Aunt Chris

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A long time ago but not so far away I had just returned from being overseas in the Army. It was December and I was vegging out for a few days. I spent the first couple of days in bed just trying to recover from jet lag and too much drinking. Then I spent the next couple of days finding some of my old high school friends. They were a little tougher to find than I thought and all those plans I’d made in my head when I knew I was coming back to the states kind of went by the boards.

Now I grew up in an old house. It was built in 1790. It has five bedrooms and numerous other rooms. I had one of the large front bedrooms and a queen size bed. The bed was rare because I was a true antique, carved headboard and horizontal coil springs. I didn’t think they made more than double size beds before the 1950s but my grandfather had gotten his one made special.

Anyway, it was the Saturday before Christmas that year. I was sleeping in late. Suddenly my bedroom door burst open and my Aunt Chris came bounding in and tearing the covers off me said, “Hey, get out of bed sleepy head!” What she didn’t know what that I had not put on any pajama bottoms the night before and she wound up looking at my piss hard on. It didn’t dawn on me right away why she was staring at me and then it did.

“I’m sorry,” she said as she started to beat a quick retreat from the bedroom.

“Aunt Chris!” I called to her. “It’s all right. You didn’t mean anything by it did you?” Now my Aunt Chris and I had a long history of passing a lot of sarcastic remarks back and forth many times to the dismay of my mother.

“Well maybe,” she said and winked at me as she left the bedroom. Aunt Chris was a little over 50 at the time. From about the time I was 14 or so I had been ogling her body. Aunt Chris had huge tits and even my mother would kid her about it. Aunt Chris was from the generation that wore single piece bathing suits but even those were hard pressed to contain her figure. She was hugely overweight but a little so and she was always smiling. I guess she was about five feet six and had the most gorgeous wavy auburn hair. My mother would say how Aunt Chris looked just like my grandmother.

That evening my date didn’t pan out. I took this girl out who I’d had the hots for in high school. I found her to be sweet by totally socially inept so I ended the evening a little earlier than I had planned. I was polite but I decided I didn’t want to pursue anything more at least not that evening.

When I got home I found the house empty except for Aunt Chris. She had built a fire in our parlor and was sitting in front of it reading.

“Hi Aunt Chris,” I said, “where is everybody?”

“Oh they all went over to the Steadman’s for a Christmas party don’t you remember?”

“Oh yeah, mom told me. I forgot.” As I stood next to her talking I could see down the front of her blouse. Aunt Chris always wore these billowy blouses and this evening was no different. I got a good view of her cleavage and I wished I could see more but other than the top of her bra I couldn’t.

“So Peter, how’d your date go tonight?”

“Not so hot. The hot girl from high school wasn’t much of a date.”

“Well, don’t be too hard on her. Maybe she’s shy.”

“Yeah maybe but I couldn’t get her to talk about anything.”

“Well, some girls are like that you know. Do you like her?”

“Yeah but not enough to go out with her again.”

“Why not? A second date might loosen her up a bit you know.”

“Yeah maybe. I’ll think about it.”

I pulled a chair up next to Ankara escort her and plopped down in it. I loved to sit in front of a roaring fire on a cold winter evening.

“I’m going to get some brandy. Would you like some too?” She asked.

“I’d love some.” Aunt Chris disappeared and came back a minute later with a couple of snifters of brandy and handed me one.

“I’ve had a couple already so I probably shouldn’t drink this but your father has such good taste in brandy.”

“Yeah, well, you know how dad’s family was, always had to have the best of everything.”

Aunt Chris smiled, took a sip of the brandy and then went back to reading her book. I took a sip too and glance over at her. I noticed that one of the buttons on her blouse had come undone and I could see the side of her bra. As she adjusted herself a little more came into view. I couldn’t help but stare. She was still to be lusted after as far as I was concerned.

“Peter, what are you staring at?” she asked suddenly.

I jerked myself back from my trance and said, “Nothing, I mean,” I was stumbling over my words, “your blouse is undone.”

Aunt Chris looked down and said, “So it is!” But she made no attempt to button it. I wonder what that was all about. “So are they big enough for you?”

