Aunt Raven: The Story Of Jenny Ch. 02

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Hey everybody, it’s me, Larry. This is kind of a milestone story. Even though some stories are in parts, this is my 100th. one. Hot damn! It seems like just a few days ago I sat waiting like a little kid at Christmas for my first on to be posted on Literotica, now look.

My first ones kinda sucked, some jerks say they still do, but hell with them, right! One person (a supposed good writer and editor on here) told me to stop wasting my time, she sucks anyhow. When I get such wonderful comments and emails from great people, I don’t even care about those assholes.

So, the word of the day is, keep trying your best, and never give up!

Go read the first two parts before you read this!!!!

‘Jen!’ Carl said giving his sister a little shake, trying to break her from daydreaming. ‘Are you ok?’ he asked sitting down next to her.

Jen snapped from her thoughts of the past and looked up to Carl. ‘I’m fine. I was just thinking,’ she said forcing a smile.

‘It looked like you were a million miles away,’ he laughed as a dazed look covered her aging face. ‘What were you thinking about?’ Carl asked with a smile, wondering what she’d been thinking about.

She just smiled; knowing her next words to Carl was something they agreed not to talk of again. ‘When mom died,’ she whispered and had to smile at him. ‘I haven’t forgotten.’ Jen said giving him a sly look.

‘I thought we weren’t going to bring that up?’ Carl said hoping nobody would come into the room until they finished talking.

‘Fuck it!’ she smiled thinking of all the things they’d done together and how hard she’d just slapped her son for fucking Raven. ‘I just lost my son for the same thing we did,’ she said as tears began to run from her eyes and down her face.

‘I know,’ he replied caressing her back. ‘You really need to apologize. Tim is a good kid and…’ Carl added thinking of how beautiful Raven was. ‘I would have done the very same thing if I was in his shoes,’ he said with a smile, thinking of the things that he and Jen did as kids. ‘We did the same thing.’

She just gave him a little slap on his leg and smiled. ‘Yes we did,’ she smiled at Carl, remembering how big and hard he always got for her. ‘Does your wife suck you as good as I used to?’ she asked with a smile, sliding her hand up his leg, until felt him growing under her hand.

‘What do you think?’ Carl replied, remembering just how wonderful Jenny always sucked him. ‘I don’t think I’ll ever get it as good as you did,’ he smiled running his hand up under her skirt, wondering if his sister would be interested in reliving the past.

‘Silly man! How dare you touch me like that,’ she laughed as a forgotten fire started building between her legs. ‘I never found a man that was ever your size and it really sucked.’ Jenny said thinking of how his big, thick cock was and how great it felt. ‘Does she like it?’ she asked, wondering if Carl’s wife loved his cock as much as she did.

‘I can’t fuck her the way your nasty ass liked it, but I learned to live with it,’ he replied thinking how Jenny always loved him fucking her as hard and as deep as he could.

‘Poor, little baby,’ she teased in a motherly voice, thinking of how hard Carl would cum for her. ‘I bet it really missed me.’ Jenny giggled as she squeezed his cock as hard as she could.

‘Missed?’ he laughed hoping nobody heard him. ‘When you went to college and I joined the Marines, I thought that I was going to die!’ Carl said thinking of how badly he’d missed Jenny and all the worthless women he’d been with, hoping that just one would be as half as good as Jenny.

Jenny couldn’t help but laughing at Carl. ‘I know. It was a total bitch!’ she said thinking of all the guys that she’d went through, hoping she’d find one with a cock as big as his or Daddy’s, but she never did and settled for her husband.

‘I know who I’ll be thinking of the next time she lets me fuck her.’ Carl smiled hoping his wife would be in the mood to fuck later that night, if so, he’d be thinking of Jenny.

Jenny smiled bigger than ever as Carl’s words filled her ears, wishing that she’d be under him instead of his cold wife. ‘And, who might that be?’ she asked knowing who, but Jenny wanted to tease her brother.

‘You’re still nothing but a cock teaser,’ he smiled moving his hand up her thigh, to her pussy. ‘Damn! Is someone getting horny?’ Carl whispered as his fingers slowly slid over her panties and was quickly covered with her warm juices.

‘What do you think, fucker?’ Jenny moaned spreading her legs, wishing that they were alone. ‘I wish we could go back to that summer so bad,’ she moaned again and was so glad that Raven threw up all over herself and Tim or she and Carl would never be having this wonderful conversation.

‘It would be fun,’ he smiled as his fingers ran the length of Jenny’s excited pussy, enjoying her soft moaning and the feel of touching her again after so many years. ‘How many times do you think we did it?’ Carl asked as he tried to remember, but Ankara bayan escort they fucked each other like two little rabbits and there was no way to count.

