At Long Last

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Big Tits

I have no idea what you look like.

You read a story of mine and liked it. You found my e-mail address (somehow) and let me know that you became quite aroused after finishing. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, even though my aim in publishing the fantasy was to see if it would evoke the same sort of thoughts as it did me. I wrote back thanking you for your response; you wrote back saying ‘you’re welcome.’ That’s how it started.

We’ve been writing back and forth like this for weeks now. At first it was simply discussions about the story; then it became what we found exciting. Gradually, it became more personal and real, from what our date looked like last night to how our day was at work. When I told you how I had been passed over for promotion, you listened; when you found out a friend had passed away suddenly, I was there for you.

We first developed a rapport, then a friendship, lastly a bond.

Through it all, we kept up our erotic discussions…you told me how much you like your clitoris lightly rubbed with a man’s lips before he takes it in his mouth and drives you wild with soaked ecstasy; I let you know how much I enjoy entering a woman while we’re both on our sides, me behind her in a “spooning” position (with a little special extra), all the time nuzzling the back of her neck and softly massaging her breasts…

“We need to meet,” you tell me one time, over the computer. “I can’t take much more, the suspense of really meeting and knowing you is driving me insane!”

I’m only too happy to agree.

The day arrived, and I can’t describe my emotions. Fear, excitement, even doubt, all coursing through me like a bolt of lightning over and over again. I made sure to have everything prepared; from the fresh flowers in the vases to the soft music floating in the background to the ingredients of my favorite dish that I wanted to share with you.

When the hour of your arrival came, I was beside myself with exhilaration. What would it be like to meet you? Would you live up to the image of you I’ve carried with me all these weeks? would I measure up to yours? Would this be a night filled with passion, or a night two friends met and enjoyed each other’s company, or would it be a total disappointment, as many fantasies end up being?

A knock on the door broke my imagination and brought me into reality. This was it, for better, for worse.

“Come in, it’s unlocked,” I say to the door. I watch as the door knob rotates slowly, adding to the suspense. It opens fully, and there you are.

You’re beautiful.

Dressed in an Indian sari, the flowing materials dancing around your feet, you step inside my place. Your hair is long, but pulled back off your face in a tight braid or bun, I can’t tell which yet. Your eyes simply shine at me, informing me that the uneasiness and thrill I’ve been experiencing has also had you tied up in knots.

“Hi,” you almost whisper. “Nice to see you, finally.”

“Likewise, though you’re braver than I, meeting someone you really don’t know in a place you’ve never been,” I smile.

“Oh, yes, I do know you,” you smirk back. “And I’ve enjoyed what I’ve learned about you. Now I’m enjoying the sight of you.”

If I were not so dark complected, you’d see my face flush three or four shades redder, but as it is, I look down and giggle a little. I feel like a schoolboy again, on his first date, relieved to be here with you, but not really sure what to do next. Then my manners return to my thoughts.

“Oh, I’m sorry, would you like to sit down? I have some wine, if you’d like.”

“Oh, thank you anyway, but I don’t drink. Some water or juice would be fine,” you reply, hoping not to distress me.

I pour a glass of wine for myself and some juice for you. “Now, if you don’t mind, I have just a few things to do in the kitchen to prepare supper.”

“That’s fine. It’s been so long since I’ve had a meal made for me. I’ll join you there, keep you company.” You smile from ear to ear.

Soon I’m in front of the stove, mixing the ingredients for a vegetable Korma, a type of curry, all the while talking with you. You’re even more interesting in person than over the cold computer screen. I look back at you when you make a joke, and you’re sitting Starzbet at the table, your head resting on one hand, your fingers of your free hand making small circles around the lip of the juice glass. You are beautiful, I realize.

The meal wasn’t my best work, I have to admit, but you don’t seem to mind it. Throughout the meal we both can feel the energy in the air with the way we look at each other, the way you laugh at my jokes, the way I gaze into your mesmerizing eyes.

As I’m clearing away the dishes (I refuse to let you help!), you saunter into the living room and look at my things. Soon I towel dry my hands, leaving the heavy work for later, and join you.

“Well, I don’t really have any other activities for the evening, so would you like to sit and talk?”

“I have a better idea,” you answer. “Why don’t you just sit and relax.”

“What’re you going to do?”

“If you just sit down, I’ll show you.” Your eyes now have a devilish grin of their own, matching the one on your lips.

My heart skips a few beats as I take a seat on the couch, wondering, hoping I know what’s coming next.

Looking at me all the while, you start to unravel the cocoon of the clothing on you. Layer upon layer is removed, showing me your full beauty. You step out of your sandals, and you stand there facing me, your lips parted as you start to breath heavier. Your breasts seem firm, your waist neat and trim, your legs not long but shapely. Your stomach isn’t super-model-thin, but no one in his right mind would call you chubby. Your skin looks as soft as satin, and your pubic hair is neatly clipped, covering the delights under it.