“What?” Her question caught me so totally off guard I didn’t know how to answer.

“My breasts, are they big enough for you?” Now our discussions had always been candid when they weren’t sarcastic but this was uncharted territory for me.

“Um, yeah, I guess so.”

“You guess so? Don’t you know?”

“Well yeah Aunt Chris, they are I guess. It’s hard to tell.”

Aunt Chris acted a little perturbed and then unbuttoned two more buttons on her blouse and pulled it open. “Okay, does this help?” She did say this in her usual sarcastic voice and she laughed a little too. The jokes, both practical and otherwise, had always flowed easily between us and she was obviously making a joke out of this situation.

“I dunno, maybe you should show me a little more,” I replied in my best sarcastic voice.

“Do you know,” she said with a grin. I guess my tAunt was a little to much for her to ignore because she quickly reached behind her and undid her bra allowing her breasts to spill out. My jaw dropped and she said, “well, judging from that look on your face I guess they are big enough. George liked ’em big too.” George was her ex-husband who had left her a year before for an 18 year old. Well, she wasn’t really an 18 year old but that’s how we all referred to what he’d done. I think the girl was actually 28.

Aunt Chris’s breasts were pendulous. As I sat there staring at them I couldn’t help but wonder what they felt like. Throughout my high school years I had gotten my hands on a number of teenage breasts but none, of course, approached the size of these.

“Well well, your dear old Aunt is a turn on for you,” she said as she pointed towards my crotch. A twenty-one year old’s penis has a mind of its own and it wasn’t about to let this go by without being heard from so to speak.

Our chairs were so close together that I reached out and brushed my fingers over her nipples and said, “Looks like you’re turned on too.”

“Hey, you’re not supposed to do that,” she said sharply but with a smile on her face. Then she reached over to me and quickly grabbed my penis. “There, tit for tat.”

I reached back over and this time squeezed her breast and said, “yeah but I prefer these tits.”

“Hey, you’re getting a little frisky there with your Ankara escort bayan Aunt’s bosom. If your mother ever saw any of this she’d never speak to me again.”

“Sure she would, you know mom, she’ll need someone to complain to and she’ll call you.”

“So is this where I say I showed you mine so you show me yours?”

I couldn’t believe what she was asking me and I did detect a bit of reticence in her voice so I suspected she’d quickly retract the words if I objected. She couldn’t know not only would I not object but that she was feeding into my heart’s desire. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock.

Aunt Chris winked at me and said, “Not bad!” Aunt Chris glanced up at the clock and said, “It’s early yet. I think we’ll be safe for a while.” With that she got up from her chair and knelt down in front of me and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked on me for a little while and then said, “So how am I doing? You must have gotten blow jobs before.”

“Well actually Aunt Chris, no.”

“Really, now that does surprise me and let’s dispense with the formality. Please just call me Chris just don’t do it when your parents are around.” Then she went back to suck my cock but after about a minute she said tugging at my trousers, “why don’t you lose these.”

I had my belt undone and my pants and underpants off as quickly as I could do it. I took my shirt off as well and stood naked before her. “Don’t you think you should do the same thing?”

Aunt Chris grinned and undressed herself the rest of the way. Although she didn’t even kind of resemble the girls I’d be masturbating to in Playboy she was still extremely attractive to me. “Maybe we should go up to your room”

I agreed and we each gathered up our clothes and went up to my room. I was glad to see that my mother had made my bed. I don’t think Aunt Chris would have minded but at the time it seemed important. We got into bed and Aunt Chris put her arms around me pressing her large breasts into.

“Aunt Chris, do you mind if I ask you something kinda personal?”

“Sure sweetie, what do want to know?”

“How big are your breasts?”

She laughed and said, “Just like a man. I’m a 40DDD. I was a 34D in high school but the years have a way of added a few pounds here and there.”

“Aunt Chris, I mean Chris, you look wonderful to me.” I said those words with all the heart I could put in them. She noticed.