‘Who knows,’ she laughed as visions of a few places they fucked drifted into her mind. ‘I loved doing it down by the river the best,’ she smiled, having a good idea that’s where Tim and Raven did it. ‘Do you think Daddy was a good man?’ Jenny asked Carl, wondering what he thought of their father and if he had any clue of what happened between them.

‘Yes! Why did you ask something so dumb?’ Carl asked pulling his hand from under Jenny’s skirt. ‘I know something happened with you two, but I was never sure what. One day you’re at home and the next day you’re going to college,’ he added remembering how bad it hurt when Jenny left home. ‘Did he fuck you too?’ Carl asked, wondering what her answer would be or if she would even tell him.

She just laughed as she gave him a loving caress on his back. ‘That’s a long story brother,’ she laughed again as her mind slipped back to that summer so very long ago.


Jenny sat tapping her foot, wondering where Daddy was, when she saw him walk from the elevator with Patti. ‘Why is she here?’ Jenny thought, watching Daddy smiling at Patti. ‘Where you been, Daddy? Mom’s been asking for you all morning,’ she said in a hateful voice as she glared at Patti. ‘He best not have done her!’ Jenny thought, wondering if Daddy fucked her.

‘I was helping Patti move. I bought her the house just up the road from the mill,’ he replied, giving Patti a warm smile. ‘Where’s your brother and sister?’ he asked, wishing he could slap Jenny for being so smart with him.

‘He took her for a walk. She’s been driving us crazy all morning. She needed to go home, but we didn’t think it would be right leaving mom all alone.’ Jenny added in the same hateful voice as before, not caring if Daddy got mad at her or not. He had o business being with Patti, when mom was on her last breath of air.

John looked at Jenny and knew he had to stop this right now. He grabbed her arm; dragging her down the long hall into a small closet. ‘Listen up little girl! I will not hesitate to slap the shit out of you!’ he said through his teeth looking at Jenny. ‘Do not ever talk to me like that again. I bought that house for Patti because,’ he paused to take a breath before going on, wondering if he should just go ahead and slap her. ‘If it hadn’t been for her, the mill would have closed and I’d lost the contract for the bridge,’ he added with anger rushing through his body.

‘You don’t have to be so fucking mean,’ she snapped and was suddenly against the wall with Daddy smashed to her.

‘I will slap you girl and not think a thing about it! Do you even realize what it would have meant if that contract didn’t get filled on time?’ he asked pushing against his daughter, feeling his cock growing.

Jenny was scared as Daddy shoved her so hard and she felt him growing. ‘No,’ she replied with fear. She’d only seen him this mad two times and one was the night he slapped her ass and the other was at the mill when some guy tried hitting Patti.

‘We would have lost the mill and,’ he paused looking into her frightened eyes, wondering why his cock was growing out of control. ‘The house we love so much,’ he added and couldn’t help but enjoying the feel of his young daughter against him.

‘I’m sorry, Daddy,’ she leaned to him and took a big chance. She kissed him just like they had on the front porch, deep, with lots of tongue. ‘I was worried about too. You were a mess last night and it scared me that you were gone so long,’ she whispered kissing him again and she felt his big, strong hands going under her thin shirt, to her excited breasts. ‘Daddy!’ she softly moaned as his fingers gently rolled her nipples, sending waves of need flooding her body.

He couldn’t resist, even though he had Patti an hour ago. Jenny was a hot-blooded girl that needed to be fucked. ‘You drive me fucking crazy,’ he moaning thrusting hips to hers and began grinding against her. ‘I need to fuck my baby girl,’ he moaned again, thinking of being deep in her tight virgin pussy, giving her the satisfaction she craved.

‘Yes you do.’ Jenny smiled, wishing they were at home. ‘Will you ‘please’ do it tonight?’ she begged him with need as waves of lust covered her young body, giving Jenny the feeling she was close to cuming. ‘I could cum so easy,’ she whispered as Daddy kept pushing his stiff cock against her eager pussy. It needed Daddy’s big, hard cock to stop that awful burning that hunted her day and night.

‘I want you to tell Patti you’re sorry for being so rude and tonight,’ he grabbed her tight ass, shoved her to his rock hard cock. ‘I’m fucking you!’ he growled in her ear, enjoying a low moan of lust coming from someplace deep inside her.

‘Oh yes! I need it so bad, Daddy,’ she whimpered thinking of him on her, with his big, hard cock rammed up her tight pussy, making her his new wife, his bitch or anything that Escort bayan Ankara Daddy wanted her to be.

