramp and couldn’t take it. Tears started to form in his eyes as he realized that this would probably be the last time he ever held his sweet little girl.


Carl had to clear his throat before he could speak. “Yeah, Baby?”

Annie burst into tears. “Please don’t hate me, Daddy. I’m so sorry for what I did before. I know you had to teach me a lesson. I’m just glad it was you instead of someone else. It really hurt, and I was really scared for awhile, but just like when you used to give me a spanking, I knew you only did it ’cause you loved me. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Please don’t be mad at me anymore. I don’t know why I did all of those awful things, but I swear I’ll never do it again. Just please don’t hate me.”

Annie was babbling, and when she babbled it meant she was really scared. Carl pulled her tight against his chest. “I could never hate you, Baby. Never, ever, ever gonna happen.” He assured her. “Let’s just forget this whole thing, ok?” He felt a little shitty letting her take the blame for his horrific actions, but if believing it was really her fault helped them stay together as a family, he’d go along with it for awhile. Wouldn’t win him any Father-of-the-Year awards, but Carl could live with that.


“Yes, Annie?”

“I don’t want to forget.” Annie kissed Carl’s neck. “I’m your little girl, Daddy.” She kissed down his chest. “Will you let me be your woman?” She took his limp organ in her mouth, sucking and licking it clean of her juices. “Will you have me, Daddy?”

Carl groaned as, incredibly, his penis grew hard in Annie’s mouth. “I’m yours forever, Baby.” And he closed his eyes, giving himself over to Annie’s sweet mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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