“I can’t wait for you to be inside me,” you softly tell me. My growing erection is hardly contained in my pants. You seem to enjoy my eyes roaming all over your body as you stand there. You take one step closer to me, then another, until you’re only a couple of feet away from me. All the while looking into my eyes and seeing nothing short of my soul, you bend down, softly rub your nose on mine, and place your parted lips just next to my quivering mouth.

There we stay for a few seconds, letting the tension build like a Mozart symphony, until it becomes unbearable. You place your hands on either side of my head and slowly kiss me, engulfing my lips in a passionate embrace. I hear you softly whimper as our tongue meet for the first time, and open your mouth to allow me room. My hands subconsciously find themselves on your hips, learning that your supple skin is as touchable as it seemed. You lift your head and sigh as I start to rub your leg and waist, now kissing your neck and shoulder.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” you say as you glance at me. “Me first.”

You kneel down in front of me and unzip my fly. I lay back in the couch, scarcely believing I’m here. You unbutton my pants and tug at them, grasping my boxers as well. I lift up my hips to help you, and you bring my pants to my knees. My erection is now free, thankfully, and you finally brake the stare our eyes seem to have been locked in to focus on my hardness. You let out a slight sigh as you look at it, the head pulsing slightly in excitement and anticipation, and I see your nipples harden. You reach over and take my penis in your hand and watch me as I throw my head back as the electricity goes through me.

“Oh, god,” I stammer.

“Do you like my small hand on your erection?” you ask. I can do nothing but nod my reply, my eyes closed as I let myself go to the experience.

You give me a slight squeeze and start to rub, up and down, in an agonizingly slow rhythm. Back and forth you go, making my blood boil. You squeeze hardest around the head, enticing it to react to your almost rough touch. Although my eyes are closed, I sense that you’re watching me, enjoying the sight of the effect you’re having on me.

A few minutes later you hear the screaming of my silent plea and bring your mouth to engulf the head. I moan in delight as your suck and nibble gently, allowing your saliva slide down my shaft, lubricating its length. Slowly you lower your oral grip down, a little at a time, until my manhood is completely hidden. Your run your hands up and down my thighs as you please me with your wonderful, wet mouth, Starzbet Giriş sending me to heights of elation.

To my dismay, you never increase your tempo, but simply keep the same anguishing time, bringing me up not quickly, but at a slow steady pace. The feeling is simply indescribable, I can only feel your mouth and tongue excite my glan over and over again. You moan, and I can feel it more than hear it, as your glide up and down.

After what seems like forever, I can feel the moment of release approach. I start to grunt, and my balls tighten into my body. You can sense my urgency, but never quicken your pace. I feel one of your palms and fingers on my sack, softly massaging the liquid it holds. My hips start to buck to and fro as my excitement becomes fulfilled. Every muscle in my body contracts, all my energy focused into one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

“Oh, God, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum….I’m cumming, I’m cumming…….OOOOOOHHHHHHH!”

All at once my juice explodes from the tip, sending surge after surge into your mouth and throat. You suck slightly and swallow it all, never spilling a drop, all the while continuing your motion up and down, up and down…

Slowly I return to the here and now, and realize you’re still on your knees, smiling at me with your devilish, beautiful grin. Your hand is still on my testes, lightly squeezing them.

“Oh, god, that felt so good, so good,” I say.

“Well, I’m glad you liked it. Hearing and feeling you cum felt good, too.”

“Now it’s MY turn, though!” I reply, and pick you up and carry you to my bedroom.

Once there, I put you down on your feet and kiss you with renewed urgency. Your hands go to my shirt and you start unbuttoning from top to bottom. I wrap my arms around you and start stroking your back, brushing one hand down to your firm, smallish bum. Soon my shirt is off, and there we are, the two of us standing near each other as God intended, nothing covering us, both totally exposed to the other.

I lead you backward, and have you sit on the bed. You scoot up so that you’re totally laying on it, and I climb on to sit next to you. Our lips return to an easy but passionate kiss, and there we lay for some minutes, our mouths exploring each other.

I slowly drift my fingers down your side, over your waist, to your hips, and on to your legs. My mouth moves down to your neck, and you lay on your back. Now it’s your turn to let out a small sigh as I slowly spread your legs, allowing me to do whatever I want. My hands trace small circles from your knee, to your inner thigh, slowly closer to your wetness. I’ve left your neck, now, and gone to one of your breasts. Your nipples are high in the air with excitement, and my lips are drawn to one, lightly nibbling and sucking. My hand goes to your other knee, and once again I trace a line from there up to the thigh, and just as I’m about to touch you where you yearn to be touched, I move my hand to your belly.