‘You’re going to get it,’ he laughed feeling his cock harder than it had been in years and it was all for Jenny, his daughter. ‘I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll beg me to stop,’ he moaned squeezing her ass, leaning to bite her neck and wished they were at home.

‘Never!’ she moaned, as his hands held her ass and his teeth sank into her neck. ‘Will you do it just like this?’ Jenny moaned, thinking of him holding her this very same way, but his long cock deep in her pussy. ‘I want it hard! Just like you’d fuck a whore!’ she moaned trying to push her hips to hips.

‘I’ll do anything you want and I’m making you my little bitch,’ he smiled thinking of Jenny being his little sex slave to fuck anytime he wanted or needed.

‘Oh yes! You can fuck me whenever you want!’ she moaned as that fire in her tiny pussy was totally out of control and if they didn’t stop soon, she’d be cuming in her jeans. ‘I need to stop Daddy. I’m so close,’ she whispered, hoping she wouldn’t cum; she wanted to hold it in for Daddy.

He slowly pulled from her and smiled. ‘We’ll finish this tonight,’ he said fixing his shirt and hoped nobody would notice his cock. ‘Let’s go and remember what I said. You better tell Patti that you’re sorry!’ he added pointing to her face and wouldn’t hesitate to slap her sexy, little ass if she didn’t.


‘Hey Dad. Can me and Becky stay the night with Aunt Cindy? I haven’t seen Bobby in two months and Becky wants to see Anna.’ Carl asked, hoping that Dad would let them go to see them. He needed a break from all the things going on.

John knew the answer without even thinking. He had plans with a very hot young girl that was sitting right beside him. ‘I don’t see why not. It’ll do you two good to get away for a night,’ he smiled to Carl and Becky and he knew he had to tease Jenny. ‘Do you want to go with them?’ he asked Jenny, holding in a laugh and he felt a hard pinch on his side.

‘No,’ she replied with a fake yawn. ‘I need my bed tonight. I’m so tired.’ Jenny added giving him a look that could kill. She knew that he was teasing, but she didn’t think it was funny. She needed him to make her a woman and claim her as his.

‘I know what you mean. I can’t wait to get a hot shower and get in bed,’ he said sliding his hand around her back, gently caressing her ass.

Becky just sat looking out the side window trying her best to understand all that was happening. Her Mommy was going up to heaven to be with Jesus. ‘Daddy, how come Mommy has to die?’ Becky asked with tears running down her pretty, little.

John’s heart sank when her words filled his ears. He turned to see her crying and quickly pulled to the side of the road. ‘Come here baby,’ he said and Becky jumped into his arms. ‘Don’t baby. Mommy will be fine and trust me. She’ll always be watching over us and making sure that we’re ok,’ he said caressing her back.

‘I’m goina miss her so much, Daddy.’ Becky cried harder, thinking of loosing her Mom.

John couldn’t hold back and he cried with her. ‘We’re all going to miss her. She’s a very, very special lady,’ he said thinking of life without Claire. They’d been married so long and now he’d be alone. Sure he’d be free to try and find a good woman, but deep down John knew he’d never find anyone like her.

‘Who’ll take care of us?’ Becky asked looking to her Daddy. She knew he was fun to play with and lots of other things, but there was no way he could do all the things Mom did.

‘Well, we can find us a housekeeper or maybe one of those nannies, like in that movie we saw last month,’ he said hoping to try and comfort Becky and let her know that everything would be fine after Claire was gone.

‘I love you Daddy.’ Becky smiled grabbing him and hugged as tight as she could, knowing that Daddy would do his best and she didn’t have a thing to worry about. ‘Ok, I’m fine now,’ she smiled and curled up on his lap.

John couldn’t help but laugh and continued driving towards their aunt’s house. Cindy was Claire’s younger sister and loved the kids coming over to her home. In fact, she and Claire wondered if it would be best if Cindy took Becky after Claire died. John didn’t have time, Carl would be in school and Jenny wasn’t the housekeeper type.

John pulled up to Cindy’s large house, which he bought for her when her husband left and looked at Carl. ‘If anything happens…I’ll come and get you two,’ he said in a solemn voice, hoping it wouldn’t happen on the night he chose to screw his daughter.

‘Ok Dad.’ Carl replied and was so glad they had a Dad like him. He kept a cool head through all of Mom’s suffering and never once showed how much this was hurting him. Carl knew how much they loved each other and hoped that Dad wasn’t holding too much inside.

About that time, Cindy and her kids came outside. ‘Well, hey there,’ she smiled walking around the trunk to John. ‘How’s my favorite brother-in-law Bayan escort Ankara doing?’ Cindy asked gently caressing John’s massive arm, trying to hide her feelings towards him. She loved him very much, but he didn’t need to know and he was married to her sister.

