At the In-Laws

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Another Sunday at the in-laws. It had been a ritual for years. My wife and I. My brother-in-law and his wife. My wife’s parents. A Sunday dinner that was always tasty and left one stuffed and sleepy.

After dinner, there was conversation in the kitchen or TV in the living room. My brother-in-law’s wife regularly took a nap.

She was wearing a black dress, her head on a pillow on one arm of the couch. A little drool was coming out of the side of her mouth and pooling on the pillow. A silver necklace dangled from her neck.

The top of her dress had twisted, pulling tight and emphasizing the contour of her breasts. Gaps between the buttons revealed slivers of white bra. One nipple was hard, creating a bump visible through the thin material.

The bottom of the dress was loose. One foot rested on the floor. The other leg was raised and stretched to the opposite arm of the couch. She had slumped down in her sleep, the hem bunching under her. The crotch of her panties was apparent under tan pantyhose.

It seemed to be an uncomfortable position, but she was asleep and didn’t notice.

I sat in an armchair, beer in my hand, observing. Observing the slivers of bra, the pokie, the panties. My free hand massaged my crotch.

Her husband was in the kitchen with his parents and my wife. The conversation was animated.

She shifted. Her foot came off the arm of the couch. Her knee bent, and the dress slid down her thigh. Even through the tan of the pantyhose, the shadow of her dark pubic hair could be seen against the Casibom white of her panties.

It wasn’t the first time I had seen her like this. She liked to nap on Sunday. She liked to wear thin bras and thin panties. When she slept, she moved around, revealing different aspects of her underwear.

My pants were open, and I stroked my cock. There was laughter in the kitchen.

I moved to the couch and sat below her foot. She moved again, laying on her back, both feet flat on the couch, knees raised, the dress slipping to the top of her thigh. I could see all of her panties and even the top of her pantyhose.

The couch couldn’t be seen from the kitchen. Not that the folks in the kitchen cared what was happening in the living room. She and I were the spouses, not immediate family. Certain activities were only for immediate family. It had been like that from the beginning.

I undid one button on the dress, then a second, then the remaining buttons down to her waist, moving the material aside to reveal the cups of her bra. The cups were thin and left her dark areolas easy to see. Both nipples poked against the material.

Her eyes opened briefly, and she smiled. I massaged her breasts. They were full and soft. A drop of milk oozed out. I pushed the cup to the side and gathered up the drop, sucking it off my finger.

More laughter in the kitchen and other sounds as well. Soon mother, father, son, and daughter would be moving down the hall to the bedrooms.

She raised her hips, hooking her thumbs in the Casibom Giriş waistbands, and pushing the hose and panties to her knees. I took them the rest of the way off and sucked her toes.

Her bush was dark and tangled. There was already a drop in the hair at the base of her slit. Soon there would be more.

Half lying on her, I reached around her back and got her bra off. Milk oozed out from both sides. I suckled both breasts, drinking in the milk. She murmured contentedly. Her nipples became harder.

The sounds in the kitchen faded away. Were they going to pair off or all be together? It was idle curiosity. They had been fucking each other long before I joined the family.

Now was the time for us – the two spouses – to be together. We had very different views on almost everything, including sex. But one can compromise.

I took my pants off and eased my cock out through the flap in my boxers. She liked being dressed while we made love.

I lay between her legs, alternately kissing her, sucking on her tits, and playing with her nipples. I took my time moving my cock up and down her slit. She liked making love slowly.

Her tongue went in my mouth as her legs wrapped around my waist. I thrust gently as her legs drew my cock inside, a bit at a time.

She controlled the tempo. It had taken me a while to adjust. The long, slow strokes made me want to cum, but I had learned to hold off.

I bit her breast and sucked hard on her neck. She liked me to leave marks. Evidence for her husband. Casibom Güncel Giriş He knew what we did but seeing the marks aroused him. I had been told, she and her husband would have a different kind of sex on Sunday nights. Fast and rough. She liked that too.

She increased the tempo. There was no noise, except the squishy sound of my cock in her wet pussy. Faster and faster. She bit her lip and clawed at my back. Her hips thrust against me. Her legs opened wide to let me go deeper. She was frantic, and I could barely hold out.

A few more thrusts and I could feel her cum. I let go, and my cum joined hers.

We lay quietly for a few moments before I gathered myself and moved my head between her legs. I drank in the mixture of my cum and hers as it oozed out. Nobody wants to sit on a dress covered with cold cum.

Once done, I stood by her head as she cleaned my cock. I came a second time, just a small amount, and she swallowed it. The last drops were smeared on her cheek and left there to dry.

I dressed and returned to the armchair and my beer. She put her underwear in her purse. She didn’t bother to cover her tits or lower the hem of her dress. She liked being on display.

A movie played on TV, but neither of us paid much attention. The others came into the room. Faces were flushed and hair was mussed.

I could detect the distinctive smell of my wife’s pussy as she sat on the arm of my chair. The odor was particularly strong, so I assumed she had been fucked by both her brother and father.

I went under her skirt to sample her wet pussy. I like to have a taste.

We chatted while the movie finished, and then it was time to go. There were goodbye kisses. My wife and I headed for home.

Just another Sunday afternoon with the in-laws.

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