Another Potting Shed Delight

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“How do you know me?” I asked when this guy, who knew my name, started talking to me in the allotment.

“Badger?” he replied.

“But he died last year bless his soul” I queried.

“I’m his nephew, my name is Pete, he mentioned you often, said you grew the best runner beans around.”

I was taken back. Looking at him I could see a family likeness. “Yes we got on well” I continued. “We use to share refreshments he prepared in his shed, he had everything in that shed. I miss the old guy.”

“Well, Alex I thought it about right that I should keep up the allotment for him, and his shed.”

And that was that, we carried on working our plots but I said goodbye when I left, he was sorting the shed out. I did wonder if he knew anything about Badger and me, surely not. Badger usually kept that quiet although there was the time his mate knocked on the door when we were together in a very embarrassing position, but it all seemed to be okay although I guess his mate suspected something when he saw the state of Badger. All red faced and breathing heavily!

Anyway, the long and the short of it was I discovered the next time I was working on the allotment, that Pete knew his Uncle and I had a relationship. He told me in no uncertain terms that I must have been the guy that cheered Badger up when he was down and how, through a friend of his, he knew we were much more than just mates.

“What’s your friends name?” I asked and when he told me it was old John, well he was the one who knocked on the closed allotment shed door that day, when Badger and I were deep into it.

“No problem though Alex. It is just that I am drawn to you and I can see what Badger saw in you and, well putting my cards son the table, maybe we could form a relationship too, me thinking it would be a tribute to old Badger?”

Pete had caught me off guard completely and I was stuck for words.

“No problem,” he continued smiling ” It may well be likely that you have another ongoing relationship by now and I wouldn’t be surprised, you are a good catch!”

I liked the look of Pete sure enough, he was my type of guy, still older than me but not so much as Badger, I would say about ten years older. I like older guys sure enough and Pete was no exception.

Yes I could go for that.

“Okay” was all I said and my positive reply was going to lead to a whole new and wonderful relationship in the potting shed where Badger and I had set off, even the cushion we used when he had me over the bench which was still there and all his coffee making facilities too, It was as though Badger was still around leading us on. Me remembering the many times he had fucked me over that cushion.

Initially of course we got to know each other on a more intimate basis, sitting there with the shed bayburt escort door open but when he got up to close it, and lock us in I knew something was afoot and my heart started thumping one to the dozen, just how it use too when I was in there with Badger and he started to feel me in his own particular way, it was like I could still smell the scent of him, a combination of his body and cigar smoke, it had a certain warmth to it and when he had me it was always such a pleasure.

Now I was in the mode to have his nephew and looking into his eyes I could almost see the eyes of Badger and that certain lusty expression

Looking down I could see he was rubbing himself up and when he grasped my left hand, guided it to his crotch, I knew that was the start of something very special and deep – and once I had ventured into that there was no turning back, although I knew then I would have no problem in turning my back on Pete.

He had the most delightful attributes one could wish for and as I massaged him fully, unzipping and taking him out, I enjoyed the full warmth of him and watched delighted as he started to swell into e very big boy, bigger than Badger who was a good seven inches,

“I have a feeling we are going to be good for each other” he whispered as he urged me not to stop feeling him. I grasped it tightly and started to gently wank him, stretching his foreskin back to expose a lovely prime purple and red knob which looked good – he closed his eyes, head back and groaned as I continued to squeeze, jerk and tease him and stroking his balls beneath with the other hand, cupping them in my palm just like Badger liked me to do.

Sat on Badger’s old round oak stool, legs stretched wide apart it, was a real joy to pleasure him, the way I use to do with Badger.

“Mmm!. I can see why Badger liked you so much,” Pete muttered laying his hand over mine as I continued to jerk him enthusiastically. It had been a long time since I’d been with a guy. I was still having a good relationship with an older woman but I liked to mix the pot a bit and enjoy both worlds. Finding the right guy was always a challenge. Like going into the relevant chat sites on the Web. You find a guy who seems willing and able, even plan to meet him, and what do you know! He doesn’t turn up so you are left with a ‘maybe and a head full of frustration with ungratified fantasies and dreams.

There was just one guy who didn’t let me down and that was Danny whom I have written about several times and our wonderful times together. That was before Badger and when Danny left me I decided to go for an older guy in future because they did seem to be more stable.

Now at last I had met dear old Badger’s nephew and there I was happily restoring the thrill I had often escort bayburt encountered in that shed with Pate’s uncle.

“You certainly know how to treat a guy, Alex, I bet my old uncle loved it didn’t he?”

“Every minute” I replied squeezing his thick but bountiful cock.