‘I’m doing good. We needed a little break and those two wanted to come spend the night with you.’ John smiled; enjoying Cindy’s loving touch, like he had for years. She always had an extra smile, a soft touch and John knew why, but he loved Claire and it never went any farther.

She just smiled and had a wonderful idea. ‘Why don’t all of you stay? It’ll give us a chance to talk.’ Cindy said, hoping so much that John would take her up on the offer. ‘I’m making a nice chicken dinner, with all the fixings and in the morning, I’ll treat you to a good, hot breakfast before you go back,’ she added, smiling bigger, making sure to bat her eyes at him. She knew John loved her cooking and her chicken was his favorite.

John felt his stomach growling and Jenny pinching his side, but he did need to talk with Cindy, plus, he was starving. ‘You got a deal!’ he replied and Jenny came close to ripping out on of his ribs, but she could wait.

‘Great!’ Cindy said with excitement thinking of her house being filled with kids and a man under her roof for the first time in seven long years. ‘Well, let’s get inside, I’m sure my chicken is about to burn and we don’t want that happening,’ she laughed as the kids took off running into the house, but she noticed Jenny didn’t look very happy. ‘What’s wrong baby?’ she asked looking to Jenny.

‘We needed to talk about a few things. You go on in and we’ll be there in just a few minutes.’ John said knowing Jenny was fuming.

‘I’ll put on a pot of coffee for you.’ Cindy replied as she turned and went in the house. ‘I wonder if Jenny is trying to do something bad with her Daddy.’ Cindy thought as she tended to her chicken and made John a big pot of coffee. She knew that Claire hadn’t been able to have sex in a long time and as far as Cindy knew, he remained faithful to Claire.

Tears ran down Jenny’s as she looked to John. ‘Why are we doing this? You said that tonight you’d take me,’ she said feeling like her heart had been torn in two. Tonight was theirs and Daddy ruined it. She needed him and his wonderful love.

‘I know and I’m sorry,’ he said hugging her as tight as he could, hoping to comfort her, but John knew it was going to take more than just a hug. ‘I need you too, but I also need to with Becky, Carl and Cindy had nobody, honey. She’s all alone, trying to deal with her last family member dying,’ he added, rocking her in his arms, trying to explain this to her. ‘She’s all alone, other than us baby. All her family is gone,’ he whispered, hugging Jenny as her tears rolled down his big arm.

Jenny knew he was right, but she was hurting so bad. Her insides were killing her and she knew that only one thing would make it better, her Daddy’s big cock. ‘I guess I’ll take a good, hot bath and masturbate, maybe that’ll help,’ she smiled reaching for his cock. ‘Can I suck for a couple of minutes? Please,’ Jenny asked putting out her lip, hoping he’d let her get a little pleasure and she’d make sure Daddy got some too.

‘Just a few minutes, Cindy will be wondering what we’re doing out here,’ he laughed, watching her unzipping his pants as fast as she could. ‘Oh shit!’ John growled when Jenny swallowed him to the root and started with all of her might. ‘Oh baby!’ he moaned, wondering if staying with Cindy had been a terrible mistake. He could be at home, fucking this beautiful, young girl to death, but now he’d just be left with a hard, swollen cock.

Jenny sucked him hard and didn’t care if he came or not. She wanted him to know just what he’d missed out on and now, he would suffer the rest of the night. ‘I’ll teach you,’ she thought sucking him deep, to the back of her mouth and into her silky throat. ‘You could have had it all,’ she thought, relaxing her throat, easing his stiff cock down it, enjoying him squirming under her.

‘You’re an evil little girl!’ John laughed, knowing what Jenny was doing to him, but he wanted to be with Cindy and try to help her through her sisters’ death. ‘Everything you do to me, I’ll get you back later,’ he laughed again, feeling her giggling.

She slowly eased from him and replied, ‘I’m not evil,’ she smiled giving his cock one last kiss before she sat up. ‘I just wanted you to know want you missed and going to get later,’ she whispered giving him a hug. Jenny was going to get him, but she didn’t know when and hoped that she wouldn’t be too old to enjoy it.

‘Trust me, I know what I missed. We’ll get do it, I just don’t know when,’ he said caressing her beautiful face, hoping that he could go through with it. She was his baby.

‘I hope it’s before I die!’ Jenny laughed, hugging him tighter and couldn’t wait to get a hot bath. ‘Ok, I’m done. Let’s get in before people start talking about us!’ she giggled and jumped from his truck.


After dinner, Cindy and John sat at the table talking. ‘Is that pretty daughter of yours trying to get nasty with her handsome Daddy?’ Cindy asked with a big smile, wishing that her Dad had looked half as good as John did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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