“Oh, god, don’t tease me,” you say.

“You asked for it, the way you kept me enthralled just a few minutes ago,” I say. “Just enjoy it.”

“I am, believe me…I’ve wanted this for so long now…”

I draw soft circles on your stomach and bring my fingers down to your bush. You instinctively spread your legs even more, bringing your knees up to allow me more room. I palm your mound and let my fingers just drape over, the fingers suggesting they would enter you. My mouth goes to your other breast and I start to suckle as if I were your child. My middle finger parts your inner lips and finds your swollen, moist clit.

“Ohhh, yes, right there…..please touch me more….”

I start to rub your sensitive nub slowly, knowing that you don’t like it too rough down there. Back and forth I go, sometimes rubbing up and down, then changing to a circular motion, never letting you get used to one stimuli. I dip another finger inside you, and find that you are drenched with your own excitement, and that you’re incredibly tight.

“Please, taste me….”

I am too happy to oblige!

I position my self so that my body is between your legs, my face only inches away from your opening. I smell the musk and relish its scent. I use my Starzbet Güncel Giriş fingers to open you up slightly, exposing your rock hard clit. Its pink tip grows a bit as you sense what’s about to come.

Slowly I lick the nubbin back and forth, and your head whips back at the sensation. “Oh, god, yes, just like that, so good, soo good……”

This time, It’s my turn to drive you absolutely insane. I set myself into a rhythm on your love button and never alter from it. You taste so good, it’s hard not to simply go wild, but I try to contain myself so that I may tease you as you did me.

Back and forth, up, down, left right, all around; my tongue brings you closer and closer; your hips start to undulate with anticipation. I hear your breathing become haggard, and fresh moisture escapes your opening. I know you’re going to cum soon, but I maintain my easy pace.

“Oh, god……yes…….yes……mmmmmmmmm oh yes…..Oh, god……Oh GOD…….OH MY GOD YES!”

Your hips buck to and fro, trying to increase the rate of stimuli on your clit as you reach the brink.


You almost have an ejaculation yourself as your orgasm sends liquid from inside you, a running faucet, down your pussy. You’ve clasped the bed sheets in a death grip, and your entire body twitches in spasms.

You sit up, grab my head in your hands and push your tongue into my mouth, tasting your own juices. I pick you up, never breaking the kiss, and bring you to the chair by my desk. There, I sit down and place you on my lap.

“Oh, God, I need you inside me,” you gasp, and grab my renewed hard-on to your opening. Slowly you lower your entire body onto me, plunging me deep inside. You are so wet, so very, very tight, had I not cum already I surely would have shot my semen inside you right then and there.

“Oh, yes, that’s it,” I tell you. You know from our many intimate conversations that it takes me a while to cum a second time, and the fact that you pleased me already must have been your plan to make me last longer.

I cup your breasts as you start to rock back and forth against me, sending even more blood up my shaft and making me as hard as I’ve ever been in my life. Your muscles grab me in a vice-like grip, and I can’t believe the sensations you’re bringing me.

Up and down you move, impaling yourself over and over on me. Each time you rise and fall, you make an almost oval move with your hips, allowing every inch of your insides share in the feeling of fulfillment of me in you. My lips seek out your neck, chest and breasts as I’m sent into a frenzy, and my hands grasp your bum to help with the thrusts. In and out, in and out you go, and after a few minutes you say…

“Oh, god, you’re going to make me cum again…. yes….yes…”

This time you’re silent, you head reeled back as you press your clit to rub against me. The grip on my cock becomes even stronger, and I can feel more moisture around me, dripping out of you, and flowing down to my balls…..

“OH GOD!” is all you can say.

Now I can’t wait any more. I pick you up once again and bring you back to the bed. You lay on your back and spread your legs wide, grasping your heels with your hands for support. I stand on my feet and dive into you, my own orgasm only moments away. You raise your head so you can see the erotic sight of me pummeling into you, the view of this adding to the feeling. I can’t control myself anymore and simply drive myself into you, deeper and deeper it seems with every stroke.

“Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me…”

Hearing you say this sends me over the edge. I feel my loins twitch and I gasp for air, almost certain I’m going to pass out.

“Fill me…” you whisper.

That did it. I howl as I cum again, sending my seed into your womb. I keep pumping into you, wave after wave of cum entering you.

“Ooooooo, yeah….mmmm, that’s it…..” you say, looking into my eyes with your wicked grin.

Long moments are spent slowly going in and out of you, until I reluctantly come out of you and crawl next to you on the bed. We continue to kiss and fondle each other, our touch not rough, but soft and compassionate. Our tongues lightly touch and we simply lay there, enjoying each other’s company and body.

I can only hope that this is only the beginning of our relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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