“Mmm, That’s nice” he muttered looking down at what I was doing. “How big was my Uncle” he asked me as he moved one leg, placing his foot on a plant pot so let me get easier access.

“Not so big as you!”

“Mmm I should feel honoured then, I bet he really enjoyed you. He stopped me from jerking him for a moment, his expression was asking, like he wanted something else, when he stated to suck his thumb in a very seductive and suggestive way he made me quite aware of what he wanted.

This was going to be a real treat I had missed so much since the passing of Badger. When you have sucked cock before several times the urge never leaves you, not with me anyway, I just felt the urge to fill my mouth with beautiful hot throbbing cock and digest the nectar and taste of cock on my tongue and deep into my throat. I felt when I was like that I could eat and swallow it!

I took it by lifting his balls upwards until his stiff cock was in the right position as I knelt before him, first I prompted him to release his belt so I could rip off his jeans, then I sniffed and felt him again removing his boxer shorts also, so that he was completely naked looking a treat to put it mildly, his cock rampant and ready for it. First though I teased his p-hole gently with the tip of my tongue making him writhe with pleasure, this guy really tuned me on in a way which I had forgotten so I was well ready to take his cock into my mouth, eyes closed to enjoy the very firsts taste if his earthy pungent cock.

“Beautiful, fucking beautiful” Pete groaned as I started to lick my tongue around and around his p-hole inside my mouth now, he sort of jumped and shook as I started to squeeze it tight in my mouth, sucking it deep and sure as I started to feel the wonderful fill of stiff cock enter my throat. I took a deep breath then as I went for the full length, feeling it slide into my throat as I held it there – wedged inside to really enjoy the nectar, wanting more and more until he groaned for my fuck. I eased away a bit, taking a deep breath – I knew he was soon to cum, I jerked it some more, squeezing and holding it up to my face, so wanting to feel the spurt of hot cum spray my face like Badger always did.

“Alex, I’m gonna cum” he yelled and I said just to chill and let it, occasionally sucking his knob and tonguing his p-hole until he was there.

He released his load with such vigour and it was lovely, the creamy feel of fresh fucked cum running down my face, I instantly bayburt escort bayan took his creamed cock into my mouth again to cherish the moment, to digest a second spurt which filled my mouth and I was there in my heaven sucking and squeezing, squeezing and sucking until he was well and truly mouth fucked and done.

He told me when he’d recovered, he’d never enjoyed it so much with anyone as he did with me, he said his wife didn’t want to know any more and he reckoned she had picked herself up a toy boy somewhere, it was his first time with a guy.

We made that all that day, he was well and truly expended. He apologised feeling selfish he said for not having done something for me.

I said not to worry, I was seeing my woman later anyway and would find gratification with her. She was my kinda woman like Pete now was my kinda guy. I looked forward to his first fuck of me though which he promised would be next time. He had a most desirable prick I wanted to feel the fuck of, something bigger than ever Danny or Badger was.

We made a date and he’d meet me on the allotment, and he’d bring coffee and buns. I just could not resist feeling that lovely swell of his though.

“Take you jeans off then” he perked, let me see what my uncle liked so much. I did it good for him, swaying my hips as I slid them down . It reminded me again of the first time I did that for Badger, and how he looked at me with that certain hunger in his eyes.

His hand ventured to squeeze me though my briefs telling me I had a wonderful disposition.

“Is that what they call it now” I laughed.

He soon had me stripped naked and his face was everywhere, making up for last time he told me. It was well worth waiting for as I bent to his wanting, stretching my cheeks wide apart to feel his face wedge between and the touch of his busy mouth and tongue sucking my hole. It was divine, I felt good again, it was something that only another guy could achieve, as much as I enjoyed my woman it could never be like this – he really teased and pampered me to the hilt, massaged some cream into me and relished the feel of my ass cheeks he squeezed and licked.

I felt I was getting hungry for his fuck up me and took a hold of his stiffness to gently prepare him, it was divine to know that soon I would be feeling this magnificent specimen deep up inside me and I wasn’t disappointed.

His fuck was out of this world, slow at first and then revving up like the proverbial piston engine, deep throbbing inside me until we both came with relish.

Stretched over the bench on that cushion it was like old times. In fact hearing knock at the door it was like history repeating, who could it be this time hindering our wonderful bonding

Pete started to panic but I told him to chill until he quickly got his clothes back on – and me too.

He opened the door gingerly but whoever it was grasped it and pulled it wide open. Me thinking could it be the police or something.

“Nora” Pete yelled and I soon realised it was his wife.

But it was also the woman who’d adopted me as her toy boy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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