“Thank you for complimenting an old lady like me, you don’t know how good those words sound.” She leaned into me and gave me a long wet kiss. As we kissed she pressed her tongue between my lips and while it felt more than just a little strange at first I could feel in my groin that it was also quite pleasurable and arousing. I returned her kisses. My hands went to her breasts and I squeezed them greedily. While I continued to caress her breasts Aunt Chris reached between my legs and started to slowly caress my cock. Her touch was divine and just that alone felt like it would send me over the top. I took a hand from her breasts and slipped it down between her legs to her pussy. She was extremely wet.

“Oh gawd Chris, I want to fuck you so much! You don’t know how much I’ve dreamed about fucking you, really!”

I started to roll over when she said, “I don’t think we should. I mean it’s incest and that’s wrong.”

“Huh? But I thought that’s what you wanted to do. I mean we’re naked and touching each other.” I protested and was a bit confused too.

“I know I know but if anyone ever found out, well, there’d be hell to pay Escort Ankara for both of us but particularly me.”

I knew she was right but I wanted to find the perfect argument to counter her. I couldn’t come up with one so I said weakly, “Who’s gonna find out? I mean I won’t tell anyone.” I rubbed my finger over her clit as I said those words and I felt her shudder beneath my touch.

“Okay but you have to promise,” she said.

“I do I do!” I replied anxiously.

I rolled over on top of her and looked down at her pussy. I couldn’t see her pussy lips through all her hair. I guess pussy trimming was something her generation didn’t do. I slowly put my cock into her but I knew immediately I was going to be the 30 second fuck.

The disappointment of my realization showed because Aunt Chris asked, “What’s wrong Peter?”

“Well,” I said very nervously and embarrassed, “I’m know I’m not going to be able to last very long at all.”

Aunt Chris smiled broadly and said, “Don’t worry about sweetie. I understand. But I haven’t had any sort of sex in a few years so I’ll enjoy it no matter what.”

I don’t know how much truth was in what she said but I decided to believe her regardless. I put my cock in her pussy and started to fuck her. We hadn’t been fuck much more than thirty seconds when I felt the cum drive though my cock and explode into her pussy. I felt the need to say, “Oh I’m coming I’m coming.”

My orgasm started to subside and I started to slow down. That was when I got the surprise of my life. Aunt Chris gave me a quick whack across my ass and said, “Don’t stop fucking me now!”

I was very surprised by what she had done and said and when I didn’t start fucking her more quickly right away she gave me another sharp whack on my ass and said, “Come on honey, fuck your old auntie with that hard cock of yours!” She kept repeating those words and much to my surprise I found it very arousing. Although my cock wasn’t fully hard it was plenty hard enough to continue fucking her. Every now and then she’d whack me again and tell me to keep fucking her. Prior to that I had no idea that getting my ass slapped would turn me on but it did and in a big way.

Then she started taunting me in a good way by saying, “You like fucking your aunt don’t you! You like fucking your mother’s sister don’t you!” She kept saying these things over and over and I’d reply that I did each time. Aunt Chris’s pussy wasn’t particular tight but it was particularly wet and she knew how to move below me.

After a little while she started saying, “That a boy, oh yes, oh yes, don’t stop now!” She repeated this a few times more before she bellowed out that she was coming. At the sound of those words I felt the cum rise in my cock again and as she came I once again exploded into her pussy. I didn’t come as hard as I did the first time but in a way it felt even better.

We fell together in each other’s arms and just lay there for about five minutes without saying a word.

“Aunt Chris?”

“What sweetie?”

“Can we do this again sometime?”

She looked at me in disbelief, smiled and said, “Maybe but I wouldn’t count on it. This was fun but it’s dangerous for obvious reasons and in reality it’s not right. Anyway honey, just the right circumstances don’t happen in families very often.”

Well, I tried to convince her otherwise but she wasn’t hearing it. We were still in bed when my parents drove in the driveway. Aunt Chris grabbed her clothes and scrambled for the bathroom. The upstairs bathroom is much better than the downstairs one so her using that one would not surprise anyone. I heard he tell my mother that she thought I was in bed and asleep already.

Aunt Chris was right, we never did it again but not for lack of trying on my part.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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